[Ask Box Post - themightyjimbob says: “American society [is] so oppressive towards women.” I got a laugh from that one. Because women are obliged by law to sign up for selective service, are the majority of victims of violent crime, are forced to pay child support for children they may not have wanted, are ridiculed for being too weak and objectified if they are strong, and statistically have more workplace related deaths. Oh, sorry, I got confused. All those things happen to men.“

socialismartnature replies: "Yes, you’re right, the history of the U.S has been just one long, unending persecution of men at the hands of women. Women denied men the right to vote for the majority of the country’s history. Men are paid 75% what a woman makes for the same work. 1 out of 3 men in college and the military are raped by women, and 1 out of 6 men in society will be the victim of sexual assault or rape carried out by men. Men had no right to control their own reproductive bodies until 40 years ago. Men are routinely the victims of domestic abuse and violence, single fathers are far more common than single mothers, forced to raise children on their own with little economic support.

In all seriousness, though, to be clear. I never said our society is not oppressive to men in certain ways, including some of the ways you mentioned. I maintain that our society is both oppressive towards men and women (primarily lower and working class men and women) owing to its rigid class structure and social inequality. However, you are the one denying that women’s oppression exists; indeed, you seem to be asserting that men are oppressed far more than woman, which is simply, well, one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”]

MRAs fail to get that all the “oppression” they face is still based in patriarchy a.k.a a male dominated system that primarily oppresses women.

It’s patriarchy that says women are naturally better at raising children, that we are better nurturers.

It’s patriarchy that makes fun of women for being strong and makes fun of men for being weak. Since the default position is that only men are to be strong while women are to always be the weaker gender. (Also themightyjimbob, men are not objectified. Objectification plays into power and privilege, or lack thereof. If men were objectified, they wouldn’t be perceived or depicted as holistic human beings, just objects for the female gaze. Which also isn’t supported by patriarchy).

It’s patriarchy that has denied women access to combative military roles and has extensively marginalized us in one of the most male-dominated institutions ever developed.

It’s patriarchy that socializes men to be violent, then glorifies the behavior and rewards it. The fact that men are “the majority of victims of violent crime,” doesn’t disprove the existence of patriarchy or female oppression. It actually supports it. Men are more likely to be physically assaulted/attacked, even raped, by other men than they are women. This says more about the destructiveness of hyper-masculinity and the emphasized violent aspect of its performativity than on female oppression being some nonexistent.

Also, on workplace related deaths (something MRAs refer to as “The Death Gap”), this has a lot to do with the obvious lack of women working in heavy duty, industrial field(s). If more women applied for these jobs, qualified for these jobs and weren’t discriminated against, so they actually are employed, then the number of workplace related deaths women experience would most likely rise. It’s unfortunate the rate for men is so high, but this DOES NOT disprove the existence of patriarchal female oppression.