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As we enter the sadly final and sadly few episodes of Black Sails, I would like the to remind the fandom:

The Black Sails creators, writers and actors and actresses, every single person who has worked on that show, have provided us with four years of a truly amazing, engaging, beautiful show.

Additionally, the social media correspondence with the fanbase has been amazing. The creators and actors have always politely, curteously, hell, even  cordially corresponded with fans. They’ve been happy to discuss their characters and theories and appreciated fanworks, have replied to fans tweets and  i believe, even followed one or two fans on twitter, if I read the squee correctly. This kind of engagement with the fans is certainly not a given, it is not usual and it is not to be taken for granted. In short, the people involved in Black Sails are an amazing, adorable fun bunch of people and they seem to think their fans are, too. And we have been truly lucky to have this epic show in our lives.

This is why, I urge you, no matter what happens or does not happen in the remaining episodes, do not ruin this. Do not ruin this trust. It is impossible to make every single person happy, but no show exists to appeal to only one narrow group of people and this show certainly is not aiming to actively offend any group of people.

I’m sad I feel this post is necessary, but I’ve seen several fandoms turn on the cast and crew of shows on twitter and other social media in truly nasty ways. I certainly hope our fandom is above this kind of behaviour, but I can’t lie that there have been enough posts in the tag  this past week that have made me nervous.

To summarise in simple words: Be upset and hate all you like, but keep it the hell a MILLION lightyears away from the social media of the cast and creators of Black Sails, ok?

Bad At Love Part 3 | Seth Rollins

Title: Bad At Love, Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Pairing: Seth Rollins/Reader

Summary“Waking up to you fucking gone and finding a stupid note that basically said to wait for you wasn’t going to make everything fine.”

Word Count: 4,502

Warning: Brief talk of staying in a behavioral health center

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed this series! <3 (I based it on a good majority of Halsey’s album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, specifically ‘Sorry,’ and, ‘Bad At Love.’)

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GENCON 2017 (Part 2)


The big day full of so much stuff.

We got ready in the morning (Chris wasn’t feeling all too hot, but eventually got better as the day progressed). Kima takes longer to get ready than Allura apparently, as I had to make myself up as Kima with the scar but Chris just had to Magic her hair into perfection.

We went straight to the line for the Geek and Sundry panel and met up with a whole bunch of amazing cosplayers and Teri’s group. The photos then began. Since we were cosplaying a specific moment from Duskmeadow, Kima was pretty uncomfortable in her dress and I got a lot of laughs when I just tore that thing off all the time. Alpha Courtney caught us and took our picture for twitter too. Teri was an amazing Keyleth and her boy Devin was an equally amazing Percy. It was a good group. The other Devin in our party came by later in the most amazing Vax cosplay with extendable wings. Jenna is the one cosplaying Trinket with all the bows. She even gave Laura her cape at the live show, which Laura then paraded around in right before the show resumed.

(The one dressed as Magnus from The Adventure Zone is Tony. He is cool. He had an Ax. I stole it lots.)

We got into the Geek and Sundry panel in the front row and I very happily sat through that panel. It was a good warm up for the rest of the day. I rushed up after to say hello to both Amys and give Amy Vorpal a hug. I showed them both my artwork and they immediately recognized it. Teri dragged a very flustered Jess away to the hall after that moment.

After that panel, all the critters flooded the hall and we had too much fun taking all the pictures. Satine Phoenix did too, apparently.

We didn’t want to leave the hall in order to be front and center for the Talks Machina panel. We met up with Megan and Katie again dressed as Keyleth and Pike, and then the line began to form. We saw Steve and he joined the group as well as another cosplayer we met inside the Geek and Sundry panel. 

So we saw LOTS of Critter cosplay. We were always getting asked for pictures, we saw Sabina as Sun Tree and her friend as Trish the Dish, Nicole again, Vox Moochina, some really good Vox Machina groups, @qunaributts as a magnificent Tary, another Kima and Allura, Vecna, PARTY GILMORE, Ka’Varn, etc.

