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Men are told to apologize for being weak. Women are told to apologize for being strong.
—  Jade Crimson (
CP bachelor AU: part 11

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Damen is sitting on the edge of the white satin bedspread. His hands are laced together; the left thumb is on top. Laurent, leaning against the safe harbour of the closed bedroom door, experiences a small moment of displacement in time. 

“Halvik is probably hugging herself right now thinking about your genetic material,” Laurent says. It’s the kind of thought that he’d usually keep on the other side of his brain-to-mouth filter, but he’s stopped caring what he says in front of Damen.


“Nothing. Never mind.” Laurent taps the heel of one shoe, thoughtful, against the door. “I can fix this.”

Damen says, with a hint of anger, “If you’re thinking–”

No,” Laurent says. “I can’t–I’m not going to force them to stick around and pretend not to be in love. Any idiot could see that would backfire. No. I can work with this, but the problem is the story. We could…all right, I can frame it as head versus heart: Jokaste as the strategic choice, the smarter pick for someone in your professional position–”

“I don’t want to marry Jokaste,” Damen says.

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Can we just take a second to appreciate the casting in the “Shape of You” video? It may seem like a small detail to some but the fact that a woman of color was chosen as his love interest is so wonderful and important.

I can’t tell you how many times in the past that I received messages asking things along the lines of “Would Ed ever date a black girl?”, Would Ed ever date an Asian girl?“, ”…Latina?“, ”…Someone who’s plus pize?“, ”…Someone with scars", etc. Inclusion matters guys, and this isn’t about validating someone’s dreams of being with Ed or any other celebrity for that matter, It’s about validating worth, and belonging and togetherness. It’s about validating the actresses who don’t think they can get the staring role, it’s about the teenager whose family disapproves of the person they love, it’s about the little girl searching for someone who looks like her in a sea of those who don’t.

I know this video is a far cry from a social statement but it’s a small piece of a bigger puzzle that we’re still trying to put together.

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a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life

This fic is for kazliin​, who is an incomparable goddess and responsible for the amazing Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, one of the best yuri on ice fanfics. It’s been a wild ride these past few months, and everything you gave us, we want to give back, in as many ways as we can. I hope you like this, and everything else we’ve made you <3 <3 <3 

i wrote this in between Chapter 13 and 14, so a lot of it got spectacularly jossed. but by the time chapter 14 came out i had already written 4k of it OTL. it seems a shame not to put it out, if only to show kaz that her fic has been pushing us to create and produce even before UMFB officially ended. 

EDIT: it’s kazliin’s birthday today, and i only found out! happy birthday kaz and thanks for everything in the rivals verse you are a gift. 

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life 

Summary: Morooka has been following Yuuri’s career. He doesn’t plan to stop.

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s-m-e-a  asked:

Can you do some ZenxMC high school headcanons please? ^-^

Ok, let me be honest and tell how long I’ve been waiting for a high school request. I L-U-V these requests! Seriously, guys, just say the word and I’ll do a whole AU for it! ^^

This request came today and I decided to do it before the others in line since is Zen’s birthday, tomorrow I’ll go back to following the right order, okay? I’ts taking a while for me to respond because there are so many, but I’ll answer everybody eventually, just be patient!

Enough chit chat, here’s more for Zen’s birthday.

