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I did NOT expect that Demon!Finn fic to take off like it did. I’m SO glad so many of you enjoyed it. It was a wholly new concept for me to write and play with. I’ve enjoyed creating this Others’ World (and maybeeee  I’ve thought of expanding it after this story is done…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). The second part is in the works.

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mywaywardcupcake  asked:

Would you share a random headcanon you have for each member of the gang (Yugi, Jounouchi, Bakura, Honda, Anzu)? :-)

Yeah, of course!

Yugi: Really likes cats and wants one, but is sadly allergic to them. Also, when he proposes to someone, it would definitely be with a puzzle that he gives to the lucky someone which, once solved, snaps open to reveal the ring.
Jounouchi: Deep down, he’s a really domestic guy. He likes cooking and sitting down to meals with his friends/significant other. He likes the idea of settling down one day with a family and the white picket fence. He wants to be a dad and a good, involved one.
Honda: He has a pretty strong nurturing, protective instinct. I can see him going into a profession that involves working with children. Maybe a social worker, so he could help kids in tough situations (a bit like how he pulled Jou out of the worst of his delinquent days).
Ryou (Bakura): Sometimes chews nicotine gum/wears nicotine patches. He’s never smoked, but Bakura sometimes did and his body still gets cravings.
Anzu: Faces a lot of difficulty at first getting work as a dancer in the US. Gets a lot of rejections, saying her body type isn’t right or she doesn’t have the right “look.” But gets a big break as a dancer for a pop star’s music video and goes onto become a hugely successful dancer/performer.
Group: They all get small, discreet cartouche tattoos of Atem’s name.

(Bonus: Otogi uses women’s shampoo and men’s cologne.)


“I am a man.” - On February 12, 1968, Memphis sanitation workers, the majority of whom were Black, went on strike demanding recognition for their union, better wages, and safer working conditions after two trash handlers were killed by a malfunctioning garbage truck. The strike gained national attention and dragged on into March. Striking workers carried copies of a poster declaring “I AM A MAN,” a statement that recalled a question abolitionists posed more than 100 years earlier, “Am I not a man and a brother?”

Just to clarify...
  • psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness. This is the person you would go to to get your prescription medication. 
  • psychologist has a doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D.) in psychology. In the sense that most people think of psychologists, this is the person you would talk to in therapy; however, he or she does not prescribe mediation (except in a select few states). Psychologists hold a wide variety of other jobs though, including research positions, teaching positions, and working in hospital settings.
  • licensed mental health counselor has a master’s degree (M.A., M.S.) in psychology, counseling, or a related field. Many of these individuals provide counseling and psychotherapy. However, holding a master’s degree in psychology does not make one a psychologist. 
  • clinical social worker has at least a master’s degree (M.S.W.) in social work. They also can provide therapy, but also work in case management, advocacy, and hospital discharge planning. 
  • Further, there is a difference between counseling, which is typically provided by someone with a degree in counseling or social work, and psychotherapy, which is typically provided by someone with a degree in psychology, although the terms are commonly used interchangeably. 

Today I define what a counselor, licensed professional counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, and psychiatrist are.
When you are struggling with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or other various mental health issues; it can be hard to know who to get help from. I talk about their level of schooling and what they are able to do in practice, and how it will feel different to someone going to see them for help. As you will hear, most of these mental health professionals do very similar things, and to you (the client) it won’t feel much different.

Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Psychologist pretty much do the same thing. They will see you in their office for 50 minutes, listen to you and offer some helpful tools and techniques. The most important thing to remember when picking a mental health professional is that you like them, feel they hear you and understand you, and you know you are working together to get better. That’s it! It doesn’t really matter how much schooling they had or how long they have been practicing, you just need to like them.

I also think it’s important to know what their specialties are so that you know you are getting the help you need most. I hear from many of you that feeling like you aren’t getting any better or being given helpful tools can be really frustrating! Finding someone who specializes in what you are struggling with can help lessen the likelihood of that happening.

I hope you found this helpful! I know finding the right professional can be scary, difficult, and often confusing. I hope this video helped clear up any confusion around who can do what and who we can look to for help. Please share! You never know who may be wanting to reach out for help and doesn’t know where to even start. xox