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Scooby Doo idea: Daphne Blake as the weird rich kid whose parents signed her up for a shit-ton of rich-kid extracurriculars like polo, fencing, and all of this other shit so they wouldn’t have to deal with her/bolster her college resume. She puts a lot of effort into actually being good at all these extra-curriculars bc she’s competing with all of her ~super successful and talented~ sisters for attention and ends up athletic as hell and socially stunted and like…really aggressive and competitive and never quite satisfied with anything she’s doing. The only other ‘High Society’ kid who can put up with her is Norville “Shaggy” Rogers —an anxious stoner with freaky strict parents whose only friend prior to Daphne was his equally anxious rescue dog—Daphne’s been beating up Shaggy’s bullies for years. Then there’s student council dweeb Fred Jones who’s always been groomed to be this ‘leader’ by his parents and is always pressured to go to these youth leadership things and stuff and yeah he’s pretty good at directing group projects, but really Fred’s kind of shy and more interested in engineering, forensics and maybe criminal justice and he’s been friends with this chick Velma Dinkley in engineering club who’s brilliant but she’s also tactless, awkward and very bitterly sarcastic to cover up for the fact that her book smarts far outweigh her social skills.

 So then there’s this mystery downtown and all five of them show up and there’s a mutual, “Oh hey it’s you: The weird kid from my school. What are you doing here?” and everyone goes around. Fred’s like, “Oh I knew the owners of this place and they said they might have to close down because of this ghost and I told Velma about it and Velma thinks we can get to the bottom of this.” And Shaggy’s like, “Scoob and I didn’t want to be home right now and we honestly didn’t know about the ghost but hey Daphne’s here so we feel safe enough to hang out and maybe Scoob can sniff out some clues or something.” And then everyone turns and looks at Daphne and Daphne’s just like, “I want to fight a fucking ghost.” 

Social media (traducción al español) - análisis

Esta es una traducción que hice del post de worshippedlove

Sin más, los dejo con el mismo.

Quieren ver cómo trabaja un team /para/ sus clientes mientras tienen acceso a sus redes sociales. Las estadísticas del twitter de Steve:

Es obvio que más de una persona tiene acceso, pero es difícil de determinar precisamente quién hace qué porque todos los tweets son POSITIVOS para Steve. Todos los tweets están promocionándolo y dejándolo bien parado. Él no está peleando con nadie o haciendo promo sin sentido o apoyando a gente rara que se aprovecha de él, o mandando mensajes malos a su fanbase. Miren, es claro que alguien de relaciones públicas de Dim Mak usaba Echofon: 

Todo el mismo día, en un lapso de menos de una hora y media, tres fuentes diferentes:

¿Cuál de estos es Steve? ¿Cuál es su team? ¡A quién le importa!

También el mismo día:

Estoy muy segura de que al menos 10 personas tienen acceso en todo momento. iPhone y TweetDeck:

iPhone, Media Studio y Web Client:

P.D.: Media Studio es una especie de buscador de videos para subir a tu cuenta de Twitter y le puedes dar acceso a otras personas a tu perfil personal. 

iPhone a las 10:21, iPad a las 10:49, iPhone a las 11:02

Sigue siendo cohesivo. Nada de seguir a un fan y dejar de seguirlo mientras estás dormido dos semanas después. Nada de darle like a algo polémico en contra de tu propia novia y luego de repente sacarle el like. Wow, ¡se PUEDE lograr! Wow, es normal y ayuda al artista. Wow.

P.D.: Steve se casó en Diciembre de 2015 con una chica varios años más joven. Ella tenía 19 cuando empezaron a salir. Su vida *PODRÍA SER POLÉMICA*, sólo que eligen no explotarla o hablar de ella. 

(Básicamente habla de cómo SÍ es normal que un team tenga acceso al perfil de su cliente y que no es extraño en este caso porque lo usan a favor de Steve. No hablan de su vida privada ni generan conflicto, al contrario que el team de Louis - y obvio los chicos en total - quienes parecen tener varios problemas con esto en referencia a su incompetente team.)

Ayu, x

Soulja Boy Gets Paid Handsomely To Embarrass Himself

Soulja Boy was paid $50K by a Japanese printing company to promote the imitation money industry.

“We fuck with Soulja cause we know he gonna make people believe we got problems,” a person close to rapper Lil Yachty admits.

“We gave him 5 stacks and an eightball and he was making videos about coming to kill Yachty in 2 hours. He’s a professional.”

Sources close to Soulja Boy says that while the “Crank Dat” rapper hasn’t seen a music check since “Malia Obama thought weed was only a contraction,” he’s earned a “respectable” income from fledgling rappers and businesses that pay him to promote them through ridiculous social media stunts.

“It’s sort of like reverse marketing,” says one source. “Like when he lied about buying the house…if he had said it was a nice house blah, blah, no one would care. But people went the extra mile to look at the listing on AirBNB to prove him wrong. Now it has 12 potential buyers.”

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yoursummerfrost replied to your post “leave your lovers like campsites – 3, 4, 11, and 15!”

I really value the way you place value on relationships that can be deeply important and meaningful without being guaranteed as the One True Future kind of deal. It’s really easy to lean on a sort of fated endgame narrative (I’m def guilty of this lol) and you’re right–that’s not how things go for a lottt of people and it minimizes so many other important relationships

Things like soulmate narratives can be so SOOTHING–but when I was young and dealing with the results of being socially ostracized my whole childhood (which, as a psychologist, let me say: THEY ARE INTENSE, and basically amount to parts of the brain to do with happiness, emotional regulation, and social relationships being stunted/atrophied/damaged through disuse) I really really bought into the idea that One True Love would fix me.

