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Scooby Doo idea: Daphne Blake as the weird rich kid whose parents signed her up for a shit-ton of rich-kid extracurriculars like polo, fencing, and all of this other shit so they wouldn’t have to deal with her/bolster her college resume. She puts a lot of effort into actually being good at all these extra-curriculars bc she’s competing with all of her ~super successful and talented~ sisters for attention and ends up athletic as hell and socially stunted and like…really aggressive and competitive and never quite satisfied with anything she’s doing. The only other ‘High Society’ kid who can put up with her is Norville “Shaggy” Rogers —an anxious stoner with freaky strict parents whose only friend prior to Daphne was his equally anxious rescue dog—Daphne’s been beating up Shaggy’s bullies for years. Then there’s student council dweeb Fred Jones who’s always been groomed to be this ‘leader’ by his parents and is always pressured to go to these youth leadership things and stuff and yeah he’s pretty good at directing group projects, but really Fred’s kind of shy and more interested in engineering, forensics and maybe criminal justice and he’s been friends with this chick Velma Dinkley in engineering club who’s brilliant but she’s also tactless, awkward and very bitterly sarcastic to cover up for the fact that her book smarts far outweigh her social skills.

 So then there’s this mystery downtown and all five of them show up and there’s a mutual, “Oh hey it’s you: The weird kid from my school. What are you doing here?” and everyone goes around. Fred’s like, “Oh I knew the owners of this place and they said they might have to close down because of this ghost and I told Velma about it and Velma thinks we can get to the bottom of this.” And Shaggy’s like, “Scoob and I didn’t want to be home right now and we honestly didn’t know about the ghost but hey Daphne’s here so we feel safe enough to hang out and maybe Scoob can sniff out some clues or something.” And then everyone turns and looks at Daphne and Daphne’s just like, “I want to fight a fucking ghost.” 

Logan Sanders is autistic.

Alright, so, with Autism Acceptance Month in full go, and with me still not having managed to get Thomas to acknowledge this, here we go again.

Some of you may know that I made another long post about this a while back, and I am so happy that it got as much traction as it got, it wasn’t enough as the point of the whole thing was to get @thatsthat24 himself to acknowledge it. Which is why I’m doing this again. Now, strap yourselves in, because this is gonna be a long one.

I’ll get straight to the point; from watching Thomas’s Sanders Sides videos, I have come to the conclusion that Logic, also known as Logan, is without a doubt autistic. Why is that, you ask? Well, he exhibits a lot of common autistic characteristics:

  • He takes things very literally, and has a hard time with metaphors - having to use flash cards to memorize them.
  • He is often unable to tell when something is meant as a joke, and even when he gets that something is a joke he often gets frustrated by false facts. For example, his reaction to Morality’s dad jokes in the Q&A video.
  • He is incredibly socially stunted - just look at his attempt at “flirting” with Valerie in the valentine’s day video.
  • He has Special Interests - most notably poetry and crime novels. He has infodumped on several occasions: for example, in the Q&A video, when asked about his favourite book, he wanted to tell the viewer about everything that happened in the book. He has also several times used quotes from poems or poets in otherwise irrelevant conversations, and it is also important to note that he knows more about poetry than Roman, who is the one that’s supposed to represent that sort of stuff. As for crime novels, not only is his favourite book a murder mystery, he has also dressed up as Sherlock at one point, and his favourite disney movie is Big Hero 6, which could be seen as a crime story considering it’s about a bunch of kids trying to figure out who a certain criminal is.
  • He has difficulties comprehending emotions, especially the emotions of other people. His knowledge of psychology and body language seems entirely like something one has read up on in a book - it doesn’t come naturally to him. He’s also, word for word, said: “Emotions, the bane of my existence”, which implies that he just… doesn’t understand them.

There are more, too, but these ones are the most prominent ones.

It is also worthy to note that, as mentioned earlier, he has dressed up as and explicitly been compared to Sherlock Holmes, who is one of the most well-known examples of an allistic person accidentally writing an autistic character. 

Now, I am very well aware that Thomas probably didn’t intend this. It’s a common trope, after all - the emotionally stunted nerd genius - and not many allistic people realize that it’s actually a (somewhat distorted) portrayal of autism. 

However, I think it is extremely important that he is made aware of this as soon as possible, as examples of this “trope” often tend to fall victim to different kinds of mockery - being called inhuman, having their special interests mocked, being referred to as cold-hearted machines… A well known example of this is Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory - he is obviously autistic, but the creators keep mocking him and encouraging their viewers to mock him for exhibiting autistic behaviours. 

