social welfare

Humans are a communal species that have banded together and cared for their sick, disabled, and elderly since before we were ever modern man. Resources were shared even as skills specialized. 

Capitalism isn’t natural. A community should not have members dying of starvation or exposure while there is an abundance of resources. That isn’t how it works. That isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

  • me: money isn't real and scarcity is almost always fabricated. we literally throw away necessities. we produce to excess and a majority of our labor could be automated.
  • them: okay but sweaty who's going to pay for that?
  • me: no one. money isn't real. scarcity is fabricated. we produce and throw away excess necessities.
  • them: but we can't afford to just give away necessities life doesn't work that way.
  • me: the goods literally already exist. you literally just put them in the hands of people who need them instead of the fucking dumpster.
  • them: but what about the money?

I was talking with an able-bodied person the other day about how it is often best for disabled people to put their worst-face forward during a health assessment and she asked, “Like fake being sicker than you are?” and I said, “No, like, DON’T fake being healthier than you are.”

Because, yeah, sure, you might be having a good day that day and want to show it off, but it could end up making you lose out on services you really need for being ‘too healthy’. Showing our best side is only showing one side and often is showing a side that is unsustainable for us. And then the salt on the wound will be that you have to spend the entire day after the assessment curled up in bed in misery, because you used every ounce of energy you have just making it through the assessment in the first place.

Disabled/Chronically ill people, as a group, are often taught by society to put their best-face forward. To put on our brave-faces. No, our healthy-faces. And not only is that not necessary for us to have to do, but it could end up losing us the help that we really do need.

  • Random corporation: We're proud to announce that our happy little family is choosing to adopt greener policies, and we're going to donate leftover products to shelters!
  • Neoliberal: See? Capitalism can absolutely reconcile individual self-interest of capitalists and the broader human needs of communities! This voluntary choice by this corporation demonstrates that.
  • Leftist: Actually, little concessions like this will not ultimately quell climate change or eradicate poverty. More often than not, they just do surface furnishings for the sake of social capital. Most companies will never seriously care about a given issue if there's even a moderate impact on their bottom line, and real solutions to climate change, global poverty, widespread automation, social calamities, etc. will require sweeping systemic change. If given the choice between qualitative change for the betterment of humanity and profits as per usual, capitalists will choose the latter 99% of the time -- a system built on competition and capital accumulation essentially compels them to do so.
  • Neoliberal: WELL. What do you want them to do??! They have to stay in business somehow!! What's wrong with wanting to make a profit sweety =)
  • social security: heres the deal, it takes us 4 months to review your case to see if you're eligible for disability money. so you can wait that long without funds right?
  • disabled person: uh no? I can't go four months without money? are you fucking kidding me? I will die.
  • social security: so are you saying you can work, (: ?
  • disabled person: work is literally killing me but i'll die much faster without housing and food?
  • social security: so you can work, looks like the case is closed, no social security money for you. bye.

Bourgeois Socialists:

The second category consists of adherents of present-day society who have been frightened for its future by the evils to which it necessarily gives rise. What they want, therefore, is to maintain this society while getting rid of the evils which are an inherent part of it.

To this end, some propose mere welfare measures – while others come forward with grandiose systems of reform which, under the pretense of re-organizing society, are in fact intended to preserve the foundations, and hence the life, of existing society.

—  Engels - The Principles of Communism 1847

In which the President of Ireland shows the world how to handle a Tea Partier.

I closed my eyes and just sort of smiled at the utter devastation he left in his wake. Dissed and dismissed.

Why I Support Social Welfare

It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are growing prejudices in our country targeted at those who receive a government benefit. Note, we’re not talking about subsidies in the agricultural industry, bail-outs for investors who took risks in finance companies that have failed or high income earners who shift their capital around in order to access government benefits – somehow they are exempted from the seething anger aimed at beneficiaries. The targets for the prejudices are those who access the unemployment, invalids and domestic purposes benefits. In many people’s eyes these are a different breed of receiver of government money than the others.

The prejudiced stereotypes paint such people as worthless bludgers – lazy people who do not want to work and are simply sucking on the teat of the state while the average, hard working tax payer funds their lazy lives and resents doing so. These people are seen as not wanting to work, having babies to access government money and wasting money on alcohol and cigarettes while watching Sky TV all day. Sadly people also often associate these images with those of Maori or Polynesian ethnicity. It’s believed they’re a huge burden on our economy that we simply cannot afford and that we need to cut their cord to the state. With that in mind, there are politicians who make political hay on the back of those prejudices, subtly feeding those stereotypes in the public conscious in order to pursue ideological reforms in the area of social welfare while forgetting how the taxpayer helped fund their way into their current positions through things like extremely cheap, highly subsidised university education, benefits while doing so and other avenues of funding.

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Okay but guys…Scotland voted 56/59 seats to the left-wing party The SNP. Scotland want to tackle poverty and stop parties like the Conservatives destroying the UK.
Let’s rejoice and be glad that there is a political revolution happening in Scotland! Yay!