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“I oppose fascists, but I also oppose antifa” to me might as well just read “I claim to oppose fascists, but I also oppose the only thing that can meaningfully stop them from recruiting and organizing for genocide.”

People seriously don’t get that the tactic of swaying the public through debate doesn’t work against fascists. Fascists don’t need majority approval or support to do horrible things, they just need to feel like there aren’t any significant social repercussions for it. If they don’t face backlash when they spread their propaganda and declare their intention to commit ethnic cleansing, that’s when they’ll know that they’ll be able to get away with actually doing what they intend to do.

And don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can convince fascists to change their mind with reason, because their arguments aren’t meant to adhere to reason or truth. Instead, they’re performative statements with two purposes: the first is to state what would need to be true to justify their existing intentions, and the second is to signal themselves to other members of their in-group so they can more easily join together to form a coherent political force.

This is why, when dealing with fascists, the only effective tactic is to raise the social cost of being fascist, so that they’re afraid to spread fascist propaganda openly. Sometimes this means violence, other times it just means denying them a platform to spread their ideas and recruit other fascists.

Because of this, when liberals defend the “free speech” of fascists, this effectively gives fascists a space to signal their intentions to other fascists, allowing them to group together and organize. Allow fascists to organize, and they’ll commit acts of terror against the most vulnerable populations.

You don’t even necessarily have to like it when antifa resort to black bloc tactics, but if you oppose antifa in general, you’re a stooge. The way you oppose fascists is by shutting them the fuck down, and if you’re against that, you’re doing nothing but aiding the enemy.

Galactic Anthroplogy

“They mass-slaughter this organism called "flowers” and give the bound mass of corpses to their desired mate as a courting ritual, possibly as proof of ability. Truly fascinating.“

An excerpt from the widely acclaimed ‘A Comprehensive Study of the Complex Social Dynamics of Humans’, Section 347-D3, ‘Ritual Wooing

“- Amongst the many diverse cultures of the human hive, a fairly prominent behavior becomes apparent to the observer, unique for the fact that it seems instinctual despite geographic location. This contrasts with much of the operant conditioning observed through their constructed hives and cultural rituals.

As previously indicated, nearly all human colonies display dominion over the surrounding inorganic and organic structure, perhaps as an exercise to constantly re-establish themselves as the apex species on their planet (Though their subservience to particular grain bearing flora and vegetative growths is well documented, see section 235-A6 ‘Human Propagation of Flora and Fauna, the Mass Human Effort known as ‘Agriculture’)

This behavior is displayed further during social rituals to establish further emotional and cognitive bond amongst colony members. The individual human gathers certain flower bearing growths from their surroundings -either from gathering them from the soil themselves, or obtaining them from the local distributor in exchange for currency- and gifts the slowly dying biomass to other individuals for ritualistic purposes.

As practice, the act has much significance socially, ranging from welcoming colony mates who have established familial dens in the dwelling space next to them (though apartment plants seem to be mostly living growths in containers, a behavior that may be linked to their need to display dominion of their environ. See Section 654-H7 ‘Non Species Specific Social Interactions’) yet is diverse enough to extend to gifts toward the individual humans birther on the celebration day of birthers, and to attract both reproductive and nonreproductive mates.

Such an activity is distinctive to humans, and can be attributed to their constant need for external stimulus. The growths serve a multifaceted purpose by providing olfactory, visual, and textural stimuli in a non harmful way, creating a sort of positive reinforcement that is associated with the individual who gave them. This, of course, leads to an enhanced emotional and mental cognitive state between individuals in further social interaction.

(The absence of gustatory stimuli by such growths is often noted, and as such, humans have taken to presenting gifts of carbohydrate rich foodstuff to accommodate the lack of presence in the flora.)

Many actions are taken to ensure the longest amount of positive stimulus is received from the cut growths. Many humans receiving will create a solution of hydro-nutrient feed to extend the life of the growth, and place the container and the flora somewhere in their dwelling or productivity space. Despite humans understanding that the growths would have a longer effect if they were not cut from their subterranean feed systems, it is still most common to give the dying stalks of flora instead of a live organism. Here in lies yet another idiosyncrasy of the species, a instinctual effort dominating an intellectual knowledge, once again exposing their relatively new evolution into sentient beings.-’

strange things are bound to happen when you come from an upbringing of unquestioned racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia, a lot of it subtle, and dive straight into a community based around anti-oppression politics that is highly social and where, inevitably, saying the right things and presenting yourself the right way can reap small-scale but significant social rewards, and also where, let’s face it, appearing to already know all about these topics is more appealing and often much better received than admitting uncertainty or confusion or going through a visible learning process and i think that’s a big part of how we end up with so many people with very mixed-up ideas in online activism

Nonbinary people don’t need to have children, families, or even significant others if they don’t want to.

