social media camp

Hey guys. So this happened! I found myself taking this meet and greet thing wayyy too seriously so I decided to dress up as Waldo to calm my nerves lol. 

This weekend was the best. I got to hear an unreleased Mars song (it’s bomb I promise) and see some great friends of mine. 

I was also reminded of who I wanted to be. That was a question I kept asking myself this entire summer so it was no coincidence that it came up this weekend. I knew who I was but I felt that something inside me was changing. In other words I was having a major identity crisis. I found myself taking more and more dance classes as opposed to doing summer shows. For a while I thought something was wrong. I felt this resistance to keep learning ballet because I labeled myself as a “Theatre Kid.” Eventually I had to accept that dance is a major part of my life. It’s something I think about all day, everyday. Every time I hear a song I think of the choreography that would go with it. [It’s become a major problem. Oh me and my day dreaming lol.] But it also made me realize that it’s okay to go through that. Nothing is worse than watching someone force themselves to do something that’s not feeding them anymore.

I also met a guy that I watch on YouTube. It was kind of random but completely awesome. I literally had to double check it was the right dude because I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself lol. I think he has great content and subscribe to a lot of his friends too. 

So huh here’s the shameless plug lol:

Overall it was a great experience. I met the band that saved my life for the second time and can’t believe it’s over. It’s worse than the post show depression I usually have. 

Okay this post is a little too long. [I have a knack for writing long posts haha.] I hope ya’ll have a great day! Once again, I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear the new single “Walk On Water.”





SNAPCHAT: littleboyin9

Fans: Jared! We love you! We want to see more of you!

Jared: *does vyrt chats and videos* *shares his life on social media* *starts camp mars* *is open and giving*

Fans: *act entitled* *harass people in his life* *trash talk him for everything* *drive him away*

Fans: Uhhh where tf is he? Hes changed. He doesnt care about us. If he did he wouldnt be so m.i.a. fuck him smh.


The story of two sisters..

Identical twins, separated at birth..

Drawn together by one thing..

Their job

Hi! So this is a trailer that I made based on this post by ijustloveyoutubers cause I thought it was a great post and so I did my best on making a trailer to follow the story line, made it slightly dramatic toward the end…and yeah I hope you like it!!

*Please be aware that I own nothing in this video. Not even the idea or any clip or song used throughout the video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask* 

Social Media Camp

Currently on my way to a weekend-long conference called Social Media Camp! It’s Canada’s largest social media conference. Since a lot of you are instagrammers/bloggers or into this stuff I’m just wondering is there anything you’d like me to ask/research/find out while I’m there??

I’ll be updating my snapchat all weekend (northleftcoast) and I’ll be writing a blog post next week with whatever info I learn!

But in the meantime, send me messages with what interests you and what you’d like me to research while I’m there!