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Welcome to the new Cracked feature which we are tentatively calling What Stupid Thing Is Trending Now? The answer, at this moment, is this.

We’re fans of any fashion trend that could have been featured in a 1980s action movie set in the future. That guy is designer Tien Pham who showed off his invention in this video and again here and the reaction was so strong he quit his job to start a company. You can’t get them yet, but it’s just about ramping up production. And boy, are old people going to hate this. Think about it – these are the people who are mad at fidget spinners.

What Stupid Thing Is Trending Now?

A time-lapse (of sorts) from social media posts of the lovely @lindsayjones​ and her fabulous family; congratulations and best wishes!

(If this causes discomfort or anything remotely similar to any member(s) of the family, just let me know and I will readily take it down)


Day 1: Iris at work

We have not seen Picture News much this season. The set is collecting dust. We need to see Iris at work instead of hearing she’s on her way there. When she was at Picture News we saw her interacting with Mason, Linda and Scott. We saw her sitting at the hub wanting to write a story about a women’s shelter and nervous about the “Streak to Freak” story. That needs to happen again! Make it known to the writers!


We need to see Iris at CCPN interacting with other reporters like she did with Mason and Linda! #IrisWestForS4 #TheFlash @thejudalina

The set of Picture News needs to be utilized #IrisWestForS4 @flashtvwriters @ajkreisberg @gberlanti

Instead of telling us Iris is going to work. Show her at CCPN. #IrisWestForS4 @chipeyt @thejudalina @flashtvwriters

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