So I sat around. And waited. For my one true love. To show up and fix me.

And after a few years (of not dating, because as it turns out, being a socially maladjusted young woman with very few friends who occasionally grows intensely infatuated with someone she has limited ability to talk to is not great for your love life) I realized that this plan was not working for me. It was making me twitchy and neurotic and fixated on making sure I had a perfect future with someone before I took the tiniest bit of risk, and making me ruin good friendships and flirtations because they didn’t meet my high narrative standards. 

Since then I’ve focused a lot of meeting people where they are–on deciding that the moment, the connection between us, and the experience of loving and being loved right now, whether that was platonic or sexual or romantic, whether or not everyone felt the same thing, was doing me more real good and healing me and making me healthier than could be offset by the occasional consequences of relationships going sour.

So on the one hand I SUPER LOVE the soulmate narrative, because that’s where my id lies–but on the other, it feels like writing more complicated relationships is my way of paying the universe back for the amazing people it’s sent my way.


As stated before (for the triggered feminists who didn’t know how to click a play button), mansplaining isn’t a thing. Being a man and explaining why your attempts to bully won’t work, doesn’t make it mansplaining. It means you’re too intellectually-stunted to understand abstract concepts like, you’re wrong. As demonstrated above, watch how this attempt to brush off an argument goes for this womansplainer. Try to not let this one go over your heads.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel like this is a never ending situation you know? Like he's going to be link with this mess forever but then I think that he can't be a fake dad to a fake baby for the rest of his life, it's something just imposible. He's going to grow up and want his own family and everything, they can't mantain this fake story forever. This baby is growing up too and it's getting more and more difficult. Right now, they're keeping this stunt through social media, literally nothing more 🤷🏻‍♀️

Yep. Bg has been oddly quiet and we’re barely seeing the kid. It gotta to end soon 

harry hates conflict 

he was raised by the dursley’s who never fought, instead of yelling or bickering, they would just force a smile and be as passive aggressive as humanly possible.

to harry, fighting= hatred. simple as that. 

that’s why when ron and hermione fought he just got angry with them, because fighting equal hatred. fighting was used to show distaste, and nothing good could ever come from fighting. 

which is why harry seeing his parents fight in SWM was so horrifying to him and so heartbreaking for us. harry never learned proper conflict-resolution skills. he is stunted socially in that department. seeing his parents fight just equaled to hatred to him. his first experience of his parent’s relationship was exactly what he had to deal with regarding ron and hermione. all that anxiety and tension he felt when they fought just got magnetized by a million, because these are his parents. they weren’t supposed to fight. they were supposed to love each other. 

SWM will always and forever break my heart just because of harry’s reaction

not 2 b dramatic but u cant imagine how much it fucks me up 2 have never known how to express my emotions or how to interpret others emotions? i grew up with no social skills and no idea how to express myself and it still fucks me up like? havin been mentally ill and socially stunted my whole life has made me feel so strange and misplaced around others and its not surprising how few people im comfortable around. it makes me feel pathetic but i literally feel like a fucking joke. im funny in a pathetic way and theres nothing funny about it. im so sad and i dont know how to interact with others without feeling like im doing something wrong and i never know if ppl genuine like me or can even stand me and it makes me so paranoid i just wish ppl would TELL ME if im fucked up or if they actually like me dkdbfksng g od

Quick Headcanon

Hiro seems standoffish to the Nerd Squad before the showcase because he’s not sure if they’re making fun of him or not. The kids at school used to act fake-concerned about him sometimes, usually right after one of their buddies had pushed him down or said something mean to him. As a result, he’s never really sure whether people are honestly being nice to him or not.

It makes me angry that it’s literally LDS (Mormon) church doctrine to demand members to be childlike, and to raise children to remain permanently childlike and obedient. It’s such insidious cult brainwashing.

I’m still very socially stunted at thirty-three years old because I was raised in that church while having a neurodevelopmental disability and a personality disorder to solidify it. I resent having my potential destroyed like that.

uuuuuuggggh shut the fuck up about grammar. like, i get it, when you learn to read and write and how to use grammar properly for the first time you get really fucking excited about knowing the difference between your and you’re but as you get older and learn new bits of knowledge you’re SUPPOSED to get excited about that instead. like how AFTER people learn how to diferentiate there/their/they’re they brag about it for a while but then they learn about how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell so they brag about that instead but there’s like this really fucking sad socially stunted minority of 17-34 year olds that still fucking brag about grammar and knowing simple concepts that 3rd graders learn and act like they’re better than everyone because they read their posts like 9 times over just to make sure there are no typos like my nigga u r no intellect ur just a fucking geek

Not all INTP’s are socially stunted,

We can communicate efficiently, we just don’t see the point in wasting the time with fluff. 

Sometimes we just don’t have time for it, sometimes we’d rather be in our own world. Sometimes politeness and proper behavior is relative to the individual. 

And not all of us are weirdos living in basements, we are capable of having large social circles and going outside.

And darn it, we’re funny. Right, guys?

WTF is happening?

- Harry and Kendall kissing on a boat.
- Liam tagged in Danielle P’s instagram photo.
- Niall posts a tbt/Happy Birthday picture of him and Ellie.
- Louis is, in all stuntlihood, going to kiss/make out with Danielle (Eleanor 2.0) at midnight and it will be Snap Chatted around the world.
- Taylor’s video for OOTW debuts tonight with tons of rumoured Haylor references

Apparently it is recycling day!

Still waiting on Laundry Day, and hoping that day is January 1, 2016!