Despite the fact that @thesimplethingsproject is an extension of my zine (which is inspired by the “simple things” that bring me joy) - surprisingly, I’ve still had several people ask/suggest that I fill out one as well - so here it is!

Also, I just noticed that the female presence is twice as much as the males - I need the fellas to step up and help me even things out a bit, especially my homies. All of y’all have access to a printer - help your boy out one time. Sheesh.

With that being said, everyone is still welcome to participate in this project - you can download the form from the site or message me and I’ll send it to you directly. Thank you in advance.
When you think of the “simple things” in life that bring you joy, what comes to mind first?

Drinking Mexican-Coke
Making my morning coffee
House plants / flowers
Buying new pens and notebooks
A (beautiful) woman with a good top bun
My weekly visits to the barbershop

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My Plans for My Introduction

Hey, guys, I’m Rae. 

I am a very not-open person, normally, in person, and people rarely see the actual inner workings of that that is me. So, I guess it would come as a surprise to those who know me, although not to you guys who are as of this moment total strangers, that I very much enjoy writing. Also art, and music, and theatre, and all of the things that can be visually pleasing or give me goose bumps or make me either think about where the symbols in the book are or find the way the rhymes work in a poem.

 In life one has acquaintances, and perhaps even a pair of friends, but how does one really introduce themselves? Like, REALLy? Not just saying enough so that people know that your favorite movie is Elf and that your cat was never properly named (which if you are wondering, are things that many people know about me), but introducing yourself honestly. Letting people know what you really love, what turns you on, what makes you dream and cry and worry. How does one do THAT? I don’t know, I can’t answer that question, but I want to do an experiment. I want to introduce myself to you, one piece of information at a time. It will be a strategic introduction, but everything will be the truth, I will not lie to you. 

This may never be anything special, it might not even be that interesting, but let’s just try it. Building a strategic, well-thought out friendship based completely on timing and honesty. Many things I tell you guys will be said either in poetry or in photographs. 

So this is the beginning, guys, it’s nice to meet you.




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