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*dirk gently voice* hiiiii!!
so, hello there everyone, celebrating the fandom meetup here are some selfies
the highly professional (and a bit scary) selfie, the slightly drunk and music-y selfie
and the holistic partygoers selfie with @molluscagonewild (the other half of my soul)
i’m Timi btw, my blog is a mess, everyone is welcome
peace out and be like a leaf in the stream of creation (or, you know, a piranha, whatever floats your boat)


You can see it in my face that I really had to force myself to make what was planned for diner even though it’s something I enjoy. My mood is still “eh” and one of those headaches is lingering again.

But also tonight is the weekly social meetup for my art guild and I stayed home.

You see, it’s at a restaurant and I knew I didn’t have it in me to resist food if I went out like that. Not tonight.

So I missed out on one of the few chances I get to be around other people all week, because of food.

Sucks doesn’t it?

So instead I grilled. Ate. Cleaned up. And now will just keep working until it’s time to call it a night so I can be fresh and ready to swim in the morning and enjoy a new day.


Today’s practice was focused on completing the Mile Swim.  And with that I have completed the USMS Check Off Challenge - where you swim all of the events that are done in Meets during the year.   Once you complete it you can pay to register that you completed them all and get a shirt etc.  But since the shirts are never made in my size - I will just save the money and go to bed satisfied that I did them all.

Last night was a social meetup for the artist guild I belong to.  Had a really large group show up and it’s always fun to chat with fellow artists about everything we all have going on.

In other news - I also logged my weight and all of my measurements in an effort to start paying better attention to food and my weight loss goals.  I am up 9lbs from where I started the year and I can definitely feel it has an impact on my swimming - definitely feel a bit slower than I was not to long ago.  So once again I am going to try and make some positive food changes that I can maintain long term.

Also my car is back in the shop today - they called last night the part had arrived and asked if I could get it in this morning so it’s there.  Hoping that this part does the trick and I can be done with car repairs for a little while.

100 warm up

1 mile swim

5 rounds:

  • 50 kick
  • 50 pull


Asheville Tumblr Meetup?!!?!??!?!

I want to make friends in Asheville, but I need people who are interested in the same weird shit I’m into. So, I thought, why not have Tumblr Meetups? I’ve done it once before, people showed up, it was great fun, but I think it should be more of a regular thing.

What kind of stuff would you guys like to do at meetups? Where would you like to go? I’m thinking maybe regular meets at somewhere like Dobra tea and then occasionally go see a movie, picnics, nature trails, tourist traps, photoshoots for the cosplayers and hobbyists among us, and maybe after we know each other for a while casual dinners and video game hangouts and the like. The point is to meet other nerds and make connections.

The only restriction: nobody under 18. I work with kids, and I don’t really want to hang out with them and also it’d be kind of creepy.

Other goals:

- I’m a cosplayer/crafter/artist so it’d be really cool to find like-minded people. I’m also into ball-jointed dolls and that kind of thing, and I’d love to find someone to talk shop with.

- Preferably people of the LGBT bent. It’s not a requirement,but it would be nice to have a group of like-minded people.

-People who might be interested in more laid-back hangouts like having people over for dinner and video games or movie marathons?

-Brass tacks, but I’m not really about having a meetup with a socially awkward dude who is just looking to get laid and then make it awkward for everybody else. I’m not saying you couldn’t hook up with somebody, but know that if you’re making other people uncomfortable you may be asked to keep away. If you read this and got worried that YOU might be the socially awkward dude, you’re probably fine. We’re probably all a little awkward, I’m just talking about the kind of dude that tries to quiz girls on their knowledge of nerd stuff because girl nerds are “unicorns”  or thinks that girls he is nice to owes him something because he’s nice to them. This little blurb probably won’t keep that dude away, but my hope is that by saying it up-front if I have to tell a guy he’s not wanted, I’ve got a little contract backing me up. 

If you’re interested, follow this blog for further updates. If you have suggestions drop me a line. I’m curious whether a weekly or monthly meeting would be better, weekends or weeknights that kind of thing. It will not be weekdays, I’ve got a steady gig and I won’t be free during the day until the summer.