You aren’t doing any harm to nonbinary activism by rejecting the usual social standards.

You don’t need to bow to the will of your parent(s) or guardian(s), either.

Live how you wish because this is your life.

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ur post about fic & racism in the supergirl fandom really got me thinking (especially about my own biases so thank you) but also like, how there’s this incredibly pervasive but subtle new form of racism I haven’t seen b4 in other fandoms? Like on one hand u have this loud condemnation of how racist monel is & how he was a slave owner blabh blah but no corresponding attention given to the existing Black characters. 1/4

I get wlw not wanting to write m/f fic but a lot of the fandom doesn’t reblog (or make) any of the gifsets, they don’t meta for him they don’t call for more screen time for Mehcad. Same for M’gann. SO many posts talking about how awful monel is compare him to Lena and strangely don’t mention the Black female character who also came from an oppressive society to become a hero? And there are like, idk, 4 people? Who write or post wlw fic with M’gann in it? 2/4

Same with Maggie. A huge segment of fandom decided Floriana is white (even tho hollywood clearly won’t cast her in roles for white women) so they use that as an excuse to exclusively stan the very light skinned white wlw. And the way it carries over to the characters, like, okay Flo is white? but Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character while overtly supporting lighter skinned characters ¾

And that same part of the fandom doesn’t ever seem to create content for Lucy or Vasquez either. IDK this isn’t something u can probably explore with stats but ur post really got me thinking and it just feels really gross now bc I see all these posts condemning racism but there’s still this extreme perpetuation of privileging white characters at the same time? & I haven’t seen this particular trend in fandom b4 4/4

Oh, anon, this made my day. I have a bunch of notes waiting in a doc to address the whole Mon-El thing with regard to the racist undertones and the rhetoric used by the show to frame his storyline, and I will do my best to write it before the season comes back again, because I genuinely think they tried to aim high and just … missed completely. (But I make no promises because my thesis defense is on Tuesday.)

To your first point re: fandom attitudes – I was surprised in the early half of S2 when so many people came out of the woodwork making posts in the main tag like “wait, why did they get rid of Kara/James??” because, oh right, nobody acted like they cared for almost twelve straight months. If y’all were so okay with this ship, where were you to acknowledge its social significance when it was canon? Where are you now? Why hasn’t there been an outpouring of tweets week after week at the execs and the writers for sidelining an interracial couple in favor of what we’re getting, especially since the storyline literally handwaved away human trafficking and slavery as minor plot points?

Not only that, when there’s unrealized potential for a non-canon ship there is typically an outpouring of fic in response, and while there’s been a statistically significant amount of new Karolsen fic in S2 because it’s pretty easy to top zero percent, the writing there is not keeping pace with any of the other dude-involved pairings. 

And you’re right, anon: it is not possible to prove anything with stats. HOWEVER, thanks to the addition of these new characters for S2, I *am* at the point now where it’s possible to see correlation between character race and fan engagement with different pairing choices. And the bias is there, whether it’s in the het pairings, the femslash, or even the m/m pairings. The whole reason I started tracking fic outputs in the first place was that any attempt to have this conversation last year devolved into yelling and finger-pointing because “you have no proof!” that racial bias is a thing. Except, yanno, all the POC who live with it daily saying that it’s a thing. Well, congratulations y’all: your choices leave digital footprints behind that are pretty easy to follow and chart for everyone to see.

This isn’t actually a new problem, by the way – racism and preferencing of white pairing happens a lot, in almost every fandom. The only difference maybe is that I’ve experimented with quantifying it, which is not something that people usually do when they study fandoms or fan behavior.

It pains me to no end that M’gann has been so overlooked, because her story has just as many dark character beats to it as Lena’s, if not more, plus the added bonus of her sharing a sense of “otherness” with Kara in a way that few other people can. And there is no way the disinterest in that pairing isn’t about race, because there are a whole bunch of ships from S1 between white women who’d never even met each other in canon that have more romantic fics than M’gann/anyone.

And the nonsense about Floriana, which I’ll remind everyone again was started by a white girl, had a demonstrable chilling effect on interest in Sanvers as a pairing. Like. I can actually show that on paper. And you’re absolutely right with what you said above, which bears repeating: Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character.