I don’t want Logan to become a Sheldon. I don’t want the Sanders Sides to become a Big Bang Theory. I am terrified of this happening, even though I know that Thomas is a good person, because if he doesn’t know what he’s doing then how do we know he won’t accidentally end up making autistic people the butt of a joke? We’ve already seen slight examples of this, for example in the most recent video not only Anxiety but also Thomas himself essentially mocked Logan for taking things too literally, and that stung. So please. I beg of you. Reblog this. @ Thomas in this. Send him asks about this.

Don’t let Logan become a Sheldon.

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Hi! Love your blog, super new to this shit. Is there a tag I can look up on your blog that explains this fake insiders trashing Zayn thing? I'm a Zayn fan (wish the other boys well but don't necessarily care about them or 1D) and new to Tumblr, and just finding out exactly how problematic some people claiming to be woke on this website are. Alternative facts exist here, like everywhere else and it's really saddening. Like isn't fandom of any sort supposed to bring you joy?

Hey nonnie. Thanks for the blog love. I didn’t dedicate a specific tag to that. It’s all in my fandom fuckery tag I think, which unfortunately, is over 2500 posts strong (damn fandom get it together).

In a nutshell, as far as I’m aware, it started on twitter and spread to tumblr. There was a fake insider that really was an insider, but was spreading alternative facts on purpose. Confused yet? Yeah, it was a mess. Basically a tiny “mistake” made by this person led to it being found out that they worked for Modest. They tweeted a relative from their fake account and of course, fans went digging and found their true identity. Their resume was still online.

Anyway, this person was using Harry and Louis as bait to draw Larries in. They’d tweet little things that turned out to be true, which gave them cred. But it was always little things. Like when Louis momentarily fucked off to Fiji while on tour…

…they posted pix of where Louis was before the pix of Louis in Fiji hit the fandom. So after reeling people in, the rumor mongering started. It wasn’t all about Zayn. They acknowledged Louis and Harry were in a relationship–they also added a heaping helping of drama. Lots of angst and lover’s spats. I assume they were trying to get people to become disillusioned with Larry. They also implied that Liam and Zayn were in an on/off non-monogamous relationship. Yep, some of those Larries who denied/ignored Ziam were told by their insider that they were hooking up. To be fair, a couple of Larries caught in this web did say on blog they thought their was “something” going on with Liam and Zayn. And that was probably because of the insider. But just a couple…

So once Fall 2014 rolled around, after over a year of grooming, the big Zayn rumors hit. In hindsight, this was staging for the coming Zayn leaving mega stunt. And because it was Larries that had been targeted from jump, it was Larries that ran with it. Remember, they had been piecemealed little inconsequential bits of truth to establish credibility. But still, given how terribly dysfunctional this fake insider portrayed Harry and Louis, they should have been suspicious. When I was told about all this, I was immediately suspicious. And I was shown screencaps of conversations that were hella confusing. But in the end, it wasn’t difficult to call bullshit. They should’ve called bullshit. Because the ultimate target of this con wasn’t even Zayn. It was Larries and their credibility. They’d guessed right about a lot of things, so that credibility needed to be impeached. And 1DHQ was successful in keeping Larries marginalized and looking “crazy”.

Because the Larries involved have still not come clean about this (some aren’t around anymore), the damage done by these fake rumors still impacts the fandom. Many people hate on Zayn based on all the on blog shade these Larries were throwing based on planted, fake rumors. Off blog, they were also aggressively pushing their inside information. So a lot of other fans do not have all the facts and don’t know they’re collateral damage in a long con. smh But fights broke out, mutuals broke up, partial receipts were released into the wild. Messy messy stuff.

P.S. Don’t ask me for details. I’m not getting back into ancient history. This is the one and only FYI.


26-year-old Takara with her 7-year-old daughter Sakari, her 3-year-old calf Kamea and her nearly 2 week old calf. This is a matriline. This is the most prominent feature of orca life and this is what the breeding ban takes away. Sakari, Kamea and especially this new calf are doomed to live in stunted social situations because activists believe they would be better off never having lived than living in human care. They could have started their own matrilines, have their own calves to protect, nurture and teach. Themselves and their calves could have educated and inspired thousands to protect their wild counterparts. They could have informed scientists about the secrets of orca life, biology and cognition. Instead Sakari, Kamea and this calf get to watch as their social groups dwindle one by one till no one is left. The social diversity of the rest of these animals’ lives will be similar to what it was in the 80′s and 90′s when pod structure was unnatural and forced. It’s sad to realize this is the last time a group of SeaWorld’s whales will be able to live in a naturalistic, diverse social structure. 