ZenxMC high school headcanon

  • He used to be a jock, everybody knew Hyun Ryu, the extremely hot and talented shooting guard at the school basketball team
  • You are a sophomore and just joined the cheerleader team, that was the first time he saw you
  • Your dancing moves are very different from your colleagues, you’re much more expressive and free than all of them, so his eyes follow you around through all your choreography
  • He even got replaced and scolded by the coach for being so distracted. He doesn’t mind, that was even better, now he could look at you without worrying about the match
  • Just… talk to her… why was he so afraid? You seem so out of his league… could he imagine one day he would meet a girl who seems too much for him?
  • One day, he gathered courage enough to talk to you. You are so nice and sweet… then he remembers what his team mates always tell: “She’s a cheerleader, bro, they’re nice to everybody.” Shit…
  • He tells how amazingly you dance, you politely thank him, and explain the dancing moves are very different in the drama club, which you are a part of.
  • “The drama club? The… club with the weirdos?” you stop smiling. “No, the club with very talented and interesting  people, you should join, it would improve your reflexes and you wouldn’t lose so much rebounds.” OH SHIT!
  • He feels like an idiot! He screw up the only chance he had to talk to you, what now? “Just let it go, bro. It’s just another chick” one of his mates tells him, but he knows it’s not true.
  • So there he is, awkwardly sat in the corner watching two guys having a heated argument about who should play Fanny Brice on an eventual revival of Funny Girl. “Lea Michele is the obvious choice, you fool!” “She can’t be compared to Ms. Streisand and you know that, don’t pretend you didn’t listen to me the last time!” Who are those people? Then you come in.
  • “MC, who should play Fanny Brice on a Funny Girl’s revival?” “Me” and you smirk, end of discussion. Hyun can’t hold back a smile when he sees you and awkwardly waves at you. You look shocked.
  • “What are you doing here?” “You told me I should come…” now you can’t help but smile, you can’t believe he actually took you seriously, how… cute.
  • You can’t believe how fast he mingles, everybody ends up liking him, he’s energetic, proactive, and insanely charismatic, which is a very important feature for an actor.
  • And he’s also very intrigued how well he fits here. People here seem so much more authentic and spontaneous. And when he got up at that stage… god, he never felt this rush in any of his basketball matches…
  • After the meeting, he accompanies you to your house, he’s very nervous! “So… cheerleader and drama club? Come on, you know how caste system works at school… are you trying to make a… how do you call? A… social statement being in such different clubs?”  he is trying so hard to sound smart…
  • You giggle “Nah, I just like the drama club, but my mom made me join the cheerleaders, she doesn’t want me hanging out with the weirdos.” Well, now he feels like a prick…
  • “Yeah… parents suck.” That’s all he could think of? He feels so stupid, but then you giggle again. “Oh, really? Mr.Shooting guard has trouble at home too?” “If you only knew…” “So, tell me…”
  • You two sit on a bench halfway to your house and keep talking. He tells about how his mom always called him ugly, how he feels like his brother betrayed him when decided to stop supporting him, and how sometimes all he wants to do is just abandon all this, hop on his bike and run away.
  • You feel bad for him, but yet very fascinated. Who knew the apparently perfect guy was struggling so much? You didn’t like him at first for judging your friends at the drama club, but you also made your own very prejudiced pre assumptions. No… he’s so complex and so sensitive… and remembering him acting make your heart flutter.
  • “If you ever decide to run away, take me with you.” He looks at you. As you thought, he knows you’re not kidding.  So he leans slowly to you and kiss you, it starts a little awkward and timid, but suddenly you two are a panting mess, he breaks it off before it gets out of control, you both giggle, a little embarrassed.
  • “I will, then we’ll be this amazing power couple who get to star at musicals and shit. MC and Hyun… just imagine!” you two are laughing and completely fascinated by each other’s laughs.
  • “Hum… I should get a stage name… and so should you, let me think… how about… Zen?” “Zen?” he scoffs “Yeah! It’s simple, easy to pronounce in almost every language and, I don’t know, it suits you…”
  • “Zen, huh? Yeah… I can get used to this…”

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Please, tell me more about perfectionist harry!

So, inside this perfect human specimen that paps worship and other musicians lose their concentration over, is a type A, competitive, finicky person who studies Paul Simon’s percussive rhythms and reads Herman Hesse. He has cultivated a rare air of rock star cool, but he’s not like any other rock star. Inside his head are a thousand Chinese boxes where everything learned is tucked away just so.