P.S. my main blog is


In honor of trans day of visibility 2016:

General resources:

  • local resources
  • gender masterpost
  • LGBT social group meetups
  • agender chatroom
  • trans chatroom
  • transgender faq
  • Everything Gender Part 1 (Video)
  • Everything Gender Part 2 (Video)
  • The trans teen’s guide to dating
  • Literature with LGBT+ characters
  • LGBT+ Films
  • Transgender advice
  • family issues
  • Transgénero (Spanish article on all things trans)
  • Transgender Religious Expression and Spirituality
  • tips for living stealth (written for trans men but also applies for trans women)
  • gender therapy

Trans related terminology:

  • transwhat
  • transhealth
  • transgender glossary (this one’s a bit outdated)
  • transadvocate
  • becomingus (includes the dos and don’ts of using certain trans-related words)
  • transgender faq
  • list of gender identities
  • Glossary of Transgender, Non-Binary and Genderqueer Words
  • Definitions

Understanding your gender identity:

  • Gender identity flowchart
  • What is gender?
  • Understanding gender
  • What am I?
  • list of gender identities
  • Am I Transgender? (Video)
  • Being Trans (Video)
  • I Think I Might be Transgender, Now what do I do?


  • What’s a pronoun?
  • Gender Neutral Pronouns (Video)
  • The Pronoun Place
  • Gender Neutral Language
  • How Non-Binary Pronouns Work
  • Guide to Non-Binary Pronouns
  • Gender Neutral Titles
  • pronouns
  • How to Correct People’s Pronoun and Name Slip-Ups


  • INSA
  • Advocates for Informed Choice
  • Interact Youth
  • What it’s Like (Video)
  • What is Intersex?
  • Intersex Definition
  • Male, Female, or Intersex

Nonbinary resources:

  • Nonbinary support blog
  • Unisex names
  • Living as Nonbinary (Spanish)
  • Genderqueer (Spanish)
  • Nonbinary Flowchart
  • Explaining Genderqueer
  • Genderqueer and Hormones (Video)
  • The Nonbinary Safespace
  • Nonbinary Autistics
  • Gender Queeries
  • Ask a Nonbinary
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  • Hell Yeah, Agender!
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  • Androgyne Online
  • Practical Androgyne
  • Ambiguous Sexuality
  • Neutrois Nonsense
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  • Experiences as Neutrois
  • Bigender Resources
  • What it’s Like Being Bigender
  • Demigender Safe Space
  • Demi Safe Spot
  • Introducing Demigender
  • Subgenders
  • Genderfluidity
  • Genderfluid Facts
  • Genderflux Support
  • Teaching About Gender Fluidity (PDF)
  • How can I Live as Genderfluid?
  • Genderfluid Definitions

Two Spirit:

  • 2spirits
  • Who Are They?
  • Native American Concepts
  • Of Indigenous North Americans
  • As They Are
  • Two Spirits: The Story of a Movement

Other Cultural Based Genders:

  • Hijra Wikipedia
  • Hijra Takes place in Indian Law
  • Kathoey Wikipedia
  • Where the ‘Ladyboys’ are
  • Muxe Wikipedia
  • In Mexico, Mixed Genders and Muxe
  • Fa’afafines Wikipedia
  • Fa’afafines: The Third Gender

Transfeminine resources:

  • tucking masterpost
  • Tucking and other skills
  • trans women resources master post
  • Makeup for beginners
  • MtF resources
  • Ask a transwoman
  • Tucking and other skills
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  • How to hide stubble
  • tucking forum and thread
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  • low budget diy breast forms [video]
  • Realistic Breast Form Tutorial (Video)
  • The Breast Form Store
  • How to make home made breast forms
  • Women’s Clothing Terminology
  • TheLeelahProject
  • surgery booklet
  • hrt booklet
  • Trans Health Matters: Trans Women
  • girl names + their meanings
  • etiquette for women’s bathrooms
  • MtF HRT
  • Hormones: A guide for MTFs
  • Hormone replacement therapy (male-to-female)
  • Transgender Hormones - Transgender Care
  • Feminizing HRT (for Male-to-Females) - Michele O'Mara, PhD
  • Sex reassignment surgery (male-to-female)
  • Vaginoplasty: Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery
  • Surgery: A guide for MTFs (PDF)
  • MTF surgeries price list (this is just for one surgery centre but can give you an idea of the estimated cost of any surgeries)

Transmasculine resources:

  • The Art of Transliness
  • Ask a trans guy
  • What it’s like being on T
  • Transmasc tips
  • GC2B Binders
  • Swimwear binders
  • Binding : how to guide + safety
  • FTM masterpost
  • boy names + their meanings
  • Workouts to Promote a More Masculine Figure
  • Where to Get Men’s Clothes that Fit
  • Dealing with the Dreaded Period
  • Pros and Cons of Strap-On Sex for Trans Guys
  • Relationship Tips for Trans Guys
  • A Guide to STPs and Standing to Pee
  • To Pack or Not to Pack
  • Swimming as a Trans Guy
  • Packing and Packers 101
  • Everything You Need to Know About Binders and Binding
  • Using the Men’s Bathroom
  • All About Top Surgery and Nipples
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  • What to Expect from Testosterone and When
  • Risks and Dangers of Illegal Testosterone
  • Genital Changes on T
  • 10 Common Myths about Medical Transition
  • FTM Testosterone Therapy Basics
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  • FTM Basics: Terminology
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Testosterone, Transition, and Trans Men
  • 1 year on testosterone: timeline of changes
  • FtM HRT
  • Hormones: A Guide for FTMs (PDF)
  • The Philadelphia Centre for Transgender Surgery

