Coloring Book is a visual album of Chance the Rapper’s latest mixtape of the same name. Each song of the mixtape is represented by a poster, each poster taking on the emotion of the song.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the love y'all. I just finished my latest project, a little throwback this time: Yeezus. I hope y'all like it:


Woodberry Down series // London, UK // 2015

An exploration of the Woodberry Down estate in North London. The area was once a flagship social housing community and has been home to thousands of families, but upkeep fell into decline from the 1980s.

Now the estate is under rapid redevelopment by Berkley Homes where new flats sell between £500,000 and £1.2m, mostly to foreign investors, out-pricing the current residents and forcing them to leave the area, breaking up the communities that have lived here for decades.

The process has been described as “state-sponsored gentrification” by some, while others have described it as “social cleansing”.

cole went from “we don’t wanna see your face on tumblr ever again” #socialexperiment
to “omg boy you’re so tumblr i’m gonna reblog every picture of you”


Chance The Rapper In Vic Mensa’s “Feel That” Music Video (2:20-3:45)

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A social experiment, held by Beldent chewing gum, whereby twins were put in a room in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires. One twin was chewing gum while the other sibling sat motionless. When the public answered questions about the twins, nearly 70% of visitors attributed the more social and pleasant characteristics to the one chewing bubble gum.

Quite remarkable to see, how a first impression already provides our minds with an instant social judgement of the person standing in front of us! Hence, to keep in mind whenever you meet someone new, smile, it’s the best business card you can hand out!