5 Must-Have Tools for Instagram Marketing
Are you getting the most out of what Instagram has to offer?

If you are one of the smart business owners, you must be using Instagram in your social media marketing strategies. But the question is: Are you getting the most out of what Instagram has to offer?

Nearly a third of US influencers who currently work with brands cite Facebook as being the best platform for influencer marketing, followed closely by Instagram.

Facebook, Instagram Are Influencers’ Favorite Social Platforms - eMarketer

More on influencer marketing from the influencer’s POV but this time on their favorite platforms. Not too surprisingly, Facebook and Instagram are favored over Twitter and Pinterest, reflecting social media users’ preferences.

Social experiments to try this summer: 3/5

Summer downtime is the perfect time to experiment with your social strategy and apply what works to a busier fall.

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If you haven’t done a review of your metrics in a while, now’s the time. If you don’t have a measurement system in place, now is really the time to set that up. (We’re biased, but we recommend using something like the Union Metrics Social Suite to easily measure your multi-channel social efforts.)

As you review your metrics start by asking: What’s been working? Is there a way you can bring success from one platform to another? If video is working for you on Facebook, what elements of that could you test on Twitter or Instagram video?

Also look at what hasn’t been working and ask yourself what other format could you experiment with instead. Maybe it’s not that it’s video, it’s that your audience isn’t ready for or interested in live video yet so you should try filming some shorter segments or even making GIFs and sharing those across different networks. (Tweaked for delivery in each place, of course.)

You can also look for customers, fans and followers directly telling you what they like or don’t like about your posts in the comments, or in other ways. 

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