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why is the q slur always the ONE thing which liberals running “social justice blogs” get into a heat over being asked to tag? like i’m sorry but there’s nothing “radical” or “enlightened” or “revolutionary” about refusing to tag literal hate slurs on your “uwu acceptance uwu social justice uwu” blog, especially when the hate slurs in question are such a common trigger for so many people. if you’re willing to tag just about any other trigger or hate slur on your “accessible/oppressed minority-friendly” blog EXCEPT for that one, then you have some serious guile and need to rethink your stances.

like get off your fucking moral high horse and look at the bigger picture here. there are people who don’t want to see that word due to SPECIFICALLY lgbt-related abuse they’ve endured, and refusing to tag it or even just acknowledge it as the hate slur that it is only tells me that you’re nowhere as “radical” or “enlightened” or “revolutionary” as you believe you are, and therefore not to be trusted on lgbt issues. it’s that simple. 

Zarkon lives for the Aesthetic AU

So @wlwvoltron​ and I decided that Zarkon runs a pale grunge blog

  • The reason why he’s destroying the universe is so everyone can be a part of his ~aesthetic~
  • He runs a blog called pastelgalraempire
  • Title:  🌸welcome to my twisted mind🌸
  • Haggar is the photographer
  • Bio:  zarkon//cishet//age is just a number ;P//anti voltron//anti social justice//pro galra empire//alteans don’t follow//just an old soul with childlike dreams of ruling the world//anti cisphobia//anti heterophobia//pro world domination//call me out idc
  • You bet your ass he took a picture of himself getting charged up with quintessence he captioned it: Watch out you filthy voltroners uwu
  • posts: {original} 👑lmao weird how some people will claim to hate you but then use gac (something you created) at a space mall      
  • tags: #voltron #call out #anti voltron 
  • posts: {reblogged from haggar} sending out love to the galra empire. the vjws (voltron justice warriors) on this site like to oppress you, but you’re amazing. tags: #awwww~ #galra positivity #anti galraphobia
  • He is the KING of those flower crown edits and buts those pastel stickers that say cute and stuff all over it
  • He put a flower crown on Donald Trump and captioned it: ~my biggest fan deserves an edit :3~
  • [puts a flower crown on putin] ~lol best pres eva ;3 vjws don’t interact~
  • He gets anon hate everyday all the time
  • [takes a picture of a newly conquered planet] ~welcome to the galra empire ;o~
  • When sendak disappeared/haxus died he made a funeral post and decorated it with cat stickers and pixel angel wings
  • Whenever someone in his empire makes an edit for him he reblogs it and writes “owo what’s this Owo”
  • Call out posts for Voltron,, so many call out posts
  • Allura: block @pastelgalraempire he’s an anti vjw go under the cut for more receipts
  • Zarkon: if you interact with @princessallura or @teamvoltron unfollow right now!! i don’t want hate in my empire nwn
  • Zarkon: lmao why are yall hating on @princelotor?? sexism doesn’t exist anymore~
  • zarkon: [picture of lotor destroying a planet] oh how the time flies!! my son finally conquered his first planet XD i’m so proud

I can’t believe we’ve made a post about this so long but TL;DR Zarkon is the biggest pastel grunge ho there is

katennara  asked:

How do you think Hyde's tumblr would be in a modern AU?

I don’t think he would have one. In fact, I don’t think he would had any social media profile, this is a guy whose conspiracy theories goes beyond the circle lol. If he had profiles, they would had been most likely done by his friends (probably Eric) and later, he would had to use them because Jackie won’t stop bothering about it.

