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Non-neurotypical Holtzmann Head Cannons;

-“I don’t wear these rose-coloured glasses for nothing,” because Holtzmann is dyslexic and the glasses help

-Holtzmann’s only friend for years being Abby because she struggles with social situations due to her being on the autistic spectrum

-Holtzmann being unaware of personal space boundaries due to having ADD or ADHD

-Holtzmann struggling to deliver her speech due to aspergers.

-Holtzmann having dyspraxia which is why she asks for help to move the equipment because she doesn’t want to damage it by wheeling it into things. This is also why she says she needs to work on her aim in the outtakes.

-Holtzmann developing strange and intense obsessions with updating the teams equipment due to ASD… one of her secret obsessions is a fellow ghostbuster.

-Holtzmann mentally practicing small talk with Erin and Patty in her head at first before she gets to know them.

-Holtzmann online shopping to avoid questions.

-Holtzmann not understanding secrets, so when Abby tells her she’s going shopping for Erin’s surprise birthday party, Holtz completely invites Erin. Patty tries to cover for her but ends up telling Abby. They all know Erin knows but don’t know that they all know. Erin acts surprised anyway. Holtzmann figures out that they all know. Kevin doesn’t know.

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(I scream for a hundred years)

NAME: Hatake Kunio. Kunio meaning "countryman" and Hatake meaning “farmland.”
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Kunio is an odd mix of his parent’s features. He keeps his hair long with one wayward braid in it in regard to his mother’s clan, but features the trademark haircolor of his father’s clan. He has his mother’s bright eyes along with Kakashi’s angular face. Despite still being young, he’s already earned a few small scars from battle, and sports them with pride, having three distinct small ones on his face. His eyes are typically narrowed, giving him a sly look. 
PERSONALITY: Calm and level-headed like his father, ambitious and power-hungry like his mother. He’s very aware of his surroundings and very self-aware. He often makes comments on things that should go left unsaid, and tends to poorly interpret social situations, wishing they’d go in his favor more. Kunio is very cheeky to say the least. He often weasels his way out of trouble and tries to bend the rules to his favor. He has the same explosive strength as his mother, but paired with his calmer demeanor he’s much more in control and humble with his abilities.
FUTURE: He likes to tug on his father’s sleeve demanding all the best positions because he’s the sixth Hokage in his youth. In his future, he becomes a captain of the ANBU and works towards becoming commander.
FIRST LOVE: Is there anybody else in his generation?! I don’t think so?! His first love was Icha Icha probably.
IMAGE REFERENCE: None. I drew that.

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As a sociopath, is there a sense of "I'm emotionless; I'm different; No one can know, etc. constantly prevalent in your day-to-day thought process? To elaborate, is there some constant awareness of your lack of empathy and emotions on your mind throughout your life, or do you just go about life normally, not really considering it too often?

I’m very self aware and it’s constantly on my mind. Every day I have to figure out how to maneuver through social situations without having all eyes on me. On occasion I’ll attract attention on purpose, but otherwise, it’s a game of cat (society) vs mouse (myself) or the other way around, depending on if I feel predatory that day.

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Why do people always thing Gemini must be two faced?

Hmm well Geminis are very adaptable, especially in social groups and social situations, which is a good thing! However, if this strength is abused or underdeveloped, it can present itself as being manipulative and two-faced.

Ok, has anyone else who watches Gotham like identified with Ed Nygma as much as I have. So much that I have a case for him being autistic. 1) Ed’s awkward in social situations like many autistic people. 2) Ed totally has special interests. Riddles and cooking (and Miss Kringle). 3) he says inappropriate things at times occasionally. 4) and tbh i know the writers won’t do this, we barely got ed×penguin. But as long as enough people identify with Ed, that’s good, right?

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Sen Aralus - Night Caste Solar

Pragmatic to a fault. He tends to follow very strongly to what makes sense to him. This tends to make him seem rather cruel or cold to those that don’t know him. Though a lot of his pragmatic choices he feels are the kinder option.

He dislikes fuss and posturing and will go to great lengths to avoid being caught in any extreme socializing situations. Allies and friends are fine, but public affairs are something he greatly dislikes. As such he doesn’t put much care into his appearance beyond not having tattered clothes and bathing when he can.

The scarf around his shoulders is a Moonsilver scarf with small bits of Starmetal woven in. The scarf is primarily used to ensnare and capture enemies. Some of its evocations allow it to be used as a slashing weapon as well as disrupt some use of essence.

Most of his actions seem to general be geared towards neutralizing the Realm at the moment. Though it isn’t a driving goal, he does feel very strongly about taking them out of power.

