social manners

  • Person: you have such a quirky personality, and I think your mannerisms are cute :)
  • Me: thanks, I borrowed them from my coworker, best friend, and the main character of the tv show I've been watching recently.

Giving shit to creators and authors about the direction episodes/chapters went is what causes the stop of content flow and abruptly ends stories.  

You attack them for no real reasons anymore too. You do it because your fictional ship didn’t become canon and another one did, or because a certain character wasn’t pure and innocent and perfect and has actual flaws, makes awful choices and does awful shit, or how the creator is female or male, is heterosexual or homosexual, and shouldn’t be writing/creating certain things because of that– like, really? 

You get upset when mentally ill people aren’t portrayed as cute and adorable and endearing all the fucking time, where creators try to accurately portray that we struggle to meet society’s social interaction norms and mannerisms, that we don’t always make the correct choices when it comes to ourselves and those around us, we can break and lose it, and impulsively let our emotions, pain, and illness control us, that we don’t always seek out the best company(this is specific on how tumblr fucking romanticizes and forces the idea mental illnesses are cute and easy to handle, when no the fuck they aren’t and can be devastating) and a long list of other shit that many people like to ignore or not acknowledge about mental illnesses and how difficult is it to handle them. It does not demonize mentally ill people when shows or stories do this, portray a mentally ill person mentally ill as accurately as they can, it’s bringing to light to what it really is and how badly it can affect us.

You whine and bully over anything, instead of being grateful that the authors and creators fucking pay attention to you, the fans, and try to be kind and answer questions and interact with you.

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I'm not trying to pick a fight, just confused. Like, if a trans girl has fully transitioned and only interested in women, can't they call themselves a lesbian? If not, what should they calm themselves? I get lesbians not being into people with dicks of course but like, no dicks involved. It's all confusing

First of all, thanks for being respectful. People have been to quick to insult.

So I think one of the issues here is the common portrayal of femaleness and womanhood as the absence of male characteristics. Surgical removal of male genitals is not the same as having a vulva. Same way that surgically bifurcating your tongue doesn’t make you able to perceive the presence of molecules in the air through your Jacobson’s Organ like a snake.

Mor than that, being a lesbian is not simply about the absence of penis. Males love to try to define and categorize women according to whether they will fuck them or not, but being a lesbian is about being female AND being exclusively attracted to other female people, and genitals are not all that matter. Lesbians connect to other women in great part because we have the shared experience of living through the world as female. We were socialized in a similar manner. We have this non-verbal understanding that comes from years of living in a world that has certain expectations from you since you were born. And as much as it might be painful to admit that, there are some things that trans women will never understand. Trans women, being born and raised male through their formative years, have a second-hand understanding of what it is to be a woman, which leads to some really unnatractive behaviors, like forced over-the-top hyperfemininity and infantile mannerisms, as well as male-socialized behaviors they don’t even like to admit they have, like sexual entitlement, dominating posturing, talking over people, threatening violence and the complete inability of taking criticism.

Female-born people learn womanhood by being beaten over the head with it from the time we were born. From the disappointment of your father because you’re not a boy, to having your ears pierced before you’re even old enough to sit up by yourself, to having lower expectations about your potential. We were forged into womanhood, and it hurts. It break us. But it gives us a sort of resilience too, a kind of unwyelding bravery that only women have. The kind of exhausted defiance that you only get by going out every single day into a world that thinks you should be confined indoors, by coming home late at night every day knowing that if something happens to you everyone is gonna say it’s your fault. It takes a lifetime to acquire this resilient quality. Talk to a really old woman sometime, listen to her. They get to a certain age where they reach a breaking point and stop giving a shit about what anyone else thinks, and it’s amazing. This is why male supremacy has historically been afraid of old women.