There’s also a treatment of Floriana herself that reminds me uncomfortably of how people went out of their way to demonize Naya Rivera’s personal life whenever she reminded the world she was black instead of just “very tan.” And a lot of the rhetoric people are using to talk about Floriana’s racial heritage is almost verbatim the same as what you’ll find on white supremacist discussion boards about Italian people. I’d love to think this is an accident, but I’ve made some people pretty angry for pointing this out in the past, so I suspect it’s at least partially deliberate.

Lucy was another case that drove me insane, for two reasons:

  1. The vast majority of femslash fans flat-out ignored her as a romantic choice even though there were a whole lot of good reasons to ship her with either Kara or Alex, and a whole lot less negative reasons not to. (And it’s not like Supercat was already dominating the scene before Lucy’s character was introduced. That ship only became popular after the movie Carol came out during the winter hiatus of S1.)
  2. People had the same fight last year about whether or not Lucy counted as a WOC and ultimately insisted that the answer was no. But then people kept on ignoring her anyway like somehow dubiously legal boss/employee relationships, potential treason, and incest were more logical bases for attraction.

Also, to the people who have been like “oh yay we could’ve had Dichen as Maggie, a real WOC” like somehow this would have made the fandom love her more – you’re full of shit. If you mean that, why has there been so little fic about Dichen as Roulette? Like, last year there were a whole bunch of shipfics featuring Livewire. There was Kara/Siobhan. And yet … no dark scenarios of Supergirl/Roulette? No Alex ones? There were even a bucketload of those for each Danvers sister + Max Lord, and this fandom isn’t even that into dudes. You’re telling me no one is interested in this kind of hero/villain dynamic with the Asian chick and somehow that’s not also about race?

tl;dr I suspect that a decent chunk of this problem is the result of subconscious bias, but some of it’s not. And what’s really sad about it is that, for all the talk on Tumblr about representation being important, we’re really doing no better as media producers than Hollywood when it comes to race. If anything, we might actually be doing worse.

What you see before you is a list that I hope will be read as an intervention. Nearly 50 women who play a role in NPR compiled and voted on this list. It features albums by artists who identify as female — including some by mixed-gender bands, like Fleetwood Mac and X, that, in our view, relied on women’s creativity for their spark. These albums were released between 1964, the year The Beatles invaded America and set in motion what can be called the “classic album era,” and 2016, when Beyoncé arguably ushered in a new period with her “visual album” Lemonade. The point is to offer a view of popular music history with women’s work at the center. The list does not represent an “alternate history.” It stands for music history, touching upon every significant trend, social issue, set of sonic innovations, and new avenue for self-expression that popular music has intersected in the past fifty years.

A New Canon: In Pop Music, Women Belong At The Center Of The Story

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

trope subversion & dirkjohn: part 1/?

thesis: dirkjohn subverts trope in a way that is not only true to homestuck’s narrative tendencies, but enriches both characters involved. as such, dismissals of it as “unrealistic” or a “crack ship,” while not unfounded, miss some compelling textual evidence. 

john is perhaps the most straightforward character in Homestuck. he follows the hero’s path: he starts the story, builds the new world, has a critical role in defeating the villain, and wins a ‘happy ever after.’ his relationship with his parent is the least complex of any kid’s, and his dynamics with his friends, while not simple, per se, don’t suggest a lot of depth to any of his relationships.

accordingly, we never receive any suggestion that romance interests john; when karkat suggests he marry rose, john’s reaction is one of amused resignation, which shifts to alarm when jade presses him for his earnest feelings on the subject. (this is a trend; john, although an honest person, is not naturally forthcoming with his emotions, and generally bails whenever a conversation strays into that territory.) when karkat suggests john has black feelings for terezi, john takes the thought more seriously, but is hardly happy about it; his reaction is almost literally “it feels wrong,” which karkat, coming from a culture where that feeling is normalized to an unhealthy degree, affirms as “textbook romance.” although roxy has a few panels eyeing him as “boyfriend material,” these hardly constitute serious interest – when two characters in homestuck are romantically interested in each other, it’s expressed through subtext and then revealed after they’ve already hooked up, not written outright. almost all concupiscent couples follow this trend: dave and karkat, spades slick and BQ, sollux and feferi, dirk and jake, jade and davesprite, alternate john and (vriska), dave and terezi, terezi and gamzee, etc. i could go on. roxy’s floating text suggestions parallel vriska’s reaction upon kanaya killing eridan and punching vriska herself – that is to say, it’s an indicator of awestruck affection, gratitude mixed with impressment. neither vriska nor roxy has a genuine interest in the person speaking to them, nor will that brief affection ever be picked up again. homestuck does emotion in the unspoken, not the explicit, and when it is explicit, the panels are usually not designed as jokes. it would be hard to count either of the panels MSPAwiki cites as evidence for roxy’s flushcrush on john as serious evidence for the ship, when both are heavy with comedic staging, and it would be even harder to argue that john reciprocates.

