social life


I can just feel my mental health declining day by day now. It’s exhausting. I have 3 roommates; one other African American, and the other two are European international students. When I first met them all, things were okayish. I warned the EI students that I’m extremely introverted. It’s always been bothersome to me. I’m a junior in college and to this day, I can say I don’t have a REAL close friend. I did a few year back but we drifted once she found new friends.

I go day by day, barely having anyone but a few acquaintances here and there that speak to me in class. I tried doing the more social things with my roommates over the years, but I was almost always far too uncomfortable and slipped into the shadows. I like my alone time. But it’s become lonely now, I think. I feel my EI roomies are frustrated that I’m not more outgoing and I hate it. I try to reach out to the black students at my school but I get shunned. Especially from the black guys. :(