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Favorite songs that make me think of Wrestlers 2 (not all are my favorite version)

Some here are repeats, and some here have different songs. Sorry

The New Day: Dead Unicorn by Little Big

Enzo and Cass: Boombastic by Forever Never

Dean Ambrose: Not The American Average by Asking Alexanderia (Don’t ask why…)

Jon Moxley: Sick Individual by Halestorm

Seth Rollins: End of Me by Ashes Remain

Roam Reigns: Your Betrayal by Bullet For My Valentine

The Shield: Murmaider by Dethklok

Kevin Owens: Mayhem by Halestorm

Sami Zayn: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

The Social Outcasts: Don’t Forget The Sun by Get Scared (Idk why, but whenever I listen to it I think of Bo Dallas singing it to the other Outcasts like he’s reaching out to them)

The Wyett Family: Scarecrow by Fozzy (its a really creepy song… @gamer705 don’t hate me 😅)

The Miz: Mr. MTV by Nothing More (not trying to hate on him I swear, its just his spoiled celebrity gimmick that makes me think on him when I hear this song)

Shunsuke Nakamura: Beyond The Vail or Elements by Lindsey Stirling (mainly because his theme song sounds like something she’d play)

The Vaudevillains (mostly Simon Gotch for this one): Doc Holiday by Volbeat (also cuz this song comes from their album Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies, the name got me thinking of Simon Gotch and his old wrestling persona Ryan Drago)

Corey Graves: Raised by Wolves by Falling in Reverse

Chris Jericho: Still Counting by Volbeat (again, @gamer705 please don’t kill me… You either @j3r1ch0-y2j)

John Cena: Cut The Cord by Shinedown

Breezango: Lose It by Oh Wonder (the Jerry Folk Remix)

American Alpha: When Two Are One by Atreyu

Feel free to listen to these on your own time, they’re all really good songs


Many cancer patients can be overwhelmed with the physical and emotional difficulties of their disease, and the loss of their hair from chemotherapy treatment certainly doesn’t help. Henna Heals, a rich community of nearly 150 henna tattoo artists worldwide established by a team of 5 women in Canada, helps women with cancer feel confident and beautiful again by drawing elegant henna crowns on their bare heads:

The intricate patterns that the artists create with all-natural henna paste are a unique and empowering substitute to the hats and wigs that many women use to cover their heads after losing their hair to chemotherapy. “For cancer patients, the henna crowns really are a healing experience,” claims Frances Darwin, the founder of Henna Heals. “This is all about them reclaiming a part of themselves that would normally be perceived as ill or damaged or not nice to look at and making it more feminine and beautiful.”

The traditional South-Asian temporary tattoos, which are made with 100% natural home-made henna paste, last for around two weeks and have no harmful side-effects. Henna Heals also offers henna services for special events and does belly painting for mother-to-be, but they always donate 10% of their proceeds to compensate the cost of the henna crowns they make for cancer patients.

Lines Dividing Rich And Poor Captured With Drones

For his new project “Unequal Scenes” Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller used a drone to show the inequality that exists in the Republic of South Africa.

“Discrepancies in how people live are sometimes hard to see from the ground. The beauty of being able to fly is to see things from a new perspective – to see things as they really are. Looking straight down from a height of several hundred meters, incredible scenes of inequality emerge.” – wrote Miller.

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Hey CINEMA 4D community,

greatest of the greatest of the greatest :) It’s only one week left and i would love to encourage everyone to participate in “99frames” - The Social Animation Project. This is a recap post and a info post for all new readers.

DEADLINE is the 5. December 2011 @ 23:59:59 CET +1 (German time)

So far 367 Members & 57 Videos (27.11.2011)

What is “99frames” - The Social Animation Project ?

  • It’s the biggest and coolest project since CINEMA 4D, hehe :)
  • It’s about having fun together and creating a huge movie out of 99 frames long movies.
  • no skills required, everyone can join, learn and share your work with the world

Are there any rules ?

  • Yes
  • Animation must use at least one CINEMA 4D R13 feature
  • needs to be 800x450px (Demo=640x360px) in resolution
  • length is limited to 99 frames (0 - 98) at a framerate of 30fps (frames per second)
  • No Stills only Animation
  • Link back to so others have the chance to join as well
  • You can replace your entry as often as you like, but remember, deadline is the 5th of december
  • You really, really  have to have fun when joining the project

Do whatever you like. There is no theme. Just play around with CINEMA 4D R13 and have fun learning the new tools & features. I truly believe that R13 is one of MAXON’s best releases ever, so go give it a spin. Another cool thing is, i also could get some really awesome sponsors for “99frames”.


MAXON / VrayForC4D / Jawset / C4D Jack /Blackstar Plugins / Cineversity / Third Party Plugins. Just check out their fantastic work.

The Jury: 

David Lewandowski /

Kay Tennemann /

Manuel Casasola Merkle /

Mike “The Monkey” Senften /

Nick “GreyscaleGorilla” Campbell /

Rizon Parein /

The Music:

Wirehead Music: &

I would love to see you join and make this project even cooler.

All the best

David Drayton


We’re excited to share our latest work, SocialProject.Ph. We’ve been working on this for quite some time now with developers Rico & Mikong of Nadarei. SocialProject.PH is a platform that supports the ecosystems of social enterprises and non-profits in the Philippines. The site is currently in beta mode but there are already five awesome projects from Ayala Foundation, Gawad Kalinga & Bambowtie, Gifts and Graces, Hapinoy, and Stiftung Solarenergie.

