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Star Trek + Social Commentary (context in the captions)

okay listen there is a thing that needs to be said

i understand that you are already tired of looking at tfios gifsets on your dash. i understand that you’ve always thought that stupid hurricane drizzle quote was pretentious, and that you think john green is problematic as a role model because he is a wealthy, white male. and i understand that you don’t read YA lit that has a largely female audience because you are a ~serious adult and our society teaches us that anything which can hold the attention of young women is, by definition, vapid and worthless.

but here is what we are not going to do:

we are not going to make john green into public enemy #1 just because he’s currently experiencing what some people consider to be disproportionate celebrity. 

the damn movie has been out for 72 hours and people are already bitching their faces off about how much they hate hearing about it, how arrogant and undeserving john green is, how he “doesn’t get” that orange is the new black was making fun of him. for the love of christ, yes he does.

and i’m not here to sell you on john green, i don’t give a flying fuck what you read. go slobber over some kerouac, get sloppy with your beloved, dog-eared copy of whatever fucking wankstain vonnegut book you can’t stop telling people about. do whatever makes you feel tingly in your intellectual loins.

but i swear to god, if you shame teenage girls out of reading what they are interested in or make them feel embarrassed about watching vlogbrothers i will raise holy hell because that shit is not okay

john and hank green have the following they do because they talk to teenagers like people. they use their influence to foster the development of critical thinking skills, to encourage teens to challenge the status quo, and to teach them the things that a dozen imperfect educational systems won’t. and yeah, they’re two wealthy, white men. but they’re trying to use the privilege and power that gives them to do something good. 

so basically, shut the fuck up about how you can’t stand john green. no one wants to listen to you jerking off about how intellectually superior you are for not having read it. least of all john green himself, who has done nothing but advocate for this community.

just blacklist the tfios tag and move the fuck on with your life.