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Do you have to create something to be able to use the site? If so, then that's going to drive away a lot of potential users.

“Creating” is pretty broad! A shitpost is a creation, haha! We expect that most users will be casual users that want to keep track of the creators that they’re interested in while also posting the typical social media content that users produce.


Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I’m (very) late (again) with a post, I promise I’ve been superbusy, but I’m still trying to finding a good balance between social media marketing and actually producing content (if anybody has good tips on that, I would LOVE to hear them).

So, let me tell you a little bit about this piece: As I’ve already mentioned, I’m trying to make a line of cast figures to sell in my etsy shop  (It’s called tincreations, if you want to find me there :) ) to balance out the… more exclusive items there. I LOVE creating one of a kind pieces but they are a lot of work and in consequence turn out to be a little pricey. So to balance that out I’m creating a few pieces that I can cast in small editions. I’m trying to still make them feel really special and delicate and to invest a lot of time and details to make them look awesome. For my material of choice I went for brass. I would LOVE to have cast in gold or silver, the company I’m working with even had rose gold up as an offer, but unfortunately my seller’s license doesn’t cover precious metals. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the finished look of the brass too, but I would have liked having the option. But I ramble.

To kick it off I made an octopus. Fast and foremost, because it went wild at tumblr, but I also really like working on them (I get about every second one of them right when I try them, which is probably a good indicator that I need to work on them a little harder). If you couldn’t tell by know, I’m a sucker for details. And the suckers of these baby… I think I took and hour or so just placing them. They look really good on the end result (Not all the way through on this one because it was messed up a bit) but they were a pain in the behind to make. Absolutely worth it though.

And this bad boy is the prototype. The only thing that bothers me is that there’s residue from the casting as my positive had too much undercut, but I will hopefully fix this in the second prototype. This led to a tentacle being cut off a little too short (the right front one has a curlicue in the very tip) and there’s a bit of residue from the clay(?) withe which the liver of sulfur that I used for staining doesn’t react well with and hence leaves white stains. It only happens over time so you can’t see it well in the pictures but it still sucks.

The sculpt came out fairly big, it’s 3.5 by 4 cm which makes it more of a keychain then a necklace. Although I did carve out the backside it’s fairly heavy and hence not that good for wearing. I plan on only getting 5 to see how well you will like them and then maybe order more if you do. I will also be making a smaller version that can actually be worn as a necklace without ruining your back and/or your posture.

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What's your job? And what do you do for it?

Social media producer at msnbc I make content and post content to social media platforms.

Reflection 15

Has anyone noticed how the majority of natural hair content on YouTube and social media is produced by biracial or multiracial women that have wavy hair that’s barely curly? I know there’s this whole secondary movement on natural hair being anything that’s not chemically processed, but that’s slick weird to me. There’s white women with straight hair labeling their hair natural now. Sorry, but issa no for me. To me, natural hair is kinky. Not straight. Not wavy. It’s just weird to see all these women with this barely curly hair being deemed natural hair gurus and experts. Personally, I am usually hard pressed to find anything on YouTube that is actually similar to my hair texture.

jobs the signs are probably good at and why

This is a very generalised post based on natal sun signs. Naturally, you can do whatever you wanna do regardless of what I could tell you. Just do you honey :*

Aries: Entrepreneurial role. Aries love work that is demanding, inventive and expressive. Their Cardinal quality gives them the inspiration to find innovative solutions to ordinary problems, and their Fire gives them the characteristic spark they need to charm potential business partners and get things done.

Taurus: Cinematographer/Director of Photography. Hardly anyone has an eye for aesthetic like a Taurus does, and no one with the same level of day-to-day commitment. No matter how repetitive or mundane the job gets, Fixed quality Taurus will stick it out and deliver reliable results.

Gemini: YouTuber/Blogger/Journalist/TV show host. Geminians are infamous for their work on social media and in entertainment, producing original content, and generally giving the people what they want. They flourish in an environment that is moderately high-profile, constantly evolving and shifting and involves a lot of social contact and communication, that stimulates their minds and gives them a sense of purpose and identity. A Gemini can adapt to any situation and come out on top with a winning smile, even if they have to fake it to make it.

