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I'm hella curious about where the fandom generation gap started too, because I'm only 19 and i grew up with the fiction isn't reality rule just kind of assumed on ffnet, from around 14 onwards. I genuinely think it is because of tumblr, not ao3 or any other site. Tumblr took a big swing towards social justice in 2014 ish. But tumblr.. does not actually organise political activism. Tumblr "activism" became "taking a moral high ground in fandom to feel like a Good Person"

Tumblr does seem to be a common thread in many of the changes that have happened in fandom recently. There is no real permanence of posts, no accessible archiving and the setup for discussion is terrible. The natural enculturation of newer fans into fandom etiquette and attitudes by older ones that used to happen on venues like LJ, mailing lists and forums doesn’t seem very possible here. Newer fans find like-minded people, and aren’t exposed enough to other people to see the ‘live and let live’ attitude that was previously common. They don’t learn to understand what was previously generally understood.

Today’s fandom newcomers also have the benefit of not having to hide their fandom for fear of C&D letters, stigma or harassment. There is no more attitude of mutual support because we’re all ‘sick, sad freaks’ together in the eyes of the world. I do believe youth has a part to play. The newer (often younger) fans latching onto to what they think is social justice is pretty usual adolescent behavior. Harassing people over their ships is the new mocking people over their sneakers. Anything that makes them feel superior and more secure about their rapidly changing place in the big, scary world…

Allowances for youthful stupidity aside, I will never find en masse harassment of fic writers to be okay. Comparisons to Hydra Cap and 50 Shades are pointless. We the consumers have a right to say we don’t like it. And then? We boycott. Don’t like, don’t read/watch. Let it fade by unpopularity. You don’t threaten people with rape and death, especially not when fandom people already had their methods in place, the tags, the ratings, the warnings etc to indicate that they are much more aware about the implications of their content that most of mainstream media. The message was there. It’s not fandom creators’ fault that the consumers didn’t learn to read it.

Metal Girl(BVS)

Request: the reader is a metahuman and Lex knows so he invites them to a party. The reader is a famous author who also does journalism, hence one of the reasons they were invited to the party. Lex takes the time to allow them to interview him and before he knows it, he’s actually interested in them not for being a metahuman But because of their amazing personality.

Note: their superpower is the bending of metal (shoutout to my marvel trouble child magneto), I made a fake-ish social justice issue that’s happening in Metropolis

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bunmom replied to your post “[[MOR]the fact that “tumblr trans” people and transtrenders make me…”

the concept of “transtrenders” is really really harmful. who are we to say what other people identify as? there’s not a test to see whether one is ~truly trans~ or not. people are allowed to explore other genders :/

You’re right, people are allowed to explore other genders and I am 1000% for the exploration of gender identity as part of figuring out who you are. But there are cis people who push themselves into the community who feel no dysphoria and are completely comfortable with their assigned gender and sex, but call themselves trans anyway because they don’t completely fit into societal expectations of gender which is actually harmful for everyone and just reinforces gender roles. Those are the people I’m referring to.

I love when people try to say that skinny shaming isn’t as bad as fat shaming by saying “WELL YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND CLOTHES TO FIT YOU” like no fuck off i went shopping for a suit today in the 3rd biggest shopping centre in england and 1 suit fit me but the waist was too big because they don’t make them any smaller

If this makes me unpopular, so be it, but

Why the fuck is everyone being a bitch about Jared Leto winning an Oscar? He did an amazing job in that role and helped tell an extremely important story about people who suffer from AIDS.


It’s called acting for a reason people. If only trans people are allowed to act as trans people, does that mean…

…only overweight people can play overweight characters?

…only gay people can play gay characters?

…only doctors can play doctor characters?

…only AIDS victims can play AIDS victims?

and by reversal, does that mean…


…trans people are ONLY ALLOWED TO PLAY TRANS CHARACTERS? (I should hope fucking not.)

…gay people are ONLY ALLOWED TO PLAY GAY CHARACTERS? (Same reply)

…overweight people are ONLY ALLOWED TO PLAY OVERWEIGHT CHARACTERS? (And again.)


How miserably fucking stupid. Acting is about becoming another person. Trying to identify with their struggles and their triumphs. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Leto is richer for the experience. Maybe now he better understands the struggle of trans people. Isn’t that a good thing?

Let’s say the cast was different. Matthew McConaughey’s character is played by an actor who actually suffers from AIDS. And Leto’s character was played by a trans actor. What would be different?

Nobody would watch it.

It is an unfortunate, extremely upsetting truth. In America, we have a star system when it comes to films. The bigger the name, the bigger the fame. So anyone arguing that Leto “stole the Oscar from a trans person,” don’t kid yourself. It is extremely unlikely that this movie would have even been made without its star cast, and it definitely wouldn’t have been noticed without them. Leto and McConaughey were dedicated to bringing this story to the big screen! It was years in the making, and it probably would have failed without them.

Because of their presence, an important story was seen around the world. A story about living with AIDS, one of the most terrifying diseases on Earth. Because beyond the importance of Leto’s role as a transgender woman, this story is about AIDS victims. That’s the truth.