social work field placement


Had the interview yesterday. I thought it went very well. It is a group home for boys. I currently work at one for girls now, as well as a CBAT. The building is huge and right on the water. I though they may have found me to be ‘too experienced'  or not want me because I essentially do all this, though different places do things so differently  And working with girls is different than boys! They told me they’d contact me early next week to tell me if I had it. Today I called to thank them for the interview, and clarify a question they had about supervision hours by the social worker which I said I would find out the answer too. So after a small game of phone tag, they said they’d love to have me! That I have experience that would be beneficial to them, but also still a lot to learn. And he mentioned how now because of all this, I will definitely be ahead of the game when it comes time to graduate. Eeeep!


I have my interview on Tuesday for my field placement for next year!! I’m so excited. 

I have work soon, but I’ll post more about it later. I’m very confident in my qualifications. I’ve also come to realize that even though there is so much I want to do with social work, my long term goal is eventually to be a program director in an adolescent residential. I think that’s a great thing to focus on and motivate me. :)