social media thugs

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What does it mean when he doesn’t post you on social media???????

Young thug and Jay Z posted their girls everywhere and still cheated. Don’t think too much into it.


I do not, and most likely will never, understand why people get so upset and bent out of shape about Renee Young. 

We’re talking about a woman, who is a broadcaster/on air personality for WWE who just so happens to be dating a superstar. This woman somehow seems to provoke some of the strongest, negative and intense reactions I have ever seen towards a single person on a Social Media platform and I just fail to understand why. 

It’s perfectly fine to not be a fan of her, okay? That is absolutely fine, not everyone has to like her - but does that give you the right to bitch about it on Social Media like little keyboard thugs? 

Many of you that claim to hate her sure as hell spend SO much time researching her and tracking her every move. A majority of the times, you do it more than her actual fans! That. Is. Insane. 

If you don’t like someone so badly, why are you in their tag? Why would you take time out of your fucking life to create a goddamn Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr page for the sole purpose of voicing your hate? Because you have no fucking life. That is the obvious answer.

Stop wasting your time and breath going on pointless rants about this woman for the absolute bullshit reason of fucking nothing. A majority of the people that hate Renee hate her because of who she is dating, even though it’s none of anyone’s fucking business. And I know you’re like: oh but she confirmed it and cried privacy but talked about him again and to that I say fuck you.

Where the fuck is everyone when Punk is all “Watching TV with my wife!” “I love my wife!” “Happy Anniversary, been married to an angel…” And then he spins around and is like “Stay out of my personal life!” 

No one says a fucking word even though Punk is clearly WAY more hypocritical. People just find any reason to pick on Renee and it’s fucking stupid.

Understand that Renee Young is not dating Dean Ambrose, Renee Paquette is dating Jonathan Good and that’s their business not yours and even if she mentions him once in an interview after being DIRECTLY asked about him, it’s still NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Quit being delusional, whiny asses who want to break him in pieces and share him - accept the fact that she confirmed the relationship and that the two are together. Accept that.

If you hate Renee so much, don’t give her a second thought. Instead post about superstars you like. Live life productively. Go volunteer at a shelter. Go write a book. Go study. Go to school. Go play a sport. Go on with your life, just like she is going on with hers.