Perfectionist Harry:

• Buys presents in the exact size and color. If he wants a child’s Kenzo sweater in 4T ecru and it’s available in 4T eggshell? Get that eggshell shit out of his face. When the ecru arrives tomorrow? Please have it wrapped in the candy-stripe tissue paper and the gold foil box. Harry will be there at 3:00 PM (actually 3:47:12 on the Rolex Submariner) to pick it up. Thank you.

• Walks around his house in circles trying to think of the perfect word for his lyrics, like Gustave “The Bear” Flaubert with his one-sentence-per-day Madame Bovary-esque writing. Is it too much to ask for something comme ci, comme ça? Something wunderbar. Something excellent. Something magnifico. Something…great. Is it too much to ask for something great, Lou! I got it! –(Absent-mindedly, because it’s been two hours): That’s beautiful, Harry.

• Numbers the curls on his head so that they fall at exact angles for maximum coolness and sex appeal, no matter the length, regardless of haberdashery. Today’s forecast, wind from the northeast at 5 mph, with a relative humidity of 28%. Plan is for a blue beanie with curls 57 through 61 peeking from the right, at angles of 47 degrees relative to the face, ruffling at 5.2 mph, or 0.2 mph relative to wind speed if traveling in same direction. You know what that means, don’t you? 2.8 squirts of Tom Ford Black Orchid as a cloud walk through, but only after a base of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery face cream.

• Counts sheep in esthetically varied colors, shapes, and sizes while going to sleep, never the same sheep twice, never falling asleep until the smallest sheep, a hopelessly long-haired lamb named Eileen, hoists her wee bottom over that pesky fence. Oh, Eileen.

• Pouts because he can’t get his trumpets in “Olivia.”

• Gets mermaid tattoo with pubic hair

• Is super competitive and is best at what he chooses to do. That’s not basketball.

• Rolls up one shirtsleeve higher than the other one by exactly 1.638 inches always.

• Buys jeans one size smaller and 420 oxygen molecules less than Mick Jagger always

• Knows that “matching swallows” does not mean “mirror image swallows” because 1. size difference and 2. eyebrows. Gets these details right.

• Is a cute drunk. Gets this right.

• Leaves exactly one fingernail unpainted on exactly THAT finger

• Cuts the collars of hoodies

• Captions IG photos with the minimum number of words, per hipster esthetic code. E.g. “Strong,” “No such green.”

• Makes laconic social statements through visual irony– see, black & white photo of the Super Bowl 2016 rainbow “Love” stadium.

• Picks perfect soulmate because no one else will do. Must be big spoon.

• Somehow gets soulmate’s tweet professing love to him to reach 2 million retweets on freaking Valentine’s Day.

Being a Woman is Exhausting

So, I haven’t ranted in awhile, and I think it’s high time I do, don’t you?  I thought about not saying anything, but fuck that.  That’s boring and, while I have my faults, boring isn’t one of them.  

Okay, so while enjoying the sun after a long winter, and after about 2 seconds of thought, I spontaneously snapped a selfie.  After, I looked at said selfie, thought- that’s not too bad- and posted it.  The entire process took me less than a minute. That’s it.  There was no social statement I was trying to make, no in depth analysis, no nothing.  It was the equivalent of a very shallow:  It’s warm, I’m looking kind of awesome for not seeing the light of day in 7 months, let’s ride.  

Apparently, I’ve committed a mortal sin by not filtering myself or strategically posing to hide my flaws and *GASP* dared to show-OH MY GOD-some stretch marks.  

Luckily, this is Tumblr, so someone kindly came along to point them out.  I could have not posted the message, but fuck that. I don’t know if they meant it positive or negative, and to me it didn’t matter because that’s their business not mine.  I decided to take it as well intended and posted it right on top of said selfie.  

I see now this was a mistake.  

Now I’m flooded with very well intentioned, consolatory messages about my bravery for daring to show something so hard.  To which I just have to roll my fucking eyes.  Before I continue my rant, please understand, I do appreciate your messages. This isn’t about that. I get it. You’re being helpful and want to be supportive of me, and I’m thankful for that. 