all of this is to say that john has never expressed interest in girls. now, arguably, he hasn’t expressed interest in boys, either, but his reactions to dave’s speech about internalized homophobia stray out of “surprise and mild discomfort,” as would be the average confident hetero’s reaction to friend’s coming-out, into “bewildered disconcertment,” suggesting that dave’s remarks hit a little close to home. i’m not the first to have written about this; others have drafted essays about how john’s vehement “i am not a homosexual” exemplifies internalized homophobia. suffice it to say that i’m using that reading of john, here.

besides being an enriching character trait and an example of why we never see john outright talk about his emotional conflict (heteronormativity is insidious in that it masquerades as a fundamental assumption of society, never necessitating discussion), john being gay subverts the heroic archetype. the male hero usually exemplifies masculinity. along with that masculinity comes the assumption of heterosexuality. he gets a love interest, a female counterpart, to journey with him on his adventures and reward him once he triumphs. but the two girls in john’s cohort are either gay or related to him; his proper “counterpart,” jane, is his genetic daughter, and roxy already has her epic romance set up – with an alien, no less. terezi never displays traditional “romantic” interest in him, he broke up with vriska, and kanaya is a married lesbian. john, therefore, subverts the trope of male hero: he not only lacks a female love interest, but does not desire one.

the way to complete an arc about internalized homophobia (assuming that the arc is to be ended positively, which, if john is the hero and is making the hero’s journey to satisfaction and contentment, we must) is for the holder to overcome it. john’s issues at the end of the comic come from isolation and a lack of purpose, which his friends have filled by dating and socializing with their gay significant others. john’s loneliness can only be resolved by working through his personal issues, which we glimpsed – despite his notable reluctance to speak about his feelings – during his conversation with dave. ergo: to complete his arc, john must overcome his internalized homophobia. this is “the gay singularity”: the protagonist’s final conflict is not with the alien empress, a woman he’s never met and has never suffered the wrongdoings of, but instead with his internal strife, the quintessential conflict of growing up. john has literally destroyed homophobia by destroying the society he perpetuated – to complete the parallel, he must destroy his own homophobia, too. 

but with whom? on Earth C, of the relevant cast of characters, four other boys remain: jake, john’s quasi-son; karkat, who is already in a relationship with dave, and with whom john has an uncomfortable romantic history already besides; dave, who is already in a relationship with karkat, and dirk. 

dirk is not only openly gay, but comes from a society where homophobia does not exist. on a fundamental level, dirkjohn works on john’s part because his partner does not share his concerns about being a “homosexual” – dirk is unashamedly, exclusively attracted to men, a confidence that neither john nor dave shares. john’s discomfort about what “feels right” in his romantic pursuits parallels dirk’s unequivocal certainty that being gay is right; in fact, dirk expresses conflict over what his inability to not be gay means for his friendship with roxy. they are two opposite examples of character conflict rooted in gayness: one struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and the other struggling with his sexuality’s effects on his life. dirkjohn ends both arcs positively: finishing john’s arc, and giving dirk a relationship divorced completely from his session’s romantic drama. it subverts the traditional hero’s narrative while finishing both arcs – employing homestuck’s brand of untraditional but satisfactory storytelling. 

The Zodiac Signs Personalities

Aries: likes peace, are extremely thorough, responsible, dependable, and hard-working, has lots of will-power, and can accomplish any tasks they set their mind to and usually does.

Taurus: Are quiet. analytical and introspective, has excellent skills with mechanical things, are risk-takers who live for the moment, are usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. They are loyal to others, are strong in their values, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done.

Gemini: Are generally kind and caring of others. They usually put the needs of others above their own. Are stable and practical and they value security and traditions.

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I really like your blog. But I gotta ask, because I'm highly offended and it's rare for me to speak out like this on this blue hellsite. Why are you against atheism?

I’m not I’m against that brand of dudebro atheism that thinks they’re better than you for being atheist and shames the religious and the spiritual as being “fairytales” or whatever and mocks people for having faith especially in times of hardship and lumps all religion in the same bundle and completely dismisses all cultural, social, and historical significance of religions just because they don’t believe in it

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A common Sci-fi trope are small pills that are a complete substitute for food. Is this actually possible?

