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man what happened to jontron

i mean

i know what happened to him

when the internet (and western culture in general) took a more socially aware turn between 2012 and 2015, internet entertainers were faced with the decision to either clean up their acts and stop saying offensive things for the sake of being offensive or to withdraw and stick to their offensive guns

jontron clearly took the latter path because learning how to be clever is harder than just saying the n-word as loudly as you possibly can and hoping that gets a laugh

then jontron joined in with like-minded individuals which splintered off in to, ironically enough, an incredibly insular hugbox echo chamber of bad ideas

then “saying the n-word for shock value because you know it’s wrong and you think violating that social stigma is inherently funny” merged with “people who say the n-word for non-shock value non-humorous reasons” and became the big shitfest that jontron is now a part of 

you know that old saying about how any community that gets it laughs by pretending to be idiots will soon be joined by idiots believing they’re in good company? turns out that goes both ways. when the idiots join, the old community listens to the idiots, and becomes idiots themselves. 

and that’s how we get to the point where jontron is going online saying racism is over because you can go to a mcdonalds 

I know the members of 1D™ have never been subtle, but ¾ sporting black and yellow, Louis following Lorde who has performed on SNL who just put out a song called Greenlight, right after Harry tweeted a meme of /Louis/ whom he hasn’t interacted with on Social Media since 2012 – a tweet that was left up for 40 minutes before someone hijacked it – the week of the one year anniversary of Louis & Simon Cowell having dinner together… Do I have to say it or do the circumstances speak for themselves?


Teen Wolf AU + SOCIAL MEDIA » scott and lydia remember the day allison died and one year after, it still hurts. however, scott, like the ray of sunshine that he really is, tries his best to cheer up lydia with a “allison’s selfies” war. 

rip. allison argent. (31/01/1994 - 17/03/2012)

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Hey! I saw your post with gifs that lead you to believe in larry & ziam. I'm wondering the specific reasons you started believing that you said we could ask about (: x

I’m so sorry this took so long!  I finally did it though XD  Be warned, there are no links or specifics.  If you want dates and receipts, there are other masterposts that are great for that.

These are the things that convinced me to start with and will continue convincing me in the future if I at any time start doubting Larry and Ziam are real.

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Dark Grandpappy show me the shitty history posts

there are so many, but here’s the one i had in mind when i made my post about shitty history posts. it’s a real speech made by this old fuck, kitty werthmann, who lived in austria during ww2 that used to circulate on different social media in 2012 when obama was re-elected as president.

the entire speech is riddled with historical errors, but what’s even worse is how she’s using her status as a “survivor” of ww2 to spread her own political agenda and grossly distort history in a way that marginalizes the real victims of the nazi oppression.

like at one point she tries to dismiss the blame of austrian hitler supporters for the holocaust by implying that the austrian people had no knowlegde of hitler’s anti-semitism, which is just laughable and incredible offensive. hitler had already written mein kampf by then, so it’s not exactly like his hatred for jewish people was a well-kept secret or anything. 

the old senile ass also goes on about how hitler, the famous feminist he was, decided women should have “equal rights” (implying that feminism paves the way for fascism), hitler’s attack on christian (not jewish) people’s religious freedom (of course implying liberals are doing the same today), and then, like every good right-wing nutjob she finishes her speech by talking about gun control. 

basically what her story comes down to is that socialism is evil, and the reason why it was so popular in 2012 was because she, not so subtly, compared obama to hitler. 

and now, of course, people are also using her speech to compare bernie sanders, a jewish man, to hitler.

Constrained by the limits of time, people are forced to live close to where they work. In cities they work together, but live apart. We used to live together in villages and work apart in fields; now many live apart in suburbs and work together in offices. This spacial organisation reflects the need for people to live together and the wishes of some people to be apart. As they are rewarded unequally at work, this inequality is reflected in where, and how they live.
—  D. Dorling - ‘The Visualisation of Spacial Social Structure’ (2012)
Place matters to the relationships between people. Just as your place in time so obviously constrains and determines your life, so your place in space limits and creates the possibilities in your world. It is not the actual position in space, as it is not the actual position in time that does this, but who shares that place, who shares your time.
—  D. Dorling - ‘The Visualisation of Spacial Social Structure’ (2012)

listen ive been in social justice tumblr since 2012 and i can confidently say that 2015 is the wildest year for the most ridiculous, incoherent and illogical discourse on this website and i am terrified for what 2016 has in store
The terrifying definition proves that we no longer have a NHS

The NHS has actually been abolished.

Now you may think that this is untrue. After all, you still go and see your GP or may be admitted to hospital and receive care free at the point of delivery. However, the Health & Social Care Act 2012 has abolished the NHS in legislative terms. It has achieved this through several mechanisms.

It has axed the government’s responsibility for the NHS. It has devolved responsibility to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The CCGs have no legal obligation to provide you with anything beyond emergency care - this may not be the case at present but it means that there is no legal guarantee that they will continue to do so.

It has opened up the NHS to unlimited privatisation. The government continues to deny that privatisation is taking place - of course they do. A simple rebuffal comes from the World Health Organisation definition of healthcare privatisation, which describes it as the increasing financing and/or provision of healthcare by non-governmental actors. And the NHS Support Federation has shown that £30 billion of NHS contracts have been tendered since the Act came into effect. £16 billion have been awarded with 34 per cent going to the private sector.

In numbers: the NHS crisis

The introduction of market forces increases cost, reduces efficiency and increases iniquitous provision of healthcare. We know this from extensive data across many countries. This is because privatisation seeks to make profits, pays out dividends to shareholders and creates layers of bureaucracy administered by tiers of staff and managers through market mechanisms such as billing, tendering and contracting. The simple truth is that public healthcare systems are the most cost efficient.

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was touted as the largest hospital building programme in the history of the NHS. The outcome has been that PFI hospitals with an original cost of around £11.5 billion will actually cost up to £80 billion with the difference going to private consortia. Across all infrastructure, PFI will end up costing an extra £250 billion.

It is worth bearing this in mind the next time you hear about A&E in crisis or another beleaguered hospital. And when you hear a minister or policy wonk pontificating about the NHS crisis remember that the solution is not more privatisation. We all stand to lose from the introduction of charging and universal private health insurance.


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Danielle eluded to a ski trip in her last post. I saw a prediction this would happen as recycling stunts. Think Louis will turn up there with her? I'm so over the same old. Why can't they be original with this garbage?

Yeah, I’m expecting them to be together. I don’t think any of the guys want originality. The recycled stunts make it look even more staged, which is what I think they want.

There’s a duality to all their recent stunts. For the general public, it all looks like the usual celebrity shenanigans. So their stunt obligations are fulfilled as prescribed. But to us in the fandom, there’s red flags everywhere. Very shady. From Nialena’s recycled amusement park stunt, to Zigi mirroring Zerrie, to Louis’  whirlwind ABC’s of 1D stuntin’, to Hendall’s yacht foolery to Liam wandering around Sainsbury’s damn near every day while Danielle P tags him on social media like it’s 2012–it’s all 100% recycled. And that is for us in the fandom to note and ponder. It’s not a coincidence, especially when the media is assisting in pointing the shadiness out. They want us to notice.