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Capitalism is explicitly designed for private (top-down) ownership over the means of production and the subordination of labor to capital. The fact that there is ungodly wealth inequality, to the level where a mere seventy people control more wealth than half the world, is not “a flaw in the system”. As long as autocrats make all the major economic decisions, you’re going to wind up with a system with less equality and less freedom by default.

And yes, that applies to both “corporatism” and “true capitalism” – either way you slice it you still have economic authority and ownership concentrated in the hands of a minority class of elites. This minority class controls the workplaces we labor in and the housing we live in, and they reap the rewards produced by us because of their ownership. Capitalism may be a different economic mode from feudalism, but you still fundamentally have a majority class of laborers generating all the goods that keeps society functioning while a parasitic ruling class accrues the bulk of the utilities. These are class relationships; “power-over” relationships.

They fuel hierarchy in other areas of life – sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and imperialism. Social problems are overwhelmingly traceable back to the roots of social organization: the economic system. The elite owning class would prefer a divided population so that common interests aren’t recognized, and so the system benefits some people proportionately more than others. This is where privilege comes in – and yet, the conversation is incomplete if one leaves out the material basis for which patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, and cisheteronormativity operate. We can’t expect hierarchical bigotry to dissolve as long as we have a class-based economic system.

Economic democracy is the way forward. A new system focused on meeting human needs through direct democracy rather than on accruing profits for capitalists through concentrated decision-making. If capitalism creates huge wealth chasms AND deprives people of the ability to influence decisions that affect them, then socialism should aim to do the opposite – genuine social equality (a lack of “power-over” relationships and equality of access to social utilities) achieved through democratic organizational structures (horizontal workplaces, communal housing, common land returned to the commons) where individuals actually get to have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

Justice for All 

Hand embroidery on calico, approx 15 cm

“This first piece entitled Justice For All represents something which is very close to my heart, social justice and equality for all people oppressed by the societies we live in which harbour racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism. I am an intersectional feminist, and this means critically thinking about how various forms of oppression overlap, and actively working towards breaking down barriers and changing behaviour which contributes to these systems of oppression. Protesting, creating new media, taking ownership of ourselves and uplifting fellow babes are all ways we can change the world we live in. This piece is a combination of things I believe in to my core and ways I nurture myself. Feminism is about having choice.” - @hanecdote
Warwick Thornton on his images of Indigenous children in 'fast-food suicide vests'
The film-maker’s new exhibition in Melbourne carries a blunt message about health issues facing the next generation of Indigenous kids in Australia
By Melissa Davey

“For people in these communities, eating junk food was not merely a lifestyle choice, she said. “People say to drink water from the taps, but some of the water in these communities is not safe to drink, so sugary drinks become a cheap alternative,” Doyle says.“People tell them to give their children two pieces of fruit each day, but if an orange [in remote area communities] costs $5 and you have four children, that’s half your pension packet gone.“You can’t expect people to be broke and have their kids go hungry for the sake of meeting fruit and vegetable quotas. So if a packet of chips costs $1.50, that’s what you’ll buy.”“

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This week: a Filipino treasure screens at MoMA Film, live-stream a Q&A with social justice thought leader Bryan Stevenson, get creative with littleBits at the Design Interactions Studio, and more

[Insiang. 1976. Philippines. Directed by Lino Brocka. Pictured: Hilda Koronel. Courtesy Cineteca di Bologna/L’Immagine Ritrovata]

The view that design professionals are all disgusting incompetent monsters is so nasty and disrespectful and I can’t wait until it dies down.

The cause for sexualized designs in the video game industry is not individual artists. It’s not and never has been and you’re a fool if you’ve been railing against individual names thinking it does any good. The causes are myriad and they come down to editorial, they come down to direction, they come down to the parent company who owns the game company who doesn’t know shit about video games but says “more titty” because titty always gets money and video games have become exponentially more expensive to make.

You can be the most moral, most educated, most social justice oriented character designer and odds are pretty fucking good that you are going to be making titty art at one point or another. Because art is your job, and if you don’t do your job you get fired. You can’t stop these sexist designs from happening, not as the character designer–if you don’t draw what the director wants, you get fired and they hire someone who will. The titty will happen whether or not you choose to dirty your hands with it.

Tumblr has always been toxic

Recently, a fan artist dared to do something some people on Tumblr didn’t like, and they were pushed to attempt suicide.

It’s a horrible tragedy, but it’s not in any way unexpected from this website. There are several friends of mine who seem to think that this is some new line that Tumblr has crossed now that it didn’t before, and it’s just simply not true.