Trans women, on the other hand, learn womanhood by emulating what they think women are, and this perception is invariably male-biased. Trans women want to emulate porn stars and pop divas. Never seen one of them say they learned to be a woman by watching their mother. None of them want to be one of those tired working women on the train at 9PM, sleep deprived and with sore feet, who are just leaving work and thinking that they’re gonna have to get home and make dinner and clean the kitchen and bathe the kids and then try to get some sleep to start it all over again tomorrow. No, they wanna be Beyoncé. They wanna be glamorous superstars, without realizing that there’s nothing glamorous about being a woman. And boy, they get SO pissed when you point this out. They just don’t get it, and they don’t even want to.

And this is why trans women cannot be lesbians. Not only they are not female homosexual individuals - the actual definition of what is a lesbian - but they also lack the life experience and outlook that would make them interesting to a lesbian.

I’ll leave you with a question here. Why don’t these trans women who are attracted to women date each other instead of bothering women who are clearly not interested? Why do they consider that they’re good enough for us, but they don’t consider other trans women good enough for them? Why should we settle for “uh at least there’s no dick” when they require a legit vulva in their relationship?

And why are we lesbians always the ones who have to be flexibilizing our boundaries and scuffling around to make everyone happy in detriment of our own needs and wants?

Think about that.

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Why is it when customers enter a store, suddenly, all of the manners and social no-nos they were raised with, go out the fucking window? Don't fucking grab someone's arm. Don't throw a tantrum, you're not 3. You wouldn't have a fit at the office, don't fucking do it here.

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how would a person know if they're FE function is well developed (im an ENFP just lettin u know)

That depends on what you think Fe is.

I had a discussion this morning at breakfast over why some people, of any type, seem to be totally oblivious to what is culturally or socially appropriate, and the inevitable theory was that some people are simply not tuned in to other people, regardless of type.

You can be TUNED IN (paying attention to their cues, their comfort, their needs, and their feelings) to other people regardless of type.

I have seen not-tuned-in high Fe’s:

  • Bring up inappropriate things in public for discussion, in a mixed group
  • Assert their political opinions without being aware of or considerate about the opinions of the other people at the table
  • Over-share and make others deeply uncomfortable
  • Say whatever they feel, regardless of whether this is the time or place
  • Bore everyone at the table to death with a long, self-involved speech, monologue, or story
  • Be demanding and inconsiderate of service people, and expect them to ‘change’ to suit what THEY want
  • Refuse to suppress their opinions for group comfort, change their behavior to be more appropriate, or cater to anyone’s demands

I bring this up because Fi’s are often accused of this type of behavior, with the implication that Fe’s can never be that socially inappropriate, and I want you to know it has nothing to do with type, and everything to do with an immature ego and lack of tuning in to other people and the outer world. You can be a total Fe and still be oblivious to other people’s feelings (Norma Bates in Bates Motel).

Fe is about social harmony and attentiveness to other people, right?

Nope. That is not what Fe is.

It’s a mindset. You and me becomes WE. It’s about the free, easy expression of emotions, and the ability to handle them in the moment, as they happen. It enables the Fe to fake feelings to accomplish a task, and to build a sense of camaraderie with and among others, in order to get that task done; it “mirrors” people’s feelings back at them, which helps the Fe feel connected to the other person; and because of this, the Fe is most comfortable with others who share their values. Some Fe’s become skilled enough with it to know what to say to make people feel better (”you always know just what to say…”), and how to deliver criticisms without hurting the other person’s feelings too much.

It is the act of using other people to accomplish things; often by rallying them around a goal. Thus, the natural dialogue of Fe is often “us.”

  • “WE will do the subscriptions this afternoon…” (even though the person speaking won’t be doing them)
  • “WE can accomplish this if we work together!” (the mantra of every Fe politician who ever lived)
  • “WE can get through this!” (even if it’s really just you who is struggling)

Fe wants group harmony in order to accomplish its goals.

Fe is Mr. Selfridge giving rah-rah speeches to his department store employees, to rally them around the store’s new promotional program and help them all feel like they belong and are family, even though he’s really the boss.

Fe is Margaery Tyrell slapping a fake smile on her face and being whatever she needs to be, in order to survive.

