Just finished up a 👻monster👻 order for @sourpussclothing. Shipping all these babies out in the morning. So grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a rad company! (at 🙏Greaser Creatures H.Q. 🙏)

The client wanted me to draw up the #SocialDistortion dude in my style. Lots of fun. This one is being sent back to Oklahoma. Done here in #KansasCity. for bookings 💌💀🍸 (at Timeless Tattoo)

Umm… Should I run for #MissLostHighway with Toby Keith & Social Distortion making an appearance for celebration? Yes. Yes, I think so. LOVE EMILEY and @eddiebacksunday @eddiesundaytbs either or from @takingbacksunday for bringing this bad boned biznatch into my life @romanticrock XO 😍 here we go: #1 FANTASTIC PHOTO cred to @mikepradofoto for @Playboy @officialplayboy @playboymx #playboy #2. @takingbacksunday @eddiebacksunday because Emiley and I have decided to pretend get married. ;) #3 @losthighwayshow xo #4 @russbrownmotorcycleattorneys You ROCK. #5 @glendalehd @seaportvillageharleydavidson #HarleyDavidson #TobyKeith #SocialDistortion @ironfistclothing @ironfistclothing @ironfistclothing @losthighwayshow @romanticrock #modelmonday #MissLostHighway XXOO May 30th. Lol love you ALL ;) #pradofoto