Y'all know that individual health behaviors - choices around nutrition, exercise, smoking, etc. - only account for about 25% of a person’s health status? The determinants of health are largely social: income and education level, the safety of one’s physical environment (e.g. working conditions, clean water), and degree of social support. Trauma is far worse for health than fast food.

It’s tempting to subscribe to a just world theory, where good things happen to good people (or people who make good decisions), and problems befall problem people, but that just isn’t the world we live in.

Most sick people have spent their lives fighting against oppressive circumstances. They don’t invite illness and hardship with their bad decisions, they are miracles of survival in a sociopolitical environment that’s hostile to their very existence.

For years mental health professionals taught people that they could be psychologically healthy without social support, that ‘unless you love yourself, no one else will love you’ …The truth is, you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. The capacity to love cannot be built in isolation.
—  Bruce D. Perry

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Today we’re showing the strength for our movement and showing up. 

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“Punching a nazi isn’t the answer”

You’re so right comrade. Punching a nazi may inconvenience him for a few days and scare him away from from publically spreading his filth offline for a few weeks. Informing his boss, neighbours and gym that he’s nazi is likely to rob him of finances and social support and will thus have a much stronger long term effect.

But punching a nazi AND ruining his life, now that’s magic.

The 7th house is the bewitching reflective surface as clear as the crystal air that flows through Libra. The seventh house is how we become aware of ourselves and the way we perceive our treatment from others. People with their 7th house emphasised can experience a fair amount of upheaval and heartbreak in relationships. Relationships are pivotal for self-development and therefore become growth intensive and revealing. Difficult encounters with partners are typically conflicts with part of themselves. There may also be a strange pattern in relationships where desires and behaviour changes in cycles.

Sun in the 7th: Needs considerable validation, generosity, attention, and recognition from the partner but may attract people who are narcissistic and self-serving. This may cause them to become uncharacteristically demanding and insistent

Moon in the 7th: The partner can be highly emotional and sensitive but moods to the behaviour or fault of the partner. In a positive sense, it’s ‘you always know how to cheer me up’, in a negative sense it can be ‘i’m only nervous because you are nervous if you would settle down i would be able to’

Mercury in the 7th: Can attract somebody with inspiring and confident intelligence. But this person can pressure the individual to agree and socially support their opinions, and also diminish the quality or elevation of their words by talking over the top of them or invaliding their input 

Venus in the 7th: Can be a shy beauty, someone who is told of their charm, allure, and uniqueness but cannot see these qualities in themselves. They can attract people that have this image of them to remind them that it exists, but these people can feel entitled to their beauty and diminish their other qualities

Mars in the 7th: Typically a peaceful person, the individual can attract volatile tempers, dramatisers, immaturity, and chaos lovers that can be very unsettling for inner balance. Part of this attraction involves the sensory thrill, its suspense, its ability to ignite carnal and sexual desires and expression 

Jupiter in the 7th: The need for fresh air and personal space remains despite being in a relationship. The individual can attract experienced, self-righteous, “i know the absolute truth” types that can also be quite temperamental and slightly possessive and invariably reduce their partner’s physical and intellectual autonomy 

Saturn in the 7th: Relationships can be reenactments of early relationships where the individual ineffectively ascribes their current feelings of unworthiness, undesirability, and inability to be loved on failing in their most primitive opportunities to bond. They can unconsciously seek these out again to try and get it right so they can finally be loved. It means they can accept distorted or deceptive ‘love’ from people 

Uranus in the 7th: The lure is for ‘someone special’, ‘someone different from the rest’, but these people aren’t always extremely stable or reliable. There may be an attraction to oppressive or autocratic types that cruelly remark their behaviour as ‘weird’ ‘not normal’ or ‘bizarre’

Neptune in the 7th: They can feel lacking in their own ability to redeem themselves and attract masked saviours who are intent on rescuing and being the hero. in the process these lovers can change everything about the person to an unrecognisable degree, convincing them that they have to change 

Pluto in the 7th: If they are hiding from their own dark past, they will invariably attract someone with a dark present who brings those issues to surface. They may have partners who are intrusive, relentless, and possessive because there can be something almost erotic about having that level of fixation on them


I really can’t stand the message that people send to others - especially to disabled people - that ‘the real world is cruel and nobody’s going to help you’ in an attempt to foster complete self-sufficiency.