Ever since the site’s birth and especially since it became popular, the very structure and design of the site has lent itself to overreaching Social Justice witch hunts and circlejerks. It’s how this platform is designed, moreso than Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those sites have their problems, too, but not like this, and to call them equal has always been a false equivalence logical fallacy.

On Twitter, you follow your friends, yes. But you also follow celebrities you like and news feeds you’re interested in and stuff. And on Facebook, you’re subjected to people you knew earlier in life before they or you discovered politics. In essence, the chances of being exposed to opposing views on those websites are much higher.

Here, you probably follow people either because you like the funny or cool looking things the person makes or reblogs, or for their opinions and the things they reblog or say accordingly. It’s pretty rare for that to expose you to another person’s philosophy. It’s not like Facebook where comments on something are plainly visible or Twitter where replies are viewed pretty easily as well. It takes a lot of digging on Tumblr to find opposition in the notes of a post, and people who don’t like that opposition aren’t looking for opposition. So they will not, nine times out of ten, see it.

This has, over the years, bred a culture of sharing social justice memes not backed by logic or evidence, and fact checking being seen by almost nobody. A culture that says “you’re either 100% good or 100% bad”. A culture that has made offensive remarks towards every gender, race, and sexuality considered to be part of the “norm”/“majority”/“oppressors” to bring them down instead of lifting discriminated peoples up to their rightful status of equality with others. A culture which has bred movements like “Black Lives Matter”, which are ultimately good causes but commonly using language that does not win them allies. A culture which is DESIGNED TO BREED MOB MENTALITY.

No. This news is not surprising. It is not unprecedented. It is immensely sad. And yes, this website is toxic. And it has been for many, many years now.

Trans and gender non-conforming people of color are disproportionately impacted by physical and structural violence. According to The National LGBTQ Task Force, Black trans people have a household income of less than 10k a year and almost 50% have attempted suicide. What is equally disturbing is the silence from mainstream media, the Black social justice and LGBT organizations. The same systems that are designed to protect us is actively engaging in erasure. When looking at the mainstream Black and LGBT organizations’ leadership teams and Boards of Directors, they lack diversity and representation. How can their work be informed if they don’t even hire us? Denying a Black Trans woman a job is an act of violence. Denying Black trans folk access to healthcare is an act of violence. Denying Black trans people platforms to speak and represent themselves is erasure. Actively engaging in erasure is an act of violence.
—  Every Breath a Black Trans Woman Takes Is an Act of Revolution | Lourdes Ashley Hunter, Huffington Post 
Inside Out...

I keep seeing these posts about how people are upset over the design of Joy v. Sadness and it’s starting to bother me. So much so, I can’t help but comment.

We (as a society, but i’m mostly talking about these “social justice whiners bloggers”) are sooooooo critical of the way female characters are designed. People are so angry that Sadness is “fat” and Joy is “thin.” But no one is making a similar comparison about Fear (also thin) and Anger (stout, basically “fat”). It’s hypocritical and ridiculous.

But beyond that, people criticizing this are basically missing the entire point of the movie. They jump to the conclusion that sadness = bad, therefore fat = bad. When the entire lesson of the movie is that all of our emotions are necessary and not bad. They all have their purpose and are all equally a part of our lives. There isn’t a single one that is more or less important.

And finally, speaking as someone who is struggling with depression, the design of sadness was absolutely spot on.

The designers say they wanted sadness to resemble an upside down tear. This is similar to Fear, which was designed to resemble a nerve. But the design of sadness goes much farther than a tear:

Sadness is a heavy thing. There’s nothing light or airy about it. It weighs me down (chubby), it sits on my chest and makes me sluggish (slow), unmotivated and soft. Sadness causes tears, which blurs my vision (glasses). It makes me want to drown myself in blankets and comfy clothes, anything to help comfort (her sweater/clothes).

Sadness was designed thoughtfully, not ignorantly.

People are so quick to be critical they don’t take time to understand.

Final cover for OCTAVIA’S BROOD: SCIENCE FICTION STORIES FROM SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENTS has been sent to the AK Press production designer. Was a great pleasure working with Adrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Imarisha on this amazing project!


To help combat homelessness in Los Angeles, the Skid Row Housing Trust built the Star Apartments.

The apartments were completed in 2013 and officially opened in October 2014, has 102 units designed for chronically sick and mentally ill homeless people.

The space is intended to house 10,000 people over the next 10 years. It offers 15,000 square feet of community space, including a garden, a running track, art rooms and a library. There’s also a medical clinic, counselors and a wellness center.

How can learn more about the Star Apartments and its efforts to fight homelessness in LA here.

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