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Wagner, Valkyrie

Ferdinand Leeke (April 7, 1859 - 1923) was a German Painter, famous for his depictions of scenes from Wagnerian Operas. A native of Burg bei Magdeburg, Germany, he studied at the Munich Academy under Johann Herterich (1843-1905), a genre and historical painter, and with Alexander von Wagner (1838-1919), a Hungarian genre and landscape painter.

Around 1889, Siegfried Wagner, the son of the composer Richard Wagner, commissioned Leeke to paint a series of paintings showing scenes from ten operas by Wagner.


When we arrived in DC, the first thing we were greeted with after the hundreds of police was a BLM protest. Antifa, Communists, and overall garbage human beings everywhere. We went right into the center of this gathering, held our flag and gave a single salute. 

The pictures don’t do it justice, every side of the monument was covered with people. Not a single one came up to us, probably because they knew anyone crazy enough to do this isn’t worth the risk.

We also took home a souvenir. 


VICE NEWS | The Rise Of Swedens’s Far-Left Militants

Not to subpost anyone but there’s a variety of ethnic nationalist socialism very centered around a weird racialization of continents that relies on a/transhistorical blood and soil narratives. E.g. collapsing all of Europe into whiteness but saying ‘Europeans’ instead of white people and presenting Europe as an eternally ethnically and racially homogenous place to be contrasted with “Afrikans,” etc which is also presented as eternally ethnically and racially homogenous.

None of that is true though and you can’t just pretend as if Europe and Africa can be used as placeholders for race or have ever been homogenous places. That’s accepting white nationalist rhetoric on race but for “liberatory” purposes somehow.