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I am going to try blocking social media on my MBP for a week using Cold Turkey. If I need to access sites like Tumblr, I have my PC laptop. It’s clunky and old, so clearly not something I will try to use unless I’m desperate.

Since I’m lucky enough to have two laptops (thanks to @rudescience helping me repair it), I will make one a work laptop and the other a “mess around” laptop.

I really do want to force myself to implement this. Because social media is designed to be addicting, and it’s hard to avoid completely when you still want to be a content creator. If I didn’t make content, I would just delete it all. Honestly.

Modern Baseball asks
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  • @Chl03k: Do you believe in online relationships?
  • See ya, Sucker: Do you have a 'hangout' spot in your town that you frequent?
  • Fine, Great: Are you addicted to social media?
  • Rock Bottom: Describe your perfect day-in
  • Apartment: Where did you meet your former/current partner?
  • Going to Bed Now: Are any of your friends social media/phone addicted?
  • Your Graduation: Do you still think about a certain someone from three years ago?
  • The Thrash Particle: Do you feel like your relationship has to be secretive?
  • Holy Ghost: Have you experienced a death in the family?
  • Mass: Whats the farthest you've been from your home/home state?
  • It's Cold Out Here: Have you ever been rejected?
  • The Waterboy Returns: Have you ever been caught in a downward spiral?
  • Jake Ewald: Do you tend to pick up new habits/talents easily?
  • Brendan Lukens: Who do you think impacts you the most?
  • Sean Huber: Are you in a band?
  • Ian Farmer: What are three things you'd consider 'nerdy' about yourself?
My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.

Slow burn Yuri/Otabek with demi!Yuri and lots of texting as a belated birthday present for for @limitlessmonster. [Read on AO3]

Yuri grows up, grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.

Texting with Otabek, when it first happens, is fortunately not something anyone bothers to comment on.

While Yuri is not as much of a social media addict as he could be, when he is not on the ice he is instead glued to his phone, like any self-respecting teenager should be.

And it’s not like Yuri has never texted with people before. There’s Yuuko, and some other skaters still in the Junior division, classmates from Russia, even though he never exactly considered any of them his friends. It’s just that, with Otabek, Yuri is actually smiling down on his phone.

“Oh, Yuri, you’re smiling?” Mila had asked once, curiously cocking her eyebrow at him.

“Funny cat video,” he had told her, making to hold out his phone to her, “Do you wanna-?”

Luckily, she had immediately made herself scarce then. Everyone knew that once Yuri started pulling out the cat videos he didn’t stop until he ran out of battery.

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In a study at UCLA, teenagers had their brains scanned while viewing pictures they had submitted. The more likes their photos had received, the more the reward circuitry in their brain lit up like a firework, much in the way that same area responds to chocolate, sex, and hard drugs. For people, attention (validation’s slutty sibling) can easily turn into pleasure-seeking behavior and, eventually, full-blown addiction. To our poor, stupid monkey brains, this is completely tribal. We see how many likes and comments and shares our posts get compared to those of other people, and we measure ourselves against them. If we have more, we are the king of the jungle. That social media stimulates this primal, addictive part of the brain is no coincidence. Companies like Facebook have never been coy about creating “obsession loops” that keep their users hitting refresh like it’s the button that releases the morphine.

However, unlike drugs or cigarettes, there doesn’t seem to be anything inherently harmful from getting some internet thumbs-ups, so why aren’t we all walking along like smiley happy people, having discovered a whole new way for us to feel good about ourselves? Because internet affirmation is an empty high, a whole lot of baby formula with not a lot of cocaine. According to Dr. Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University at Dominguez Hills, real-life empathy is six times more effective at making people believe they are being supported. And our monkey brain is still advanced enough that it can tell the difference – so even a retweet storm will often leave us feeling hollow and emotionally malnourished. But on the flip side, a lack of likes hits just as hard as any real-life rejection. Not getting an instant positive click from a friend can quickly lead to feelings of resentment and anger. Many a Kimber-on-Kimber fight has broken out because of a poolside pic that was left unliked.

6 Ways Human Biology Turns You Into An Asshole On Facebook

not sure why more people aren’t shipping Leo/Phichit?? like, they clearly text each other quite frequently:

and they’re both social media addicts based on their intros. Leo:


you really think they WOULDN’T be one of those Insta-famous couples that take gross sappy selfies all the time with lots of kissy emojis??? LBR THEY’D PROBABLY SNAPCHAT THEIR MAKEOUTS AND TAKE PICS OF THE OTHER RIGHT OUT THE SHOWER

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I feel like you guys should ask for all the canon twitter users and do them yourselves since you know them best and know what will happen in the future.

