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Today, I’d like to share something with everyone, specially Taylor. 💁🏼

I am a 16 years old girl. My name is Joud. And I live in Jordan. 🌼

I was a normal girl who lives her boring life, refused to change and never try some new things. 😪

But in 10th of November 2012, something special happened; my twin sister (her name is Amal) showed me a music video, it was special.. so special. It was “mean” music video. In that moment I felt something strange something beautiful, new and amazing. 💕

Actually that song helped me a lot in my life, so thank you, thank you Taylor for writing that amazing song that helped me to realize that it is okay if people tried to bring you down, It is okay If you get teased, but you should never let that stop you of being who you are. ✨

Life for me was empty and meaningless but now after Taylor, everything is worth the pain. Everything I go through make me stronger. life is worth it you should never forget that. 🌸

My life, my mind and my thoughts completely changed after listening to her music. I am so grateful. 🙏🏻

I honestly wanted so many things from life, the most important thing I wanted is to be happy, Taylor brought happiness to my life, but she also made it clear for me that, it is kind of impossible to stay happy all the time and I am okay with that. 👀

That’s me on the picture I was very happy that day because I was wearing a shirt that has Taylor’s face on it for the first time, and I didn’t stop smiling even though I look idiot. 🙄

Supporting Taylor is everything to me. Thank you Taylor for everything, for everything you do for all of us. I love you, I will never forget you as long as I live. I know you are doing your best. 😭

I guess I said enough till now. I may never be able to meet you and tell you that I am so grateful for having you in my life and how much you helped me. but I will never lose hope. I promise. 🌺

Thank you so much @taylorswift for everything. I love you so much.❤️

i’d give him the universe if he asked for it.


Every now and then I’ll just be like, ‘Is this all an elaborate cover up and the wizards are howling with laughter at how we’ve accepted this? I start to get paranoid. ‘Is J.K. Rowling the only Muggle in the world who knows about the secrets and she’s somehow been entrusted?’ It’s almost like it reinforces the barrier between us and them if there’s one magical Muggle who’s making it seem like it’s a fantasy world and what if it isn’t? What if she’s covering it up? That would make me crazy!” — Evanna Lynch [x]


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anonymous asked:

hey elise idk if this has been asked before but how do you think the amis would use social media?

  • Enjolras: 
    • He keeps the Les Amis de l’ABC Facebook page updated with what’s on their agenda for the next meeting, what protest they’ll start or participate in. Share a lot of articles to bring awareness about social justice and important stuff. Never ever resists replying to bigotted comments by a WALL of text.
    • He has a personal tumblr. It’s a lot of social justice stuff and pictures of his friends etc etc
  • Grantaire: 
    • Only on Facebook to sass some bigots out. It’s a pastime, really. An art form.
    • He’s behind several humouristic tweeter accounts, mainly dealing with fatalistic humour
    • He has two blogs, one for memes and funny text posts, the other for art and aesthetic purposes. He has an instagram, but he forgets about it 95% of the time
  • Courfeyrac:
    • He’s on every front. He has an account everywhere. And like 10 different tumblrs, mixing activism, fashion, memes and a gaysuggestion blog
    • He’s that guy who tweets absolutely all the time it’s unbearable. We don’t need to know you had the best kebab of your entire like, Courf. We really don’t
    • Instagram King
  • Combeferre:
    • Is on Pinterest a lot, mainly for tattoo ideas
    • His Instagram is 45% pictures of forests he hikes in, 15% pics of him before or after his daily jog and 40% various bugs
    • Personification of the “Science Side of Tumblr”
  • Joly:
    • Also on Pinterest for vegan recipes and tea recipes
    • Holds a healingsuggestion blog on tumblr
    • Sends anonymous messages to people to make them feel better
    • The cutest Instagram in the land
  • Bossuet:
    • Regrets every page he’s every liked on Facebook back in 2008
    • Writes text posts about his misfortunes on tumblr an gets 50k notes everytime. Became tumblr famous because of it
    • Also has a youtube channel where he does sketches and stuff. It’s pretty popular because his humour is the absolute best
  • Jehan:
    • The most aesthetic blog and Instragram account you’ve ever seen
    • Sometimes does photoshoots in the forest with Eponine and it’s eery and magical as fuck
    • Holds a recovery 101 blog
    • Has an Etsy shop in which they sell little lucky charm bracelets and small wiccan stuff that they make
  • Bahorel:
    • That guy who’s instragram is 50% him at the gym and 50% baking
    • Also pics of baby animals
    • He said he wouldn’t give in to that decorate your beard hipster trend. But he did. Something else that’s on his instragram.
    • Has so many friends on Facebook everybody think his account is fake
  • Feuilly:
    • Posts his knitting progress on Instagram
    • Deleted his Facebook account to maximise his chances of employment
    • Holds tumblr called “Chrnonicles of a Cashier” that recounts all the fucked up stuff people have said/told him while he was behind the register. It’s pretty popular  

January 13, 2017- Selena Gomez’s makeup artist posted this HOT HOT HOT picture of her behind the scenes of a ‘secret project’ the other day. She is serving looks in a red intarsia shark sweater from Coach’s Spring 2017 Collection in the pic. Unfortunately this sweater is not for sale as of yet but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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Other doodles from my Instagram, this time featuring my Warden Queen Gilly Cousland and Alistair!
She’s very short and very angry and likes long swords.