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britneyspears: Just doing my own runway show 🌺🌺🌺


praisethelourd:🎉🐶🎉 Happy 5th / 35th birthday to my #brotherfromanothermother #sunsouttonguesout

Philosophy Tube just completed a fantastic video series on liberalism, and I highly recommend it for people wanting to understand the ideology of the status quo.  

Part 1 discusses how liberalism contextualizes violence in relation to other ideologies

Part 2 discusses the interconnected history of liberalism and capitalism

Part 3 discusses neoliberalism as an ongoing political trend since the 1980s

Part 4 discusses the major structural flaws inherent to liberalism


Voltron Vlogs: Keith (via DreamWorksTV)
A little introspection goes a long way for Keith. Is that… is he crying?!