So thus we sat, complimented each other’s cosplays, and waited. Twas the best of times.

They let us into the queue-ing area and we waited a bit again until the talks panel, for which I sat in the second row, right behind one of the main social media correspondents for Geek and Sundry. Really, you guys didn’t miss much. We sat with Katie, Megan, and Tony (Teri and her group were further down near the aisle so they could leave early to get us spots in the Live show line.) Brain Sang, Critters in cosplay (like @qunaributts ) got called out by Brian, and we all had a good time.

After the panel, we ran out of the hall in order to catch an Uber that never came. The six of us (including Tony, Steve, Megan, and Katie) waited for a while, unsure how to proceed because the Uber was taking so long, and then we just decided to pile into a Taxi.

At the Theatre, Chris wasn’t feeling so hot. She had to walk away several times and I was getting pretty antsy to get her some water and under some shade. When they let us in and she sat down with some water, she was feeling a bit better, so we waited excitedly for the VIP show to begin. We got some pretty neat loot too. Signed Hugo art + exclusive dice + exclusive pin? Not a bad haul.

The VIP q&a is up online, so you guys didn’t miss it, unless you are not an alpha subscriber…I think. 

(This photo is the only one from the live show, and I keep it only for the Vex cosplayer’s reaction face.)

I was actually wanting to ask a question, but only because I wanted Matt to see the dress gag. I was able to stop him and do the bit before he went backstage after the Q&A and he seemed to really enjoy it, but in my mind he looked slightly confused and off-put by it, so I was squirming in my seat the rest of the evening thinking it didn’t go over well. 

WHAT A FLIPPING TURN OF EVENTS LIKE Mothertrucker that show live was just…and Sam with the cube…and the love potion…and Vecna…jeez. I stood up and cheered (I was the only one that I know of) when Allura and THEN KIMA appeared at the meeting. Pretty sure I left a bruise in Chris’s arm because I was punching it so much out of excitement.

At the break, Chris’s situation took a turn for the worse. I followed her out of the theatre for the restrooms, telling people to move out of the way so we could get her where she needed to be. And Critters were fast to act. Like, ya’ll, I am just…It’s hard to imagine that the stories are true when people tell you that the community in this Fandom is one of the nicest and most genuine, BUT IT’S FUCKING TRUE! Like, ya’ll parted like the red sea when I started hollering to be let through. No one questioned the woman dressed as Kima, arms crossed and glaring in front of a stall. 10 people came up to us out in the hall to ask if Chris was alright. TEN. One guy bought us a cold water. A staff member gave us water for free. Sabina (cosplaying as sun tree) offered us fries. Some young woman, bless her soul, gave Chris medication. Like…thank you. I posted about this before, but I wanna say it again. Thank you Critters, for being such amazing people. Thank you to the staff of the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis. I will never forget your kindness, and @gatherthewords feels the same.

So, with our situation improved, we headed back into the theatre and watched the rest of the show. Man, my voice was gone after that night, I screamed so much. We took an Uber back home to sleep and process the craziness that had happened.

Little did we know that this wasn’t the end of our troubles, for we had left an important item back at the Theatre. But that’s for a story for the Saturday post.

If you spot yourself, message me and I’ll add your screen name. 

I Touch Myself - an Avengers one shot

In which Steve Rodgers needs advice about what to do after walking in on his girlfriend during a private moment and proceeds to receive it unsolicited from everyone in the Tower. 

Title from Blondie’s ‘I Touch Myself’

warning: awkward sexual situations ahead


Steve’s first thought was that he should talk to Dr. Banner. Bruce had always been kind to him, and even if that was the only reason he could think of for deciding to talk to him, it wasn’t like he had any other options. He couldn’t go to Thor, the golden haired god was the least likely to be of any help, as far out of touch as Steve was with the modern day, Thor was from another planet, so that didn’t seem like an option. Then he considered Natasha or Clint, but dismissed them as well, they were spies and Steve trusted them just about as far as he could throw them, which now that he thought about it might be pretty far considering the super-solider thing, but that was beside the point.

