Medieval AU x Social Media presents: AU/Canon Divergence where a tourney was held in Winterfell coinciding with the celebration of the harvest in the Seven Kingdoms. Ser Jaehaerys “Jon” Targaryen accompanied his mother Lady Lyanna from Dragonstone to visit their kin in the North. Upon meeting the Starks, Ser Jon’s eyes were caught by the eldest daughter of his Uncle Ned, Lady Sansa Stark. Learning from that night’s feast that the lady fancied stories about knights in songs, Ser Jon opted to join the jousting on the morrow in the hopes of catching her attention, and to crown her Queen of Love and Beauty. The knight did emerge victorious but couldn’t follow through with his plan of giving the crown of winter roses to Lady Sansa, not when his hands were obviously shaking as his nerves got the better of him. So he gave the wreath to his lady mother and left the stands, feeling quite the fool. Later that afternoon however, Lady Sansa has aked him if he wanted to be shown around his mother’s childhood home (and the knight didn’t want to presume, but was that a blush dusting the lady’s cheeks?); Ser Jon easily accepted, not wanting for another opportunity to get to know her pass him by.

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…apparently I’m not done with this Medieval AU with Advance Tech (or at least access to the net lol)

So here he we have the Seven Herald covering King Rhaegar’s nameday feast, not to mention providing us smallfolk updates on the affairs of various nobles in Westeros (some excerpts from their account):

  • “According to our sources, the king’s second-born son Ser Jon has officially courted Lady Sansa of House Stark. Although, if that kiss is anything to go by, we’’ll hear wedding bells no more later this year.”
  • “Insiders tell us that our Princess Rhaenys, recently married to Willas Tyrell, is having second thoughts spending the rest of her days in Highgarden. Attending the king’s feast separately must prove our gossip true.”
  • “Lady Myrcella and Prince Trystane dances to the tune of ‘A Rose of Gold,’ dazzling to the eyes of their fellow revelers.”

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