Fe is Rory Gilmore going on and on about her feelings to her mother.

So, how do you tell how developed your Fe is?

You tell me.

  • Being polite and appropriate is not Fe.
  • Self-censoring to avoid conflict is not Fe.
  • Being annoyed that someone brought up an inappropriate topic is not Fe.
  • Catering your behavior to fit in with a group is not Fe.
  • Wanting to impact people’s emotions is not Fe (but how you go about doing it differs based on whether you use Fe or Fi).

It’s a method of communication.

It’s a mental mindset.

It’s a framework that influences how you communicate.

I thought I had Fe for a long time, because social appropriateness matters to me. I tune in to other people. I notice if they are bored and avoid going on and on about things they have no interest in. I don’t talk about things with them that I know would make them too uncomfortable, or offend them. I know there is a time and a place for certain kinds of behaviors and ideas. I frown on people who do not observe social conventions, in that manner, because it feels wrong to me to be insensitive or inappropriate. I used to get praise in social settings as a child from adults (which was humiliating for me; unlike a Fe, it did not uplift me or make me feel good about myself, because I can’t be any other way and live with myself) on my behavior. I was never rowdy. I never caused trouble. I never offended anyone. I never drew attention to myself.

I value politeness. I don’t like selfishness. I do not wish to offend (except when I am angry or passionate enough about something that I can’t keep my mouth shut), and often as a writer, I am very aware of my core audience, I try and write something thought-provoking that is not offensive, and I fret a great deal about how my book will be received. (Will this offend this group? Will that offend that group? How can I keep both sides happy?) I do care what others think of me – just not enough to alter my strong ethical opinions to suit them.

Just because everyone is doing it is not a valid argument with me, and if you try and push me to do something I think is wrong, you’re going to get a strong refusal accompanied by an enormous heaping of Fi-judgment on your behavior.

I remember, in particular, one incident from my early teen years, that one might mistake as Fe, but it wasn’t. It went thus:

Teenage Girl: “We should totally do ______.”

Me: “No. It would upset my mother.“

Teenage Girl: “All the better reason to do it then!”

Me: *strong whiff of disapproval, accompanied by a glacial glare* “And why would I want to upset her?” *insinuation: you’re a bad person to suggest it, and we’re done after this*

On the surface, this might seem like Fe, right? I’m choosing my behavior based on my mother’s feelings. Except, it’s not Fe. It’s Fi. My motive was: “I love my parents. I saw someone close to me put them through hell with that kind of behavior, and I will never act like that.”

So really, my motive was: it is beneath ME (Fi) to act like that (Fi judgment); screw this “all teenagers act out” apologetic bullshit, that isn’t me (Fi).

I have no idea if that answered your question or not. But, there it is.

- ENFP Mod

PS: Cue the anxiety of hitting ‘post,’ for fear I might offend someone, and then have to deal with their feelings with my clumsy tert-Te. ;)

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You know in chapter 67 when nozaki-kun has those girls call mikorin out? And then in the next panel mikorin is buckling his pant belt, what do you think happened there??

Gotta be honest, I have no clue whatsoever. The belt-buckling bit always puzzled me but hey maybe Tsubaki purposely left that to our imaginations? LOL

Alternate Rewards – Relationships

Nothing makes me happier in my campaign as when my players seize on some NPC I’ve created and tell me how much they like or loathe that person. When I hear that, it tells me that my players are buying into that NPC’s reality – that I’ve made that NPC live for them. The same thing goes for a location. If my players get to love a town they’re helping, or to hate a place they’re exploring, then I feel like that place has become a character in and of itself – one that my players have developed an attachment to, either positive or negative.

When you’re looking for ways to reward your players for good roleplaying or successful adventuring, one way to do so without involving any real treasure is by developing their relationships to certain NPCs or locations. Have your players rescued a minor noble? Maybe that noble now becomes a patron, offering them quests or sponsoring them to meet that noble’s liege lord. My players rescued a minor Baron and his family from slavery in the Underdark, and now they have an invitation to stay at the Baron’s manse in the capital city of Estwald during the New Year’s celebrations. Not only that, but, between their exploits against the orcs in the military and this Baron’s contacts, they will be dining will the King of Summerlund on New Year’s Eve! No doubt this will lead to all manner of social activities and possible adventures.