We LOVE the fans who run the Addicted character Twitter accounts– and they capture the Addicted gang’s voices sooooo well – and if we ran all of them ourselves, you’d miss amazing gems like this tweet from Loren Hale

Plus, we don’t have as much time to manage all eight of them (and there’s even Coconut & Sadie accounts that are so cute), so it’s likely if the fans didn’t run most of them, there wouldn’t be much Twitter interaction. And they take time out of their day to do this too, so we’re very, very appreciative that they’re the ones controlling these accounts. 

Owls vs. Morning People

Night Owls
Yuuri: He’s always on his phone, talking to Phichit, on Instagram, or on YouTube
Leo: He just doesn’t sleep. He listens to music and runs off three hours of sleep. No idea how.
Phichit: Your everyday social media addict.
Emil: He’s too hyper to sleep. There’s so much more to be done today!
Early Birds
Viktor: Yuuri has ruined his sleeping schedule, but usually he gets up at six to jog.
Guang Hong: The boy is always tired, but he does wake up around seven to watch American T.V shows so he has something to talk to Leo about.
Seung-Gil: According to Phichit, he wakes up way to early and goes to bed way too early. He likes to stretch in the morning.
Michele: He just likes to sleep, but his training wakes him up. On days he doesn’t have too, he ends up trapping Emil with him until noon.

When they hear the term ‘Zimmermann Charm’ everyone expects flirtatious and seductive.  They see Alicia Zimmermann and Bad Bob and, yeah, that makes sense.  Sexy but brilliant actress/model/philanthropist?  How else was anyone supposed to win her over than with some sexy, strong Canadian secret seduction recipe?

The truth is, Zimmermann Charm is nothing more than a code word for 110% dedication and 110% dorky all directed at one particular person.  Honestly, if you were to look at Bad Bob’s past relationships, you’d know it doesn’t even work all that often.

It means 4am checking practice to help them overcome their fear.

It means missing a step when they’re wearing short shorts.

It means calling them over summer break to make sure they’re resting through their concussion.

It means jokingly guessing Taylor Swift to every single song – including ones with male singers – that come on in Annie’s because you like the way they smile when they chirp you.

It means chirping them about their social media addiction whenever their attention drifts from you.

It means recognizing that person from across the quad and jumping a snowbank to get over to them, only to accidentally spill their coffee all over them while trying to show off pictures you just took.

It means having your entire photography class tell you that person is the real focus of your project when, no, it’s your hockey team and he’s a member of the hockey team.

All of this before you even realize the truth.

So when Bad Bob sees his son floundering the same way he once did with his wife, he does what he can to send him off, not wanting him to miss his shot.  And when Alicia asks where Jack disappeared to as she is beginning to say her goodbyes at the alum meeting, Bob just chuckles and says, “Oh, you know, off working the Zimmermann Charm,” and he can’t quite meet her questioning gaze and raised eyebrow.  Because a Zimmermann?  And charm?

Alicia knows what’s up with her boys, okay?

“This Zimmermann Charm…” she asks later, after watching Jack’s poor attempts to conceal huge smiles she and Bob keep pinch each other so they don’t ask about during dinner with Georgia, “is it the same charm you used on me?”

Bob laughs at that and pulls her close before asking, “Is there any other?”

“I don’t know if tripping over your own feet while asking to buy me a drink at 9am is considered charming,” she snorts at the memory of how tongue-tied he had been and Bob just smiles fondly at her.

“It worked on the person that mattered, didn’t it?”

When Jack and Bitty come out, the media ask Bitty what it was about Jack that made him fall – a lot say appearances because Jack is attractive, some of the more crass ones say money and then can’t say anymore because they are frozen in place by the most frigidly polite response they’ve ever heard and some guess hockey because, well, hockey’s something they have in common and no one’s denying Jack’s good at it.  No one expects his answer when he says, “I guess I just fell for the Zimmermann Charm,” Bitty smirks at his fiance before winking at Alicia who’s laughing off to the side.

When the media ask Jack and Bob about this Zimmermann Charm, all either will say is that it’s a “family secret.”  Alicia and Bitty are always off to the side, laughing.


Ok so I’ve had this idea swirling around my head for awhile now…

Part 4

Trigger Warning: There will be angst, drama, and mentions of addiction and infidelity.

Lexa and Clarke were together since high school (for 6 years to be exact). They were the perfect couple until fame and distance got in the way. Lexa is hollywood’s golden girl and Clarke is an up and coming indie singer.

