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kaz: url withoutconscience. lots of black & white photography. crows, money, graffiti and tattoos. some shots of concerts or pits, some blood, bruises and smoke.

inej: url wraithful. dancers, acrobats and aerial performers along with traditional imagery, social justice and positivity posts. definitely has a “cute people” tag.

nina: url heartstopper. lots of cute lingerie, makeup, hoe tips and food porn. gets asks about her makeup a lot and gives great products recommendations. posts a lot of selfies and they all get a ton of notes because tbh shes a goddess. has a tag for matthias.

matthias: url raisedbywolves. snowscapes and wolves (wow how original) but also cute romantic posts for nina (tagged/drusje) and ocean and forest pictures.

jesper: url bangbangbitch. literally just memes, black power and gay stuff for wylan (tagged/stupid face)

wylan: url smartassrunaway (blame jesper). study and music aesthetics, film stills, lots of art and lots of gay stuff. cute posts from dateaboywho that jesper helps him read. 

there was a time where troll blogs fit a really specific mold and it was really easy to tell when someone was running one—like the blog would be recently created and the troll character would be a young teenager, identified with 6 types of obscure otherkin & used neopronouns based around one or several of those kintypes, their about me would be kind of aggressive and confrontational, they would play oppression olympics, and they would make very inflammatory posts and tag them with like 30 things relating to social justice. you could spot it from a mile out

Pride flags for us is an entirely different monster when it comes to being able to identify it as a troll blog or a legitimate specimen of the discourse gone horribly wrong. like you see people interacting with them uncritically because for some reason, the “forgotten orientations” subdivision of mogai has been gaining a lot of traction lately. but then they’ll make like a more specific bigender pride flag which is literally just the anarcho capitalist flag with a fucking barbell shopped onto it? part of me is like “there’s no way this isn’t a joke” but there’re like people who actually support the blog, which in itself is confirmation that there are people who back the idea of the split attraction model etc being applied to pride flags. never seen anything like it.

new blog: problematicpraxis

The goal of this blog is to build an archive of rebuttals to common fucked-up discourse. It’s not a “safe space” in the sense that we’ll never talk about fucked-up shit, but we’ll try to make it a “safe space” in that fucked up shit won’t be supported.

Some of the topics may be frustrating, exhausting, or even triggering - we’ll try to tag extensively and we recommend that you tag for content so your followers have the option to blacklist antifeminist stuff, etc. It may be worthwhile to tag “confrontation” or “caps” where applicable, as well, to be respectful of your mentally ill and neurodivergent followers.

If you reblog with a sound rebuttal, we will reblog your addition to add it to the archives here. You are welcome to submit bad discourse, with or without a rebuttal.

Please avoid cissexism, heteronormativity, ableism, etc., in your replies. If you are not respectful to marginalised groups in your rebuttal, we won’t be able to post it.