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↳ the three people who take better care of the foxes than they do of themselves. 

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Hello can you tell what is going with the interview of bts with the blond journalist and the youtube thing ? Everyone is talking about that and i don't understand it (english isn't my native language) Thank you

hi i’ll try! the way the question was worded kind of belittled their achievement as internationally charting musicians and makes it sound like they are youtubers.. there was also a very very upsetting misspelling of Rap Monster in the title and description when they uploaded it that was very disrespectful. they have now edited the video to not include the ‘from youtube’ question, fixed the misspelling as well as disabled yt comments. here’s the video now 

At the show this weekend I met another author who was asking questions about how to spread the word about his book. “How do you get a social media following?” 

So what it boiled down to was that internet fame is weird- you have no way of gauging who is watching or what their tastes are. The bulk of my recent followers are here because of a colorful rant about glue. 

So get angry about something on the internet, I guess?

To put some things in perspective re: My Job Situation/Being a Freelance Social Media Person: you know how we are always saying artists are underpaid and their art is undervalued? How people don’t wanna pay for commissions?

That’s my existence when I try to onboard new clients. People don’t understand the amount of actual work it takes to build a proper social media presence that is SPECIALIZED according to their needs and audience. I don’t even ask for much compared to professional firms because I’m young and don’t have the advantage of having a MASSIVE portfolio of work yet although the QUALITY of what I’ve managed to get done in two years is amazing. And yet, despite my pricing not even being as high as it SHOULD BE, people don’t wanna take this seriously.

Are we really in a post-truth era? Somebody on the Internet said so. Many people, actually.

The presidential campaign was filled with falsehoods. Our president-elect no longer poses as a truth-teller: Aides and supporters say we should not take him literally. That’s good for him, since he endorsed a conspiracy theory that cast doubt on his own election. (Remember? He claimed without evidence that there were “millions” of illegal voters, who, if they did exist, might have swung the election to him?) Fake news stories about a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant prompted a real person to “investigate” with a rifle last week.

But let’s properly define the problem. History and experience tell me it’s not a post-truth era: Facts have always been hard to separate from falsehoods, and political partisans have always made it harder. It’s better to call this a post-trust era.

A Finder’s Guide To Facts

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nursey is that person who takes 600 stupid pictures/videos of dex every single day and puts them on snapchat/instagram/facebook/twitter/flat out sends them to people through text, with stupid little captions like “wow” or just like a string of heart emojis. sometimes he puts them up and captions them with poetry, because he’s gross.

sometimes he’ll send a picture of dex napping to chowder and is like “how did i get so lucky dude” and chowder sends back a picture of farmer, raising her eyebrows at the camera and he’s like “SAME!!! WOW!!!” 

sometimes he tweets gross lines from poems that are CLEARLY written about dex, with a bunch of hearts, and everyone is like “awww”

dex, on the other hand, takes pictures of nursey mid-sneeze and sends them to the group chat and captions them nothing but “nice”

he takes videos of nursey snoring and puts them on snapchat, his tweets about nursey are all just out of context quotes from him when he’s high followed by a string of question marks, or the occasional “my boyfriend is an idiot” tweet. 

he texts bitty and is like “can you ask jack if he has any really good pictures of nursey?” and bitty is like “aw sure honey i’ll ask. what do you need them for?” and dex is like “im going to morph his face with a bunch of different animals. also, if he has any good pictures of geese, that would also be cool.” and bitty is just like “o…..k……”

one time he uploaded a picture to facebook that was nursey’s face photoshopped onto an egg. he captioned it with a single heart emoji. nursey shared the picture to his page. no one really understands their relationship.

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a) what do you think made even stand out to isak? b) what do you think made isak stand out to even?

Hmmmm. I think that might be one of those mysteries of chemistry? :D They were definitely attracted at first sight. They saw the other and they popped. They were a possibility.

I like the detail that Isak looked up when Even laughed. Something in that laugh caught his attention and then, of course, something about his face (that guy was fucking handsome by any standard, okay). He was caught already, caught on something physical but maybe also something undefinable. Even if they hadn’t met at Kosegruppa, Isak would still have been looking at him because what made him stand out had already happened. But when they did… I think what reeled him in was all the little things: how easy it was to fall into conversation with him, his laugh, his voice, the flutter in Isak’s stomach just from sitting next to him. And sometimes these gut feelings are just right because every new little thing made Isak like him more. He watched that video again and again, letting Even’s voice heat him, remembering how it felt to have that smile aimed at him.

I like to imagine the same thing happened for Even. It was the first day of school and he happened to see Isak laughing with his friends across the courtyard and the world tipped into slow motion. There was something about him that made Even’s heart pick up. After that, his eyes would find him. He was a little too aware, he’d look up and there he’d be. But what do you see of anyone when you don’t know them? Was it Isak surrounded by friends, laughing, eyes alight as he roasted Magnus someone? Maybe he saw him sullen and crabby in the morning, brows furrowed as he struggled with his locker? Maybe he caught him, eyes distant as he sat eating lunch, hearing but not listening. Maybe, being someone who likes stories, Even entertained himself with little ideas about who he could be. It made it okay to watch him, maybe, more than he should. He was rounding out a story in his head. 

What I wonder, though, is when was the tipping point? Because at some point, Even decided he had to meet this boy. At some point, he discovered his ~skill as an attempted rapper. And I look suspiciously at the floodgates it might have opened, if you heard a name, if you’d poked around one day and clicked on “isakyaki”…

He made Even smile, fucking grin to himself, how could he not? But knowing more only made him want more.


Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?