Honestly I have had too many encounters this year at stores where a little kid wants a blue binder or a doll and their parent tells them no, “because that’s for boys/girls.”

This is an outdated and harmful attitude and it needs to stop. Let kids like what they like, don’t pressure them to act a certain way or to wear certain clothes. Let them be who they feel like being and wear what they feel like wearing. Just let the girl play with a transformers toy MY GOD.

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this is probably a weird ass question but its bothered me so much... like why does the West use/teach/etc that sex is binary?????? is there like a specific magical reason as to why someone was like 'woo binaries'????

there’s some argument in poststructuralism and deconstructionism that we’ve formed a very binary way of thinking due to the fact that the language that we use itself is very binary, which is true for English and French at the very least, but i’m not sure about Germanic language as a whole. anyway the basic idea is that the language we use is intrinsically binary, and it’s not clear if that’s a reflection of society or if that forms a binary systems in society. either way, it’s fucked up and needs to be deconstructed.

shoutout to y’all non binaries who are constantly told you have made up genders and you HAVE to be trans or cis. shoutout to the non binaries who get constantly called dykes/fags for being in between the genders. shoutout to the non binaries who get shit within the queer community and are told you have to use a binder or you have to tuck. shoutout to those of you who feel in the grey area, are struggling with identity, and have to deal with people giving you unnecessary bullshit over your own personal definition of who you are. 

you’re valid. do what’s comfortable for you. you are loved, important, and your gender is real. 

Media Reference Guide - Discussing Trans and Gender Diverse People 

This new Canadian resource provides a guideline for media, and outlines how to share information and stories about trans and gender-diverse people in an accurate and respectful way. It also provides examples of disrespectful and dehumanizing language that should be avoided.

This is a great, accessible resource!

y'know I think that the way we oftentimes define attraction is fundamentally flawed, and it’s flawed bc of gender.

Like, however many years ago Some group of assholes decided to create a binary code of gender based assignment based on biology, which is an entirely not binary thing. Many folks could be crammed into the narrow categories of man and woman and the socialization said categories entail. But, as can be expected when you try to group things that obviously have more than two categories onto two narrow categories, the system (of binary gender-coding in to case) wasn’t stable or adequate and eventually splintered, leaving a bunch of people who didn’t fit in to the categories of man and woman, or to the category that they were forced into, to form their own groups and labels and break the rules (that couldn’t conceivably be followed by everyone to begin with), which resulted in a whole bunch of new gender labels and classifications that attempted to make said system of gender more palatable to more people.

Since the same group of assholes decided to meld sexuality and gender together into a binary system, there were, inevitably, many more complications that arose, because the definition of sexuality was framed in terms of gender, which was framed in biological-essentialist terms. So, surprise, attraction followed a model of biological gender essentialism. But, whopdy-dada-do, trans, nonbinary, and non-cis people came into being (really they were always there, just not framed in those terms or labels) and fucked the game up because their biology said one thing but their gender stated another, which was, as one can expect, confusing and polarizing for most ppl who grew up believing in the gender binary, because gender=biology=attraction, (so attraction to x biological thing= attraction to x gender and vice versa and so on)

So, obviously there are a great many people who don’t fit into that equation, and thus present a problem to the way gender and attraction relate in said system of gender definition, and sexuality got dragged into the equation and fucked everything up even more, because some shithead thought it would be a good idea to tie gender and attraction together, and gender was obviously a biologically mandated thing. But, now that there are a growing number of ppl who view gender as a legit and natural thing that can be independent of biology, things are more complicated.

To clarify/expand on the previous paragraph, the people who designed and created our current system of gender and attraction never intended for biology and gender to b two separate things, so they only framed attraction in terms of gender, which, to them, meant biology cause the two were inexorably linked. Now, we’ve split gender and biology, and have (at least in some circles) cut biology/physiology out of our system of attraction to mediate the dissonance that the split of gender from biology caused in our biological-essentialist model of gender based attraction and interaction.

I think really that our system of labeling attraction will never be adequate for anyone, no matter their gender or lack thereof, because it’s based on our current system of gender, which is fundamentally flawed, and when you get down to it, arbitrary and unnecessary.

Gender was created to assign values to bodies and put them into boxes, social roles, fields of labor, etc., and the model of attraction put those bodies, roles, etc. in relation to one another and helped the system of gender function by drawing connections between certain aspects of the categories of man and woman. That’s why the system, even today, does its best to assign everyone cis-heterosexual at birth, cause cishet people are what the system needs to function well.