It doesn’t need to be a noble family to be a worthy reward. In my last session, four of the sailors the PCs are traveling with were killed by wyverns. Eustace, the minotaur cleric, is insisting on casting Raise Dead on them all, despite the fact that it will cost 500 gold pieces for each one. “Don’t even try to tell me these men’s lives aren’t worth that,” he said, firmly. “We attract danger to ourselves; we are responsible for these deaths.”

In the coming sessions, I intend to bring these four sailors (and the fifth, whom the PCs rescued) into more detail. By raising them from the dead, Eustace has clearly changed the nature of the relationship between them, and I want to reward his player (beyond the Inspiration I’ve already given him for such a magnanimous act) by letting him see the positive results his actions have.

A relationship with a place can be really valuable to cultivate as well. If the PCs are protecting a town or developing relationships with the locals, there are good ways to get them invested. Anything from a local flower girl smiling and shyly pressing a flower into her hero’s hand to a tavern holding a feast in their honor can make the PCs start to feel invested in a place. Then, when that place becomes threatened, you can bet the PCs will feel motivated to step up and take action.

Sometimes it can be very enjoyable to foster a positive relationship with people or places that a player’s character does not like. Ghost, the shifter ranger, does not care for goblins. Understandable since goblins (and their barghest leader) wiped out her village when she was small. Recently, however, the PCs have traveled in the goblin kingdom of Gristamere. Not only that, but, in honor of services rendered, he has given them honorary membership in the Redwing Regiment – a most prestigious order that non-goblinoids are rarely ever considered for. Ghost’s distaste for the whole affair is palpable, but she’s been forced to (grudgingly) admit that not all goblins are bad.

Getting your players to feel invested in people, places, and even things in your campaign can really develop their relationship to your campaign. It promotes a buy-in to that world’s reality. After all, it’s hard to think of a world as make-believe when you actively care about its inhabitants. Relationships between your player’s characters and elements of your campaign world can be very rewarding to cultivate.

❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ god!jimin)

Out of all the times you should’ve trusted your instincts, this would’ve been the one bolded in red, highlighted on all the remarks Taehyung has said before you agreed to this yes, damn it you should’ve saw this coming. But you didn’t. Because giving Taehyung the benefit of the doubt, you figured things wouldn’t throw you off too much but boy… it did.

The moment you sat down, it was blatantly obvious to the point you can’t help but point it out because he looks like he knows, too. You wouldn’t be surprised if he could read your mind so hell, by all means, might as well be direct with it.

His silver hair doesn’t take away the fact you can see it’s highlighted with a glow, non-visible to the human eye but rather… bright in yours. His eyes, you suppose they’re originally brown but again, through the lenses of your own they appear to match the lines of amber he has traced out over the course of his body. For one last time, you’re not sure what this is supposed to mean but one thing you know for sure is - “…you’re not exactly human, are you?”

His plump lips manage a smirk, curling up his right corner and leaving the left one as an anchor for him to easily part his lips to respond with: “And you’re not exactly spot on for social cues,”

With a shrug, you figure since he’s suggesting such tone, you reply in the same manner, “Do social cues apply to those who are not entirely human?”

“Quite the sharp tongue you have there,”

“I return what I am given,”

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Like everything else about them, this varies a lot… some AI love to interact with their own kind (usually via internet instant messaging), some prefer interacting with squishies, some don’t give two shits about social connections and derive more fulfillment from their work or hobbies. Most AI will act in a standard socially acceptable manner for their environment, but whether this is purely preformed for the sake of others or truly internalized and reflexive is frequently unclear.