The Final Countdown

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you could do one with either Dan + Reader or Phil + Reader about that story that goes around tumblr about how you have timers on yourself (I think your wrist?) that count down the months, days, hours, and seconds until you meet your soulmate, maybe when they meet at a meet and greet?? Thanks!! :D 

Pairing: Dan x Reader (I might do a Phil one in the future based of this sort of request, but I’m already working on one for him so I figured I’d write one for Dan too :)

Warnings: Literally none, other than the fact that this is probably terrible writing. 


47 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes, and 26 seconds. The arrangement of numbers blinked back at you from their place on your wrist. They were supposedly there to tell you how long it will be until you meet your soulmate, but in all honesty they were just stressing you out more than anything right then.

You pulled a baggy sweater on over your head, watching as the fabric ate away the little blinking numbers. And then you were just Y/N. Awkward, socially stunted, nerdy Y/N, minus all that soul mate business. Funny how a little chip of metal could start to alter all of that. 

You pushed a bagel down into the toaster, making a mental note to yourself to actually pull it out before it ended up burning like the last few ties. And then  moved on to your coffee, realizing way too late that you had ever so conveniently forgotten to pick up coffee rounds at the store (again) and were stuck with one of the little packs of instant coffee that you had saved specifically for this sort of occasion. You pulled your mug, the white one with little cat whiskers at the top of it, from the cupboard. 

After filling it with water and sticking it in the microwave for the right amount of time, you did what a good Samaritan, such as yourself, should have done and started to respond to emails- that is until a little notification popped up saying that Danisnotonfire had uploaded a new video. 

It’s not like you could actually be expected to do something productive when there was a brand new YouTube video to watch. And so that’s how you spent the next four minutes of your life (and also how you managed to burn your third bagel that week).


10 days, 1 hours, 52 minutes, and 8 seconds. Over-sized hoodies, sweatshirts, and really just anything with long sleeves became your go-to outfits of choice . Your timer had gotten you panicked over the past few days, the continuously dropping numbers starting to make your anxiety rear its ugly head. 

You were grabbing groceries, your earbuds loudly playing Fall Out Boy as you went along, throwing bread, eggs, and Oreos in to your cart. on second thought you tossed in a pack of Mac N’ Cheese too. A dinner for champions, really. 


5 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 26 seconds. You’ve never been this stressed. Not even when you had to do speeches back in secondary school. Your fingers curled and uncurled around your mug of tea. It was probably cold now at that point, as it had been sitting on the table for a good twenty minutes, but you drank it anyhow. The TV played an old rerun of Friends, a marathon most likely, and you took a few deep breaths, trying to focus on the show.


1 day, 4 hours, 20 minutes, 14 seconds. You were ecstatic, you had actually managed to briefly push the thought of soulmates out of your mind. You were meeting Dan and Phil tomorrow. The Dan and Phil. 

You quickly poured food in to your cat’s bowl, sitting down on the floor next to her as she ate. 

“It’s freaking tomorrow. Holy crap. I’m so nervous,” You said aloud to yourself. “Or maybe I’m excited. I have no idea.”

You purposely kept your wrist down, averting your eyes from the numbers. The last thing you needed was more reason to be anxious. 


0 days, 0 hours, 10 minutes, 51 seconds. You were there. You were actually there. In the same building as Dan and Phil, surrounded by some of the most wonderful people you’d ever met. The entire idea of timers and soulmates was wiped from your head, and you let yourself laugh with the others in your group as a sweet girl named Eden made a joke. 

“What do you think they’re like? Dan and Phil I mean,”Kathrine, the girl standing next to you asked to no one in particular, looking around as she spoke. 

“Tall,” Another girl answered with a laugh, and a few others agreed. 

“Nerdy,” Someone from the back of the group quipped. 

“Nice, I’m sure,”Added the boy to your right, whom you’d helped draw whiskers on earlier. You nodded in agreement. They would be overly nice, surely.


0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 40 seconds. Dan and Phil gave you a matching a set of grins, and you smiled back so hard it hurt. You gave Phil a hug first. And told him you were doing very well when he asked you how you were. 

You gave Dan a hug next and before you could stress out about the fact that you were nearly crying on your favorite Youtubers, you heard a soft beeping and felt a strange tingling sensation in your wrist. 

He must’ve heard it too as he pulled away quickly, staring down at you with wide brown eyes as he gently pulled up his sleeve, his timer blinking up at the two of you. His blank timer blinking up at the two of you. 

You mirrored his actions, tugging your sleeve up far too slowly before coming coming face-to-face with dashes rather than numbers. Your heart beat ten times faster than normal and your stomach was filled with butterflies as you looked back up to him. 

“It’s you,” He said, a massive grin on his face.

AU where rich playboy Viktor accidentally knocks up a girl when he’s 16.

