The position of mercury or the 3rd house ruler indicates the learning style and topics of interest. 

Aries mercury/Aries 3rd house/mercury in the 1st: Energetic mind enthusiastic to learn. Does well in a classroom when they have motivation, physical activity and the freedom to immediately express thoughts/opinions at will. Could focus on topics that concern themselves, competitive sports, future goals, independence and social activism.

Taurus mercury/Taurus 3rd house/mercury in the 2nd: Values and finds beauty in education. Does well through hands-on experience and in serene, comfortable environments. Heavily relies on the physical senses to learn. Could indulge in learning and find pleasure in it, concerning themselves with topics like music, art, fashion, food and cooking, finance, cosmetology, security and moral codes.

Gemini mercury/Gemini 3rd house/mercury in the 3rd (☿): Extremely adaptable to most learning styles, preferably active and communicative learning activities as well as visuals that stimulate the mind. How well they perform in the classroom depends on their attention span. The eternal student and natural teacher. Interested in a variety of things, such as technology, journaling, media, science, gossip, sociology and communications. 

Cancer mercury/Cancer 3rd house/mercury in the 4th: Learns well with one-on-one interactions, such as private tutoring. How well they pay attention and their performance in the classroom depends on their mood and comfort. Good memory, especially if the lesson appealed to the emotions. Could be interested in topics about motherly principles, children, women psychology, social welfare, cooking, the home and spirituality.

Leo mercury/Leo 3rd house/mercury in the 5th: Takes pride in their intelligence and does well in settings that encourage and praise their efforts. Any insults to the mind directly injure the ego. Wants learning to be fun, playful, expressive. Passionate learner interested in studies concerning the development of ego and identity (psychology), self-expression, creative writing, the arts, romance, childcare and youth.

Virgo mercury/Virgo 3rd house/mercury in the 6th (☿): Extremely adaptable to most learning styles, preferably logical and precise lectures as well as systematic methods that structure the mind. Natural educators. How well they perform in the classroom depends on the state of their nerves. Topics of interest may include journaling, science, mathematics, mental and physical health, self-care and healing, technology, social service and work ethics. 

Libra mercury/Libra 3rd house/mercury in the 7th: Does well in settings where the environments are calm, civil and equalized. Interested in esthetic matters, the arts, social debates, equity concern, mediation, social justice, law, and relationships. Benefits from participating in projects where they can exercise the mind and work with others. 

Scorpio mercury/Scorpio 3rd house/mercury in the 8th: Learns well in settings that challenge the mind, where they can critically question concepts and ideas. Wants learning to empower them and strengthen their perceptions, can become fixated on topics that catch their interest such as science, esoteric research, politics, social injustices, death, criminology, conspiracy theories and law. 

Sagittarius mercury/Sagittarius 3rd house/mercury in the 9th: Adaptable to most learning methods preferably ones where the individual is able to learn from experience such as through traveling or ‘outside classes.’ Interested in religious, spiritual, theoretical, political, cultural, ethical and existential topics which have no limits and could be further expanded on. A constant search for “god,” in other words, a sense of fulfillment through learning.

Capricorn mercury/Capricorn 3rd house/mercury in the 10th: The mind is focused best in environments that provide structure and order, with methodical designs and encouraging figures. The individual is concentrated on topics having to do with morals, law, family principles, public and political issues, power and future ambitions. The mind most inclined to be groomed as a natural mentor to others.

Aquarius mercury/Aquarius 3rd house/mercury in the 11th: The learning style is best cultivated through unordinary methods and only does well when the nerves are stimulated, otherwise boredom causes static and unfocused restlessness. Engages in topics that are bizarre, concerned with society, social wellness and justice, Utopian ideas, politics, technology and spirituality.