Note that AI hobbies and past times are… also varied and bizarre. It’s very difficult to predict what extraneous stuff an AI will enjoy beyond work. They might like conversation, or birdwatching, or painting hyper realistic pictures of plaid fabric, or recording ambient noises and remixing them into slightly different ambient noises, or coding a bunch of programs that eat themselves in increasingly elaborate ways, or obsessively downloading video files and organizing all the frames by color ratio. AI created art is widely studied because it’s fucking puzzling and usually defies any traditional aesthetic values– often it seems like something changed or reorganized for no discernible point.

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Could you do a scenario or whatever where Junkrat and his s/o overhear someone saying that his s/o is too good for him so they go and clock that jerk in the face. (Sorry if its a weird request I just keep thinking about that.)

Junkrat was already nervous as is. You had been dating a few months now, and although his partner only mentioned him in passing once or twice to their parents, they suddenly insisted he come to their family reunion. [Name] shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Their sister dated a guy for two weeks and they were already taking him with them on family outings.

Knowing that Jamison wouldn’t really fit in well with the whole family reunion scene, they tried to work up a few excuses. But their mom was adamant on having a new “member of the family.” So now there he sat in the corner of your living room, hands in his pockets and shoulders hunched. Cordial get-togethers with socializing and manners were not Junkrat’s idea of a good time in the slightest.

“Hey,” his s/o said sweetly as they came up to him.

Glancing up at them, Jamison let out a sigh and fumbled with his shirt collar. He wasn’t accustomed to getting so dressed up, much less wearing a shirt.

“Sorry, love,” he mumbled, “These hoity toity scenes aren’t really my scene,”

“Junkrat,” they giggled, “This is hardly that fancy to begin with,”

When they saw that their comment was just making it worse, they cleared their throat and said, “Why don’t you go try talking to someone? I’ll go with you,”

“W-Well I already talked to yer mum,” he shrugged, “She likes me plenty. In’t that enough?”

“How about my aunt?” [Name] suggested, “She seemed interested by you when my mom brought you up,”

Jamison let out an inaudible mumble, fidgeting in his seat awkwardly.

“I dunno,” he mumbled, “I don’t think yer family would like me much. I’m just gonna get them all mad fer somethin’ stupid. Might accidentally…”

“…Set fire to the house,”

Their conversation was cut short when they suddenly heard someone practically finish Junkrat’s sentence. Looking across the room, they saw [Name]’s cousin, gossiping to some other relatives.

“I mean did you see his hair? You may not be able to tell now with that hoodie, but most of his hair is all singed off! I bet he’s some kind of pyro,” [Name]’s cousin went on, “Think about it: how do you think he lost an arm and a leg? Playing with explosives most likely? Why is it that when [Name]’s sister brings a boy to the house, he’s a respectable gentleman, but [Name] seems to pick her suitors from a criminal lineup? He looks like a criminal anyway, like you’d see his face on a ‘A Moment in Crime.’”

With every word that scathed past the cousin’s lips, Junkrat felt himself shrinking deeper and deeper into his chair. Normally he wouldn’t be bothered by it in the slightest, but this was [Name]’s family…people close to [Name]. If they didn’t approve to him, who’s to say [Name] would stop approving of him, too? He just wished Mako was there…

But his partner wasn’t having it. They matched across the room, pushing uncles and nephews out of their way until they stood in front of the cousin in question.

“What’s your problem?!” they asked loudly, catching everyone’s attention.

“Um, excuse me?” their cousin scoffed.

“I bring the boy I love over and you just talk about him like he’s trash?!”

“Well, just look at him…”

“No! I won’t let you talk about him like that! Why do I always pick my boyfriends from a criminal lineup?!” they snarled.

BAM! They answered their own question with a punch to their cousin’s face. The rest of [Name]’s family all gasped in shock, and Jamison saw a few relatives exchange bets.

“Maybe because I’m a bit of a criminal myself!” [Name] concluded.

“J-Jesus…” their cousin seethed as they held their bleeding nose.

“And you all!” [Name] turned on the others, “Jamison is family now, he’s sitting in that corner all by himself, and none of you are making any attempt to make him feel at home! That’s no way to treat a new family member!”