Hey there nonny. I fully acknowledge that this is off-topic for this blog, but it’s an interesting enough ask that I’m going to answer it anyway. I’m personally going to go with “not as shown and probably not as pills,” and then we’ll break it down a bit, mmkay? mmkay. 

Humans need a lot of things to correctly function. There are the basic energy sources we need: fats, carbohydrates, and protiens; then there are essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a certain amount of hydration. Your body also needs water to help digest and process all of that intake. 

What that means is that the “ideal” space-meal is actually something closer to a smoothie than it is to a pill. 

The cool thing is that we’re actually getting fairly close to this. The product I’m thinking of is called Soylent (yes, after Soylent Green, why do you ask?), and is designed to be complete human nutrition in three shakes in a day. Their original concept was actually pretty cool: they wanted to basically have food be as accessible as water – and, yes, water accessibility is a huge problem. They basically designed full-nutrition shakes that originally came in a powder, and the user added water and fat (I think fish oil? But other oils were useful too). 

They’re still out there – in fact, they’ve made their products into ready-to-drink shakes. 

Maybe I’m just not “sci-fi” enough, but I’m more envisioning a future where there are three taps at the sink: hot water, cold water, and nutrition, and you can just fill a cup with nutrition, drink it down, and go about your day. 

That said, while we can get all of our nutrition from a tap (in the not-too-distant future), culturally, food is tremendously important to us. It’s part of our heritage, part of our social custom. It’s central to our identity as people. 

Of course, writing a sci-fi story, I would expect nothing less than challenges to assumptions along those lines, and it would be an interesting facet of worldbuilding to see a human culture that cooks and eats together meet a human culture who just sees nutrition as no more social or culturally significant than going to the bathroom – having ingesting being something you do, not something you meet people for or enjoy. 

And, of course, even in food-positive cultures, some form of backup food or travel nutrition would  be an important survival tool! 

There are lots of things to think about with all of this, most of which are people. Good luck with your story!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


Shape the blog. See the future. Have you considered becoming a clairvoyant?

New & Improved FreeBook: 10 BS “Medical” Tropes that Need to Die TODAY!

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Syco has been posting all of Louis's snippets on their ig story at the same time Louis posted on his own story. They have been posting about the song both on twitter and insta. All of the official Sony accounts (like brazil, italy, singapore, canada vs. blah blah) has been posting about the song both on ig and twitter. None of you post this stuff on here. I mean Syco fucking sucks but you can't say they didn't do anything for BTY. They just tweeted about the song today.

I didn’t say they didn’t do anything, Syco defender. What I’m saying is that Epic isn’t just retweeting things. They are out here hyping up the song by pushing for airplay. Epic is also telling respected outlets how amped they are to have signed Louis. Syco got their announcement over to The Sun and then didn’t really seem excited about it at all. Tyler Brown (is that his name?) seemed more excited about jokes about Rusty when the announcement came than anything else. And if you don’t see the difference and you’re happy with Syco, that’s fine, but I do see a difference and I’m excited to see what Epic will do to really promote Louis and his music. I hope they do it right.


☊ Karmic Lessons | Old Habits ☋

Ever feel like you’re being gravitated to a certain destiny or purpose? Notice behaviours so deeply ingrained but can’t remember consciously developing them? Ever had recurring themes in your “deja vu” moments? Check your natal chart’s nodes! You might have planets aspecting them.

The North Node and South Node are two important opposing points in astrology (known as Ketu and Rahu respectively in Vedic Astrology). The North Node represents your soul’s legacy whereas the South Node represents its inheritance. The North Node points out the weaknesses you need to overcome and consequently the qualities you need to develop so you can guide yourself to ultimate enlightenment and fulfill your purpose. The South Node hints at the traits, skills and abilities you’ve already accumulated in your past life/lives - i.e. what your soul inherited. While the sign placement should not be dismissed, conjunctions and oppositions to this axis can greatly ‘colour’ or alter the lessons to be learned. With South Node conjunctions people become very attached/dependent on the qualities given by the conjunct planet. The NN/SN axis is thus considered very karmic - what you’ve previously learnt is directly proportional to the most important lessons you NEED to learn at this point. If you don’t believe in the concepts of past lives, it can also be argued that the South Node represents deeply embedded habits often formed very early in the childhood. If you’re interested in a more detailed post on childhood indicators in astrology go to @jupiteronic and track the blog so you’re alerted when I post it!

