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Boycotting Suicide Squad

Was gonna respond to a post about this from fandomhatespeopleofcolor but I’m white so I’m staying in my lane and making a separate post.

Basically, yes, a disorganized vague boycott will not get noticed. J*red L*to will not be blamed for any impact a vague boycott would have. The minority actors would be the first to be blamed. Remember that most of the people in charge in Hollywood are very old white men who are very set in their ways. It’s very difficult to convince them to change their minds, accept diversity, or let women wear clothes AND speak words in a movie. 

Speaking as someone involved in the industry who researches this kind of stuff, here are some things you as a fan can do that WILL make an impact and WILL get noticed: 

1) start and get trending a hashtag about your opposition to J*red L*to’s actions. 

2) Talk about L*to negatively on social media often, use negative words (refrain from like, stuff that’ll get you banned, or lots of swearing, that often isn’t quantified, but stuff like “I don’t support J*red L*to’s casting and find his actions repulsive” will get quantified.) Keep doing this, bring his “worth” down. 

3) Do not follow him on social media, and encourage others to un-follow him wherever possible. Make him poison to casting directors.

4) Follow the other actors on social media, every account you can find, to increase their numbers. Discuss them on social media with positive words.

5) Don’t buy merchandise with L*to’s Joker on it. Post about this on social media.

6) Buy merchandise with all the other characters. Post about this on social media. Demand custom merchandise with the minority characters. 

7) Make your own merchandise featuring the minority characters and tag it so that Warner Bros. sees there’s a demand not being fulfilled by their department.

8) See the film opening weekend AND post about it on social media with positive words for the minority actors. 

9) See the film the second weekend AND post about it on social media that you’re seeing it again solely for [insert any actor other than L*to.]

You don’t have to do all of those things. Hell, you can do some of them and still not even see the movie if you so choose! (I personally am very concerned about how people with mental illnesses will be depicted in the movie.) 

People will tell you that, as a fan, there is nothing you can do. This is a blatant lie. You can and should express you opinions about casting, story decisions, movies in general, frequently and loudly. With social media, there are many ways you can do this. Just remember that messages with lots of profanity or capslock often get ignored. Be direct, clear, and prolific. 

We’re hiring a full-time social media co-ordinator

Reports to: Social Media Editor

Department: Communications

Staff reporting to this position: None

Position classification: Exempt, full-timeLocation: Washington, DC

ThinkProgress has an immediate opening for a Social Media Coordinator with a creative spirit, aptitude for writing, and strong interest in analytics to help generate headlines for A/B testing, post social media content, and analyze results.This position will report to the Social Media Editor, work with the social media team, and directly with reporters on a daily basis to optimize our content and present it to our audience via social media.Strong familiarity with new media trends, online consumer behavior, and the nuances of the big four social platforms are an absolute must. Successful applicants subconsciously notices patterns in the way online users behave, understands the value of data, takes an analytical approach to decision making, and is fascinated by the way social media shapes the political conversation.

Successful applicants will have a robust social media presence, some blogging or online writing experience, and a demonstrated interest in the new media landscape.

Generate alternate headlines for optimization testing
Consult with reporters to create compelling social packages
Monitor social media for underreported or trending topics
Quickly and accurately post content to social media
Community moderation on our Facebook page

Requirements and qualifications
1-3 years of social media experience, preferably at a media organization (internships and campus publications ok)
Flawless spelling and grammar — even on the fly
A natural knack for narrative and framing
Experience with Chartbeat, Parsley, Google Analytics, or Tweetdeck a plus

American Progress provides a competitive compensation and benefits package.American Progress is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Email your resume and cover letter attachments to: with the subject line “Social Media Coordinator

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You’re Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would tell you to start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully.

Who needs a summer internship!?

Hey yeah writers! I’m looking for a summer intern*. You can read the full description and check out our company website here.

I love my job—my company is small and awesome, the people are so interesting and kind, and we do really cool work. This is a great internship for anyone who’s interested in all things digital, specifically social media. We have a lot of former English majors at my company too, including our CEO and me! We’re looking for someone who’s a rising junior or senior in college and who can commute to our office in downtown Manhattan about 3 days per week (but we’re very flexible about hours, start and end dates, etc.).

We found our current intern via Tumblr and we looove her (she’s an English major too!), so I thought I’d extend the message again :)

Yay, I hope that if you think it sounds good, you’ll apply!

*Note that this internship has nothing to do with Tumblr or Yeah Write, but I am more than happy to talk about either of those things over lunch if you intern here :)

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

From the people who work for us, to ESA’s ExoMars, to phases of the moon, learn more about the solar system. 

1. NASA Is More Than Astronauts

Our employees engage in a very wide range of work, and they come from a variety of backgrounds. To meet some of them and learn how they came to work for us, follow the #NASAProud tag on social media.

+ Learn about job opportunities and why NASA employees love working there
+ Get to know the people who explore the solar system

2. ExoMars Is Cleared for Landing 

A joint project between the European Space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, ExoMars 2016 will enter orbit around the Red Planet on Oct. 19. The mission includes the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and the Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing demonstrator. TGO will make a detailed inventory of Mars’ atmospheric gases, looking especially for rare gases like methane to help determine whether that methane stems from a geological or biological source. The orbiter also carries a pair of transmitters provided by NASA. The Schiaparelli lander separated from TGO on Oct. 16, entering the atmosphere for a six-minute descent to a region in Meridiani Planum, not far from NASA’s Opportunity rover. Schiaparelli will test landing technologies in preparation for future missions, including a heatshield, parachute, propulsion system and a crushable structure.

