social problems

I’m usually not the one to start the conversation. The main reason for me is that I worry that they don’t care about what I’m telling them. If someone wants to know something, I’ll tell them - then again some people are too afraid to ask questions and so they don’t… but still, I would hate to be telling someone something and them not even caring what I have to say.


You may now be tempted to ignore this post. Please do. I was sentenced to support you lower creatures, listen to your stupid stories, your lovey-dovey cheesy Problems. I am actually supposed to give you advice with your Problems, so if you have any, turn to Stark, he blew something up and has to do this bull shit too.

Please dont ask me for love advice. I am obliged to give you a helpful answer and i really dont want to.

Sunbeam, grey infinity (2015 Buenos Aires)

Argentina is still a very unsteady country, with a complicated economical situation and with a bunch of problems to sort out. For instance, crime is a serious problem in Argentina. Criminal activity is concentrated in urban areas, especially Greater Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, and Mendoza.

When walking around Buenos Aires, people recommend you to watch out and avoid conflicting areas.  That piece of advice makes you consider the city hostile, grey. But most Argentinians want that to change. They are brave, friendly and welcoming. They are willing to contribute for a better today and tomorrow. The sunbeam of this country is the amazing willpower of a lot of people.

In a more steady societies we have problems but we don’t contribute, we don’t get involved because we fear to lose what we have. Most of the human beings only react when they start to feel that demolition of their wellbeing is round the corner.

Black Man

I am a black man
A black man that’s bounded by the country that enslaved his ancestors 
Forced to work for men who look just like him just a different color
Not realizing how powerful he actually is he blindly complies to the laws of his so called nation
They tell us “get your education” do what you want to do but I’m still enslaved
Trapped in the circle of life, a constant repetition of generations.
Enslaved by the ideas I was taught in school
No idea is a lie but every idea can seem like the truth when lying to the youth

You see it’s the same idea that keeps races divided the same idea that killed millions of people 
Protesting and boycotting for the rights we were told we didn’t have because of too much melanin
Is it because you know how powerful we are, or because you know what we can do if were enlightened.
I am a black man I come in all shapes and sizes, I am Emit Till, I am Trayvon Martin, I am Oscar Grant I am Eric Gardner

I was blinded but now I know the truth

Your scared of what I can become, knowing my ancestors were kings and queens you’re fearful that this will happen again

Imprisoning my brothers and sisters, put needles in their arms, kill them and entrap them in the slavery of debt and manipulate them to believe in your world of lies
I am a black man and I will not be bounded anymore by you I don’t want revenge and I don’t want reparations. I want the intangible things like knowledge, freedom and peace but most of all I want all the life’s of my family back and the innocent souls that were lost because of their color
Race is skin deep but the needles, bullets, knives and whips strike through skin
Which means you killed another man 
We’re a nation but you believe in killing each other 
Killing and stealing for the things we want instead of saying thank you for the things we have

Looking in all the wrong directions to find the right path
Yes we are a nation but my kind weren’t imprinted in your declaration 
I’m a black man but I’ll never be never let the past happen again 
I’m a Black Man

-Steven Sharp