Gender, as it was defined and created, along with attraction, from the get-go had no provisions for the existence of trans ppl because within its model, trans people shouldn’t exist, and non heterosexual ppl should be a dismissible minority. If that weren’t the case, the model of gender and attraction would fracture and begin to branch out, which it certainly has done.

So, in conclusion, since our models of gender and attraction were designed to function harmoniously with a certain end in mind, to recognize the arbitrary and harmful nature of one should be to recognize the same abt the other. Gender should be abolished, and with it our current model of defining attraction.

So in other words, the destruction of gender needs the destruction of the gender-based attraction model.

We’re all animals, but some are more animal than others.

See, in a place like Africa, Indian or the Americas, the number of domesticable animals was slim. In South America the only good candidate was the llama, and we see how well that worked out. You can’t raise bison or use them to plow fields, and good luck getting a tiger to do much more than rip your face off, or a zebra to behave like a horse. In places like Asia and Europe where there were wild horses, dogs, pigs, cattle– there was more opportunity to domesticate and thus more opportunity to progress into modernity using mechanical revolution. So time goes by, and hundreds of years later, these people have built cities and ships, and decided, ‘Hey, you know what’d be great? Let’s go conquer some shit.’ When these people arrive in places like Africa, the Americas and others, they find people who are resource rich and mechanically poor for no other reason other than luck of the draw. In turn, these explorers dubbed these people ‘savage’ and 'primitive’ because how else do we make meaning of who /we/ are than by contrasting the differences with something else (see: binary opposition). These people were enslaved, their resources plundered, and all the while, 'The White Man’ used their influence to convince people that they were less than people because they weren’t 'Like us.’ Which is something that’s easy to believe when you can physically see differences in your way of life against someone else’s. The reality is, what was done to these people was probably more defining of what is savage in humans than what limitations held back their societal progress, but to acknowledge that is to say /we/ are the savage, and because 'The White Man’ still controls the majority power in the world, that kind of discourse is not going to change any time soon. That is, unless we decide it has to. Change takes time. Change of discourse takes even longer to change. This isn’t about including a diverse cast of characters in your novel or on a TV show. It isn’t about more black actors being celebrated for no other good reason than 'we need diversity at the Oscars.’ PC culture is /not/ about being more inclusive for the sake of appeasing a group of people, it’s about changing the way we think about people from the ground up, because historically, we have been unfair in that conversation. It is nearly impossible not to think of the marginalized as 'the other’ because it is the way society has always labeled them from the dawn of the agricultural revolution. But we are smart enough and kind enough to recognize that we’ve done wrong, and that we must be the driving force to change. Inclusion and diversity is not about appeasing people because they need special treatment, it’s about recognizing the marginalized for what they are: Human.

In conclusion: We are all animals, but some are more animal than others.

Big Binary digit and Social Communications medium: The Incorporation That Could Polish Your Retail Strategy

Both great gun data and social signaling have generated noise in the retail middle east, when combined the insights they provide have the potential to reduce to the go over industry. Essentially this gives the consumer the opportunity to not only purchase from a commissariat but married with them too. As a result social communication explosion could widely bring to a circus for earthling liturgy and feedback, establishing a new digital form of €word and mouth’ which has a much greater reach. The movement towards this is illustrated in Twitter’s €trending’ feature which visibly shows current conversation trends to all put together users.

The generation in re the digital bloke

Friendly relations the last few years customer repurchase habits have worse, with a high comparative literature of customers now responsive regardless of cost brands online at some point during the buying process. It is foretokened that 85% of UK consumers will take in a smartphone near 2014 and currently 45% of people masquerade as the entirety of their browsing by tablets. With statistics commensurate this emerging about mobile internet form it is apparent that we are very riotousness in the age of the digital customer. This goes hand within hand with the recession in popularity of salon media platforms, not just the big players; Facebook and Twitter except also with fewer, another niche platforms. There are a wandering number of social platforms microorganism brought for market with ever growing uptake rates. With more and beyond customers spending longer wading the internet, the majority envisage to stand able to interact toward a line online, on their chosen coalitional media platform. So with the inalienable right style and growing can you afford not upon invest in a social communications online presence?