+ Go along for the ride

3. This Just in From Jupiter

Mission managers for our Juno mission to Jupiter have decided to postpone the burn of its main rocket motor originally scheduled for Oct. 19. Engineers want to carefully examine telemetry from a pair of sticky helium valves before the maneuver, which will reduce the time it takes Juno to orbit Jupiter from about 53 days to 14 days. The next opportunity for the burn would be during its close flyby of Jupiter on Dec. 11. Meanwhile, the spacecraft is still gathering data about Jupiter, and Juno will still swing close by the giant planet on Oct. 19.

+ Read more

4. It’s Just a Phase 

The moon was full on Oct. 16. This month’s full moon is sometimes called the Harvest Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

+ See a video showing all of this year’s lunar
+ Learn what causes the moon’s phases

5. Free to Ride

Did you know that NASA offers several other fascinating (and free) online experiences, all based on actual data from real missions. Here are a few to explore:

+ Mars Trek
+ Vesta Trek
+ Lunaserv Global Explorer
+ Deep Space Network (DSN) Now
+ Spacecraft 3D app

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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So true > 5 hard truths about working in social media (via @michelledigital @antoniaharler @socialmouths)

Social media by itself doesn’t work!

I don’t work for a social media firm. I work for a PR consultancy, which has expanded into the digital sector. But the traditional stuff is still all there. It didn’t disappear and social is an addition to everything that’s been going on for years. My background isn’t in PR so you can imagine that it’s not always easy. I want and need to learn how PR works. From scratch. And that’s just it. Social media is never JUST social media. You’ll have to learn many things that you may not necessarily be interested to make it work for your company or clients.

The job will follow you home!

Social media is constant. And while you may know that, you really don’t until you work in social media. People don’t stop talking when you leave the office at 6. In fact, that’s usually when they start talking. You have to learn how to deal with time differences, constant monitoring and engaging. If you are anything like me you’ll have a tough time ignoring your beeping phone or the constant stream of Emails. You’ll keep thinking about strategies, updates, monitoring etc after you leave the office at night.

Social media equals a sh*t load of research!

Before you do anything remotely connected to social media, you’ll do a lot of reading. A lot of googling. A lot of combing through directories and statistics followed by a whole lot more reading. And once you are done with all the reading, you start to analyse what you just read which then, somewhere down the line, evolves into a strategy. Then eventually, you’ll put the strategy into practice which, again, is followed by a lot of research and analysis. Until you start over.

Working in social media isn’t just fun and games!

Social media is SOO much fun, you say? Well it is, until it isn’t. You have to think a lot. Especially about wording. The way you say things in your private life may not be right for your client/company. You’ll have to adapt your writing style. You way of thinking. And *actually* do some work. It’s not just about playing around on Facebook all day. It’s rather the complete opposite.

You need to stay on the ball!

Social media evolves. Constantly. You can’t afford to miss out on these developments because they may be good for your client. How do you do that? Through reading. As you can see, there’s a pattern.

Please fire me. Everyone else in the office got a new computer except for me even though mine crashes and blue screens multiple times daily. The reason: I don’t need a fully functioning computer. My job: social media marketing and website management. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would advise that you start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully:

1) Don’t tell anyone at work.

2) Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.

3) Never bad-mouth your current employer.

4) Don’t use any of your current co-workers or supervisors as references.

5) Schedule interviews during non-work hours.

6) Don’t mention your job search in social media.

7) Always be honest if confronted by your supervisor or manager.

Read more.

Frederator Networks is hiring!

Why grow up, when you could work with the cool kids at Frederator? Seriously - it’s not brain surgery.

Frederator is seeking someone to head up our Social Media activity and what better place to look than amongst our fans. Read on for the full job description. Please read thoroughly and make sure you meet all of the requirements and submit for the job correctly!

Social Media Coordinator

Job description:
- Will represent several companies and properties on various social media outlets including Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more.
- Interact with our fans and have an understanding of how best to respond to them.
- Ability to analyze and evaluate performance, come to conclusions.
- Stay in touch with production and programming departments for current information.
- Evolving the position with changes in social media platforms.
- Constantly engaged in content and platforms.
- Ability and willingness to respond to relevant content/posts during off hours.

Minimum job requirements
- Must be familiar with YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, twitter, G+, Instagram (at a minimum)
- College graduate or high school with equivalent experience.
- Work full time on-site (New York or Los Angeles metro area)
- Basic understanding of Photoshop (crop images, apply text)
- Interested in being a team player
- Ability to follow instructions and finish projects.

We’ll get extra excited about you if you:
- Are familiar with Frederator properties
- Are interested in web-based entertainment beyond Frederator content
- Have any art skills
- Are comfortable in front of a camera on occasion, taking selfies

To apply:

Send a cover letter, resume and some links where we can see what you do on social media to This can be personal content, but should be appropriate for a job application. Please no phone calls.

Failure to follow instructions will reflect poorly on your application.

Good luck!