But in the remote case he would had a tumblr…

  • Since the thing would probably be done by Eric, the username would be something pretty obvious at first and Hyde would probably search for it to be different so no one (but his friends) can imagine it may be him. I guess he would be pushing at every option in the control tabs and getting a headache because he decided to do so at like 3 am on a monday.
  • Generic, simple, boring theme. Just changed the background to black or to some badass picture. One day, Donna and Kelso would change the theme themselves, but as long as it’s simple, can read shit on it and mostly black, it’s ok.
  • Just reblogs a lot of stuff, refuses to post something. Not about him, not about anything.
  • One of those that appears every new moon, reblogs a lot of crap in five minutes, then disappears until the next new moon.
  • Lowkey reblogs everything Donna ever posts.
  • Messy and more probably non-existent tag system. Like he may tag a few things, things he would actually like to find later (#references #burn).
  • Midnight shitposter if drunk/high, thing that starts happening more and more from age 13 to 17. When he starts dating Jackie, his policy of not post shit comes back, mostly because he knows he will end up posting about her and #nope.
  • He ends up posting about her. Tag was something like #get out of my mind or deadpan #nope at first, gradually becomes something like #my chick.
  • Doesn’t have the ask or submition option activated, has messages only for people he follows.
  • Stupid humor posts. Agressive social justice. Lots of Trump hate.
  • Secret poetry side-blog that at some point becomes pretty active. If that point seems to have something to do with the tag #grasshopper, he just ignores it.

bazwillendinflames  asked:

This sounds weird but what kind of tumblr blog do you think all the Class kids (+ Quill) would have. Quill would have a cat meme blog (obviously) but what about the rest?

okay, this was actually a series of asks a while back and tbh I think @resting-meme-face‘s answers to them are my favourites so I’m gonna link to those for the ones that she did:

So, that leaves April and Charlie. Though I did do one for Kalei when that ask thing was going around. 


Charlie needs Matteusz to explain how it works, but he gets quite into it. 

His tumblr is like his bedroom, it’s just about space, it’s the most obvious “look at me I’m an alien” you’ve ever seen, to the point where Quill actually criticises him for it and tells him that he needs to be careful in case UNIT are monitoring them. (You know, since there was already that close call with Matteusz’s instagram and Quill really doesn’t want to have to move to France or some shit.) Well, and he posts a lot of cute selfies of him and Matteusz and gets a bit of attention for that, because people love cute white boys kissing.

His URL is literally secretspaceprince and it was Tanya’s idea and the kids all think it’s hilarious and Quill wants to bash their heads together. 

He’s genuinely a bit traumatised the first time he gets followed by a porn blog, poor Matteusz has to save him and he’s trying to cuddle him to make him feel better but Matteusz can’t stop laughing into his neck because the look on Charlie’s face was just too funny. 


She changes her URL after the shit with her heart starts happening, to violinsandschmitars or something else that shows her contrasting aesthetics. Maybe like, violinwarriorking or something. 

Her blog is partly pretty aesthetic stuff, partly some shows like Riverdale that she just watches for the hot people and cos it’s easy, and then maybe some poems or something, tiny bit of social justice stuff. 

She reblogs a lot of Charlie’s pictures of him and Matteusz with a bunch of love heart emojis in the tags. 

Kingsman Meet-up!

I got tagged by @becool-mallory!

I entered the fandom a few good months after the movie was in theaters. I always meant to see it with friends, but the semester at that time kicked my ass, so I wasn’t able to go. The general feedback was that it was a very funny movie, but since I didn’t really see the trailers/promos or know any of the actors (save for Colin Firth, whom I knew as That Guy Who Won an Oscar for The King’s Speech), I quickly forgot about it until I rented it from Redbox for my mom and I to watch. 

If you know my mother, you’ll know she definitely did not like it, while I (surprisingly) did. I normally dislike/am indifferent to action/spy movies, but Kingsman was pretty fun and these two interesting protagonists had some chemistry. Cue going to A03, reading some hartwin, and fleeing from the SPN fandom to join this one. And it’s totally been worth it :) 

If you’re looking for some fics, I recently posted a little something to help get you started! There’s no way I fit everyone and everything on there, but go ahead and start clicking; I promise you’ll find what you’re looking for! I also love edits/fanart by @phaeleah, @liprouvaire, @harryeggsy, @tabaccus, @meetingyourmaker, @paxdracona, and…a lot, actually. I tag pretty religiously, so feel free to search under kingsman fanart, hartwin fanart, kingsman fic rec, etc. You should also follow all these people’s blogs ;) 

