Sam vs Cait

I was wondering what your thoughts might be as to why shippers are always contacting Sam and not Cait? Do you think it is just because she’s not usually on social media as much as Sam? Do they tag her like they do Sam? I’m a little lost: if they are a couple or married then why isn’t Cait getting just as much attention to “come out” as Sam?
Just curious about your input on this. Thanks!

Thanks for the question! Honestly, any answer I give to this is just a guess but I’ll try my best. First, I think part of the reason the s-shippers try to contact Sam more than Cait is because Cait doesn’t really play the social media game. She was never much into social media in the first place, even before she started to become a star. But I also think that given that Cait is a woman, she of course has a better idea of how the mostly female Outlander fandom thinks. Cait “gets it” better than Sam does how certain fans will misread certain tweets and “likes” and so she doesn’t inadvertently give them as many “breadcrumbs.” So if they are looking for “breadcrumbs” they know to avoid her.

And honestly, it seems to me from my short time as a shipper that the fascination with many of the heterosexual female shippers is really with Sam and not with Cait. Different people have different reasons for wanting to see the two of them together. Some might just like their chemistry. Some might like the idea of a “true love” story. Some might strongly identify with Cait. But I think for most heterosexual female fans, shippers or not, the greatest amount of the romantic/ erotic desire is for Sam.

Still, I’m just guessing and the reasons are going to be different for every fan. But it does seem clear to many people that the shippers do seem to try to contact Sam a whole lot more more than Cait. It is an interesting phenomenon. 

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, that’s fine. I’m only guessing anyway.. 

some of this tag acts like big brother isnt a show that needs a social game to win of course bridgette is gonna try to make amends with michelle so that she doesn’t have someone gunning for her and a potential vote if she makes it to the end

Mad at Zakiyah for being petty and ruining her social game.
Mad at Paulie for being douchey.
Mad at Nicole for being a lame ass punk ass lying ass friend and telling Corey that Z told Nicole not to come within a 10 foot radius of Paulie when that shit did not happen wtf is wrong with herrrrrrr. I hope she feels like a shitty human being seeing the way Zakiyah is reacting. 

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1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I think I would live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Downtown has really been picking up there lately, and there’s cheap(er) apartment housing, not to mention it’s a nice city with a lot of career opportunities. The seasons there are BEAUTIFUL and there are a ton of free events.

2. What was your favorite book as a child, and what is your favorite book now?

Julie of the Wolves I think was my favorite! Or, no, the Squire’s Tale series haha. I’ve reread those books so many times, and they are STILL funny. My favorite book now eh….. Maybe Humans by Matt Haig!

3. The Hunger Games series or The Divergent Series?

Hunger Games for social commentary and a girl who choose the bright hero instead of the angsty antihero. Also, because the MC made bad/unethical choices, and there were consequences, and overall there was a lot of thought put into the writing and the world. It was really well done imo even if the writing style and Katness left something to be desired.

4. What is the weirdest dream you’ve had recently?

Don’t remember it honestly. It was pretty recent, like within this week.

5. If you could be reincarnated into any animal what would it be and why?

A golden retriever so I can hang out in a nice house and get lots of love and go swimming.

6. Favorite mystical creature / animal?

Selkie or griffon.

7. Longest celebrity crush?

I’m weird and I’ve never had a celebrity crush lol. But I’ll go ahead and put Diasy Ridley here.

8. If went to comic con, who would you cosplay as?

How can you ask this,,,, I love all of the characters,,,, If I had to choose, I’d do Luke’s wardrobe change in RotJ lol. I look killer in black, and it wouldn’t be an expensive cosplay to do. Plus it would be so comfortable to walk around in with the right boots!

9. What was your first fandom?

Doctor Who

10. If you could be in any universe, what would it be? Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.

They are all dark and scary lol. Mmmm, I mean the world in Squire’s Tales is nice, like a medieval lite where Arthur’s Court isn’t a complete disaster and people live to old age and there’s no terrible plagues so! Let’s go with that!

11. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Sign me up for plant stuff. Like just being able to talk to them if they’re thirsty, automatically know what they can be used for in healing etc., camouflage, stuff like that!

my questions:

1. have you ever been on a rollercoaster? and if so, what was the  scariest part about it?

2. if you could travel anywhere, for any amount of time, where would you go? you cannot live there, just visit.

3. least favorite book? least favorite movie? and your favorite book, favorite movie?

4. do you have any pets? talk about them! want a pet? what kind?

5. what are your feelings about ernest hemingway

6. stealing a question from @reysky-walker lol: if you could live in any universe,  what would it be? Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.

7. favorite piece of writing and why! it can be by you or an author, or list both!

8. favorite bird?

9. i personally don’t enjoy carbonated drinks, at least not often. (as in more than every few months if that.) are you a coke or pepsi person?? doctor pepper?? crush or sprite?? 7-up??

10. would you ever start a garden, or grow an inside plant?

11. favorite tv show?

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Pokémon Go changed this boy with autism’s life

Whether you love it, hate it or are apathetic about it, Pokémon Go is changing lives. Like Ralphie Koppelman: a 6-year-old boy who has autism spectrum disorder and hyperlexia. Individuals on the autism spectrum and with hyperlexia struggle in social interactions. But now thanks to Pokémon Go, Ralphie was interacting with neighbors, friends and strangers. And he isn’t an anomaly.

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nah these feeds have me too heated right now. I’m beyond done right now with Nicole’s antics. I take back the shit I said about Z’s pettiness messing up her social game. Ratcole’s inability to 1) not tell Corey everything and 2) not twist Zakiyah’s words into bullshit is messing up Z’s game. I’m done. I need to go to bed.

Gossip Girl: Party! Available for Android and iOS devices!

Are you ready for a new Voltage Romance?

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Get ready for a life of decadent parties, endless drama, and scandalous love affairs!
Will you become Queen Bee or just end up as a wannabe?

New, Exciting Features:

-Go glam! Style your character with the trendiest, coolest fashion items!

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Enjoy the game!!

I wanted to see if I could create something that is emotional between people. Existing games are about killing each other or killing something together. The idea of social emotion means people need to share feelings. At that moment, the players are in sync. The problem [with many games] is there’s no chance to share emotion. Most of them are busy, [there are] explosions everywhere. So we got rid of all the background noise and we had to get rid of the guns.
King ARE Trying To Candy-Crush The Banner Saga | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Yesterday the internet was alive with the news about King, owners of Candy Crush Saga, their trademarking of the word “Candy”, and their ensuing threats to

See also:

I fully push EVERYONE here to uninstall Candy Crush, and no longer play any of King’s games.

Basically, they’ve made a trademark on the word “Candy” and are now going for “Saga” and are trying to shut down any games that use these INCREDIBLY common English words, INCLUDING an RPG style game about Norse Vikings that clearly has nothing to do with candy at all (but uses Saga, so, fuck them King has a lot of money)

Seriously, please uninstall Candy Crush, and spread the word. These sorts of things are the death of creativity.

Please reblog this if you care at all about the future of indie games against behemoths like King.


Why do we seek to fit people
into frames, like pictures
Refusing to acknowledge them
for trying to change their image
Do we only truly like those
who fit into our social games?
For those who walk
the untrodden paths
we tend to cut away
Don’t you think, fellas,
that these true colors
of relationships with others
imply that we don’t truly
love them for who they are
but simply the idea of their existence?

#please love real or don’t love at all……

7 drastic Facebook changes announced at f8

To recap, here are seven new features, announced at f8 event:

1. Profiles are now Timelines
2. Liking (and other actions) now pop up in a real-time Ticker
3. Open Graph: Never leave Facebook (ever)
4. How Facebook does music, movies and TV shows
5. News Media brings its content to Facebook
6. Lifestyle Apps: Facebook’s next evolution of apps
7. Social Games will turn Facebook into an arcade from the `80s.

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