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Okay so here are my tips for an amazing social life, things that I learned over the years. Below all of these is a lil backstory on how I figured all this out. Thanks for 500 followers, and thanks for believing in me.

Without further ado, here are my SOCIAL LIFE GLO UP TIPS.

1. START FRESH: for me this was moving to a new school. If you don’t want this kind of crazy extreme catalyst, this simply means start over. Forget all of those embarrassing things of the past haunting you, they’re just dragging you down. Close your eyes and remember that now, these things are irrelevant.

2. DON’T BE AFRAID TO REACH OUT: to the person a year older to you, the opposite gender, the opposite friend group. Your best friend can come in the most unexpected place, they can sit next to you in geometry, they can be the football player in your art class that is only there for the credit. This is especially true for me, I used to hang out with the quirky art kids, and it turns out that those people and I didn’t mesh well, so I’ve moved on to people who appreciate memes even more than I do lol

3. APPEARANCES *DO* MATTER: it sucks, but it’s the truth. You don’t need to look like a model but you NEED to take hygiene and clothing into consideration. For all of middle school I was cringey, I wore flannels and sweatpants and no bra even though I had big boobs. I didn’t do my brows or wear deodorant or wash my hair, hunty I was gross. Now, I do all of those things and more. I work so so hard to present a good image of myself and even though it’s exhausting, it’s worth it.

4. FRIENDS: Shitty friends deserve each other, if you aren’t shitty, you’re better than them. The instant a friend betrays your trust or hurts you, you need to let them go. It doesn’t matter if you knew them for six months or six years, LET THEM GO. I haven’t spoken to my old town friends in ages, and good riddance to them. Don’t be mean, just cut off all contact with them because they aren’t worth it. It’ll be hard. I still feel this deep resentment toward these people and I want to block their numbers and tell them to go and die and whatever but this ties into step one. LET THEM GO. they aren’t worth it.

That’s basically it. I’m happy. But here’s the backstory if you’re feelin up to it.

For all of middle school, I had no social life. All of these people around me had their 1,000 followers on Instagram, their meaningless middle school relationships, and their tight-knit friend group. Meanwhile, I was only in destructive friendships with people who would go out of their way to exclude me from plans, screw me over, and treat me like I was competition.

I grew up in a small town, only 100 kids per grade, and everyone knew each other because their parents meddled in their social lives. Grades were dependent on how active mothers were in the PTSA, your future dependent on how much money your father made per year. Sounds horrible, sounds antifeminist and wrong (which it is), but it was how the town was when I moved there in kindergarten, it’s the same thing now.

Surrounding me were skinny, blonde, white girls with big boobs and Invisalign, and I was a curvy, Puerto Rican girl with uncontrollable curly hair, bad acne, and no real friendships. I don’t think that, in the ten years I lived there, I had a single true friend. Instead, I had people who constantly put me down, treated me horribly, and lied to me. These people were also misfits, they were the artsy crew, the writers-as was I. Not to brag or anything, but for years I was an excellent writer, and countless times my friend would take my ideas and post them on her Tumblr for reblogs, and would take full credit. She never asked me first. People would copy my homework because I was smart, people would borrow my clothes because my mom would find them in old nifty places and they would never give them back. That was my life.

In the sixth grade I developed an eating disorder and started self harming and I was exactly like those rawr xd memes you see and for the rest of middle school I really did struggle with crippling depression. Not a single friend came to my aid in this horrible time, even though they were happy with each other and could feel something other than sadness they didn’t know that I was about to jump in front of traffic on my way home.

Recently, my family reached a point where we needed a bigger house and a better work commute so we packed our bags and moved more upstate. I was terrified, I thought my life was over and I would be this misanthrope thrown into a new school. I was wrong. This move was the best thing that ever happened to me, and now I have a lot of friends, genuine happiness, and a life I’d never take away from myself.

Quick Tips

1. Socialism is inherently authoritarian

2. “Public” doesn’t mean free

3. Scandinavia has been moving very heavily towards market economies