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Do you have any good fic recs, clintasha or otherwise?

oooooo, this is actually the first time I’ve had this question thrown at me (some of these are pretty dark, but they’re all tagged really well, so watch the tags, ok?)

Off the top of my head for Clintasha, I’m gonna say:

Falling in Reverse series, by the-irish-mayhem  (it’s intense, and the next part is coming really soon, everybody scream for joy and jump up and down and stuff)

Compromised series, by kirstenlouisemcduffie

Remember I Loved You (which has a WIP sequel) by spectralarchers

And for WIP, hawknat​ has Safe in Our Mold

Straying away from Clintasha, I think that Into That Good Night (Stucky) and then Strangers to Ourselves followed by its sequel From the Top (Clint/Loki) might honestly be my fav fics ever. (Author doesn’t have a tumblr, everybody cry.) But seriously everything by Nonymos is fabulous, I even had a blast reading the pairings that were never my thing. Excellent characterizations. (Loki does show up in these a lot, I know some of my followers don’t do that, so…you have been warned.)

And then there’s a lot of Stucky, with both sub!Steve and sub!Bucky, because I just can’t choose, and either take is close to my heart.


What do you need me for? by non-binary-bucky

Crash by bactaqueen


The Wooden Spoon (and it’s prequel is in Steeled, which is back and forth on who’s the sub) by hannahrhen

Generic Stucky

Memory by emilyenrose

No Difference at All by a-social-construct

Three Birds and a Stone by xena2210 (no tumblr?)

Then everything by becisvolatile is delicious, plus DARCY LEWIS!


Here have a random, excellently written, Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Natasha Romanoff. i have seen nearly every city by pprfaith (again, no tumblr?)

I’m probably forgetting some really important ones, so I’m sorry if I am :/

sometimes people say that modern american concepts about gender differences and roles are a result of colonialism, and I generally agree with them

and sometimes people say “the gender binary was invented by modern white people,” and by implication no nonwhite culture has ever had a gender binary or been an imperialist power, and I am like ????????
Love Bites | Lisa Steinberg

carmillaseries fans please read my new huffposttv blog on the hit web series!! ubykotex

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hey you! "binarism" is actually a word that's currently in use by indigenous north americans to describe the colonialist practice of imposing a social and legislative gender binary, which as i understand it was not a function of most if not all of indigenous north american cultures. using the term to mean "discrimination against non-binary people" is incorrect because that word already has a usage, per above, (over)

and potentially harmful because it speaks over the voices of those indigenous peoples who need that language to talk about their oppression. a better term would be “non binary erasure” or similar. :)

Ok thanks, I can delete that tag since this is the consensus. Hadn’t heard that before!

When I (an agender/nonbinary person) get married
  • My Spouse:So what exactly do I call you? You're not my wife or my husband, do I call you my spouse?
  • Me:I guess. But, I dunno, spouse doesn't have the same ring to it, ya know? Maybe like, hus-wife?
  • My Spouse:Wife-band?
  • Me:WIFEBAND!!!!! That's adorable! I love it!!!!!
Each photograph is read as the private appearance of its referent: the age of Photography corresponds precisely to the explosion of the private into the public, or rather into the creation of a new social value, which is the publicity of the private: the private is consumed as such, publicly (the incessant aggressions of the Press against the privacy of stars and the growing difficulties of legislation to govern them testify to this movement).
—  Barthes, Roland. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography. Trans. Richard Howard. New York: Hill and Wang, 1981. Print. 98.
The Nightmare Squad as Eridan’s character arc being an allegory for the Obama presidency

Obama: Shaw
Bipartisanship: Binary
Social welfare programs: Aliesya
The LGBT community: Lannie
The GOP: Shaw’s dad
Reagan: Prometheus
The increasingly dispossessed and disillusioned middle class: Hector
Vriska: Arachne
True leftism: Icarus

My non-binary brain #2

Me: You’re so attention seeking
Actually me: what, why?
Me: Because you don’t stop going on about your gender and trans people. No one actually cares.
Actually me: But I care…
Me: Yeah sure but no one else does. Just keep it in your stupid brain. No one in the real world gives a shot about your pronouns or dysphoria or you being mis gendered because no one actually cares about you.
Actually me: Why would you say that that’s so mean
Me: It’s not mean, it’s the truth.

This is a daily battle within my head, and I just don’t know what to do with it. That voice on my head keeps telling me I’m worthless and I’m running out of come backs.