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pls consider office au where the oofs are employees in the baseball dept of a sports magazine company. mizutani is That Colleague who sends annoying meme cats everyday (he’s the social media correspondent what did you expect) and hanai has hair

bonus: the volleyball dept is just next door

printer petting abe originated from this ficlet

'Blind Fan' PART 2

requested by anonymous +

summary: I took a risk in standing outside that radio station but getting Ashton Irwin’s attention meant I owe my entire career to him

part 1

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Relaunch of a fake fan site

So good ole’ BenophieDaily revamped their sister site ( after they left their old URL Here’s how I read this step. Well, the name change might be another way to deceit people, who stumble over pics (from google image searches, reblogs on tumblr, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, magazine features of the “fan site posts”. The runners of hope that people will just think that this is one of “many” Sophie fan sites. It doesn’t matter that it has some pics with the watermark from the old URL SophieHunterPhotos. A little confusion is welcomed because one does pretend to be run by some crazy fan after all. Interestingly, some posts from other socks of BenophieDaily like powercouplesofdartmouthpark or SophieHunterInfo are also reblogged on this site. This should give the impression of popularity and tell casual visitor (for example a journalist or people who are interested in booking Sophie for their advertisements or fashion labels) again that they are just looking at a fan site and at stuff coming from a bunch of other fan sites. To be seen as a fan site is also important because journalists, who might be interested in using screenshots from tweets, Instagram posts or tumblr posts in their magazines, know that they won’t have to pay for the photo credits. 

So here’s the revamped look of the Sophie fan site. The new banner has that Valentino Dress sofa pic of Sophie from 26. January 2015. The site is a place for “Fans of Sophie Hunter”. And she has evolved from Theatre Director Sophie Hunter to: Director, Dramaturge, Actor, Singer. The link to BenophieDaily is now called  “Sophie Hunter-Cumberbatch”. Also “SOPHIE HUNTER” links to Sophie’s Wikipedia page that has been much tampered with by a bunch of sock puppets from the BenophieDaily/!

The “About”-Disclaimer has been rewritten as well: 

“SOPHIE HUNTER CENTRAL, formerly Sophie Hunter Photos, is a privately owned and maintained website about Sophie Hunter. It is in no way affiliated with its subject and/or her representatives nor is it implied or should be interpreted as such.

The website and its contents do not constitute to official information, although the information is believed to be accurate when presented, this site is under constant revision. No warranty of any kind (including accuracy, completeness, reliability, or otherwise) is made or implied. The webmasters do not receive any kind of compensation in maintaining the site as well as its corresponding social media accounts and they will not be responsible for any damages of any nature resulting from use or reliance upon the information provided herein.”

The Disclaimer used to be back in February 2015:

“Sophie Hunter Photos is an independently-run photostream of theatre director Sophie Hunter. All photos are publicly available and obtained without employing illegal or unethical means. The curator is in no way related to the subject and does not receive any kind of compensation in maintaining the site.”

And here are some examples of the exclusive content on this site:

Notice Powercoupleofdartmouthpark as source for that post on the left:

Sophie sans Benedict is also important:

Oh and who can forget all those seemingly stolen pictures from Sophie’s personal friends’ Instagram pages that are very difficult to find, but which most likely have been provided.

And today, 6. June 2015, to kick off new interest for this wonderful relaunched website right at a time when fans and general public on tumblr are interested in Sophie Hunter because of the baby talk, Statsbritain reblogs from that old post  27. March 2015 with Sophie’s most prestigious photo “in her couture Valentino wedding dress photographed by Annie Leibovitz for American Vogue”

There was also an Anon-ask very recently on statsbritain “Are you on Sophie Hunter’s payroll” Answer from statsbritain: “Are you sure you want to post this as a statement rather than a question?”. 

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Do you think Con is at Troye's show?

No he’s not because he’s at a rehearsal for the Grammy’s. It’s not his choice because that’s his job as the Grammy’s Social Media Correspondent. (so no one freak out about “what this means” :) )