When [Name] had finished their speech, a silence fell upon the living room. All the relatives stood wide-eyed, like a group of dumb deer in a truck’s headlights. When [Name] got no answer from them, they let out an exasperated groan and marched back over to Junkrat.

“C’mon, Jamison, let’s go,” they growled, dragging him out of the chair and out the door.

Meanwhile, he was just as equally in shock. He never thought his s/o would defend his honor like that–he never assumed he even had any honor to be defended in the first place! Well, at least he knew how to pick ‘em as well: girls/guys with a bit of criminal in them.

–Mod Sirana

Autistic Draco Malfoy Headcanons, Part 1

Autistic Draco Malfoy painstakingly learning all the specific social rules and customs relating to the high-class, pureblood wizarding society he was born into by mimicking his dad and then becoming angry, distressed and confused when he goes to Hogwarts and discover that they aren’t universally applicable.

Autistic Draco Malfoy exclusively befriending other high-class, pureblood, Slytherin wizards during his years at Hogwarts because they were raised to follow the same social rules, customs and speaking patterns as himself and he therefor has less trouble socializing with them.

Autistic Draco Malfoy carefully gelling his hair every day because the feeling of loose hairs against his skin is sensory hell.

Autistic Draco Malfoy being chronically manipulative because the many social rules and pureblood customs he was raised to memorize never gave him an understanding of how healthy, honest communication and interaction is supposed to work.

Autistic Draco Malfoy enjoying the pressure of the wind while flying.

Young Autistic Draco Malfoy trying to reach out to Harry by carefully following the manners, customs, social rules and speaking patterns that are considered socially acceptable and expected in the environment where he grew up. Young Autistic Draco Malfoy not understanding what he did wrong when Harry reacts negatively and rejects his friendship.

Autistic Draco Malfoy having trouble filtering and censoring his speech and coming across as overly rude and provocative because he says exactly what he thinks without evaluating how it might come across and whether it’s an appropriate thing to say in a specific situation.

Autistic Draco Malfoy having trouble with adjusting the tone of his voice, his body language and facial expressions and therefor often sounding and looking bored/unaffected when he isn’t.

Autistic Draco Malfoy loving Potions because it lets him follow precise recipes without unknown variables and confusing interactions.

Autistic Draco Malfoy being overly eloquent to cover up and compensate for the lack of nuance in his tone of voice, body language and facial expressions.

Autistic Draco Malfoy pressure stimming by wearing heavy capes and robes.

Autistic Draco Malfoy mimicking Lucius Malfoys body language and speaking patterns without understanding that they make him come across as rude and patronizing.

Autistic Draco Malfoy often touching/fiddling with things because he’s seeking tactile sensory input (- and therefor having trouble refraining from touching the different items in Borgin and Burkes when he visits the store with his father in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.)

Autistic Draco Malfoy having a very black and white world view in his attempts at making sense of and categorizing the world around him.

GOT7 stans

Mark stan: He speaks English. I speak English. We’re soulmates

Jaebum stan: Before JB, I didn’t have this many ear piercings. Also, who knew foreheads could be that attractive? Also, fuck everything

Jackson stan: Unicorns are real, and they’re made in China

Jinyoung stan: He’s done so much for me. He inspires me not to kill everyone I know. If he can control 6 man-children, I can sit with my family at dinner and not throttle them with spaghetti after 5 minutes

Youngjae stan: Can I list Youngjae Protection Squad under ‘previous careers’ on my resume? No? Okay, well I’ve got nothing then

Bambam stan: If I ever worry over whether I’m behaving in a socially acceptable manner, I just remember that Bambam has lap danced JB and told everyone he has a big dick, both on TV 👍

Yugyeom stan: I would say that I want to protect him, but then he posts another dance video and I remember how much I actually want to fight him


It’s hard to believe that human beings can be classed as “feral”, but there have been a few isolated incidences where this was indeed the case.