The girl, whose family isn’t nearly as well-off as Viktor’s is, doesn’t want the baby and is about to have an abortion, when Viktor’s parents make a deal with her. She has the baby, and in return they’ll raise the child, and even give her a six figure cheque as compensation.

She accepts, because she knows the baby will be well taken care of by the Nikiforov family and also, she plans to become a doctor in the future, and the money would really help in paying for her education.

Now Viktor, on the other hand, doesn’t get off nearly so easily.

His parents are sick and tired of their son’s irresponsible attitude, and so they give him an ultimatum. He is to give up his “hobby” of figure skating and start properly preparing to take over the family business, or else he will be disowned.

Viktor, who has just won gold in the Junior Grand Prix Finals, who is expected to go on to make history in the figure skating world, chooses to leave home. He is taken in by his coach, Yakov Feltsman, who is more of a parental figure to him than his own parents ever were.

The only thing Viktor regrets is that he had to leave his son, Yuri, behind. But at 16, with not even a high school degree to his name or any stable source of income, no court on Earth is going to choose him over his parents in a custody battle.

So time goes on, and Viktor becomes a living legend in the figure skating world, while Yuri is left to be raised by his grandparents.

They’re distant, and mercilessly strict with Yuri - they refuse to make the same mistake with him as they did with their son. Yuri attends a private school and has a whole army of private tutors and has ballet lessons and piano lessons and is learning two foreign languages.

He barely has time to breathe, let alone have a social life, so it’s no wonder he grows up as socially awkward and emotionally stunted as he does.

At age 12, Yuri Nikiforov is an incredibly angry child, and his classmates and teachers alike are all terrified of him. And when he gets into one too many fistfights with his upperclassmen, his headmaster wastes no time in expelling him.

Yuri isn’t too broken up about it - he’d never really liked that school in the first place. If anything, he’s relieved to be out of there.

His grandparents scramble to find another private school that will accept him, but apparently Yuri’s reputation has travelled far, and while they’re starting to consider maybe sending him to a public school, Yuri gets an email one day.

From his father.

To date, the only contact Yuri has ever had with his father is little notes sent with his birthday and Christmas presents every year. He’s never even met the man before.

And now, apparently, that same man is offering Yuri to come and live with him. In Japan of all places.

Yuri doesn’t hesitate to accept.

And it’s not because he wants to get to know the shitty father who had abandoned him as an infant either, he keeps telling himself.

(It is several years before he is able to admit to himself that that was exactly the reason he had accepted the offer.)

No. The reason he accepts the offer, Yuri tells himself, is because he is sick and tired of his grandparents’ overbearing attitude, and the idea of moving to another country where he’ll be far away from them and everyone else he hates with a burning passion is appealing to say the least.

The little Japanese town his father lives in is quiet and picturesque, and Yuri expects to be bored out of his skull.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually apparently some kind of huge celebrity in the figure skating world.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually fucking engaged to some Japanese figure skater who has the same name as Yuri.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually a figure skating coach to his fiancé and two other skaters (a Japanese guy named Minami, and a guy from Kazakhstan named Otabek).

And he most certainly doesn’t expect to fit in with this strange little mismatched group as if he were a missing piece of their puzzle.

Otabek turns out to be kinda cool and Minami’s bubbly personality is really fucking annoying, but he’s endlessly friendly and he doesn’t stop being nice to Yuri even when he continuously pushes the older boy away with barbed insults and angry scowls (and Yuri doesn’t admit how happy that actually makes him).

Even the Japanese Yuuri, despite being annoyingly timid and apologizing way too often, turns out not to be too bad. He’s really pretty talented in ballet, which is an immediate plus in Yuri’s books.

The first time Yuri gives in and tags along to the ice rink to watch Yuuri and the others practice, he’s breathtaken.

He watches them glide across the ice with grace he hadn’t ever thought possible, watches their skates cut spirals in the air as they make heartstopping jumps.

He steps onto the ice for the first time, and it’s like coming home.

headcanon #4

kara has spent her entire life pretending she didn’t hear things. eliza and jeremiah fighting over whether she should be in public school, alex arguing with eliza over why kara’s always getting special treatment, kara’s teachers telling her parents she shouldn’t be taught with normal children because she’s socially stunted, one of kara’s college classmates bribing a TA, her first boyfriend saying ‘I love you’ on the phone with someone else, snapper in the conference room with the senior reporters cackling about how far up cat’s skirt she must have been to get this job. the list goes on. kara has been forced to become a master in controlling her emotions. she cannot react. it’s why she has so much pent up rage, she can’t let herself feel. she has to put on her sunny danvers facade and act like she hasn’t heard every nasty thing anyone has whispered under their breath. 

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why did you dislike theater school so much?

i have a love/hate relationship w it.

