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We’re hiring a full-time social media co-ordinator

Reports to: Social Media Editor

Department: Communications

Staff reporting to this position: None

Position classification: Exempt, full-timeLocation: Washington, DC

ThinkProgress has an immediate opening for a Social Media Coordinator with a creative spirit, aptitude for writing, and strong interest in analytics to help generate headlines for A/B testing, post social media content, and analyze results.This position will report to the Social Media Editor, work with the social media team, and directly with reporters on a daily basis to optimize our content and present it to our audience via social media.Strong familiarity with new media trends, online consumer behavior, and the nuances of the big four social platforms are an absolute must. Successful applicants subconsciously notices patterns in the way online users behave, understands the value of data, takes an analytical approach to decision making, and is fascinated by the way social media shapes the political conversation.

Successful applicants will have a robust social media presence, some blogging or online writing experience, and a demonstrated interest in the new media landscape.

Generate alternate headlines for optimization testing
Consult with reporters to create compelling social packages
Monitor social media for underreported or trending topics
Quickly and accurately post content to social media
Community moderation on our Facebook page

Requirements and qualifications
1-3 years of social media experience, preferably at a media organization (internships and campus publications ok)
Flawless spelling and grammar — even on the fly
A natural knack for narrative and framing
Experience with Chartbeat, Parsley, Google Analytics, or Tweetdeck a plus

American Progress provides a competitive compensation and benefits package.American Progress is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Email your resume and cover letter attachments to: with the subject line “Social Media Coordinator
So true > 5 hard truths about working in social media (via @michelledigital @antoniaharler @socialmouths)

Social media by itself doesn’t work!

I don’t work for a social media firm. I work for a PR consultancy, which has expanded into the digital sector. But the traditional stuff is still all there. It didn’t disappear and social is an addition to everything that’s been going on for years. My background isn’t in PR so you can imagine that it’s not always easy. I want and need to learn how PR works. From scratch. And that’s just it. Social media is never JUST social media. You’ll have to learn many things that you may not necessarily be interested to make it work for your company or clients.

The job will follow you home!

Social media is constant. And while you may know that, you really don’t until you work in social media. People don’t stop talking when you leave the office at 6. In fact, that’s usually when they start talking. You have to learn how to deal with time differences, constant monitoring and engaging. If you are anything like me you’ll have a tough time ignoring your beeping phone or the constant stream of Emails. You’ll keep thinking about strategies, updates, monitoring etc after you leave the office at night.

Social media equals a sh*t load of research!

Before you do anything remotely connected to social media, you’ll do a lot of reading. A lot of googling. A lot of combing through directories and statistics followed by a whole lot more reading. And once you are done with all the reading, you start to analyse what you just read which then, somewhere down the line, evolves into a strategy. Then eventually, you’ll put the strategy into practice which, again, is followed by a lot of research and analysis. Until you start over.

Working in social media isn’t just fun and games!

Social media is SOO much fun, you say? Well it is, until it isn’t. You have to think a lot. Especially about wording. The way you say things in your private life may not be right for your client/company. You’ll have to adapt your writing style. You way of thinking. And *actually* do some work. It’s not just about playing around on Facebook all day. It’s rather the complete opposite.

You need to stay on the ball!

Social media evolves. Constantly. You can’t afford to miss out on these developments because they may be good for your client. How do you do that? Through reading. As you can see, there’s a pattern.

We are looking to hire a Community Manager to join our crew in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! The perfect candidate for this position loves communicating with an online audience on all the various social media platforms and enjoys the challenges of developing social media strategy. Writing should be your passion, and photography skills a major bonus. The ideal candidate would have an appreciation for the art of handpaint, a great voice for storytelling, and a love for hanging on NYC rooftops in rain or sunshine or snow! 


Social Media

Management of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.
Must have experience with Google Analytics/data tracking
SEO implementation and maintenance across all platforms.
Grow and expand our following with fresh and exciting content and images.