(Right now I’m building him as a PC but he’ll probably actually be an NPC when I can start my game.)

tip: if sbdy asks u to confirm that u care about them or smth, don’t get mad about it? just confirm? don’t get hostile and ask like “why r u asking do u not believe me??? huh????” because some people actually don’t believe u, but in a way that’s not a reflection of who u are or ur strengths or whatever. some people need that validation because their brain is tellin them it’s impossible for sbdy to care abt them or love them. so just. tell them u love em and heart emoji :-)

Social Issues

Aries overly open viewpoint is what can mess them up in social situations. Some Aries can be boisterous and aren’t afraid to say their views even if it comes out as condescending or if others don’t agree with them. Some Aries simply have the problem of being overly trusting and believes that no one will really judge them off of their ideas, opinions, and secrets. Aries needs to learn discernment and caution when it comes to social interactions.

Taurus can be overly cautious in some social situations and is afraid to look stupid, foolish, or odd. A lot of times this is from a combination of Taurus’s natural cautious side and any insecurities they might have. Taurus might take some time to develop confidence and bravery in the social world but ultimately Taurus needs to take themselves out of their comfort zone! 

You can argue that one of Gemini’s biggest social issue is their superficial tendencies and possible short-attention span. While this can be an issue for some Geminis I would say their lack of emotional sharing is the biggest threat especially when trying to create close bonds. A Gemini doesn’t mind getting to known how you work but when others want reciprocated emotional sharing Gemini can lack. Also there are Geminis who can be very changeable, unstable, and flaky which adds to the struggle to build close bonds. By expressing and sharing their feelings more Gemini can not only have close friendships and even closer lovers but this helps them to learn more about themselves. 

Cancer has a wild imagination and this can work against them in the social world! Cancer can be a very suspicious individual even with people they don’t know well. Being caught up in trying to figure out someone’s intentions, thinking someone doesn’t like them (when that isn’t the case at all), or thinking an individual is out to get them can be common with this sign. Learning to give people the benefit of the doubt and trying to be more unbiased in social situations can help Cancer.

Believe it or not Leo being too awkward or too confident is what messes them up in social situations. This all stems from Leo’s ego. A more negative and sometimes just a younger, inexperienced Leo can have an ego that lacks nurturing which makes them highly awkward in social situations and they can be someone who really fears other people’s opinions. Also an insecure Leo or one who maybe has had too many ego boosters in life can be overly cocky and therefore turns others away. Finding a balance between a healthy self-esteem and having respect and admiration for others can make Leo highly likable and  sunny and charming in social situations. 

Some Virgos are shy, some can have a lot of pent-up nervous energy, and some are just more introverted, but Virgo’s biggest social challenge is being too judgmental! Some Virgos are judgmental by being snobbish or elitist while others try to fit everyone into some sort of category, and others are just quick to assume things. Taking a step back and being more open-minded about social situations can help Virgo greatly. They need to learn tolerance without completely abolishing their discernment.

Libra’s sugar-coating optimism is their social downfall! Libra gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and can make excuses for even strangers by saying “oh they just forgot or they are just having a bad day”. But sometimes Libra needs to just listen to their intuition that says no, this individual IS a mean person or person B doesn’t like the Libra! 

Scorpio’s suspicious side can get in the way when it comes to social situations but their natural intensity is what can easily intimidate many! Obviously a Scorpio shouldn’t change who they are so they can “fit in” but Scorpios who are more patient, who use their understanding and compassion, and who use their perceptiveness to figure out how to approach someone can become less intimidating.

Bluntness and impulsiveness can sometimes stand in the way of Sagittarius’s social life but burning through people and their energy is actually the biggest issue. Sagittarius is known to burn through romantic relationships quickly but this tendency also reaches into their general social life. Burning too quickly through friendships and connections can be a reoccurring problem in many Sagittarius’s lives. Balancing a healthy dose of space and committing to keeping up with others can help fix this. Also trying to focus their energy can help keep their own passion and interest prolonged.

Capricorn has a hard time trusting others, plain and simple. They can also get in the mindset that people are disposable and can use others (this is so they don’t get used themselves). Being more open and understanding is what Capricorn needs to not be so closed-off socially. This sign normally doesn’t struggle with fitting in or being accepted but they themselves keep their distance and can be cold. You will find that a Capricorn who puts themselves out there is very likable and even popular!

Aquarius can appear to not have any problems in the social sphere, they do great in a group, tend to be charismatic, and is the type of person to have a lot of buddies and acquaintances. Aquarius’s distant trait can keep them from creating close bonds, but this is a hard aspect to change in Aquarius. Making an effort to create closer bonds is healthy for this sign but they have to do it on their own terms! Also being “different” can make social situations hard for Aquarius but just because they are odd or follows unpopular opinion doesn’t mean they should change themselves. An Aquarius in this predicament should try explaining to others why they believe in what they believe, like what they like, etc.

Pisces sensitivity is what can get them in trouble in the social world! Pisces sensitive nature is hard for them to control. Their emotions run deep and they are naturally fluid and expressive. Being openly moody isn’t fair to others or Pisces, trying to keep a professional appearance even in a non-professional atmosphere can help out this sign. Pisces should never block their emotions but they need to take a step back and think about if an issue or situation is really worth being upset over.