I don’t understand non-binary as a term when it’s compared to cis and trans, both of which relate to sex rather than gender.

Isn’t nb a gender based around typical masculine and feminine gender roles? isn’t it reinforcing gender roles then? Or is it not supporting them, but rather acting as a label to fit within society’s view of gender? either way, nb seems to be a word used to describe people as they fit into gender roles. theoretically, if people weren’t sexist in any form, if there were no expectations or limitations based on gender, non-binary would cease to exist as a label. and therefore, it’s a gender. 

 it’s not a sex, so then why is it used in tandem with trans and cis? being cis means that you are comfortable in the sex you were born in and trans means that you aren’t because of body dysphoria. so, both relate to sex rather than gender. so why then do nb people claim to be trans when not experiencing body dysphoria? isn’t that diminishing the struggle of trans people who suffer not from only from societal pressure?

these are legit questions, i really want to clear up my misunderstandings, unless i am correct. so please answer with unbiased answers. i know it’s annoying, but sources from psycho/sociology journals, etc. would be really nice.

Lately I’ve been coming to accept that I am like… 99% sure I’m a guy.

I’ve been IDing as Genderfluid for a time, and probably will still say ‘nonbinary’ in the future for ease, because I’m not interested in ever getting surgery (maybe top surgery one day, but that is more for potential cancer concerns as well as gender issues), and frankly FUCK giving up dresses and high heels and lipstick.

Like. That shit is fun. I mean, I think it’s telling that I only started feeling ok with that stuff (much less liking it) after I heard the phrase ‘You were born naked, the rest is drag’, but still. If I had been DMAB, I would probably reach a point where I would want to do drag or go out in dresses because fuck the gender binary and social rules about how you are allowed to dress.

Genderfluid helped because my Dysphoria does go in waves. But even when it’s at a low, I still find myself gritting my teeth and feeling very uncomfortable whenever I am classified as ‘female’, even in subtle and tiny ways that would normally be awesome.

I like a lot of feminine-coded things, but that doesn’t mean I’m a woman, which is a bit hard to accept because I’ve been socialized to be a woman for my entire life and… it’s weird.

But yeah. Nonbinary is just easier to say than “Well, I’m a guy but hahaha fuck you expecting me to be completely manly-man all the time, lipstick is amazing and feminine-coded means of communication are fun as fuck.”


Gender Binary Survey: Results
People Surveyed: 117 

This survey was surprising, yet at the same time, not. I was surprised at the lack of cis men to answer, and at the overwhealming amount of people who answered that the binary does not exist.

One hundred and seventeen (117) people were surveyed within one week. I consider this a successful and reliable survey.

Popular Arguments for EXISTS

  • the gender binary is something that is instilled in nature
  • Sex and gender are tied together and are inherently binary
  • Excepting those who are intersex, it exists

Popular Arguments for DOES NOT EXIST

  • gender is something humans made up / Its a social construct 
  • non-binary people’s experiences are real
  • because i’m nonbinary
  • gender is a spectrum
  • why not?

Honorable Mention: (doesn’t mean I agree/disagree)
“Because people can be whatever gender they want and if you tell me otherwise I will shove you into a garbage can.”

Thank you and keep in touch for the next survey to come up soon! If you have any specific questions regarding this survey (ex. “how many truscum said ___? ) feel free to ask! Just be sure to specify that this is #GENDERBINARYSURVEY1 in your message!

You may use this survey for debates/etc. Just credit back to gender-surveys-weekly. Suggestions for future surveys is always welcome.

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Hey weird question but can you explain non binary and binary ?

Sorry if this is late but totally! Although someone who is nb may explain it a little better 

gender binary- the social construct that there are only two genders, cis males and females 

Non- binary- not indentifying as (or only) male or female. So basically their gender is outside of the gender binary ( ex. agender, bigender, genderfluid, etc) 

I hope this helped and i hope you dont mind that I published it. I wanna make sure what I said was right and people can correct me and stuff

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you're giving some GREAT answers can u do star heck too. whichever one u want

I’m gonna do TNG cause it y’know, provides a better metaphor for the Obama administration. 

Obama: Picard obv
Bipartisanship: the data/lore binary
Social Welfare Programs: that big liberal lovefest called the starship enterprise
The LGBT community: dr crusher
The GOP: Wesley’s constant desire to fly the ship
Reagan: worf
The increasingly dispossessed and disillusioned middle class: the computer
Vriska: Q
True Leftism: captain picard’s unfaltering love for his crew