social life

  • Should I be studying?: Definitely.
  • Am I?: No.
  • Should I be reading tons of Destiel smut on Ao3 and sacrifice my soul to the gay angel man and the bisexual hunter boy?: Totally not. Like, no. Don't do that.

If you go to school/uni and have friends, this post is for you. Here are seven tips to help you balance school and social life. Read on.

  • Use social events as alarm clocks or deadlines for you to finish your homework, or any school work. If you’re going out with friends on a certain time, do everything you have to do before that certain time.
  • Know when you can actually do what you have to do. Don’t force yourself to finish everything because that can lead to frustrations that will mess up your work, leading to more work, which is counterproductive.
  • Use social events as rewards. It could be after you’ve finished exams, or if you have reached a goal. This is what me and my friends do. Even the simple act of getting ice cream after exams is a gift when done with friends.
  • Never go out a week before any exam. Dedicate that time to studying and reviewing. Nuh-uh. Gotta stay firm on this. You’ll thank yourself.
  • Use social events as a challenge to yourself. This is something I made up. I study before going out, and make flashcards or type questions. When I arrive home, I question/test myself. If I got at least 80% of the questions right, I reward myself. The reward depends on my current mood, really, but I usually reward myself with reading a certain number of pages of a book (not academic books, please, I need a break).
  • Make flashcards. You can review these flashcards even when going out. Just don’t overdo it. Your friends might think it’s inconsiderate. I mean, hey, you came there to have fun, put down those flashcards and actually have fun and relax. You had your time, and you’ll have more time for that later. Tip: don’t go out unless you’re done or unless you still have a lot of time on your hands. Be honest to yourself.
  • Commence a group study! For people who study better with people (not me), this is a great way to bond with your friends and your lessons. You can ask your friends about something you don’t understand. And, come on, if you’re with your friends, something fun/crazy is bound to happen. Just be careful not to procrastinate.