It’s a fabulous school. The writer of Moonlight went there actually - saw him all the time around. So did the dude that cowrote In The Heights and Hamilton alongside Lin. Stars come out of that school and for a reason. It’s the best of the best, considered the Fame School of the South etc. So i was surrounded by a wonderful quirky arts atmosphere and people all over Miami know it’s the It school. It has a name. There’s a lot of positives to be said about it.

my experience wasn’t the best but that was partially because i was socially stunted in a lot of ways - just really behind than most kids on a lot of common sense social situations; learning not to do or say certain things or behave in a certain way as I was doing it. I had mental disorders I wasn’t aware I had. So mix that with being put through daily rigorous emotional challenges in Acting training that really required you to be secure w yourself, which I wasn’t, at such a young age being w the same 10 kids for 4 years that I wasn’t necessarily friends with - it didn’t make for a healthy outcome and took a lot of recovery time.

Not everyone had that experience coming out of that school but mine in particular wasn’t too great. I’m talented though. There’s that outcome I guess.

Common Types of Assassination Classroom fics

The ‘Self-Insert OC’: Beautiful, smart OC-chan is put into E class. Karma acts like a crazed pervert towards her, and Gakushuu liked her too because.. Love Triangles!? Bonus points if OC-Chan trained as an assassin before joining E class.

The Cheesy Karma x Nagisa; Karma is once again a crazed pervert, and Nagisa becomes a permenantly-blushing helpless weed who has developed a stutter.

The Cheesy Karma x Asano; Karma is still a crazed pervert (notice a theme) and Asano is a socially-stunted tsundere-wooby.

The Cheesy Maeiso fic: Isogai is a boring nice-guy, Maehara is a spaz. They fall in love.

The Well-characterised pairing fic: Wow, a fic were the characters being paired (Karma/Nagisa/Kayano/Rio/Karma) etc aren’t horrible out of character! And it’s enjoyable to read.

The all-the-het-pairings fic; The fic were all of E class have paired up with a partner of the opposite sex; Kayano and Nagisa, Karma and Okuda, Kanzaki and Sugino, Hazama and Terasaka. The fic usually suffers from focusing on too many characters and relationships to characterise.

The Meta about a non-main character; A beautiful, well-written insight into a side-character’s perspective. Unfortunately it’s not about Karma, Nagisa or Asano so nobody reads it.

Asano goes to E class fic; I’ve easily read 15 of these. Quality varies.

Angst Fic; Nagisa’s mother abuses him, Isogai’s Dad died, Asano’s Dad’s an asshole, Karma'a parents abandoned him. Let’s cry.

Weird AU fic; Wanted an AU were the cast are Dinosaurs? No? Too bad!

The Chairman is a rapist fic; Almost exclusively in Indonesian for some reason.

The really good one-shot; 1000 words of perfection.

SYOC fic; Impossible to keep track of all these OCs. People only read the sentences were their own are involved.

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While Andy is pushing conchobear im over here like.. liams fridge is huge omgah 😍😂😂 ziams mansion but be so beautiful

NGL, the Chiam stunt house is awfully fancy for sure, nonnie!

Isn’t nice that we’re suddenly allowed to peek inside more than ever now that they’re clearly going to use BG 2.0 to market solo Liam and whatever money-making projects Cheryl’s got lined up?

And thank goodness Andy just happens to be nearby to provide us with all the footage necessary, right? So considerate!

Characters from SU as: Friends You have that Concern You

Pearl: You ask them what they had for breakfast, and they tell you they haven’t eaten anything but a single apple for the past two days.

Amethyst: Jokes about killing herself to the point where you’re not entirely sure if they’re really just joking or not.

Ruby: Gets in fights every day. Has never gotten caught, but has had several close calls.

Sapphire: Never tells anyone what’s wrong when they’re very obviously upset. “Fine” and “I’m just tired, I swear” are personal favorite sayings of theirs.

Garnet: The group’s therapist. Burdened with everyone else’s problems, and never tells anybody when they’re upset because they think they’re supposed to be the “strong” one.

Peridot: Overworks until they’re overstressed and irritable. Doesn’t believe in sleep, and proudly mentions that they woke up at 4 AM in casual conversation.

Lapis Lazuli: A Grab-Bag of mental illness. Casually confesses that they’ve cried themselves to sleep every night for the past month. Actively makes half-assed suicide attempts.

Jasper: An asshole with stunted social skills to the point where they just insult others to have some conversation at all. Reluctantly reveals one night that they just want someone to care about them.

Connie: Eats lunch in the library alone because they don’t have any friends in that period, and they don’t want to sit alone on the bench in the cafeteria. Slight abandonment issues.