Pisces mercury/Pisces 3rd house/mercury in the 12th: An extremely adaptable and impressionable mind with a visual learning preference and a liking to environments where they are able to work and study alone. Could devote themselves to topics involving mysticism, religion, healing, the arts, mental illness, psychology and social welfare. 

procrastinating-porcupine  asked:

re: irl college weirdness my school had such weirdly specific initiation traditions, like. in your first week you had to wear *at least* one major article of clothing inside out to participate in activities and hang-outs and such – which in that school basically meant going outside after sundown or with reasonable expectation of being out until after sundown. After that week you could be requested to do so at any point of rest of the year as long as it involved an organised social activity. (1)

there were places you couldn’t go into nor stay in without an older student: the elevators, the coveted tables in the deep quiet corners of the library, the sound-proofed study rooms, the elevators, any empty classroom you have have no business in, the elevators. They were very serious about the elevators. Children Do Not Go In The Elevators Alone. Best part, you were assigned a (usually somewhat mocking) nickname and the older students wouldn’t say your name for the whole year. (2)      

The point was establishing a pecking order via ritual humiliation, but I can totally see the older students at Elsewhere doing stuff like that under the guise of hazing to keep the freshmen safe till they realise something’s OFF and start taking the Rules seriously. If by June they haven’t at least learned to make sure it really is their floor before getting off the elevator, then there’s not much more that can be done anyway. (3)   

you also had to steal a coffee spoon from a cafe and bend it to use as a tie bar, but that’s a tradition in all our universities. Still, it’s just the sort thing you could use to trick them into minding their iron. Make it a little game, something just transgressive enough for the token to be proudly worn as a badge of honour by the same cocky shits that’ll go and do something stupid right off the bat. Plant a bunch of iron spoons in the professors’ lounge and pretend they’re not in on it.             

Oh man this is perfect, thank you! It’s more or less exactly how I’ve imagined it going - weird traditions that aren’t really questioned by most people because it’s just sort of what you do in college and all the upper classmen do it, so you may as well. I’ve definitely mentioned before that people who don’t pick safe names are given them anyway, in the hopes it will stick before their true name does.              

anonymous asked:

Now that Mark will be more active on social media, it would be a good time to start trying to suggest Hearts and Heroes. Knowing Mark, he'll ask his fans for game suggestions, since he's done that in the past. It would be a great idea to suggest this game to him. Not to a huge extent, but if he asks for games to play, maybe bring it up? I know we'd all be happy to like it, and comment to bring it up to the top.

That’s definitely an idea! If Mark does ask for game suggestions, we’ll be sure to make a post or something like that. We don’t want to spam him obviously, but it would be nice to catch his attention! 

So for sure we’ll try to let him know we exist and if anyone else would like to help, we’d be super grateful! Thank you!

from a comrade

The masses aren’t lazy or ignorant, they’re rationally apathetic. People will put hours upon hours of thought into which cell phone to buy but completely ignore politics because they’re observant enough to understand that the cell phone is the thing they can actually exert some sort of control over; when you remember that most people equate political engagement with voting, you can see that that’s a fundamentally rational decision. If you want to get people engaged, you gotta show ‘em what gets results.

with the times we live in now, i think it’s important to note that this: 

is entirely different from this: 

The first one is a religious symbol used in multiple religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. 

The term “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit word “ स्वस्तिक” which is more accurately translated as “svastika.” It means a particularly lucky object. The symbol is as old as history:

The second picture is a symbol co-opted by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party - the Nazis. Hitler, choosing this symbol, stated, “As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work.“

The main difference? The second one is tilted at a 45 degree angle and used in the common white circle on a red background. 

clarification: most swastikas in western society are probably used for neo-nazi purposes. however, it’d be unwise to dismiss the true origins of the swastika, which is one of peace. 

You people on this site who argue about ships in fictional series’, constantly whine about cis/white/male etc. people, whine about “cultural appropriation”, find racism and sexism out of non-existent things

You’re all… really fucking boring and pathetic. You’re not doing some favor to society or “oppressed” folks, you’re privileged fucks complaining about useless shit because you have no other fucking substance to your miserable lives. It’s not even funny or infuriating anymore, it’s just gotten really goddamn sad.

