social pathology

Blacks are responding to American social and moral pathology - they are being inundated with culturally and historically nonsensical mixed messages.

Blacks for the first three centuries after the settling of the New World were instructed that they were entitled to White patronage, in exchange for servile obedience and upright behavior. Quite suddenly, they were ripped out of this paradigm and told they were “equal” to the White man and forced to compete with the White man as free labor.

Of course, this circumstance was untenable, and it resulted in mass-incarceration of blacks and other dysfunctional social conditions.

The problem is that Whites pretend to hold Blacks in high esteem and carry on this affected pose of “equality” - Blacks discern this and it both confuses them and provokes them to rage.

An interesting comparative juxtaposition is how the Japanese traditionally look at Burakumin - Japanese don’t pretend to like the Burakumin, and don’t feign any belief that they are “equals”. However, the Burakumin were and are free to pursue their own endeavors, and some actually become and became quite wealthy. However, it would not have occurred to anybody to make-believe that these people are viewed as anything other than ritually unclean and basically inferior.

For all the Karl Popper-esque horseshit about traditional societies being “closed” and thereby oppressing the emotional and intellectual lives of people, its actually Anglo-derived societies that elevate lying to a moral imperative. This has very serious social and political consequences.
—  Thomas777

Hello fellow tumblr-ites!

I’m currently doing an internship in a post-highschool place of learning as a teacher.
In 10 days, I’m giving a three hour class on stress and anxiety (both as typically seen in ‘healthy’ people and pathologically (phobia, social phobia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive).

Since it is not a course that’s a per-requisite for anything, I can really go in any direction I want. If you (person with or without any anxiety related disorder) had had the chance to have this kind of class when you were around 18y/o, what would you have liked to know? (for example: way to cope with stress, what’s a phobia (and how to treat it), how to identify destructive anxiety vs healthy anxiety)

I aim to record all your answers and build my class around these.

Thank you for your time!

(Sorry for my english, it is neither my first language nor the language I’m teaching in)