I write stuff on A03 and also some ficlets on tumblr. My inbox is always open! I’m primarily a hartwin shipper, though I do write other pairings from time to time :) 

I post a lot of Kingsman and stuff from my other fandoms, as well as some social justice/political-related things. This fall, if all goes well, I’m graduating as an English Education major/Chinese Language minor and going to apply to grad school, so yell at me if you have some worldly wisdom :)

In lieu of a selfie, here is a photo of my dog on the couch <3

Blog recommendations

This is me jumping on @evshansen’s figurative bandwagon. There’s gonna be a “☁️” if I’m fortunate enough to be their mutual. Also the thing’s in alphabetical order.

@bibliophile-extraordinaire ☁️ You should follow Eli as she’s one of the kindest people you could hope to meet. She credits artists, has great taste in musicals featuring barricades, and she’s the last person I’d expect to see in a murder trial. That’s how nice she is.

@butts-of-the-barricade ☁️ As well as the love/hate relationship she has going on with Aaron Tveit, she’s very funny, very smart, very gay, and very interesting. She deserves the best. Or at least she deserves to recognise that she deserves the best.

@crypticdatesuggestions This blog is incredible. It’s the perfect mixture of void and romance. I would watch a movie based on any of the romantic suggestions. It caters to all genders, and is well worth a look.

@essentiallychaotic ☁️ McKenzi is warm and kind with an incredibly eclectic music taste, and is just a great person. Supportive, enthusiastic, reminds me of Feuilly. You should follow her as she’s McKenzi. For me that’s reason enough.

@evshansen ☁️ If you like musical theatre and blogs run by flipping amazing people, then you should follow Tori. She’s positive and theatrical, and will probably like your drawings. She’s kinda like human glitter. Colourful and nice, and makes any situation brighter and more enjoyable.

@gayerthangrantaire ☁️ (💙💙💙) Trinity’s blog is a mixture of anime, social justice, memes, and is run by a real-life Grantaire. They’re hilarious, and cool, and she deserves all the pictures. I wish her and her girlfriend every happiness because Trinity deserves to be happy. Also Trinity has great music taste, which includes songs about insomnia and anxiety. Seriously- Trinity’s amazing and I’m lucky to know them.

@greymichaela Firstly she’s flipping hilarious. She has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and it’s worth following her for that alone. Also she’s kind. She’s so kind. She gives amazing advice and she’s always patient and just - a good person. She has lots of great interests, (some of which I don’t know very well but they seem pretty cool), and she consistently posts cats. She’s a great writer and deserves all the cats/well written fanfiction in the verse. (She will also make you ship sabriel).

@horaetio Maddie is brilliant. As is her blog. It’s a perfect concoction of Shakespeare, Star Trek, The Smiths (and other great music), social justice, aesthetic posts, and various other pop culture. Also flawless selfies. She’s an intelligent, fascinating person whom you should totally follow.

@its-better-than-an-opera ☁️ Laura is one of the sweetest, most loyal people I know. She’s very knowledgeable about les mis and leaves nice tags when reblogging fanart. She’s like sunshine but less deadly. Do yourself a favour and follow Laura.

@just-french-me-up ☁️ There is a reason she’s one of the most loved bloggers on the internet. She is kind and positive and says “dang” and “fam” a lot which I think is awesome. Her tags/headcannons/fanfiction are some of the best things I’ve read, and she’s always helpful and funny and benevolent.

@mariuspontbambi ☁️ Garance is caring and comforting and she makes me sad when she doesn’t see that she’s a good person. Garance’s blog includes les mis, social justice, cats, and kindness, and I reckon the world could use more of those things. I reckon the world could use more Garance.

@pntmrcys ☁️ Ethereal, insightful, Mariusy, and a generally beautiful person; Maria epitomises all the good things about tumblr. She’s very important and deserves the best. Her aesthetic is calming and good, which is one of the many reasons why you should follow her.

