social otaku

Boy: Hey so are ya free on the weekend girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

Me: I’m busy

Boy: Why? Whatcha do?

Me: Ahhhh you know…. studying…

Me on the weekend:

Amelia / Nerdmelia

Female, Age 21

Frisk’s older twin sister. Amelia is actually a well-known singer and has been lending her voice to multiple performances on stage starting from a very young age. She wears a mask and dress when performing, refusing to allow anyone to recognize her outside of her musical career as she still wants to focus on studies.

She is a huge fan of Owl City, and aims to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist like Adam Young one day.

She’s also a socially awkward, nerdy otaku who’s into BL and has a total of 10 fictional husbands.

Instruments : Piano, keyboard, violin, flute, ocarina, acoustic guitar

♫ Frisk / Chara / Asriel ♫