Steven: Constantly tries to make everyone else happy while simultaneously falling apart themselves. Makes sure everyone smiles because they know how much it hurts to feel sad, and doesn’t want anybody else to feel that if they can help it.

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You've brought up the negative aspects of the dynamic between Seidou, Akira, and Amon several times before; do you think their relationship has any prominent positive traits? (Also, I do like the more negative or pessimistic posts as well. Your metas are always thought-provoking.)

No, you can’t make me. 

Well okay…. Amon paid for their food once when they all went to eat together, that was nice of him.

Amon, Akira and Seidou really are the only friends each other has. Their social circles are completely dominated by other work acquiantances, but the three of them are the only ones who can be described as roughly on the same level. Seidou had Houji, but it was shown in the end Houji didn’t seem to value him that much. Amon had Shinohara to look up to professionally, and Mado as a father figure but both of those people also were distant from him. Mado had no one, and even in Re: the closest she has is Sasaki who she holds distinct power over, and Arima who holds distinct power over her and literally ordered her to form a bond with Sasaki Haise to help control him. 

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Cherry Pie

Derek Hale is a dreaded customer at Beacon Hills Bakery, but perhaps he’s not as terrifying as Stiles has been led to believe. 1616w

Edit: Now with fanart here by @classy2shoes ♥♥♥~!

Stiles has heard horror stories about Derek Hale.

He supposedly comes to Beacon Hills Bakery four times a year for cakes for his parents’ anniversary and the birthdays of his mother, one of his sisters, and his niece. Cakes for other family events get divided between his two siblings and Stiles has already had the pleasure of meeting Laura Hale, a beautiful woman with an easy smile and sharp wit.

It makes the stories about Derek difficult to believe: that he’s made Christine cry — more than once — and he had Greenberg refusing to leave his house for a week. He’s also apparently the one to thank for Stiles getting his job in the first place because the previous employee up and quit after dealing with him the last time he’d made an order.

In his two months working at the bakery, Stiles has only ever seen him once, and that was as the kitchen door was swinging shut, but he’d only had to catch one glimpse of his eyebrows to know all the stories are true.

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Do you think jumin's a virgin or nah? What's your opinion?

Should I flag this as NSFW?  I get really clinical, here, but this is about sex…

I would not be surprised if he were a virgin.  And I would not be surprised if he weren’t.

For MC, I want him to be a virgin.  He’s a professed Christian (abstinence, anyone?  And he does not approve of living together before marriage.) and he’s a disciplined workaholic, who would put his job before his emotional or physical needs.  I want him to be a virgin, and only MC gets a piece of him.

However, he also strikes me as having “tried it.”

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okokok i can’t stop thinking about early gaalee rn like lee being really clingy and crap bc that’s how he is with everyone and gaara’s getting more comfortable being around people in general but neither of them really get ‘normal people boundaries’ for entirely different reasons so gaara’s going off lee for reference and kinda… trynna keep up with what he’s doing and being all ‘do people always hug this much ok whatevs’ and lee’s super happy that he’s not being told to piss off basically bc he’s JUST SUPER AFFECTIONATE OK but yeah like even tenten needs to tell him to lay off the contact sometimes (tho tbh sometimes gaara still gets overwhelmed tho so they need to break it up for a while) but gaara’s got no previous experience with what ‘normal people boundaries’ are, so this is normal friend shit to him now and he starts liking it and lee starts liking it more too and they’re finding excuses to get closer and to anyone this would be super obvious what’s happening but they’re both kinda socially immature or stunted or whatever so gaara will be literally in lee’s lap and ppl are like ‘…um.’ but they’re just like ‘what this is what friends do we’re friends now’ and holding hands everywhere and when they visit eachother they sleep in each others beds and cling to each other in groups n shit

basically they are the last people to realise they’re dating and i love it

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4, 9 and 23 for the Girl Genius meme.

(The meme.)

Somebody asked for 9 and 23 before you, so I’ll just have to make 4 extra long.

4. Favorite character(s)?

Gil! This dork is not only easily my favorite character in the work, he’s one of my  favorite characters ever overall, of the do-a-happy-dance-when-they-show-up-in-a-scene variety. Here’s an incomplete list of premium Gil things:

  • Reacts to crises by acting his way through them like a two-bit street performer.

Her vile cat slandered his good name.

  • Has somehow garnered a widely known reputation as some kind of Lothario while almost definitely being a demisexual virgin.

So majestic.

  • Sort of…I don’t know if this is on purpose? But Gil is kind of tailor-made for Phil’s art style.

Phil Foglio has developed a style of bendy, cartoonish art with body language exaggerated for effect where specific proportions are variable depending on scene and mood. Gil is super compatible with it because he embodies these things in-universe more than anybody else. He’s weirdly athletic beyond artistic license, and emotes with his entire body ditto. He’s built like a brick chimney thanks to his father, but moves like a gymnast – except when he’s channeling Klaus’ looming body language on purpose. Look, I love this kind of thing, sorry.

