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Ursula Le Guin is awesome.


Pokémon Go changed this boy with autism’s life

Whether you love it, hate it or are apathetic about it, Pokémon Go is changing lives. Like Ralphie Koppelman: a 6-year-old boy who has autism spectrum disorder and hyperlexia. Individuals on the autism spectrum and with hyperlexia struggle in social interactions. But now thanks to Pokémon Go, Ralphie was interacting with neighbors, friends and strangers. And he isn’t an anomaly.

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Aberford Kickstarter
I just supported Aberford Kickstarter on @ThunderclapIt // @SketchyPandaG

Hey everyone, we’re trying something called Thunderclap, which lets our supporters donate a little slice of their social media power to us when we launch our Kickstarter. When the Kickstarter goes live, Thunderclap will send out a one-time message about it on all the accounts who agreed to support Aberford, making a big wave across social media.

It’s a great way generate some buzz about the game, especially for those of you who might be asleep, working, or at school when the Kickstarter launches. It also gives us an idea of our social reach, which is an indicator of whether the Kickstarter will succeed or fail.

So please follow the link and pledge your support. We’d really appreciate it! (Note: this is NOT the Aberford Kickstarter itself. This is a tool for helping promote the Kickstarter, which is also very important)
How A Torpedoed Kickstarter Campaign Unintentionally Revealed An Unlikely Unit of Cyber-Terrorists - Degree180
Zoe Quinn and Randi Lee Harper had everything to lose.

How Zoe Quinn, darling of SJWs that sparked GamerGate, tried to harass and troll an African American female anti-bullying expert and it back fired to reveal she is the biggest harassing troll and conartist of them all.


Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko [x]


Tom thanking the fans in German at the Crimson Peak preview in Berlin.

(Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly.)

He tried so hard and he was so incredibly happy when he nailed it. It was great to see it. And it is good. “herzlich” (warmly in this case) is a horror word for non-German speakers and he got it quite right.