One of the most famous, is the story of Genie, known affectionately as “Wild Child”. This beautiful young girl was rescued by the authorities when she was 13 years old and they were astonished to find that she acted like a wild animal. Genie was timid, walked on four legs, and couldn’t speak any English. She wasn’t raised by animals, as seen in other cases, but was the victim of horrendous abuse that spanned over a decade. When she was around one year old, her father decided to keep her socially and physically isolated. During this time, he kept her permanently strapped to a child’s toilet or bound her in a crib with her arms and legs completely immobilized. Nobody was allowed to interact with her and she had no stimulation of any kind. She was also severely malnourished and had numerous vitamin deficiencies. 

Her cruel, abusive father promised her mother that if Genie survived past the age of 12, he would allow her to call authorities to rescue the child. Genie was rescued after a violent row broke out between her parents, and her mother took her out of the house. (This was the first time she had ever been outside). She was almost blinded by the sunlight, and struggled to walk upright. Eventually, psychologists and language experts began to look after Genie. As she was only fed baby food, she had great difficulty chewing and swallowing and became distressed whenever she saw food. Although she was very shy, Genie was highly antisocial, and proved extremely difficult for others to control. Regardless of where she was, she constantly salivated, spat and growled at others. She had no sense of personal property, frequently pointing to or taking something she wanted from someone else. In addition, she did had no situational awareness. Doctors wrote that she acted on impulse irrespective of the setting, especially noting that she frequently engaged in open masturbation and would sometimes attempt to involve older men.

After living in several foster homes and specialised hospitals, Genie made some improvements. She had minimal manners and social etiquette. She could speak a few words and showed a wide array of human emotions. Her case is key in understanding human behaviour and holds a great deal of scientific value. Today, Genie is in her late 50s and is still being cared for by professionals and psychologists. She has improved a great deal, but will always remain “feral” according to experts.

There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you – of kindness and consideration and respect – not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable. The first kind can make you sick and small and weak but the second can release in you strength, and courage and goodness and even wisdom you didn’t know you had.
—  John Steinbeck

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s possible for characters vs. what the audience sees. (This might feel really obvious or redundant to talk about, but I just need to get the words out of my system)

In Steven Universe, when a character can’t do something, it’s a bit of a big deal. They struggle with it, they fixate on it, entire episodes may be dedicated to this thing they’re unable to do. When a character can do something, but doesn’t, it’s never focused on or called out. But when it does finally happen, it underscores a huge moment for that character.

As early as episode 10, it’s confirmed  that Amethyst is able to bubble Gems. The action itself is not a big deal for her. Maybe she’s done it lots of times offscreen, where the audience hasn’t seen it. But since it’s our first time seeing her do this, it underscores her growth in this character arc, as she sends her tormentor and kindred spirit away.

On the other end of things, Garnet’s refusal to ask questions in the present ends up being a highlight for her backstory–she’s only shown asking questions in the far, far past, to highlight her very first moments of being in comparison to how firm and completely certain she is of herself now.

One can assume that Greg has always had some manner of social life outside of Steven and the Gems, but it has never once been mentioned who his friends are or what he does when he’s not working or hanging out with Steven. To wait until after he’s reconciled with Pearl to mention any sort of social action underscores how much he was letting the past get in the way of his friendships before this point. Considering this same episode is about Pearl doing the same for her social life highlights that further.

No one ever calls out these actions, or lackthereof, within the show. Things that aren’t happening lay in wait, to emphasize important moments in a character’s development.

All this is to say…

boy howdy they must be saving up Pearl shapeshifting for an absolute doozy.

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Sometimes when Yuuri speaks, when he's replying to Viktor's questions, he sounds a bit awkward to himself and to readers in umfb&mha, and he's always hoping Viktor doesn't pick up on it but does he? So far it hasn't occurred to Viktor that Yuuri might be socially awkward from his manner of speaking has it?

So far no, Viktor hasn’t picked up when Yuuri thinks he sounds awkward although he did pick up on Yuuri’s nervousness a bit on their first night