socialinertia  asked:

Okay this is incredibly random (FIRST, HELLO), but is this Tamar Aeducan who used to (still does?) collab with Scully Brosca? If so HI, if not HI ANYWAY but *flees*


(I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly)

I should probably add in my rules that this is a revamp of the retired blog–I thought I was done but I couldn’t say goodbye, and it was easier to start from scratch than to try and organize the mess I’d made of that blog and its tags way back in the day when I didn’t know how to tumblr rp. 

BUT YES IT ME IT TAM Scully is still a huge part of her history and Sian and I collab on so much the Smash Sisters are canon there is no reality for Tam that doesn’t include Scully I can’t do it I can’t imagine it. 


send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle,
pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up
and use it for a starter.

Blade glinted as Atreus flourished it,
the steel catching the silver glow of the moon and
for a moment the demonic ichor that clinged to the
metal appeared to almost look like blood as it would
appear black in the moonlight.

Upper lip curved upwards into a sneer as the old
Templar moved, prowling around his opponent as he
flicked his wrist, coating the ground beside him before
he spoke.

“Oh how the mighty fall.”