@richard-ayoade I’m quite a big Richard Ayoade fan and I think this blog is fantastic. It’s funny and stylish and I like it a lot. An amazing blog for an amazing man. Thanks to the person for making the blog.

@silence-song ☁️ Admittedly I haven’t known this person for very long, but they are nice, friendly, and they even let me ramble about philosophical points that I sometimes think about, even though it doesn’t always make sense. I appreciate that. You should follow ‘em as they’re a great person with equally great taste in anime.

@starsandamorphinetoast ☁️ Okay, Indy’s cool as heck. He knows everything about his interests, posts both les mis and Pride and prejudice, and is just generally a cool dude. (I’m sorry I used that phrase too). Anyway you should go follow him as he’s a very interesting guy. 🕶

@the-amazing-boy-catastrophe ☁️ Marcus is very important to me. He’s a great singer, handsome as heck, and his aesthetic is perfect. He is easy to
talk to, funny, knowledgeable, and gives really good advice. He’s just a great man who absolutely does not deserve any hate.

@universalhouseplant ☁️ She’s lovely. Her blog is cute, she posts about les mis, and reminds me of sunset. Soph’s a nice person who posts about pride and les mis. I’d love to talk to her more. Basically she’s fab. Your life would benefit from following Soph.

@vintage-jehan ☁️ is delightful. Browsing her blog is like walking through a beautiful gallery/library. It’s peaceful and features lots of les mis which I’m always a fan of. A wonderful person with a wonderful blog.

@vivalagrantaire ☁️ Firstly more Trinity which is never a bad thing. Secondly-quality les mis content with plenty of Grantaire. If you like les mis/quality les mis headcannons, then it’s imperative that you follow this blog.

@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory ☁️ Cas manages to be gentle and badass at the same time. She’s cheerful, gay, and adorable and must be protected at all costs. She also posts really cute selfies and says nice things. She even writes good poetry. Her kindness and use of “:D” means that her blog is a very good blog to follow. I feel very pleased to be her mutual.

You should follow these people to make your dashboard scrolling experience/life better. Thank you for reading, and thanks to the people I mentioned for existing.

There’s a place in Turkmenistan some people call the Door to Hell; it’s a basically a huge sinkhole that opened up and started leaking methane gas in 1971. It was set on fire at the time, to prevent methane poisoning in the surrounding area, and it’s still burning now. To any tourist, it looks like an enormous hole in the earth that’s always been filled with fire and always will be.

I’ve been in and out of Tumblr’s ace community since 2011 and I’m afraid Tumblr’s ace discourse phenomenon has become… a lot like the Door to Hell.

