As a director of 3 feature length movies, several TV movies and episodes, and 2 documentaries, Ava DuVernay is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She continues to break boundaries, make film history and inspire black, female filmmakers. Let’s face it, she really deserved that Oscar nomination.

Ava (2015), gouache on fabriano, now on redbubble!!!

21st century Gypsies: Stunning pictures show how new-age travellers are now adopting traditional horse-drawn caravans

Picture:  Fashion and social documentary photographer, Iain McKell took his first pictures of New Age Travellers 25 years and has been amazed at how the movement has evolved. Pictured here is Beanie. (via dailymail)

This is part of: “The–Elusive–Muse


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (the original paid application) vs. Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Trap (GREE/Joshige, the social version): Character Portrait Comparisons

Original portraits from the KbtBB paid app are on the left. Updated portraits from the Love Trap social version are on the right.

Sakiko was updated a bit. (Chisato, Erika, the twins, and Takahiro were all unchanged. I don’t remember if the hotel manager was changed, I think he’s the same.)

Ryosuke looks very different in the social version, a lot younger and more like the overeager puppy he is. He appears very frequently in Love Trap, even outside of Soryu’s routes. (He helps announce special events and fever times as well.)

Samejima was changed quite a bit, but his overall expression was kept the same, so he feels pretty similar. Like Ryosuke, he appears frequently in Love Trap, even outside of Soryu’s stories.

Mei Ling is like night and day. Like in the paid app, she’s a major character in Soryu’s main story in Love Trap.

Outa’s mother appears in Outa’s Season 2 “Twist of Fate” story from the paid app. In Love Trap, she has only appeared in Outa’s route from the “Serenade of Tears” special event. (Thanks to ichinomiyakisaki for the screen cap from the paid app!)

Bucci and Carolina play large roles in Eisuke’s Season 1 story in the paid app. However, in Love Trap, they have only appeared in Eisuke’s route in the “Uso kara hajimaru♡♡♡!?” special event (a.k.a. Eisuke as a butler). (Carolina’s dress in Love Trap is so pretty…)

I’m not sure if any other character portraits were changed/updated since I haven’t played most of the routes in the paid app, and I haven’t played Mitsunari’s or Outa’s routes in the social app.


For Just One Wish

want a couple dollars to Millions,
poverty beginnings,
relationships ending,
humble are you kiddin,
wrong decisions,
tragic endings,
why am I living,
if you knew what I been in,
I’m every thing defining sin,
my personality has a twin,
you may have met him,
all I got is this paper and pin,
but yet they say I offend,
maybe if I had a wish,
okay I think I’ll make a list,
and I insist that these things of it consist,
depression don’t exist,
everyone happy to coexist,
Rolex on my wrist,
with a twist,
gold and diamonds in my ears,flash so crisp,
and up in da horizon,it starts to brighten,
and whiten everything,
it’s shinnin,
mind inlightend,
confidence of a titan,
stayin high as Mount Zion,
nobody around me that I love dying,
no more pain and crying,
no lying,
sell dope,
nope only buying,
I hear a voice loud in my head, and behind my reflection in da mirror a blur of red,
devil said,
“"okay all this I can give you, just cut your finger and sign in red,
and you don’t owe me nothing until after you’re dead,
I’ll give you everything,
everybody will know your name,
money and fame,
secrets to the game,”“
and what about the pain,
”“ youll have no more hurt, no more sorrow, everything you could ever wish for begins tomorrow”“,
wake up my eyes glossy,
wrist so frosty,
out side my gates flashin cameras from paparazzi,
a brand-new murdered out black Bugatti,
alrighty, it seems like as if I’ve introduced myself into the Illuminati,
did I do something I’ll regret,
the voice, shit,
don’t forget to me you owe a debt,
and I’m on my knees,
oh Lord please,
he tricked me,
he said to him I’m in debt,
if you get me outa of this my life is yours to direct,
I follow and trust your plan,
I promise I won’t be foolish again,
in JESUS name AMEN

Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin (1855–1888). Portrait of 1884 by Ilia Efimovich Repin (Russian, Chuguev 1844–1930 Kuokkala). Met Museum, New York. 