But, honestly, it’s kind of exhausting. It reminds me of all the ways being a woman is exhausting.  And how much pressure there is to be perfect all the damn time. So perfect, that you show a few marks on your belly and people are shocked at your bravery.  

And to that I say, what the fuck?  

Bravery is going off to fight in war you didn’t choose, help a sick child, or rescue a puppy.  It’s not taking an unfiltered selfie. Do people not see how fucked up it is that a woman is so unable to be authentic that taking a PICTURE is considered an act of heroics?  It’s ridiculous. They’re stretch marks, something like 80 percent of human beings have. Get over it. 

Sorry Tumblr, There Are Only Two Genders

It seems like every day, millennials find new ways to feel unique and different. Special Snowflake Syndrome is running rampant and with it comes the need to invent new things to make themselves stand out and “out-oppress” their peers. One of the ways this manifests itself is Social Justice Warriors’ obsession with gender and gender identity. Don’t believe me? Go read Complete List of Tumblr Genders (So far); there are at least 300 genders in there, and new ones get invented every day.

On Friday, March 4th 2016, a group of SJWs and feminists gathered outside the Railway Club in Vancouver where a man named Augustus Invictus was scheduled to give a talk. He was stopped at the Canadian border and refused entry on the grounds that he “has no legitimate reason to enter the country and will just cause trouble.” Internet famous journalist Lauren Southern was on the scene where she got into an argument with some of the feminists, and made a mistake of saying the words “sorry guy, but there are only two genders.” Moments later, she was drenched in urine by one of the feminists, who seemed to have taken offense at her statement. Social Justice Warriors want to be special, and they will attack anyone who tries to make them face reality.

Luckily, science and human biology does not care about people’s feelings. You can live in your childish delusions all you want, but at the end of the day, you are either male or female. Period.

“But what about transgender individuals?”

This is how Social Justice Warriors usually reply. This one is always a fun one to deal with, because by implying that there are more than two genders because transgender people exist, they are pretty much admitting to themselves that they don’t think transwomen are “real women” or that transmen are “real men.” After all, if people are whatever gender they have transitioned to then how exactly does that break the “gender binary?” Whether you are one of those people who believe that people are whatever gender they transition into or you are one of those who think people are whatever they are born as and that changing your gender is impossible, the point still stands. At the end of the day, that person is still either male or female.

“But….But…….But gender is whatever you identify as!”

Nonsense. If gender is whatever you identify as, then gender is irrelevant and nonsensical. I am yet to hear a good reason why what someone “identifies as” is relevant or important in any way. In a debate about the existence of God, if a theist states that he identifies as God, does that mean he is God and God is now real? If a student identifies as a someone who graduated summa cum laude, is the university obligated to give him that honor? This type of thinking isn’t permitted in any other form of discourse, so why would we permit it here?

“Gender is a social construct.”

Incorrect. Gender is entirely biological and based on genetics. You might be thinking of “gender roles,” which are something completely different. If your counter argument here is to inform me that gender differs from sex, I don’t have to necessarily disagree with you to tell you why you’re wrong. Fair enough. Let’s say that the current definition proposed by certain social scientists is true and that “sex” is whatever is between your pants and “gender” is what is in your brain/what gender you feel like. At the end of the day, your genitals aren’t a social construct, and neither are your brain waves.

Yes, sex is biological, and:

Yes, gender is also biological.

Stop confusing “gender” with “gender roles.”

“But gender is a spectrum”

When you hear this argument from a Social Justice Warrior, it means s/he has reached their endgame. This is the last cry of someone who knows they are losing a battle. I do not agree that gender is a spectrum, but the current consensus in neuroscience is that it is, so lets go with that. I couldn’t care less, because my point stands either way.