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jewish tumblrs list

will have rolling updates and be on my sidebar. to be on the list see here

  1. wenevergotusedtoegypt - Orthodox (Chabad) - A personal blog mostly about Judaism and baal teshuva issues. 
  2. aniacshav - i’m in the process of converting through a conservative shul, and my blog is mostly jewish history/culture with some personal stuff thrown in, mostly about jewish identity and lgbtq+ stuff
  3. emperor-of-matzah - Not too much on faith, i’m secular. I focus a lot on Jewish history, languages, food, culture, etc.
  4. everafterbreathedisaster - Conservative Jew. This blog is mostly a bunch of bands and humor posts with social-justice and activism mixed in.
  5. acejews - multiperson blog w/ mods of varying observances - a safe space for all ace-spectrum jews, whether jewish by patrilineality, matrilineality, or conversion (past, or if you’re currently in the process)
  6. arothejew - a Chabad/Chassidic Rabbinical Student, who runs a jewish blog in his spare time from yeshiva. I’m especially open to give advice and answer questions - judaism, jewish law, spirituality. Even if I don’t know the answer to the question, I am surrounded by Jewish scholars (rabbis) of incredible caliber who can also help get your questions answered.
  7. believebeluga - reform Jewish - primarily a wildlife-centric blog, but I also bring up social rights issues and Judaism pretty frequently. 
  8. @sapphic-krogan - reform Ashkenazi Jew, and I post a multitude of things but as for Jewish stuff it’s mostly about Jews in fiction, Jews in current events, and responses to antisemitism.
  9. zeeziegallifrey -  Conservadox-Reconstructionish! (Ask me about it :) ) - A wild mix of Judaism, cats, well-tagged fandom, and living with chronic illness. Very much here for baking and interfaith work!
  10. shomermitzvah - Modern Orthodox. If you need to be more specific than that, I’m on the machmir side (ie. closer to yeshivish modern than conservadox on the modern orthodox scale). - My blog is mostly Jewish, but I also blog personal stuff.
  11. angryaliens - somewhere between conservative and reform - blog is photography with some sj and a bit of jewish stuff
  12. marxistdivreitorah - Reconstructionist divrei torah on the weekly torah portion from a Marxist point of view
  13. girloverhere - American-Charedi (Right-Wing Orthodox) :)
  14. rookieconvert -  I’m converting to Judaism in a mainly Modern Orthodox synagogue. I post personal stuff, social justice stuff and LGBT stuff. I have a ‘judaism tag’, 'convert stuff’ tag and a 'shul tag’! 
  15. argumentativeandjewish - Chabad perspective
  16. mixedjudaism - orthodox, but with no real affiliation to any denomination - a space for jews of mixed race/ethnicity to talk about their experiences within jewish spaces and their identity.
  17. shiraglassman - I’m Reform Jewish and I tend to post/reblog content relevant to queer-positive Judaism, including the Jewish characters in my books.
  18. @thetomatofaerie (i’ve tried like 8 times to tag them and it’s not working? anyway the link is here) - I’m Reform, and I blog a lot about Jewish history and Jewish culture/heritage, especially from a Russian Jewish perspective. I also like talking about fashion, fairytales/fantasy, and literature.
  19. shabbosfemme - I was raised Reconstructionist-Renewal, and my blog is mostly personal stuff and social justice posts, but Judaism absolutely fits in with that.
  20. scriblonza - mostly a personal blog, but seeing that practicing Judaism (Orthodox) is a rather large part of my person, I post/reblog about that as well
  21. directed-energy - I post radical left/anarchist jewish activist & cultural stuff along with queer activism, art, and silly posts about superheroes :)
  22. facingthenorthwind - i’m converting through a progressive shul in australia, mostly a personal blog but since judaism is a big part of my life, it comes up fairly frequently.
  23. he-harim - modern-orthodox-ish BT (originally non-observant). mainly personal-Jewish.
  24. so-much-depends-upon-a  same as above, the other blog of torat-chesed. this blog focuses on the sociological side of judaism – jewish posts here will mainly be about antisemitism. not primarily a jewish blog.
  25. schemingreader - I do not identify as Orthodox, though I am observant and keep Shabbat. I belong to a non-denominational havurah w/ no mehitzah. I’m deeply interested in halachic discussions, but I can never take a frum perspective. (I do bring a middle-aged mom’s perspective, which perhaps has some value.)
  26. bennistar - In Real life: A regular Chassidish yeshiva bochur from one of the chassidic courts in Eretz Yisroel. On Tumblr: Known as the Tambler Rebbe blogging mainly about Judaism, Torah/Chassidic thoughts, daily life in the Hasidic world and some Jewish music