Answer phone and field sales/production requests
All things mail
Responsible for organizing the office layout and maintaining supplies and equipment
Assisting the rest of the team–through ordering metro cards, booking travel for Sales and Real Estate teams, or planning birthday bashes.

About you

You have experience with social media management and strategy, including data tracking.
Photography skills are a major bonus!
This position can be physically demanding–you should be comfortable with climbing up 6 flights of stairs to go out a window then up a ladder onto a roof.

We’re looking for someone to take our social media to the next level! and the next one after that. and the one after that. Please check out all our social media platforms (@colossalmedia) before applying, and tell us in your cover letter what you like, and more importantly what can be improved (and how you would do so).

Head to the craigslist posting here to apply– Send a resume and cover letter (show us YOUR voice!!) Looking forward to hearing from you! 

P.S. we love you but please, no phone calls.

We’re hiring! A new Social Media/Marketing Associate in NYC. Email your resume to social (at) 

We’re looking for a bubbly and fun person to join our Mermaid team in NYC. The Social Media & marketing associate handles the daily aspects of the Mermaid brand in the digital space. Strong background in social media and experience with brand management with excellent communication skills. 
Restaurant &/or event planning experience is a plus. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Paid social media jobs available!

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Make Money From Social Media

Make Money From Social Media

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A lot of people today spend their free time just surfing the web. With the many places you can go online, it is a truly entertaining way to kill time. However, if you want to do something productive without interfering with your down time, you can also take advantage of the web to make money. Taking on social media jobs is one of the best way to do this. This kind of “employment” will help you…

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I sat in a digital workshop last week thinking I knew a lot about what was going on in the digital space, and for the most part, I am informed and can get by, but boy was I surprised with how much is out there and how quickly everything is growing and changing.  In addition to all of the changes to be made to Facebook in the very near future, there are so many applications, social shopping sites, location-based programs, etc., that one can barely keep up.

I share this because you can either be overwhelmed by the social and digital world or you can look at this expansion as opportunity and embrace it.

It is VERY hard to find a job today.  I know this because you are all telling me this.  I constantly get e-mails about how there are no jobs and even limited internships out there, and it breaks my heart that so many of you talented and hungry aspiring publicists cannot find work.  But sitting in this course made it even clearer to me that the times, they are a changin’…

The traditional landscape of PR has changed dramatically.  It used to be about print and broadcast.  Then there were online editors and bloggers.  Now, there is social media, and we are expected to be marketers and master this new non-traditional way of reaching out to our consumer.  And that’s new for us as well.  We used to only be able to speak to press, but now we can connect directly with the customer.  It is a beautiful, yet terrifying, but ultimately incredible thing. 

What am I getting at?  In a nutshell, the jobs are in social media and will continue to be as more brands adopt social and digital media marketing strategies.  They will have to eventually if they haven’t already.  The world is social and mobile and it is moving really fast.  So, more and more companies will be in need of great Community Managers, Directors of Social Media, Digital Media Marketers, Social Media Strategists, etc.

These jobs and roles are not for everyone.  It takes a certain personality to get into social media and enjoy the immediacy and 24/7 nature of it.  But it is where the opportunities lie.  And when opportunity knocks, you can just stare through the peephole looking at it or you can answer the door.  Just think about it…

Come trasformare la tua ossessione per i social nel tuo prossimo lavoro [infografica]

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1) L'ossessione 

Hai scoperto di essere affascinato, quasi ossessionato da tutto quel labirintico mondo legato ai social media? Sai come usare Twitter e Facebook - proattivamente - a lavoro?

Forse hai la stoffa per diventare un Social Media Manager ovvero colui a cui è permesso tenere aperto facebook in ufficio. Hai, dunque, scoperto di essere bravo con i social, ora ti toccherà studiare dati e strategie, tecniche e gestionali e memorizzare alcuni numeri chiave. Per esempio, lo sapevi il 62% dei consumatori segue i brand su Facebook per ricevere notizie e informazioni sui prodotti. (Fonte: eMarketer )  Twittalo! e che fare domande tende ad aumentare l’interazione dal 10 al 20 percento. (Fonte: BlitzLocal )  Twittalo! Se ti hanno incuriosito questi dati, leggi questo post e il suo seguito.

