Metal Girl(BVS)

Request: the reader is a metahuman and Lex knows so he invites them to a party. The reader is a famous author who also does journalism, hence one of the reasons they were invited to the party. Lex takes the time to allow them to interview him and before he knows it, he’s actually interested in them not for being a metahuman But because of their amazing personality.

Note: their superpower is the bending of metal (shoutout to my marvel trouble child magneto), I made a fake-ish social justice issue that’s happening in Metropolis

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bunmom replied to your post “[[MOR]the fact that “tumblr trans” people and transtrenders make me…”

the concept of “transtrenders” is really really harmful. who are we to say what other people identify as? there’s not a test to see whether one is ~truly trans~ or not. people are allowed to explore other genders :/

You’re right, people are allowed to explore other genders and I am 1000% for the exploration of gender identity as part of figuring out who you are. But there are cis people who push themselves into the community who feel no dysphoria and are completely comfortable with their assigned gender and sex, but call themselves trans anyway because they don’t completely fit into societal expectations of gender which is actually harmful for everyone and just reinforces gender roles. Those are the people I’m referring to.

I love when people try to say that skinny shaming isn’t as bad as fat shaming by saying “WELL YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND CLOTHES TO FIT YOU” like no fuck off i went shopping for a suit today in the 3rd biggest shopping centre in england and 1 suit fit me but the waist was too big because they don’t make them any smaller