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Hermione Granger x Viktor Krum

Jobs AU

Your love of strawberry shortcake really doesn’t match your appearance but I still think that’s really cute.


Successful was always the word Hermione used to describe her future when asked. Business school seemed the best way to go about making sure she was. She always figured she’d be some kind of accountant, or manager. She hadn’t even considered the idea that she would inherit her cousin’s bakery. She hadn’t even considered that she would be thrown into someone else’s dream and that she would have to work so hard to learn the trade herself and…well…after all these years she’d really grown to love it.

Her friends had thought she was crazy when she first started but they knew if anyone could do it, it was her. And she did. She’d taken night classes and learned to bake and had kept her cousin’s dream alive long after she had passed unexpectedly.

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Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy outside St. James Theatre 1/20/2011

My comment: I love this so much. I went on Jan. 9th, and it was the best day ever. I didn’t really get to meet him personally, but I was about 2 feet away and I saw him with my own eyes when he was signing, and I was in the crowd. It’s absolutely fucking surreal to see your hero so close, and this video brought that feeling back. My heart exploded again, thank you for uploading this.

“Your hat made my day.”
“Ha, it’s pretty funny, huh?”

Just to hear his voice, it’s just…so real. To see him actually smile in front of you. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I’m still being sappy about this. I’m shaking as I’m writing this because right now, I’m stuck in that moment in time again where I’ve been the most dumbstruck that I’ve ever been in my entire life, and it feels awesome. Awesome as fuck.