Sun conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your self-expression may be more easily accepted by others in your life, in fact most likely actively encouraged. Developing your leadership potential, creativity and achieving your soul’s purpose will be a path filled with luck and relative ease. Just learn to be more reliant on your self for this rather than societal mores of how you should express yourself.

Sun opposite NN/conjunct SN: You may find your plans and goals thwarted by circumstances or societal values. However gifted you are at capturing attention and being true to yourself, your self-expression may be met with karmic obstacles and oppositions. Don’t let this hold you back. Learn from it. Beware of a tendency to hog the spotlight.

Moon conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your inner values are in tune with prevailing social trends and ideals, supporting your popularity and generosity with people. These qualities make it so that you can easily take advantage of these social trends and even become a spokesperson/public supporter of them. Be careful not to get too swept up in fads and learn to develop autonomy.

Moon opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to feel alienated by others’ lack of cooperation and support, and you may feel that you have bad timing. As a result you isolate yourself further as a defense mechanism and create a perpetual cycle where you feel lonely and negative all the time. You must learn to stop being so defensive and develop a backbone. Learn to be more malleable in adverse situations. Not everyone is out to get you or take advantage of your vulnerability.

Mercury conjunct NN/opposite SN: You are likely popular, expressive and a good communicator. For this reason you can be very useful in making ideas become accepted and agreed on by the masses with your manner of communicating. However, your line of thinking is often in line with the status quo/ isn’t too controversial and in fact usually accepted, so be careful of getting swept up in popular ways of thinking that discourage progress. While endearingly inquisitive, you must learn to develop a more independent mind free of the input of others and social norms.

Mercury opposite NN/conjunct SN: Circumstances in your life have caused you to feel frustration because you think your ideas are unsupported. Oftentimes your ideas are met with criticisms or opposition that you fear inhibit your intellectual capabilities. Don’t allow this to hold you back. Your ideas may be too behind or, more often, too ahead of the times to be fully accepted. Realise that you are not alone in your way of thinking. Go out, expand your horizons, seek like-minded people. Be open to criticism instead of shutting down out of frustration at feeling misunderstood.

Venus conjunct NN/opposite SN: Likeable and diplomatic, you are likely to have success in relationships or business partnerships. You are likely socially prominent and will benefit greatly from friends/partners. You may form relationships with those who have power, resources or who can further elevate your social status. Be aware of an ability to be deceptively charming for your own gain.

Venus opposite NN/conjunct SN: You may have difficulties or obstacles when it comes to expressing affection due to major circumstances in your past life/early childhood, but you care deeply and have a great love for your family/friends/partners and the world. You have a sincere appreciation for beauty and the arts and likely have some form of artistic talent. Your way of expressing yourself socially and how you display affection, however, may invite conflict and tension from others. Your soul’s lesson is to learn to balance your love for peace with some initiative. Don’t become lazy and complicit.

Mars conjunct NN/opposite SN:The way you take action is often in line with/agreeable with those around you and your timing is in step, as such they help you fulfill your soul’s legacy of acting on your passions, desires and beliefs. Be careful not to let the way you do things be too influenced by social mores as there is a tendency to let others decide which beliefs are “meant” to be acted upon instead of instinctively acting on your own.

Mars opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to find yourself on the disagreeing side of things with this placement. You may find that you arouse a lot of opposition in others because of this, feeling alienated in your values as a result. You might find yourself almost pre-disposed to acting on your own/making your own decisions in group settings, upsetting the group dynamic with the way you do things. You must learn to be less defensive - not everyone is out to get you or fight you, and you must stop using this as an excuse to be aggressively self-involved and inconsiderate of others’ values. To fulfill your soul’s purpose, channel your tendency to be defensive of your beliefs/self into more constructive channels.

Jupiter conjunct NN/opposite SN: Attempts at expansion of the self or mind will be encouraged and accepted. This is a placement associated with karmic luck. Your generosity and optimism will aid you well and bring you good fortune. There is a tendency to take things for granted here. You may attain popularity very easily or achieve success so fast that you fail to properly value it. Another key issue this placement has to watch out for is the tendency to overdo things. Don’t overindulge, don’t be overly generous. Learn moderation.

Jupiter opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major life circumstances may have forced you to put much significance on social/educational/religious expansion and rely too much on optimism. You must learn to pace yourself and develop a more grounded, realistic outlook or your larger-than-life ambitions will be shot down by societal times as they often conflict with the times. Your ambitions and ideals are noble and grand, but beware of a tendency to lose yourself in the big picture.