  • Seriously. That physicality tho.

Gil has really attuned me to the fun of hyperphysical characters To Whom Gravity Is Nothing. (Dick Grayson, Adrien Agreste… Can I seriously not think of any girls who have this as a salient trait? Characters who can literally float don’t count. Somebody rec me something.)

Nothing to see here, I’m just HANGING OVER THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS.


  • In a world where stories are very important, keeps trying to leverage a reputation he does not have.
  • Look. A character like this is pretty difficult to write well. Smart characters, first off, are tricky. You don’t have to be quite as smart as they’re meant to be to pull them off, since as a writer you’re not orchestrating their shenanigans in real time, but you still need to be pretty bright. So far this just seems like kudos to the Foglios for ~their entire premise~, which, alright, is true. But Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is this particularly obnoxious (to write) brand of smart character who’s always twelve steps ahead of anybody else in a given room, sometimes literally, and rarely explains anything he does effectively to said room. The reader still needs to know, though. By writing a character like Gil in an entertaining and versatile way, the Foglios have accomplished a feat. I really respect that.
  • Does something interesting and unexpected in just about every possible story situation due to being
    - brilliant but not as clever as he thinks he is
    - sociable but socially stunted
    - moral and empathetic but easily enraged
    - a huggable panda bear of a boy with a deeply embedded savior complex and a supply of gleeful bloodlust running close to the surface
    - socially powerful but a huge dork
    - generally prone to coming up with terrible plans.

Okay, no, fine, absurd but effective plans. Kid’s got a weakness for every strength is what I’m saying. What’s awkward in your friends is goals in your fiction.

  • Is the romantic male lead but regularly does poses like


  • A rare sighting of the more drab-plumaged male Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

So yeah. There are a ton of great characters in Girl Genius, but Gil. Gil speaks to me.

Wait no, let me Scalp the foolish and Educate the Unaware:

Pink is for Sex, that which you use as an instrument to further objectify and fetishize People of Color. Oh but never forget the golden rule: No Fats, No Fems.

Red is for Life, that which is taken from Trans Women of Color, 11 to have been reported as of today. And let’s not forget the erasure of 49 Victims of a massacre that was widely social climbed as a stunt for Gun Reformation from a Cis White Gay lens, while neglecting that a majority of those who died were LATINX. Can’t even say their names right in a fukin’ speech _._

Orange is for Healing, unless you’re a person of color, to which the reaction to trauma is either “Get over it” “All Lives Matter” or “We are Orlando” 🙄

Yellow is for Sunlight, except if you’re a Sex Worker, Fat, HIV Affected, not “Real” or “Passable”, etc. then you don’t get sunlight. You get to stay in the closet you’re forced to by your own community.

Green for Nature, because the Gender and Sex Binaries are so unnatural, but fuck what Trans/Queer/Non-Binary folks say, let’s just go ahead and focus on the same Science and Religion that was used to Oppress us all, ESPECIALLY people of color.

Blue is for Art, in the form of caucasity and mediocrity that washes and gentrifies our neighborhoods because we aren’t “edgy” enough compared to cis white standards, until you get validated by some hipster from Toronto with Blonde Dreadlocks dip-dyed to look like an Easter egg.

Indigo for Harmony, because we need to all stop trying to segregate one another and all just identify as Human. Because it is Humans that get killed by the police, Humans that are more often the victims of Hate Violence and Sexual Violence, Humans that are Slut-Shamed based off both the color of the skin and the Identity or Expression of their Gender or lack there of…

Violet for the Human Spirit, a Spirit that is a Reflection of the Oppressors that forced them into a closet in the first place, because all cisgender white folk care about is not being oppressed by their own “people”, but when People of Color ask for the same equal rights and social justice, it’s “Wait your Turn” politics or “Get over It”.

For all of those complaining about the black and brown stripe being included in Philly’s Rainbow Flag, THIS is why they put them there! THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR. Not the joy of being Human, but the Erasure of People of Color from the Narrative!!! THE RAINBOW FLAG NEVER REPRESENTED US. IT WAS NOT DESIGNED WITH US IN MIND. ESPECIALLY QUEER/TRANS/NON-BINARY FOLK.

So shut the fuck up, and either get on the right side of aspiring allyship, or go over there with the wrong side of History. Y'all History. The history of Oppression. How does it feel boo? PS: Share this, but don’t @ me. You want anything else? PAY ME. I’m done teaching.