Go out. Like, go to a forest or to the middle of the nature or something, far away from people, fucking breath air, stop your track of thoughts for a second. Seriously. Just THINK outside of your bubble of “social justice” for one second.

from a comrade

“Planning to hit the streets to raise some hell? I commend you. You’re doing the hard work we need right now. Just remember to buy yourself some face coverage.

A bandana is always fashionable, but a balaclava provides more coverage and a more secure fit should you need to run. Plus it’s a lot warmer, which is important for these winter protests. A keffiyeh is a classic look, and wrapped correctly provides good coverage as well. Avoid shit like the Guy Fawkes mask; poor visibility, and you look like a dweeb.

"But friend,” you might protest. “Why do I need a mask if I’m not planning on doing anything illegal?” Excellent question! There are several reasons:

1. You don’t know when an illegal tactic will play out around you. You don’t want to be caught on camera next to someone smashing bank windows.
2. If only the black bloc masks up, the police immediately know who to prioritize. Even if you don’t personally involve yourself in such tactics, it’s important to stand in solidarity with your more militant brethren. They are the stick to your carrot, and we need both to be functional.
3. As these protests go on and become more disruptive, the Nazis will take an interest in direct action of their own. They’re already putting out literal bounties on resisters. The peacefulness of your protest will not protect you from the hate machine if you happen to get doxxed in a protest photo.

Fight back. Fight hard, or soft, as it pleases you. Fight together. But please, please be safe. <3"

I’ve never met someone who was raised vegan.

The majority of the people I have met who are vegan made the change gradually by eliminating one or two products at a time.

Even if they couldn’t eliminate everything, like certain medications, they still made a conscious effort to make a change.

That’s all veganism is, not supporting an industry that can hardly be defended, ethically, morally, or environmentally as best you can.

I keep seeing posts of thin people explaining that body positivity is unnecessary or ridiculous, all while wildly missing the point of what body positivity is and who it’s for. 

I mean it must be easy to find it useless when you’re a thin white cis able bodied perisex person with conventionally attractive features and the money to buy whatever beauty products you want but like, some of us aren’t you. 

And for some of us, body positivity and fat acceptance are radical acts of defiance against kyriarchy and a demand to no longer be oppressed. So I mean. It matters.

Like, body positivity isn’t just about wanting people to call you pretty, although recognizing that you are beautiful in a world that tells you otherwise is a radical act.

It’s about normalizing transgender and intersex bodies and fighting for their body autonomy and against transphobia and intersexism. It’s about making the world for accessible for fat and disabled bodies and putting an end to ableism. It’s about holding doctors accountable and demanding that they treat and help people of color, women, and fat people the same way they treat cishet white skinny men. It’s fighting against fatphobia and diet culture, rallying against misogyny, etc. It’s activism, it’s feminism, it’s revolutionary.

There are real people out there who can’t legally wear their natural hair, or who are given less pay because of how they look, or are being denied equal rights because of the body type they have or the appearance of their genitalia. Can you really tell me that fighting against that kind of thing is useless?

And yes, a lot of body positive blogs struggle with intersectionality. Many fail to move past sharing pastel images with cute slogans that only make thin white cishet perisex women feel better. But that is the fault of those bloggers. It doesn’t make body positivity useless; it just means that it is due for a makeover. 

Body positivity and fat acceptance are not and have never been about just wanting other people to think you’re pretty. It’s not about your worth and value being defined by your prettiness. 

And all these posts out there calling body positivity a worthless movement because “We shouldn’t be defined by our looks” or “I don’t want to be called pretty” are wildly missing the point. It’s not about that. It’s never been about that.

I just wish people could understand that the oppression I face isn’t some minor issue that doesn’t need to be challenged. Like, maybe that’s not what these people intend to say when they talk like this but that is exactly what I hear. 

-Mod Bella