To suggest that there are more than two genders because gender exists in a spectrum is outrageous. Consider this;

Feelings exist in a spectrum. You could feel sorry, ashamed, angry, happy, sad, etc and each of these feelings exist in a spectrum. How happy you are about winning $5,000 in the lottery would be observably “happier” than if you only won $50. Being hit on your head by a falling fruit would make you angry, as would someone stealing your car, but one would make you measurably angrier, which I’m guessing would be the stolen car. To suggest that the anger you feel when you get hit on the head by a fruit isn’t really anger because its not as intense as the anger you feel over your stolen car is just poor logic. The anger from the falling fruit isn’t a different type of feeling, it’s just an already existing feeling at a different intensity.

Similarly, height exists in a spectrum. There are tall people who are 5’9″, 6’0″, 6’1″, 6’2″. all of these are tall people. You do not have to invent a new height name for every one of these different tall heights (mega tall, ultra tall, super tall, bio tall – I can actually imagine a Social Justice Warrior doing this). Nobody has the time to to memorize whatever special name you have invented for your unique brand of tallness. Even if we had the time, we wouldn’t want to.

What am I trying to say here, then? Just because you stray a little from the traditional norms of masculinity or femininity doesn’t make you another gender, it just makes you one of the two genders with a few distinctions. A man who loves to wear pink isn’t a “non-binary demiboy” or a “pink-transvongender-boy,” he’s just a man who likes pink. Same goes for women. No matter what side of the male or female spectrum you are, you are still either male or female. A feminine man isn’t a new gender, he’s just a man (who has some feminine qualities).

Stop trying to make yourself feel special; you aren’t.

official ranking of every rat emoji on emojipedia

the shading seems slightly off, but all around a friendly type. i trust this rat 

i love this rat so much. he is simple, very cartoonish, but very cute. 100/10.

he seems fun enough, though his outlines are too thick, he looks cheap and lazy.

he looks like something out of a Fisher-Price catalog. A cheese thief.

what. i have nothing else to say about him besides disgusting.

he seems fairly friendly, though his tail looks like a worm. 5/10.

he is rendered very strangely it barely looks like an emoji, but otherwise he seems like a cool guy.

where are his legs.


he is the odd one out, making a social statement. i support him fully.


“This is Ben.
Ben made racist statements on social media.
Ben allowed Trump to gas him up.
Ben provided a half-ass apology.
Ben believes Trump can save him from an ass whooping.
Ben is unaware that he is also a marginalized minority.
This is the result.
Don’t be like Ben y'all.” - Fellow High School Alumni

SHARE THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. I went to highschool with this trash. I am simply spreading awareness, that is all.

the degree to which a lot of trans kids perceive their gender as totally intrinsic to their personality and self probably has a lot to do with the negative reaction to radfem stances such as ‘abolish gender’ - they don’t see it as an attack on an oppressive social system, but a statement that confirms their false belief that radfems are violent and want them to suffer/not exist. because to them gender=a fundamental part of who they are, if not the entirety of who they are, an inseparable part that informs everything else of their concept of self. this is a consequence of the crucial distinction between seeing gender as something individual, internal and something to discover about yourself rather than a socially imposed binary enforced based on biological sex to enforce heteropatriarchy. / /@jaded_culture 


‘i wz coping my guy’ IM SHRIEKING dkjfghdklfjgnlskh THATS TH BIGGST MOOD EVR

i litrly m’always gettn approachd by ppl like ‘yo y’d u go off yestrday like that’ nd im like ‘bitch IDK tf ??? u tel me i Wasnt Present, i get drunk nd i take a backseat nd let Mai Tai steer but hes a terribl drivr so sorry ur problem not mine’

i need to strap a gopro to me wen i get fckd up cz only god knows wat i get up to

Lowkey considering changing my bio to “if your argument starts with any variation on ‘it’s just fiction, so it doesnt matter’ please just save us both some time and don’t talk to me, because nothing you say after that will be anything I agree with”