Written by: Raffy Regulus

Rafael “Raffy” Rios (Pronouns They/Them/Theirs) has served the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) and HIV-Affected communities for almost 10 years. They have led youth programs throughout NYC in several organizations, and as a Health Educator and Youth Leader, they acquired knowledge in working with Queer/Trans Youth of Color. Currently, Raffy is a Counselor/Advocate for the New York City Anti-Violence Project, where they focus on supporting survivors of violence with counseling and advocacy through a trauma-informed lens. Through Raffy’s work at AVP, they liaison as a Trainer and Counselor/Advocate with the Brooklyn Family Justice Center; and a Co-Facilitator for a Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Youth Support Group at the Adolescent AIDS Program in the Bronx, referring youth to medical care and trans-related services. Raffy continues to engage with their community and focuses on building relationships that will bring visibility to LGBTQ youth in need of shelter, leadership development, and other supportive services.

Naruto Canon Ships Appreciation

Okay, so I will preface this by saying I’m a huge multishipper, and I have so many pairings I like from this series. (Like, for example, besides the canon ships, I also ship NS, SK, SNS, etc.)

However, in the tags of many non-canon ships, there has been so much meanness and so much hate towards the canon ships and the people who ship them. (Lookin’ at you, s.ns subfandom… I love sns but yikes) 

One of the antis’ arguments has been ‘they’re all bland, boring het ships’ (even though bisexuality is a thing; I headcanon most of the characters as bi haha, but I digress), so I decided to write a little (well, maybe not so little) appreciation post for the canon ships, and point out reasons why they’re not bland and boring. 

Also, another thing I want to point out is the different sorts of families being represented, here.

And, before any antis make this comment, I’m gay! So don’t call me homophobic for liking the canon ships, please and thank you…

*EDIT: Here is a post discussing my thoughts on the ending in general, ships aside*

While the Sunshine Family might seem like the most ‘boring’ and ‘traditional’ one of the bunch, I disagree. As Hokage, Naruto is basically president of Konoha (to put it in American terms, haha). He has to balance his (extremely important and time-consuming) job with his family life, something that you can see causes tension in the Boruto movie. (Also, I’d like to point out that happiness =/= boring. I don’t understand why that argument is even a thing. [Like, I’ve seen people complain that because NaruHina is a fluffier pairing than some others, it’s boring. WOW, so a couple’s happiness is boring? UM])


Okay, so SS (tied with SaiIno) is my favorite of the canon ships (if my followers couldn’t tell already, haha), yet sadly, the most misunderstood and hated. (But that’s a rant for another day.) In the SS family, Sasuke is basically a military dad. (Well, if you consider all the shinobi in Konoha to be military, then Sasuke would be part of a more elite branch/organization, like the Department of Defense or the CIA or something mixed with a combat position). Due to the nature of his missions, he’s not home often, but, as shown in Gaiden, he loves his wife and daughter. (And he is NOT a deadbeat dad. Ugh, I am so sick of that argument. [And I am really disappointed Sasuke’s English VA said that, or something similar, in his interview. That means he misinterpreted Sasuke’s character…])


Honestly, I think this the one ship most people agree on, because it was so damn obvious it was going to happen, haha. What’s interesting about this ship is that Temari is technically an immigrant to Konoha, so imagine all the challenges that come with that.


Similarly to Temari, Karui is also an immigrant to Konoha. But unlike Temari, she wasn’t part of Chouji’s friend group until much later on. (And for people complaining that Karui didn’t know Chouji when they were younger/wasn’t part of the original Naruto characters, so she shouldn’t have ended up with Chouji, really? As one of my good friends aptly said, do you really think that everyone will marry someone they knew from high school? Obviously not. I find it perfectly fine that Chouji dated, then married someone who he met later on in life. (Now I want to know how their relationship happened, haha.)


Oh man, as I said in the SasuSaku bit, SS and SaiIno are my favorite canon ships. (I shipped Sai and Ino back when it was considered a crack pair!!) Now, I find this ship to be the most interesting because of the heavy emotional component of it. Sai is a person who had been conditioned since he was very young to suppress his emotions, and because of that, he’s very socially stunted. Ino, on the other hand, is extremely emotional, and always has been. So I feel like they’re the perfect people for each other, and balance out really well. And while these differences would inevitably cause some disagreements, I feel like they’d also help each other grow and understand each other. (Also, for the posts saying that SaiIno ripped off SNS, HUH? Sai and Ino have nothing to do with Naruto and Sasuke, so I don’t even understand why this is used against SaiIno)


And these aren’t exactly ships, but…

Rock Lee, unless Metal Lee’s mother is shown (I hope it turns out to be Tenten, haha XD) is a single dad.

Gaara is also a single dad, with an adopted son. That’s also something I haven’t seen often in anime.