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have you always known what you wanted to study or have you ever changed your mind about that? when did you decide? i'm having a hard time making that decision

oh not remotely. I wouldn’t even say I’m there now, despite being in a master’s program lol. I cycled through several liberal arts and social sciences majors in undergrad and ended up settling on psychology/sociology (plus women’s studies as a minor which I accrued by accident), which mostly just helped build my critical thinking skills- that’s about all you can hope for from a BA imo. but I’ve changed my mind constantly- I considered being an illustrator, a filmmaker, a historian, a lawyer, even a biologist. I’m decent at a lot of things and as a result find any major to be somewhat limiting, tbh. anyway, I’ve settled on my current program (gender, media, and culture) because it offers an interdisciplinary approach and practical communications/research skills alongside gender and film theory, which I enjoy a lot even in my free time. it’s not a flawless fit for me because I doubt there’s any such thing, but enrolling was the step I needed to kick off a new phase in my life. sometimes it’s just deciding to do something which is important, I think- do something, anything, and let that guide what you do next. at this point, I think I’d like to work in media production in some capacity, but I can foresee many possible futures where I either go back for a phd in a semi-related field or change to something else entirely. I don’t think it’s necessary or even really possible to know what you want to do forever, so it comes down to a balancing act between considering what you enjoy most right now and what might make you a stronger job candidate. personally, I’ve given more weight to the former because life is short and the employment market sucks no matter how “safe” of a major you choose anyway, but whether you do the same is up to you. since this got rambly and didn’t totally answer your question, here’s some quick practical advice to wrap up: write down every major you might like to do and create a bracket. decide each winner by flipping a coin and taking note of which one you’re rooting for while the coin is in the air. narrow it down until you have a winner. then either take the plunge or do some independent study/maybe take some community college courses to see if it feels like a good fit (plus, you know, look into careers since you should probably at least consider that part). best of luck! 


I do too. Let’s work together to get our favorite Choi Twin some love. 


  • Support Cheritz! Purchase hourglasses and licensed merchandise. Tell your friends, your mom, your dog, the world about the wonderful company Cheritz is. 
  • Praise and compliment Cheritz about how wonderful Mystic Messenger is. Thank them for creating Mystic Messenger. Every update that comes out: thank them for the new content. 
  •  Politely ask/tell them you are interested in an Unknown route and if one can be considered for a future update. Tweet them, e-mail them, post on their Q&A board. 
  • Continue creating content for Unknown on social media! Fics, headcanons, art, you name it: keep making it. CONTENT IS A WAY OF SHOWING INTEREST. 
  •  Keep playing Mystic Messenger and support your fellow RFA members!


  • BE A JERK TOWARD CHERITZ by sending derogatory comments through tweets, e-mail, and Q&A. This is a small company working hard to provide us additional updates that are supplemental to the main story. 
  • BOYCOTT CHERITZ. Less people playing = less interest in the game. If there is less interest, Cheritz is less likely to make new content. 
  • HATE ON OTHERS WHO ARE EXCITED ABOUT V’S ROUTE. Not only are we receiving an unexpected addition to the story, we are receiving a route which Cheritz has specifically told people they weren’t planning on. There are people who have been waiting patiently for V to receive a route too. Don’t take away their happiness. 
  • GIVE UP. If we continue to support each other and show our love our Saeran maybe Cheritz will consider a route for him too!