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So, Social Justice anime Macros

The blog is now open for anyone!

I tried to reblog my introduction post to here, but it wouldn’t let me? Weird. Anyway, so:

Hello and welcome!

I considered starting this blog a while ago, and maybe I’ll try it? This is a blog for feminist macros of any anime, though it would be great to use ones that aren’t overtly sexist or racist etc. at the very least. Basically, the idea is, you take a screencap from an anime and use the characters to deliver a message about social justice- it can deal with sexism, racism, classism, homphobia- any ism or an intersection of two isms! It can say positive things about being a member of an oppressed group! Anything is fair game, as long as it says something good about the equality all the people in this world.

Bonus points if you make it amusing, and mega-bonus points if this is a message the show itself actually delivers on.

Apply to me for membership! The ask is open!

I personally will probably focus on Sailor Moon for screencaps. Submissions are OPEN, so go wild! If you have an idea, you can also just send me it and I’ll see if I can make a macro. Be specific, though!

Manga can be used as well!