7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

In our last newsletter we helped you to navigate the choppy waters of email marketing with our 7 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid infographic. Now, to help you sail the seas of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with ease we’ve pulled together the 7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid.

In this infographic find out why you should never post too much or too little, what content you should share and why you should be careful with your hashtags, #ok?


10 ways to grow your social media followers

The competition to gain followers on social has never been fiercer as the majority of brands adopt social media as a fundamental part of their digital strategy. With social metrics used increasingly to gauge the value of a brand it’s vital that you have an active audience.

In our 10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Followers infographic we show you how posting quality content, identifying key influencers in your market and digging deep into your insights can get you those all important new followers and keep you current followers engaged.


Amazing Fashion Agency Service for Video Marketing

In fashion the visual aspekt is key for online sales. That is why qualit fashion marketing & advertising agencies will always use video marketing as a key element for branding.

12 Digital Marketing Trends That Can’t Go Wrong!

The infographic presents a list of digital marketing trends that are here to stay. Most of these trends are derived from traditional marketing, advanced to meet the need of digital age. And provide a tested ground for developing social media marketing campaigns for brands with confidence. 

Top 6 strategies to surprise and inspire your customers
  1. Get inside your customer’s mind.
  2. Make the customer the centre of your universe.
  3. Focus on the experience, not your product.
  4. Let the customer define the journey.
  5. Be hyper-personal without getting ultra-creepy.
  6. Unite the promise makers and the promise keepers.

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