social revolt

The public’s inability to grasp the pathology of our oligarchic corporate elite makes it difficult to organize effective resistance. Compliant politicians, entertainers, and our vapid, corporate-funded popular culture and news media hold up the elites as leaders to emulate. We are repeatedly assured that through diligence and hard work we can join them. We are taught to equate wealth with success. This narrative keeps us from seeing the truth.
—  Chris Hedges, Wages of Rebellion The Moral Imperative of Revolt 

“The workers must be armed and organized. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” — Karl Marx

This should be a very pressing issue for the far-left. We need to start pulling a lot more Black Panther shit, waltzing around the capitol building locked and loaded. As a tendency and a movement, we need to flat-out steal the “gun culture” from reactionaries.

Coal workers in Colorado arm themselves as the strike turns bloody, eventually culminating into the Colorado Coal/Labor Wars, in which many armed striking workers retaliated and defended themselves & their families from violent scabs, corporate gun-thugs and even the Colorado National Guard, while also seizing mines and destroying company property in retribution for the massacre at Ludlow. 1914.

Hey guys, just to let you know, the rich people with millions upon billions of dollars watching people starve from the mansions aren’t kind hearted philanthropists.

They’re the enemy of the working class.

If you disagree look up what the fuck scarcity means.

I feel like a lot of what the Autistic community self-describes as “bad social skills” is really just incompatibility with certain people.

Like, I get it. People at work and shit, people you’re forced to spend time with every day, those people are difficult to interact with. But there’s no reason that the blame for this should be put entirely on your own alternative methods of relating to others.

The problem is not your social paradigm.

The problem isn’t even their social paradigm.

The problem is their refusal to accept and understand your social paradigm as equally valid.


2012 - Spanish miners in the northwestern Spanish provinces of Asturias and Leon, armed with homemade rockets and slingshots,battled police for months in protest against government cuts and austerity. The cuts threatened the main source of income for much of the region with no plans to replace the lost jobs, while destroying the social safety net.

From this short documentary on the Spanish Miners Revolt: [video]