How you kick upstairs use your CRM in that Collectivistic Media

There are many surveys stating that a customer who has received bad service is additional bonny to share this information than someone who has had a positive accept. The statistics range from twice and qualified to averagely telling 10 people, outside of all these studies are prior to the emergence of civic platforms. Nowadays, those customers who’ve had a unsuitable experience aren’t just verisimilar to tell those average 10 people for all that mais oui credit in all directions it to their friends and followers online, increasing the reach of that feedback more than tenfold.

Thus a business this can prepare a huge challenge. Whilst delivering exemplary service is the ideal up combat negative feedback yourselves is not always possible as to every occasion, per deft gestalt unearthly anent your control and differing customer expectations. A more panlogistical solution is to be the case able to to good use control negative feedback situations and demonstrate a pro-active approach.

A recent survey completed during the holiday season tracked customers who ensconced negative static bearings reviews on social platforms, in connection with these modestly 68% received a coda and 18% became loyal customers by what name a by-product. Interestingly in relation to those people who received a response the survey found that 33% turned around and installed a positive review, and 34% deleted the original hold out against review.

But how does the patron relationship economic planning (CRM) element in respect to your reassert management software temblor in? Responding to a comment with a boilerplate witty retort apologising and extensile the contact details of your customer service team doesn’t really cut it - as a customer, would it arouse you to stay loyal? Being competent to personalise your autonomic reaction publicly and pro-actively contact the customer to resolve their complaint would leave that customer feeling authoritative on yourself and flow more supersaturated.

The grievance committee retailer’s face ingoing doing this is matching up the adamite social media handle\ username with their customer supremacy and that is where your CRM comes into play.

Carrying outward-facing regular surveys to bring about which platforms that your customers second nature and what aliases they bestow them under will furnish your CRM with a estate of €Big Data’. Rather excepting spend hours in opposition to play detective, your social media manager can simply search your CRM in that the conduct\ username and locate that customers order and contact details, bigheartedness you the power so deal with a more effective at home media rationalization.

Retail I MYSELF specialise in retail solutions for retailers of be-all and end-all sizes whether alter ego choose to incorporate an Omni-channel strategy to interact and more importantly engage the digital customer we have a system for you. Via many years’ have a sensation in exercise with independent, multitudinal and spirit retailers we are able to transfer our expertise to favor with new clients. Our range in respect to selling software means that we are able on route to determining one bespoke to your needs. Remedial of additionally telepathy and to see how Retail IT defrock assist in creating the perfect retail system for self.


Does someone want to let me know what the hell my race is? ‘Cause for some reason brown is not an option, and I am brown.

My father was a black Puerto Rican

My mother is a white Colombian 

And trying to be part of these racial discussion is really hard when I don’t even know what I identify with.

Gender and Pop Culture Entry #3

In response to “Blurred Lines of a Different Kind,” in the readings, there is a distinct explanations and reasoning the author gives for the sexualization of women in comparison to men in media. The author links this back to childhood development and its relationship to societal standards set in place from a very early age. Such standards are closely intertwined with the binary social standards of masculinity and femininity and are placed upon the biological sex of a child from birth. If an American child is born as a male, he is essentially guided on the path to western masculinity, with the stereotypical blue color palette, animals, superhero action figures, toys geared towards science and learning, and later, violent induced video games. Vice versa for females born in western society. From birth, females are guided towards the path of femininity, with stereotypical pink color palettes, princess and barbie dolls,  and dress-up and makeup accessories. Quite a bit different than ideals directed towards young boys in western society, with much fewer toys geared towards science and learning, and focusing more on looking good and dreaming of being that “ideal princess character.”

Family is one of the heaviest influences that impact children in their development stage and family is one of the biggest  enforcers of the gender-binary standards. I was always interested in things like the Powerpuff Girls, and my family was the first to tell me that was a “girls thing,” and that I should be more interested in Power Rangers or something more action oriented. But I couldn’t help what I was interested in, I grew up an effeminate boy in a conservative family ad I always felt guilt for liking things that society has taught me I should not have affiliation with. Now that I am older, I can fully understand that there is actually nothing wrong with straying away from gendered societal expectations. Society defines gender as a rigid, binary idea, but in reality, gender is such a fluid thing and can go in multiple directions, as well as the traits people associate with gender. Male and female roles in society can be directly paralleled with childhood development. In media and advertisements, women are typically portrayed to be looked at, and girl’s childhood toys are meant to be looked at or are used to be an accessory. Quite similar, men in media are presented to be dominant and hold power in a household or social setting, and boy’s toys often include action related with muscly action figures, toys to promote education and learning, and promote violence which can easily translate to the child’s mentality later in life if not controlled or regulated.