social movement theory

When you have a job (when you work) you DO NOT take profits. Profits are taken FROM YOU by the investor - be it the individual capitalist, a shareholder, community, or a bank.

What do you take from your boss? When you build cars, you are building cars, you are using the machines – not the boss. Where did the boss take the machines? Other workers made them, with resources provided by other workers in mines.

Capitalists do not provide actually anything; they just channel capital taken from workers into a concentrated state during investments, allowing workers to further develop its value.

And this is easy to see in the real world: workers without capitalists could very easily manage the whole society and produce and consume. Capitalists without workers could not even survive one day: what do you eat when nobody cultivates the fields? What do you dress in when nobody makes your clothes? Where do you go when nobody extracts metals from mines, transforms it into complex mechanical systems and then further works it into assembling a car or a train or a bike?

—  Vladimir K. Chekinov