Drama and angst ensues and one thing leads to another and Lexa cheats on Clarke (all will be explained later no worries). They break up and this is where the story begins. Clarke struggled with addiction in the past and now Lexa is worried she’s going back down a dark path.

I’m actually working on a few fics right now but once I finish them I plan on turning this into a fic!! So once I do, I’ll attach the link here as well.

Where are you?

We message each other
through this and that app
installed on our phones

you being busy
made me feel funny

and we couldn’t chat

I was lonely
friends commented on the hound dog expression on my face
and today I notice on your time line
you are posting pics -
you and your puppy
together on
the quad bike in your yard

why, now you are not busy
have you not contacted me

I will give you a chance to miss me

I will call you this afternoon

give you time to realise
how life could be on your own.

K.L 2016 ©

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why is loren daisy ryke and lily more active in their social media accounts than rose and connor? like i get it you guys love raisy and lilo and don't give a shit about coballoway etc but in case you guys didn't know there are ppl who LOVES them and wants to see more of them & wants to see them interact

Firstly, we want to say that we love all of our characters equally. If we didn’t love Coballoway (aka Connor x Rose) we wouldn’t have written 2 books with them plus countless extras. There is no monetary value in bonus material. We write extras because we love extending these stories and writing with these characters and bringing more to all of you. 

As far as the role playing Twitter accounts, we only control 2 of them: Connor & Lily. We’ve been busy as of late with INFINI’s release approaching (January 31st! - we’re super excited!), and whenever you see Lily tweet, most likely you’ll seen Connor shortly after or vice versa. 

Loren, Ryke, and Daisy’s Twitter accounts are controlled by a fan, who does them SO AMAZINGLY *tosses confetti* – this is why these three often interact together. 

And Rose’s account is run by another fan who captures her voice BEAUTIFULLY too!! *tosses more confetti* We’re extremely appreciative of these fans who bring the Addicted characters to life on social media <3 

For those who are new to the role playing Twitter accounts, you can also follow Willow, Garrison, and Coconut! These three are run by more fans, so you may not see them tweet at exactly the same times as the others, but they’re absolutely amazing <3 We highly recommend following all of them for smiles and happy feelings!

P.S. we want to add that all the fans who run the Twitter accounts do it on their own time and have their own busy lives. So the fact that they take out the time to tweet at all on these accounts means the absolute world to us!  

Social Media Addictions!

Just wanna post this little thing.
Yuuri: He loves Twitter, posting little snippets of his life without posting a picture is something he loves to do.
Viktor: Snapchat. Viktor is always sending everyone pictures of him with the newest filters, because he looks good in all of them.
Leo:, no duh. He just likes to terribly lip sync to his favorite songs, because hey, it’s fun.
Gaung Hong: He loves Pinterest. He can keep up with his favorite shows and everything!
Phichit: Everything, if he had to pick one, it would be Instagram. Bug seriously, he’s on everything.
Seung-Gil: He doesn’t like any of them, but if you went by how frequently he likes Phichits photos on Instagram, then it would be Instagram.
Emil: Emil lives on Tumblr, where else would he find all of his memes?
Michele: He’s often on Facebook, but only because Sara is always on Facebook.


Another excellent video done by Midnight’s Edge, this time on Sony’s upcoming Barbie movie, and how Amy Schumer somehow managed to land the role.

What I basically take away from it is that Amy Pascal isn’t really good at being a chairperson and a producer, Sony continues to be pretty bad at making decisions for movies (they should just try to focus more with video games, since they seem to be good at that), and it seems that Sony has fallen for the stereotype of every Millennial being a bunch of social media addicted 19 to 20-something-year-olds, who won’t watch anything unless it has social justice commentary in it, and if it doesn’t, they deem it as being “problematic” (though, in fairness, I have encountered several people who fit that stereotype, and give my generation a bad name).

I’m also not really looking forward to Amy Schumer, mostly because I don’t buy the idea of making someone this self-centered and entitled as being a “role model”:

Also, being a major Roald Dahl fan, her saying that she has “a body like Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda” (yes, she did say something to that effect) and is proud of it sort of rubs me the wrong. Now, I don’t really mind women who are plus-sized or the like, but I don’t think you should ever positively compare yourself to a woman who delights in making children’s lives a living hell, often abuses children by tossing them like ragdolls or stuffing them in cupboard lined with nails and spikes, killed her own brother-in-law, and abused her own niece for years, to the point of driving her from her own house, no matter what the circumstance is. Seriously just look and tell me that’s a woman you would compare yourself with!