Coming out:

  • coming out tips
  • Coming Out to Family and Friends
  • Coming Out to Friends
  • Coming Out to Partners
  • Resources for Coming Out
  • Coming Out as Nonbinary
  • When Should You?
  • How to Come Out to Parents
  • Tips and Advice (Video)
  • Coming out & family issues
  • How to Deal with Parents that are Not Accepting
  • Tips for Coming out and Dealing with People
  • Explaining Your Transition to Kids/Younger Family Members

Trans mental health:

  • Gender spectrum: mental health
  • More Subtle Dysphoria
  • Dealing with Dysphoria and Helplessness
  • 8 Signs and Symptoms of Dysphoria
  • 25 Ways to Ease Dysphoria
  • tips on coping with gender dysphoria
  • How do I deal with dysphoria?
  • how to cope with Gender Dysphoria
  • transselfies: a trans body positivity blog
  • How to Deal with Parents that are Not Accepting
  • Trans suicide hotline
  • emergency hotlines (U.S. only)
  • international emergency hotlines
  • Doubts, Decision, and Detransition
  • Trans Lifeline

Trans advice/resource/discussion blogs and sites:

  • Genderfork
  • Gender inbetween
  • anagnori
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  • transclothesexchange
  • transresource
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  • transselfies
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Trans resources


  • gendercentere- mtf support
  • Laura’s playground- mtf resource page
  • How to tuck
  • Bust enlarging pads
  • Bum enlarging shapers
  • How to speak more feminine
  • A guide to MTF hormones

Trans resources


  • Fee wavers to change your name to a non-gendered or opposite gendered name (for all 50 US states)
  • Transgender advice and resources list
  • Transfriendly- online forum for trans community
  • Transwhat- explaining the trans community

For allies

  • What to do if your friends comes out to you
  • GLADD’s ally resource page
  • PLAG’s guide to being an ally
  • GSAN’s ally page
  • UMASS’ how to be an ally page


  • Definitions of sexualities, identities, etc
  • Difference between sex and gender (note: basically, sex means your sexual organs, if you have a penis or vagine, etc. Gender means what you identify with).
  • Definitions between sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation
  • Genderqueer

Same sex marriage

  • Freedom to marry map of states with same sex marriage
  • State by state breakdown- very detailed
  • Same sex marriage timeline
  • My essay on the subject


  • It gets better project
  • Human rights campaign
  • Point foundation- lgbt scholarship program
  • Gay-straight-alliance network
  • Trevor project (LGBT suicide prevention) resource page
  • Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

Trans gender & nonbinary Resources:

  • Presentation
  • Cheap Transition Starter Kits
  • How to Take Measurements
  • The Tumblr Transgender Clothes Exchange
  • Reflectre Voice Pitch Tracker


  • Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide
  • The FTM’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a Hot Dude (warning for fatphobic language)
  • Chest Binding 101
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Chest Binding
  • FuckYeahBinders (Tumblr Blog, info and resources for binding)
  • Underworks Pullover Binders
  • Big Brother Binder Repository (For people 18+ [or emancipated minors] who cannot afford a binder. This link is to their FB page, but they will be moving again soon.)
  • In a Bind Binder Donations
  • Discreet STP Device
  • Cotty Underwear (Boxer briefs w/fake bulge that can hold sanitary pads)
  • The Male Fashion Fit Guide
  • AK’s Guide to Suits (this is a drawing guide, but contains useful info)
  • TopMan (Small size [XXS, XS, etc.] masculine clothing)
  • Throat Exercise to Deepen Voice (Video)


  • Tucking How-to Guide
  • Realistic Breast Form Tutorial (Video)
  • The Breast Form Store
  • Cheap (Sale) Breast Forms
  • Breast Form Adhesive Discs (For wearing breast forms without mastectomy bra)
  • How to create cleavage using a silicone bra (video)
  • Measuring Bra Size for Trans Women
  • Women’s Clothing Terminology
  • Chrysalis (Lingerie for Trans Women, autoplay music)
  • Mastectomy Bras with Built In Flap for Breast Forms
  • Cheap Control/Shaping Briefs
  • Breast Form Adhesive Discs (For wearing breast forms without mastectomy bra)
  • Miss A (Accessory/makeups $1 shop)
  • How to hide stubble (Tumblr post)
  • How to Contour and Highlight Using Makeup (video)
  • How to Apply Eyeliner with a Spoon (video)
  • How to Apply Foundation (video)
  • How to Apply Blush (video)
  • How to Apply Eyeshadow (video)