Because it’s not true. I honestly can’t do everything by myself, and neither can you or anyone else. Everyone needs help. Nobody can always be their own chef, doctor, mechanic, teacher, trainer, and counsellor all rolled into one infallible package of superhuman toughness.

It’s patently misleading to raise people to think that they have to learn to always fly solo. We’re a social species and we support and learn from each other. We shouldn’t be taught that it’s shameful or weak to ask for help.

Nobody can do everything alone and nobody should have to. Especially us disabled people.

casual reminder that there is structural pressure to keep trans women from forming or maintaining communities for ourselves, that staying in touch with other trans women was at one point formally proscribed by our medical gatekeepers (many of whom are still active and still operating under deprecated medical standards), that the danger inherent in being clocked prevents us from making contact with other trans women we see in local space, that trans women are often afraid to be seen in public in the presence of another trans woman (two trans women are easier to clock than one, goes the theory);

casual reminder that our gatekeepers used to prescribe leaving our lives, social circles, families, localities entirely behind to ‘complete transition,’ isolating us from all forms of social support.

under cis/hetero hegemony, trans women’s isolation is deliberately made an imperative.

he literally said being female is not that important to him when looking for a partner

he said don’t knock it til you try it about hooking up with men

so sure you can go ahead and ignore the rainbow flags, the rainbow pin, the social media posts in support of the lgbtqia community, the michael sam jersey and just brush everything off as harry ‘being a good ally’. 

but the people who think harry isn’t straight aren’t reaching or trying to ‘forcibly out him’ they’re listening to the words coming out of his own fucking mouth.

A teacher in South Carolina started a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ for more than 60 at-risk children to teach them important life lessons and social skills and support them so that they would grow up to become successful adults. He even provides donated jackets and ties to students who cannot afford them.

you can’t boil oppression down to a list of tangible, material experiences. a lesbian may grow up in an incredibly supportive, socially accepting community. she may have accepting parents and friends and teachers; she may be an “always knew” lesbian and never experience homophobic violence or harassment.

guess what, though? homophobia, unfortunately, continues to exist. you can’t just isolate yourself from the values and principles that guide and shape your culture. our theoretical lesbian is very, very lucky but that doesn’t actually mean that she is completely unaffected by homophobia.

that’s why privilege checklists, while often well-meaning, are not useful on a fundamental level. it’s why citing anecdotes about someone making fun of you (or even enacting violence against you!) for a certain trait is not “proof” of oppression. shitty, yes. oppressive? not necessarily.

individual experiences are valuable, but they are not always reliable indicators of broader societal trends.

The 11th House

sun in 11th: determined to reach goals, needs freedom & space, connection with people, passionate humanitarian, sociable, works best in a team/group, idealistic, inspirational

moon in 11th: desires to change the world, busy mind, depends on others, loves discussion, idealistic, warm to others, has big dreams

jupiter in 11th: seeks social connection, enthusiastic, has many ideas, comfortable around people, generous, humorous, supports social movements, can over-do things

mercury in 11th: free minded, sociable, intellectual, group oriented, wants to improve society, open minded, well informed, loves learning, can lose individuality

venus in 11th: logical, thrives on friendship, quirky, sociable, always wants to be different, free spirited in relationships, high hopes, extroverted, positive

mars in 11th: fights for justice, sees the big picture, wants to fix society, knowledgeable, fair, good thinker, finds it difficult to relax, problem solver, lives in the moment

saturn in 11th: high aspirations, resilient, free spirited, need their own space, lone wolf, outcast, feels anxious in crowds, standoffish, slow to trust, feels lonely, gives off a chilled aura, introverted, fears rejection