Saturn conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your levelheaded wisdom and competent resourcefulness will allow you to achieve your goals without much opposition. You have a good sense of timing which will help you gain respect from authority and go places. Be careful not to conform too much to unnecessary or illogical societal values out of a desire to stay on top.

Saturn opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances in your past life/early childhood may have caused you to develop a restricted, cynical worldview. Your judgemental, overly traditional, sour outlook will inspire much opposition in others.

Uranus conjunct NN/opposite SN: You’re highly in tune with social changes and are likely to benefit from them. Be careful not to get too caught up in how you’re benefitting from them that you lose sight of your personal values.

Uranus opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances may have caused you to be an advocate of change and revolutionary inclinations. Your ideas are often too ahead of the times. However, these ideas are often not met well by the people in your life and you often feel that any progress you make is set back by societal values or things out of your control. Beware of a tendency to be fanatic/erratic in your persuasion, it will hinder you and hold you back. Focus on developing a more tolerant worldview and perhaps you’ll get the change you’re so hell-bent on contributing to. You don’t have to be the extremist rebel just because you think no one else wants to play that part. Bursts of energy and bolts of revolutionary ideas that come out of seemingly nowhere are common with this placement.

Neptune conjunct NN/opposite SN: You have larger-than-life goals that are often noble and spiritual. Beware of a tendency to get swept up in social fads and go with the flow in unhealthy contexts. You must learn autonomy and lucidity while seeking the spiritual evolvement you crave.

Neptune opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to have unrealistic ideals or beliefs that arouse opposition from society or others. Major circumstances in the past life/early childhood may have caused you to rely on escapism or spirituality in adverse situations - be careful not to get too swept up in your dreams and fantasies as they are unproductive and will cause you strife.

Pluto conjunct NN/opposite SN: You are intuitive enough to understand how social trends are formed and how you can contribute to their transformation. You’ll learn resourcefulness as a result of this intuition, but be careful not to let these endless manipulations of social values drastically change you or trap you.

Pluto opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances in your past life/early childhood may have caused you to become resourceful, self-reliant and distrustful of authority. You likely question prevailing societal values and remain unaffected by trends. This may ignite much opposition in others and resentment within you. Your desire for transformations, deep thinking and intensity clashes with current social mores. Stop letting opposition to your ideas isolate you.

*While not as potent as conjunctions and oppositions, sextiles and trines can still be considered. The soul’s purpose is more easily reached with these aspects, infused with the qualities of the aspecting planet. With a square aspect, the planet’s values is in constant conflict with the soul’s purpose/need for spiritual evolvement.

**These are all my own interpretations. For more posts like this follow @jupiteronic
UN report lays bare the waste of treating homes as commodities
A massive shift of global capital investment has left homes empty and people homeless, argues Leilani Farha, UN special rapporteur for housing
By Dawn Foster

The UN special rapporteur for housing, Leilani Farha, will highlight the devastating human rights impact of society’s tendency to view houses as financial commodities rather than homes for people, in her report to the UN this week.

The report warns about a rise in “dehumanised housing”: housing built as a high-yield commodity rather than for social use. A significant portion of investor-owned homes are simply left empty. In Melbourne, Australia, for example, 82,000 (or one fifth) of investor-owned units are unoccupied. In prime locations for wealthy foreign investors, such as the affluent boroughs of Chelsea and Kensington in the city of London, the number of vacant units increased by 40% between 2013 and 2014.

In such markets, the value of housing is no longer based on its social use. Properties are equally valuable regardless of whether they are vacant or occupied, so there is no pressure to ensure properties are lived in. They are built with the intention of lying empty and accumulating value, while at the same time, homelessness remains a persistent problem.



Queen Consort of Neustria (western Francia)

Born ? - Died 597 CE

Claim to Fame: A brutal and formidable queen, best know for her forty year feud with her sister-in-law, Queen Brunhild of Austrasia.

Background: High-ranking women in Merovingian Gaul could hold substantial wealth and status in the fifth and sixth centuries which enabled them to exercise significant social, political and religious influence.

Born into a low-ranking family, Fredegund was a servant to the first wife of King Chilperic I of Neustria, Audovera. She seduced Chilperic and convinced him to divorce and expel Audovera. Chilperic then married a wealthy second wife, Galsuenda, but she soon died and was swiftly replaced as queen by Fredegund. Stories of Galsuenda’s death vary but it is believed that she spoke out against the immorality of Chilperic’s court so the King and his favourite mistress, Fredegund, had her strangled in bed. The powerful Queen Brunhild of Austrasia was both the sister-in-law of Chilperic (she was married to his brother) and the sister of Galsuenda. Brunhild’s fury at her sister’s death sparked a feud between the once unified houses of Austrasia and Neustria that spanned over forty years. The rivalry between Brunhild and Fredegund was particularly bitter and lead their families through generations of conflict.

