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A Sub should be seen and not heard

After a difficult week for both Mistress @spoiled-curvy-lady and me, I was instructed to leave work early and be ready for whatever She deemed appropriate.

I’ll admit it was not my best week as Her loyal sub and personal assistant. I messed up tasks, I reacted to misunderstandings wrong. If there was a bucket of shit, I managed to find it and step in it.

Upon my arrival home I was first instructed we were going to celebrate a social media milestone She reached. Stripped naked I was told to get Her a drink and stand perfectly still holding Her beverage of choice.

After standing for a few minutes without so much as acknowledging me, She informed me I was boring Her and it was time to dance and entertain Her. I danced horribly and cavorted around to no avail.

Growing tired of my attempts, She made me Her foot stool. Kneeling on all fours with heels testing in my back, Mistress recounted my mistakes and short comings. If I tried to speak, I was admonished that I spoke enough for the week. It’s simply b time to listen n It was humiliating but wonderful all at once. Time continued for quite a while.. Mistress was very casual, but also exact in Her assessment; meanwhile I was figuratively gagged with no way to speak.

After many minutes of this Mistress told me She was going to ignore me while I knelt on a bag of frozen peas. She didn’t tell me how long I’d be there, but kneel and shut up… Yet again.

After many minutes, Mistress returned and explained my role in Her life and what exactly I was to Her. It was altogether humiliating, exciting and fulfilling, because while I know I’m of great service to Her, I was made keenly aware that if She had the mood it would all go away quickly and I would be stuck in my life, bored, useless, and if She decided so… Alone.

Mistress @spoiled-curvy-lady, knows the exact spots to target in these you’re of real world humiliation and evaluation. I knew better than to speak unless directed to and while in was incredibly aroused, Her words struck a nerve the entire time. I can’t explain the feelings I have for Her, but they are real and vi can’t deny them.