Misogyny and Misandry

Both exist. Both are bad. None is worse than the other. Being a “misandrist” or a “misogynist” is nothing to be proud of, it is sexism. No, it isn’t “reverse sexism” it is just sexism, because sexism works both ways. 

Fighting misogyny with misandry will not get anyone anywhere. If you go round shouting “All men are SCUM! Kill all men! Lol male tears.” or “All women belong in the kitchen! Women can’t think for themselves! Women are only good for making babies!"  then all you are doing is giving misogynysts/misandrists more of a reason to be misogynistic/misandric. But if you act more maturely, and don’t stoop to their level then you are proving yourself the better person. That is the best way to fight sexism, on both ends.


H*41: Building Healthy Relationships

In our previous episode, we discussed abusive relationships and how many abusive elements in relationships are normalized in our society, in part because of racism, sexism, and so forth. This week, we talk about how to end the cycle of abuse and how to build loving, healthy relationships. We also discuss discuss the Antonio Martin case, and our personal New Year’s resolutions as well.

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man i have no feelings one way or the other towards plebcomics herself but all the people supporting her doxxing are bringing up the most mundane things she did like “PLEBCOMICS doesn’t WIPE her ASS ENOUGH” even though it has no relevance to anything on this god damn planet

its kind of hilarious but also stunningly petty

what the hell

i cannot believe i graduate from columbia university tomorrow and i will have a masters degree in a field that i am incredibly passionate about. i’m feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet :)

i didn’t love my classroom experience at columbia but i did discover my love for forensic social work and court advocacy and i can’t wait to get out there and be the best social worker/advocate i can be. 

State Senator Supports Child Labor

Hey Tumblr, want to be pissed off at something?  I know you do, cause it’s fun.  Here’s someone who deserves your attention and anger.

“If you’re looking for someone to make look silly when talking about having children as young as seven years old work cutting tobacco, to whom would you turn?

Comedy Central’s Daily Show turned to Kentucky state Sen. Paul Hornback, who grows tobacco on his Shelby County farm and is chairman of the Senate’s agriculture committee.

The show, which aired Thursday, had Hornback defending the practice and trying to convince Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee that the loophole in the law that allows for child labor is actually good for kids.

‘It’s long days, it’s in the heat, it’s out there in the sun, some days it may a hundred degrees, but that’s not bad. They have lots of places to get shade, to cool off, to rest for a while,’ he said.”

it’s so funny how people on tumblr REALLY believe the world is going to magically twist to their whim?? it’s also funny how they think they can get away with anything they want just by saying they have a “””””disorder”””’. honey there is no excuse for your actions, whether you have a disorder or not. & 9/10 times it’s self diagnosed it is ultimately irrelevant. 

just because you keyboard smash when you’re mad doesn’t mean you’re autistic & dyslexic kthxbye

♔ Mod Prussia ♔

For all the social justice psychos on here this picture is for you. You say yo fight for social justice but all I see is self absorbed people bitching in blogs. Those of you who say the new Star Trek was white washed, why was it I saw you in line for the movie. If you don’t like the fact they took a role away from a minority, then prove it. You should have not seen the movie or Pickett the movie itself instead you help fill corporate America’s pockets with money.

You cannot champion for expanded freedoms, whether they be economic freedoms or social freedoms or any other sort of freedoms, until you understand the systems of oppression. 

No talk about economic theory or social theory can be taken seriously if you ignore what oppresses people. 

Because if you ignore them in your “solution” chances are you’re only expanding “freedom” for yourself, and chances are you weren’t the oppressed group to begin with

So have fun perpetuating your privilege along with your “free”(dom) market

So I made this thing for my gender & social justice 251 class. I think it’s pretty cool. Opened my eyes up a lot. I found it really interesting how altering my appearance felt. The more masculine I dressed the more uncomfortable I felt even in my own apartment with my boyfriend. Makes me wonder what it would be like going out into the world presenting a gender that you don’t feel belongs to you.