Cigarettes and alcohol were always a normal thing to show children in the cartoons. Following the new laws, kids have the right to explore some new aspects of so called adulthood. Isn’t it? As for me, I never was happy even with depicting of booze and cigarettes.

Pictures by Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

Viktor Popkov - The builders of Bratsk, 1960.

Bratsk was Hydropower Station. Its construction symbolized the power of Soviet economics and development of industrialization. The builders were considered to be new heroes of the Communist epoch.

This painting is a representative of the so-called “severe style”.


When I see the prices for pieces of some bad examples of modern art I feel my self as an alien. Probably, just like this astronaut in the museum. People spend money on shit: small sums for burgers, large sums for art and luxury articles. Earthlings are making contribute to the things they don’t need. And the system lives!

We are educated to reach for possessions and to collect things. Rarely we meet the true teacher who will teach us to think. American government has tight connection with market and all they need is not the civic society but a herd of consumers. Intelligent person never looses her/his assets and never depends on greedy market and cynical state. Think!  


An excerpt from a video about Simone Leigh’s Free People’s Medical Clinic. The project, facilitated by creativetime, “engaged the critical intersections of public health, racial consciousness, and women’s work, asking viewers to consider the often-overlooked players—most especially the unknown Black women nurses, osteopaths, gynecologists, and midwives—who have overserved an underserved population for centuries. While the project name borrows from the Black Panthers’ community-based healthcare efforts in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, its gaze lingers on 19th century medical pioneers including Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Steward, the first Black woman doctor in N.Y. State.”

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