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brixabargeld  asked:

top five carl barat social media disasters

  1. that time he posted on the old forum as ‘anonymous’ that ‘all the fans care about is peter and they should care more about him
  2. harry on the boat gay etc.
  3. when he decided that he’s gonna put a band together via facebook
  4. every single picture where he’s standing next to edie with the expression ‘i have no idea who this woman is & why is she hugging me i didnt sign up for this shit’
  5. that insta pic where he’s standing in front of a lake w/ a heart shaped balloon
This is a long-ass thing and it's angsty as fuck be prepared

Imagine that Danny dies in a car crash. The other person was drunk, he wasn’t.

In his funeral you could see all his bandmates, Vanessa, Scarlett, Theresa and - weirdly and for a unexplained reason - Aron. Theresa was crying on George’s shoulder*, Scarlett asking why his dad was being buried. Aron kept silent the whole ceremony. Jorel just stared to the ground, tears in his eyes and his hands intertwined with Vanessa’s. Matty happened to be the most affected by Danny’s death.

The night after in a bar, you could hear Aron and Jorel yelling to eachother. You could hear Jorel going “Why you were there? We all hate you!” and Aron saying “Y'all matter to me! I don’t hate no one of the band! I swear!”. Jorel walks off the bar, ignoring Aron’s statement, believing it’s just a lie and that if he tried to befriend him again it would just be something toxic, again.

The next six months, the rest of HU tries to keep being a band. Jordon or Jorel sing the choruses, Matt actually gets verses. The social media it’s a disaster, as they didn’t say anything yet and there are just leaked pictures of the band without Danny. A lot of people think Danny also got kicked off/leaved and that group is furious. Other people come up with other theories, one more crazier than the previous. 

In the third month after Danny’s death, most of them confirm it via Instagram. Jorel just publishes a picture of Danny with the caption of “rip”. Danny’s account goes deactivated. Matt says a long-ass deep message; the photo is Danny’s tombstone. Jordon posts a video of the last concert they made before Danny dying.

And about HU’s fanbase. When all get informed about Danny’s death, the fandom is in pain. Tears, edits and sad fanfics are everything you could find everywhere.

The six month after Danny’s death, the band finally breaks up. Danny was Hollywood Undead’s soul and heart. The music didn’t sound with any feeling without him. 

Is the end of Hollywood Undead.


[*: I always thought that Theresa and George are really close friends.]

[Also post-HU in this thing Jorel starts making music with Aron and become best bros again.]