2) La professione

Relativamente all’Italia, sono state effettuate diverse analisi sulla figura professionale che vorresti diventare. Una di quelle più diffuse in Rete è stata realizzata dall’agenzia Freedata Labs, specializzata in social media. Dallo studio, emerge che l’età media complessiva in Italia per il lavoro del social media manager è di 31 anni (31 per gli uomini e 30 per le donne), con un guadagno medio complessivo di 18mila euro l’anno (17mila per le donne, leggermente più alto, 19mila, per gli uomini). Quanto alla distribuzione geografica, generalmente al Nord l’età è un po’ più alta, così come i guadagni, e a prevalere sono gli uomini, mentre al Sud ci sono più social media manager donna, di età più bassa e con un guadagno medio inferiore

3) L'infografica

Questa infografica (Fonte: ) ti mostra più da vicino alcuni numeri e figure chiave del mondo dei social media. Ma ricorda queste cifre, come il web, cambiano in continuazione e un buon social media manager deve essere in grado di tenere il passo.

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Top 10 In-Demand Social Media Jobs & Services
Without a doubt, strong social media skills are in high demand. From the job seeker perspective, this is great news, particular considering that the need for a social media presence is strong in practically every industry out there. Here are the top ten ways that the social media savvy can cash in on their expertise.
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[#JOB] Senior Community Manager
Employer: @IPGMediaBrands
Location: New York, NY | Position type: Full time
To apply, visit


As the dedicated social expert within the client team, the Senior Community Manager must have a clear understanding of the high-level business objectives for the client and how social media aligns with broader efforts across paid, owned and earned media. The position will actively engage in development of social objectives and strategies and will ensure that deliverables follow through on commitments and quality of work exceeds expectations.  It is vital for the Sr. Community Manager to be an effective communicator and carry expert-level proficiency across all major social platforms, vendors, and technologies.



  • Understanding client objectives and the crafting of effective owned social channel strategies
  • Day-to-day coordination with client for all community management efforts
  • Ensuring all campaign efforts are properly supported by community management
  • Implementation, management, and coordination of all scoped client social media profiles
  • Management, coordination, and post scheduling of the client’s content calendar
  • Content creation and routing through to approval for client social profiles
  • Ensuring accuracy of content published and syndicated to communities
  • Analyzing success of past outreach to inform future messaging
  • Recommend paid social content amplification efforts and collaborate with the paid social digital team
  • Manage all social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) responding to and engaging prospects and fans in conversation.
  • Evaluate social platforms and vendors and define best practices for paid and owned executions
  • Contribute creative and innovative social ideas/campaigns

Key Relationships:

  • Collaborate across internal and external teams while managing workflow, deadlines, and interactions with traditional media teams, creative partners, account liaisons, and other external teams
  • Partner with vendors and media partners on social outreach, content and campaigns


  • Proven track record writing customer-facing social content that is on-brand, relevant, and tailored for target audiences
  • 3-5+ years minimum experience working for a brand or agency in a media or marketing-related role
  • 3+ years working directly in social marketing, community management, or digital PR

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Tweet..tweet..there is money!

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Everybody wants to know how to make money online. There are many different ways to make money online and one of them is to get paid for your Tweets on Twitter.

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Now another way is to set your own price you want to get paid for your Tweet. What you do is set up a account at a company that offers this. Once you do you set the price you want to get paid and wait for companies to contact you to use your Twitter account. An example would be you have a Twitter account with 1000 followers. This usually gets you about $1 for your Tweet. As soon as someone contacts you you Tweet their offer and once it’s public you get paid.

So you see their are different ways to use your Twitter account to make money online. The best thing about these ways are that they are free and only take seconds to do.

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