Fredegund is represented in primary sources as a particularly violent woman who used her desirability to manipulate and corrupt those around her. She frequently contracted assassins as well as torturing, maiming and killing opponents. Among her many alleged misdeeds, Fredegund was suspected of ordering the assassination of Brunhild’s husband, Sigebert I, and attempting to assassinate Brunhild’s son Childebert II, her brother-in-law Guntram of Burgundy, and even Brunhild herself. In a jealous rage, she even attempted to murder her own daughter, Rigunth, by slamming the lid of a chest down on her neck as she reached for the jewelry inside. However, her violence was not limited to royal family members, and included a number of officials, clergymen and locals. In a classic example, Fredegund attempted to quell a dispute between kinsmen but ‘when she failed to reconcile them with gentle words she tamed them on both sides with the ax’ by inviting them to a feast and having them all murdered. Her formidable reputation served her well and she manipulated all levels of society through the fear of her fury.

When a dysentery epidemic struck her husband and two of her sons in 580 CE, Fredegund was plunged into remorse. Believing the epidemic was punishment for her sins, she burned unfair tax records and donated to the church and the poor after her sons succumbed to the disease.

In 584 CE, her husband, Chilperic, was mysteriously assassinated and Fredegund sought refuge in the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. She died of natural causes 8 December 597 in Paris and is entombed in Saint Denis Basilica.

Several years after Fredegund’s death, her son Clothar II defeated Brunhild in battle and, despite the Queen being in her late sixties, he had her stretched on the rack for three days and then torn apart by four horses. Such was the bitterness of their familial enmity.

Note: The main source for Fredegund’s life is Gregory of Tours’ History of the Franks. Gregory was patronised by Queen Brunhild so his depictions of her qualities and the evils of her rival, Fredegund, are likely biased. Other sources recognise Fredegund’s brutality but treat her and Brunhild more equitably.

~ Much of this mini-bio is based on an essay of mine, so please PM me for sources.

The reason that many radicals as well as conservatives fail to grasp the powerful message of art is perhaps not far to seek. The average radical is as hidebound by mere terms as the man devoid of all ideas…But since art speaks a language of its own, a language embracing the entire gamut of human emotions, it often sounds meaningless to those whose hearing has been dulled by the din of stereotyped phrases.
—  Emma Goldman, The Social Significance of Modern Drama (1914)
New Face!

Damn!  That dance video has become extremely popular????  I needed some smiles today after significant socializing - I hate socializing but unfortunately, gotta to do it! - So, watched that video and surprised to find close to 500K views?

Who the heck is viewing the dance video?  How did it get that famous?  Some comments even ask “Who is the dude?’..  I totally understand fans finding it but how are strangers finding this video and liking it?

It is so weird!!  LJS dancing for the fans, that he meant to keep it to 3000 people who attended, having so many clicks.

I wonder if he knows!! 

Ha ha ha ha.

Love it though.  It is really fun to read the comments.  

And as a fan, I guess I must link it here - just to get it more clicks.  Don’t ask me why but I feel compelled.


(just saying)

If you were around back in the days, you may recall coming online to check in on news about VM and there would be posts.  But often enough, people who just wanted to share about VM, would be posting pics of Scott with a girlfriend, or would repost a pic in which the subtext from T would be visiting/travelling with a boyfriend.  And hey, it’s their lives, and they’re allowed to live them however; but I must say that I’ll take a boomerang of T out with a friend or S at a family wedding or T promoting her business interests or S disappearing from planet earth, any day.  ;)

“Beautiful, intelligent and talented, Nicholas I’s second eldest daughter (Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna), captured here at sixteen, was widely considered to be one of the most eligible royal brides in Europe. The failure of her siblings Alexander, Maria and Alexandra to make socially significant matches resulted in a certain amount of pressure on the young Grand Duchess to succeed where they had failed. No doubt to the relief of her parents, aged 24, Olga agreed to marry the Crown Prince Karl of Württemberg after a handful of meetings and went on to become the fourth queen of Württemberg in 1864.
As Queen, the childless Olga devoted her time to charity and was known by all as the ‘virtuoso of charities’. Having volunteered her palace to serve as a hospital for the duration of the Franco-Prussian War, the Queen personally met the trains carrying the wounded and nursed the sick.”