uranus in 11th: resents the mainstream, creative, innovative, individual, likeable, honest nature, ever-changing mind, wants to make a difference, chaotic life, rebellious, free spirited

neptune in 11th: idealistic, visionary, longs to create the perfect society, extremely compassionate, charitable, artistic, constantly gets their hopes crushed; too hopeful, , influenced too easily by others

pluto in 11th: strong beliefs, ‘knowledge is power’, feels the need to point out flaws in others, gets along with others, large ego, good listener, has high standards, passionate about social ideals, can become paranoid in groups

aries in 11th: sociable, makes friends easily, driven to achieve goals, independent, fights on behalf of others, team leader, active, fast paced, likes trying new things

taurus in 11th: has few close friends, materialistic goals, drawn to trends, follows the crowd, can be too indulgent, relaxed, determined humanitarian, true friend

gemini in 11th: good sense of humour, has lots of friends, hates solitude, works best in a group, discovers power when talking about dreams

cancer in 11th: chooses friends carefully, loves animals, sensitive to emotions of others, homebody, mother hen, defends causes, has fluctuating goals

leo in 11th: leadership qualities, gets inspiration from friends, unique, likes attention, shines in a group, star quality, admired by others

virgo in 11th: hates large groups, good at planning, health conscious, modest, has reachable goals, down to earth

libra in 11th: diplomatic, sociable, indecisive, individual, extroverted, humanitarian, can easily form connections, searches for balance in relationships, idealistic, has high hopes for others; can get disappointed by others

scorpio in 11th: introverted, faces fears with friends, private, takes things for granted, can be closed minded, passionate about social causes,

sagittarius in 11th: has good luck, wide range of friends, explores ideas with other people, wants to know the ‘truth’ about life, needs freedom, can be discriminative, thinks they are better than others

capricorn in 11th: dislikes crowds, prefers to be alone, socialises to gain status, everything is business, can be too serious, strategic, may be in a shell, wallflower, has ambitious goals

aquarius in 11th: outgoing demeanour, rebellious, tends to be tech savvy, has innovative ideas, eccentric, sociable, can be aloof, head in the clouds, truth-oriented, progressive, magnetic

pisces in 11th: sensitive, emotional, generous towards friends, self pitying, can lose identity in a group, martyr for a cause, artistic, wants to help the less fortunate

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BTS Reaction to their GF being in a girl group-

(for anon)


Originally posted by jjilljj

-loves it SO MUCH. 

-always trying to impress you with his moves on stage.

-goes to your concerts when possible and wears everything he can with your face and name on it.

-screams the loudest at concerts and knows every word to every song.

-you two go to eachother when you need help with either dance moves or singing.

-lovely, understanding and strong relationship.


Originally posted by taesscripts

-unbelievably supportive.

-shows his support through social media all the time

-helps you out when producing your music

-secretly owns some of your merch that he wears to sleep.

-asks your opinion on music of his own.

-you both love watching eachother practice.

-although yoongi gets shy and would rather you look away.

-tears up when you win an award at an awards show and watches with pride when you and your group go to accept.

-loves you and your stage presence.


Originally posted by yourjhopeobsessed

-is OBSESSED with your group

-friends with all your other group members

-is currently trying to hook up jimin with one of your fellow members

-helps choreograph your group dances sometimes

-you absolutely look up to him and he knows it

-it’s why he tries so hard at every practice and performance 

-your praise means the most to him

-you are the biggest fan of hixtape already (and it aint even out yet)

-makes the boys come to concerts with him to show their support as well

-adores your music so much. 

-almost as much as you

Rap Mon-

Originally posted by kimdaily

-literally jams to your music all the time

-loves seeing pictures of the two of you out in public

-asks you for advice when he’s feeling stressed

-if he can’t attend concerts, will look up the performance online to watch you

-you get nervous when he comes to see you practice although he promises hes not judging

-every look he gives you is one with pride


Originally posted by minblush

-praises your group on the daily oh my god

-literally tells you all the time how good your music is

-you two have a secret unspoken competition when it comes to stage performances and presence 

-is extra cute for you on stage because he knows you love it so much

-ask eachother for style advice when you’ll be seen out together

-hates when he sees you push yourself past your limits 

-you were the first to see the serendipity video and you called him sobbing.