“Russian author Vsevolod Garshin specialized in short stories expressing his pacifist beliefs, love of beauty, and aversion to evil. In the early 1880s he became friends with Repin, a leading progressive painter who shared his concern for contemporary political and social problems. This portrait is one of several that Repin made of Russian artists and intellectuals following his return from study in France, as he sought a more national tenor in his work. Four years after it was created, Garshin, scarred by the suicides of his father and brother and his own mental illness, threw himself down a stairwell and died.”

The God of Small Things
Marble bench, Terrace
The Detroit Public Library, 7/25/17
#8x10 gelatin silver contact print

A junior at the University of Michigan, Jean is studying Psychology, Creative Writing, and Literature. “I want to be a teacher.”

Marco Lorenzetti

“The God of Small Things,” (1997) is the debut novel of Indian writer, Arundhati Roy. It won the Booker Prize in 1997 and skyrocketed Roy to worldwide critical and popular acclaim. Translated into 40 languages, the book has sold over 6 million copies.

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Despite being on the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives list, Angela Davis shook up the public’s discussion of civil rights by questioning the roles of capitalism, misogyny, and racism in America. After leading the Communist party (which scared Ronald Reagan to resquest that she be barred from teaching), she became a professor at several universities and taught ethnic studies, feminist studies, and the history of consciousness. 

Angela (2014), gouache on fabriano paper

Clifford Holding Leaves of Grass
Terrace, The Detroit Public Library, 7/14/17
#8x10 gelatin silver contact print 

“Leaves of Grass,” Walt Whitman, was printed in several editions over the poets lifetime, from 1855 to the “deathbed edition” of 1892. 

Marco Lorenzetti


an on-going series exploring the society built stereotypes and binaries of how women should appear physically, all while challenging the idea of “traditional” womanhood.

head to for more images. keep your eyes peeled for a book including this work soon.

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Sandrilene fa Toren

I’m in the middle of listening to the Emelan books and am currently on Magic Steps ( Sandry’s Circle Opens book) and am continually impressed with how Tamora Pierce writes a heavily privileged character, who is also trapped by some of her privileges while also blind to them. I think “The Will of the Empress” most explicitly shows Sandry’s blindness to her privilege and position as nobility related to royalty, but it’s subtly all over “ Dancing Steps” too.

Sandry occasionally has to assert her authority in order to view crime scenes and convince Pasco’s family that he does indeed have dancing magic. She does have to assert it but there’s never any instance where she might be in danger for asserting it with a guard, policing force or government official unlike Briar and Tris in their Circle Opens books. No one is going to hit her or torture her for interfering. She never has to count coppers , as seen when she and the provost mages need more silk. The Mage even tells her how nice ( and different) it is for them to just buy what they need for their work. It’s the mage, a middle class harrier mage, who notices that Sandry just gets what she needs, not Sandry herself. Sandry is a step away from royalty and it brings her money and protection.

At the same time, Tamora Pierce also throws in subtle hints abou how Sandry is trapped by her position of privilege. Sandry has to sit ramrod straight as is ladylike. After ripping Captain Quais a new one she knows she must send him a letter of apology later since she is Sandrilene fa Toren and noble ladies are not rude to Provost captains. Tellingly, when Sandry loses her temper and is rude to him, she is behaving like her friend Tris who has the freedom to be as rude as she likes to a jackass without then being expected to apologize ( stepping back into the role of dove like, ladylike behavior). People continually see Sandry as Sandrilene fa Toren the noble before they see her as Sandry a powerful mage. In the original circle books Sandry was constantly coming up against the idea that noble girls don’t spin or weave and even while people don’t say that to her anymore, she’s still coming up against the idea that noble girls are good for naught but to wait on and be married.

I find Sandry a really fascinating character because she is written this way. Tamora Pierce has created a character who is kind, practical, and hard working and then put her in a position of highest privilege. That character then uses that privilege and is occasionally oblivious to it but Pierce also shows how Sandry is also occasionally oppressed by her good fortune ( without ever implying that Sandry’s struggles with her class as an aristocrat negate the many benefits it grants her). It’s a complicated portrait of social class.

The older I get the more I appreciate the circle universe books and the more I am astounded ( and appreciative) that Pierce created complex portraits of social class in a book for children.