You can find and donate to projects that uplift the Philippine Community and other advocacies of their choice from the five categories: Cool for School, Guardian AngelEco WarriorsHeart for Health, and Profit + Passion. Project Owners also give rewards to Backers for their support.

SocialProject.PH’s platform lets you follow the progress of a project through milestones, Project Owner comments, and a countdown. You can also learn more about the project through uploaded videos and blog entries.

We introduced a different take on how to raise funding by implementing “Milestones”. What are milestones?

For bigger projects, you can choose to be paid in multiple “milestones.” For example, if you define 3 milestones, you will be paid in 3 increments.

Your first milestone will be reached once your project has enough money pledged equal to that milestone’s goal. These funds will then be made available to you immediately once this milestone is attained.

Once the last milestone is attained, the project is considered to be fully funded. Your project’s full funding goal is the milestones combined. 

Check it out
and help crowdfund a better Philippines!

You may download the press kit here.

The "I Am Human" Social Project.

I gained inspiration for this social project when introduced to the song called “I Am Human” by Brian Buckley Band. The purpose of this project is to see how many people can be connected and moved by one song, by one lyric, that truly has a meaning to them. 

This is kind of like the project for “Dirty Little Secret” by All American Rejects, so I don’t claim to be original at all, I know I’m not, I’m not clever enough to come up with something like this completely from scratch.

What I am hoping is even if I get one note on this, at least I know there is at least one person out there that is also effected by this, and that they have something that they feel themselves, in their lives where they feel they have let someone down.

So here is what I want you people to do.

I want you to reblog this, just the once, with two photos of your own (it can be one if you can fit two pages of A4 into one image), on one piece of paper I want it to read “I Am Human And I Will Let You Down.” and on the other I want you to write a time where you feel you’ve let someone down. I want you to share that emotion with people you’ve never met, getting it off your chest and out in the air, hopefully lifting a little bit of extra weight off yourself. You may even have let yourself down at one point.

Just follow my example above, and yes, what I wrote there is true, completely and utterly true. 

Share you life. Share the load.

"99frames" Judges Announced

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I’m more than happy to announce that i have found a team of super creative professional judges for the “99frames” project.

Why ?

Well actually i got so much love for this project that i’m able to give away ultra-cool stuff at the end of this project (tba). And therefor i got a team of judges who will help me.

Who ?  (appeareance in alphabetical order)

David Lewandowski /

Kay Tennemann /

Manuel Casasola Merkle /

Mike “The Monkey” Senften /

Nick “GreyscaleGorilla” Campbell /

Rizon Parein /

Tell your friends, your coworkers, Twitter Followers that “99frames” - The Social Animation Project is about to take of.

ATTN: If you reside in the OC/LA region!

PAPERSNOW is a social project that invites the public to collaborate in making a paper snowflake collage. Each participant will be asked to make at least one unique snowflake to contribute to the artwork at the event.

Why snowflakes?

Like water, people and their personalities come in different forms which make each of us incomparable to one another, similar to the geometric anatomy of a snowflake. To acknowledge the ubiquity of society, consider this project a collaborative ode to the coincidences and geometry of our social connections.

PAPERSNOW will be meeting at the front of La Mirada Regional Park (Adelfa side) underneath the trees between the parking lot and the tennis courts.Snowflake materials will be supplied but if you would like to donate any more paper, or lend a pair of scizzors etc… please do! 

So, ride your bike/take a walk/skip down to regional park. It shouldn’t matter how you get there, just be there!

(Click the image for more info and the Facebook invite)



I know I’ve said it a million times already but I’m just so glad you are by my side every moment of my life, even if it’s not physically. I’ll never not be grateful for that <3

And also special thanks to the anon who sent me the birthday cake 3 months ago! You are a life saver!


Project: Crowd

Zdjęcia tłumu oglądającego słynne dzieła w Luwrze: Wenus z Milo, Mona Lisę i Nike z Samotraki. // 

Pictures of crowds sightseeing the famous works in Louvre: Venus from Milo, Mona Lisa and Nike from Samothrace.

Celem projektu jest ukazanie zderzenia kultury masowej z kulturą wysoką. Wytworzenia się zjawiska, w którym tłum uniemożliwia jednostce kontakt z dziełem. Jednocześnie działanie to jest motywowane sławą i prestiżem prac. Poprzez udostępnianie zdjęć na własnych mediach społecznościowych, uczestnicy zjawiska czują, iż współdzielą sławę dzieł. // 

The project’s aim is to show the crash between pop culture and high culture. The creation of a phenomenon, in which the crowd, makes it unable for an individual to get in touch with the work. Furthermore the crowd is driven mostly by the fame and the prestige of the pieces - via sharing pictures of the works on their social media accounts they feel like a part of it too. 



This is a psychology project I want to work on. Thus, I’m gonna need about 14 volunteers to communicate with each other every day FOR ONE MONTH. I’m gonna assign you all a color as well. You don’t have to be confident or anything. All I want from you is one month of dedication for this project. 14 people is all I need and THE MORE DIVERSE THE BETTER. Just some basic rules for this:

  • Join the group chats every day
  • Please have some sort of connection to the internet
  • Group chats will be over Google+ or a different social app. Whatever makes you more comfortable.
  • Feel free to talk to some people individually. THIS IS A FRIEND MAKING EXERCIZE.