-calls you late at night when he’s about to sleep to see how practice was for you


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-looks up to you. looks up to you. looks up to you.

-where’s your merch shamelessly like all the time.

-had to convince him to NOT get a tattoo of some of your lyrics on him.

-his group and your group hang from time to time

- is literally so in love with you, it’s crazy

-secretly runs the biggest fansite on the internet of you

-has suggested one of your songs to be “our song”

-works extra hard to impress you on stage

-gets your opinion on every stage outfit

-ya’ll are crazy in love 


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-was shy when you two first met but is full on himself now

-watches your videos on youtube all the time

-first line of google search history “Y/N naughty moments compilation”

-always asks his hyungs to be cool in front of you when you’re around

-they do the exact opposite of course

-you’re in the studio with him alot 

-always asking him to help you with certain dance moves

-does happily

-always call him “your baby” when referring to him everywhere cause you know he loves it

-wants you to succeed greatly in your career

What we mean when we talk about autism acceptance

There are two fundamental ways of viewing disability in relation to society: the social model of disability and the medical model of disability. Supporters of the medical model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix autistic people” while supporters of the social model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix society.” People who advocate for autism acceptance support the social model of disability.

The two models of disability comes down to one basic question - do we need to change individual people so that they can fit into our current society, or do we need to change society so that it becomes inclusive of and available to the many neurodivergent and disabled people who are currently left on the sidelines? It’s not enough to be aware of autism if you still see autistic people as mistakes to be fixed, which is why we support autism acceptance instead of autism awareness. Most people in the western world are aware that autism exists - but what does it matter that we’re aware of the existence of autism if we don’t use that awareness to accept and include autistic people for who they are?

We object to the idea that autistic brains are “wrong” and “bad”. We object to the idea that having an autistic brain is inherently negative. We object to the idea that autistic brains should be fixed. We support neurodiversity - the idea that autism and other developmental disorders and neurodivergences aren’t mistakes, but that they are natural variations of human neurology which should be embraced and accepted and acknowledged for their unique contributions. Neurodiversity is the belief that neurodivergent brains don’t need to be fixed or corrected, but that they’re a natural and important part of human diversity.

We object to the idea that autism should be cured. Instead of focusing on fixing and curing individual autistic people, we should dedicate our money and our activism and our energy to changing society so that autistic people can get the support and accommodations they need to live happy, fulfilling lives as autistic people.

This April - April is autism awareness month - you should take a stand against the medical model of disability and its fear-mongering cure rhetoric. Take a stand against Autism Speaks and their “awareness” and their use of words such as “broken”, “dangerous”, “epidemic”, “tragic” and “missing.” Listen to autistic people instead of listening to the words of organizations whose goal is that we shouldn’t exist, that we shouldn’t be a part of the future. Listen to autistic people instead. We don’t want to be fixed. We don’t want to be cured. We want to be a part of the future. We want to be accommodated and accepted for who we are instead of being eradicated and changed. This April, spread the word of autism acceptance, neurodiversity and the social model of disability. This April, stand with autistic people. We need your support.

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samwisegamgeeee  asked:

Hey Alan! I just saw a post about different types of allistics on my dash... one of them was "The 'Ally'™". I'm allistic and I want to know how I can be a good ally, so I thought I'd ask about certain things mentioned in the post so i can avoid doing them! What are person first language and functioning labels and what can I do as an allistic to be an actual ally (not an “Ally"™)? Thanks so much!

okay, first of all, I’m going to assume that you meant [this post]. If not, sorry. Second, I’m not going to get this perfect. I’m viewing this as a bit of a first draft, which (note to self) I will edit at some point.

definitions: person-first language is “person with autism” as opposed to “autistic person”. Please use “autistic person”. I dealt with functioning labels later in this disorganized hell-post. 