Cancer: Teaching. Cancerians have a nurturing, cultivating instinct but also have a nigh on bulletproof outer shell for keeping a steely resolve when things turn sour in their personal lives. This external sense of being unfazed makes them extremely valuable, reliable members of educational staff. Despite the invisible but nearly impenetrable walls they put up around themselves, they are able to intuitively and acutely sense the ever-changing emotional climate of their students and cater well to them.

Leo: Politician/Diplomat. A Leo will shine wherever they feel needed and admired, and also hold strong values and attitudes for which to live by. Their Fire influence helps them hypnotise a crowd with their natural charisma and air of self-confidence. It is no secret that many world leaders are Leos! The Leo loyalty is one that will stand the test of time, and they will do anything they can to never let you down.

Virgo: Director. Virgos have an extraordinarily keen eye for subtle behaviours in the people around them which would help them shape the actors’ interpretations of characters into suitably realistic ones. They perform well in harmonious, professional, yet also stimulating work conditions where they can help a person achieve a highly specified, often quite unique goal. Ever the perfectionist, a Virgo will produce work that is the envy of others until their final days.

Libra: Writer/Artist. Librans often view the world through Instagram filter glasses - the picture is beautiful from the way it is taken, regardless of how shocking or controversial the content. (Note: Childish Gambino). Being ruled by Venus, Librans are inspired to reflect a sense of sophisticated beauty in their work, and often produce some of the most admired pieces out there. A Libra knows how to cater to an audience without compromising their niche.

Scorpio: Actor. A Scorpio understands the complexity and the depths of human emotion like no other - and, of course, usually have a strongly compelling air about them and alluring looks in abundance. Water signs have a fascinatingly attractive yet untouchable energy, and this makes them perfect for the screen. A human crossword of sorts.

Sagittarius: Singer/Musician. It is well known that Sagittarians make up the majority of celebrities with *cough cough* actual talent, if I may. Their spontaneous, feisty, yet incredibly friendly nature makes them likeable and able to stay relevant throughout the years. They usually respond well to the inevitable pressures of such high-profile work, and have an intellectual curiousity and wisdom about the world that makes them excellent role models for young people.

Capricorn: CEO. Much to the envy of Leos all around the globe, Capricorns have a way of being able to do literally anything based on willpower alone, and put in the work it takes to get there. They are also very comfortable in positions of power and responsibility, and while they might be just a little cynical at heart, will no doubt find their work rewarding. When a Capricorn knows what they want, they get it.

Aquarius: Medical/Health Specialist. Aquarians are famously intellectual and humanitarian people that makes them suitable for highly-skilled work with very little emotional contribution on their part. An Aquarius isn’t as perfectionist as the Mutable signs, but you can be sure they will produce high quality results in the time frame they are given. They are very unique people and can be natural leaders, if given the opportunity.

Pisces: Charity founder with creative products/services. Pisceans are highly altruistic with an artistic flair - why not satisfy both at once? A Pisces is more likely to do something for its inherent value rather than how much profit they can get, which makes them admirable members of the community. They are very approachable but also have a fiercely protective side, and they will not be taken advantage of. Their work is consistent but beautifully whimsical, a balance that Geminians and Librans would surely envy.

That’s all, folks - hope you enjoyed! I realise I played into sign stereotypes a fair bit, but to be fair that is kind of the entire basis of sun sign analyses anyway aha. As always, choose your own fate. You might not particularly connect with your sun sign anyway.

Till next time,

Mimi xx

Your fave is actually a robot impostor!

  • ROBOT SINCE: c. 2008
  • ROBOT TYPE: Heavy Metal & Reflective Co. in association with
    Mercurial Dynamix LLC “Venus Fluxbot” (Transformer class, non-production model)
  • SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lunar-powered stunt mechanism, surface-to-space catapult, delayed-action duplex grenade launcher feat. 360° targeting system, WYD Co. QuantumTweet engine uses analysis of nearest squirrel’s nut-burying style to produce pseudorandomized social media content
  • AFFILIATION: Unknown
  • FUN FACT: Has betrayed many
  • STATUS OF HUMAN PROTOTYPE: Sells natural fiber inspirational quote embroidery on Etsy (as of 9/2012)