Nonbinary Specific Resources

  • Nonbinary Safe Space (Tumblr Blog)
  • GenderQueerID (Tumblr Blog)
  • Multilingual Pronoun List (Tumblr Page)


  • TransLifeline Support Hotline (Run by trans people, for trans people)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Transgender Housing Network
  • CrisisChat


  • National Center for Transgender Equality
  • Transgender Law Center
  • Change your Name for Free - Civil Indigent Status (Tumblr post)


  • Transgender Surgeons in the U.S.
  • Center of Excellence for Transgender Health
  • FTM Hormone Guide
  • FTM Surgery Guide
  • MTF Hormone Guide
  • MTF Surgery Guide
  • Mcalc Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator (For Android)

Mental + Support

  • Online Gender Therapy (can also issue letters of recommendation)
  • Emotional Baggage Check
  • TransSpace Reddit
  • #RealLiveTransAdults (Twitter)

School + Education

  • Trans Student Education Resources
  • Trans Student Scholarships
  • Study Abroad for GLBT Students
  • Applying to College as a Non-Binary Trans Person
  • Harvey Milk High School, NY (High School designed as a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth)


  • List of Employers with Trans Friendly Policies
  • TJobBank

Additional Resources

  • Susan’s Place Transgender Resources and Forums
  • Laura’s Playground Transgender Resources
  • REFUGE Restrooms (finds gender neutral bathrooms near you)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question. I have always wanted to learn Japanese and Korean but I just don't know where to start! Is there anywhere that I could learn for free or at least at a low price? I'm a broke college student but I still want to learn! Thanks in advance! :)

I think step one would be to see what you have available in your area. Not necessarily classes, but maybe check if your college hosts international students from Korea or Japan that might be able to support your studies. Or if there are any churches and other social meetups. 

You’ll also need to go ahead and figure out which language you would like to learn first. There are a lot of similarities between Japanese and Korean which can make it easier to learn one when you have attained a certain level of confidence with the other, but if you try to start both around the same time the similarities might cause unnecessary confusion.

If you can afford them, maybe look into buying the Genki series or Integrated Korean. As with any textbooks they both do have their fair share of complaints, but these have the benefit of being widely used so there are many people you can turn to for help if you are having trouble understanding any of the information presented.  And since they are both integrated you’ll get everything you need to start learning in one place.

Free resources:
Memrise (plenty of user made decks as well as their own official courses. If maintaining streaks or beating people in leader-boards is motivation for you then this app is rather good although it does pester you to upgrade to premium.)

Anki (mostly for making your own flashcards, but there are plenty of premade decks you can download. PC and android versions are free, if you’re using an iphone the App does cost $25. )

Imabi and Tae Kim are great for Japanese Grammar

Talk to Me in Korean

Hinative (you can post questions on and have natives answer them for you.)

There are also many Youtube channels dedicated to teaching these languages. If you just search things like “Beginner Korean” or “Learning Japanese” you find a lot videos teaching Grammar, Phrases, Culture, etc.

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice on how to find a gf somewhere other than the internet? I'm a minor btw

I don’t know if and to who you’re out but definitely make sure you’re in a safe environment first where you can be open and court/be courted by girls. Since you’re a minor, that’d most likely be your school. Maybe they have GSA or other clubs in general where you can meet new people?
Or search for social meetups in your area. LGBTQ+ musicians, too (yeah I know, tickets can be expensive). Community centers, maybe (if you’re in the US: is a database you could use).
I’m sorry I can’t give you a secret tip or something.

Good luck! :)
If anyone has additional ideas, please comment!

Easter looks…. Also hey guys, it me Alexandra and this is an official shoutout to the girl who gave me the most dirty look when selling me that crop top because apparently I’m not skinny enough to wear it and shouldn’t have bought it, you’re something alright! 

Future features that would be AWESOME to have in Pokemon Go:

  • Battle with other players outside of gyms (obviously!)
  • List of Pokestops within a certain radius (rather than just being on the map) so you can plan where you want to go
  • General social features??? Like local meetups??? Forums??? Add friends by username??? Etc.???
  • Editable trainer fashion!
  • For real animals to virtually become capturable Pokemon (like pigeons becoming pidgeys; or maybe that would be dangerous if people try to catch a raccoon or something)
  • Actual pedometer included so you can track your fitness in the game!
  • Missions??? Like in other MMORPGs???
  • Export data such as list of captured Pokemon, badges, etc.
  • Trade Pokemon with other trainers nearby
  • Add notes to trainer journal