So here’s my stab at allistic ally 101

1) You follow the same rules as if you were an ally for any other group: [Here’s a pretty good ally 101 article], but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Keep listening to autistic voices, and if we contradict the rules hold our voices higher. 

Also, above all, rule #1 of allyship is don’t be a shithead–come to conversations with the intention to listen and learn first and treat us like human beings (this is particularly critical with disability rights)

2) Our voices are the important ones: this is important with being an ally to any group, but autistic people often struggle to communicate or express ourselves. Be patient. Ask people how they’d like to communicate and be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Some autistic people use AAC (Alternative or Assistive Communication), and their voices matter just as much as verbal people’s. You don’t have to learn ASL or anything, but don’t assume that because someone’s not communicating verbally they’re less intelligent or competent. And, even if someone can’t communicate using language (or communicate at all) don’t assume that they don’t have thoughts, feelings, and needs.

3) Nothing about us without us: knowing an autistic person doesn’t make you an expert on autism. BEING an autistic person makes you an expert on autism. If you see anything claiming to help autistic people that doesn’t prominently feature Actual Autistic People, don’t support it (unless Actual Autistic People are telling you to support it, see #2)

This goes double for any charitable organization focused on autism which leads me into point number 4 (also from here on out things are a bit smaller-scope, that doesn’t make them less important):

4) Autism Speaks is trash: [and] [here] [are] [some] [sources

If you want to support charities try ASAN and The Autism Women’s Network

5) Please don’t try to “cure” us: I’m dealing with some internalized ableism with this one, so let me turn you over to  Anya Ustaszewski who in [this article] writes:

My autism is part of who I am. It is not something “extra” that can be taken away from me to suit the agenda of an intolerant society. My abilities, challenges and perception of the world all go hand in hand. If I were to be “cured” of my autism, the person that I am would cease to exist.

so yeah cure = bad, acceptance and accommodation = good

6) Celebrate the things that make autistics unique: lately, tumblr has gotten a lot more stim-positive, but stimming isn’t solely a pretty, paint-mixing or slime video (in fact, stimboards are rarely tagged and can overstimulate the SHIT out of me). 

A lot of time, stimming is viewed as ugly, distracting, loud, disgusting, or socially unacceptable. Support your local autistics, don’t expect people to stop stimming and try not to stare or comment (many autistic people have to work very hard to reclaim stimming after childhoods of expecting to suppress it entirely).

Also, try your best to support different cognitive styles and processing issues. Try to keep your websites accessible, provide image transcripts, try not to make posts that are entirely text in images (like screenshots of twitter posts), and help to subtitle videos if you can. <- these things also help d/Deaf people and anyone who accesses the internet via a screenreader

7) steer clear of stereotypes: I’m not rain man or that dude on the big bang theory or your cousin’s dentist’s sister’s younger brother’s son. The ‘idiot savant’ stereotype is almost never true and puts unreasonable expectations on autistic people. Also, not all of us are good at math or science, have incredible memories, etc. Fitting or not fitting stereotypes don’t change the fact that every autistic person is human and deserves rights and respect.

8) functioning labels are fake: never listen to anyone who describes autism as “high” or “low functioning”. Every autistic person has struggles, and putting labels on functioning basically sorts people into “can be ignored” and “subhuman”. [here’s about a million posts about why they suck because if I put it all here this post would be five times as long]

9) ABA is trash: this is trigger territory for a huge number of autistic people, so [here] and I’m not going to say anything else just take my word on this one

10) If it has puzzle pieces on it, run: if you’re looking to see if a group is okay, look for the rainbow infinity sign. The puzzle piece is a huge red flag. Please don’t support anything with puzzle pieces on it. Please. I’m begging you.

Okay that was WAAY longer than I meant it to get, sorry. Also, I’ve missed a bunch of things, but I’ve been working on this for an hour and I don’t have the energy to add more. I’ll throw this in #actuallyautistic and hopefully someone else can add anything important I missed.