  27. reachabovethetrees - British Liberal Judaism perspective. About half way through my conversion, and am a personal blog on my way towards blogging more about jewish culture and religion.
  28. lachaim - I am reform, and I reblog a lot of Jewish content that I agree with or want to spread awareness about. Otherwise, I follow a few marvel fandoms and other things relevant to my life.
  29. feministrhymeswithwitch - I was raised modern orthodox but I identify more with conservative and I do a ton of angry Jewish blogging :3
  30. ceaseand-exist - conservative Jew from the US. I started as a One Direction blog but also post frequently about Jewish culture and anti-semitism. Strong pro-Israel focus.
  31. life-chats - I’m west-coast US Reform, and my blog is a pretty even mix of personal stuff and politics/feminism, including a healthy amount of content on Jewish pride/jokes/politics/oppression.
  32. a-cute-potsexual - i’m reform, and my blog is a lot of social justice and humor
  33. faefemme - I blog about Judaism, antisemitism and other social justice issues, art history, and personal matters. I’m reform currently, but I might be looking into a conservative synagogue soon.
  34. voeu-a-l-univers - Sephardi Jew. I usually post things that interests a young Jew in Europe. But also our struggles to live in a society that killed our ancestors not long a go.
  35. kgwriter - orthodox, mostly focused on fandoms and things that make me laugh, but i occasionally post/reblog things about jewishness, judaism, and antisemitism in the modern world
  36. queerkavod - Raised Conservative. A blend of Judaism, social justice, queer positivity, and art.
  37. antisemitic - Cultural Ashkenazi and Mizrachi jew - I talk about Jewish culture and tradition and antisemitism. It’s my own personal blog too so there is a bit of everything
  38. battlships - adopted Reform Jew (so I’m technically a convert) - Mostly I reblog and add to stuff other Jewish bloggers post (sprinkled through fandom and personal stuff). 
  39. thelastplaceweleftoff - modern orthodox, half Israeli-Moroccan - I blog mostly about bands (I always tag), social justice, and the Jewish stuff I do blog about are either positive memes or current events/antisemitism.
  40. chayehshoshana - a 19-year-old Conservative Jewish girl - I post pretty much exclusively about Judaism with some personal posts interspersed.
  41. jusnothin - orthodox girl - likes to post photos of the kosher food she cooks and things that i think are cool in general.
  42. wearingoutthereplay - Reform Jewish girl - posting about fandom, various jumblr things &, my writing & social justice (especially LGBT+)
  43. journey2judaism - converting to Reform Judaism but my beliefs lie somewhere between conservative and reform - I mostly post about Judaism but with other stuff in there too (beauty/fashion, activism, feminism, photography, certain TV shows and books)
  44. jewishthottie - reform jewish girl of ashkenazic descent - this is a semi personal blog but i post a lot about jewish culture, history, politics, etc!!
  45. the-jewish-asexual - modern orthodox - I usually post stuff relating to Judaism, and I am a proud pro-zionist
  46. jewish-privilege - mods are Reform Jewish and atheist Jewish (raised Orthodox) - we cover Jewish solidarity, and Jewish history and culture, especially in dealing with antisemitism
  47. patrickohenry - dati leumi–Israeli modern orthodox - Jewish content is Jewish/Israeli inspired poetry but will be adding more talmudic content in the near future!
  48. schnappbacks - somewhere between conservative and modern orthodox - the blog is basically military stuff, things I find funny, and Judaism. every now and then I’ll post from my extensive collection of obscure Jewish jokes
  49. @nightseas - reform Jew and my blog is multi-topic - fandom, religion, social justice, personal
  50. jacob-the-pianist -  Chabad-affiliated Modern Orthodox Zionist - Raised Conservative, became BT through high school and college- my blog’s mostly dedicated to my many MANY fandoms, but I also post stuff about Israel, halacha, Torah, and Chabad Chassidus.
  51. pissyghostie -  converting to Conservative Judaism - mostly a social justice and annoying humor blog with the more-than-occasional impassioned personal post.
  52. elviscostellojr - im reform/conservative romaniote and im 1daf (but i blog a lot about jewish things n music n stuff)
  53. hey-miss-teacher-lady - I’m reform/reconstructionist and my blog is personal-ish with mostly rants about life, my experiences as a student teacher (working towards my Masters in Education), the occasional silly meme/fandom reblog, and Jewish stuff.
  54. feministrugelach - I’m a conservative Jew, but my more distant family is modern orthodox and I may drift more towards that when i get older, I’m not sure. this is my personal blog, I reblog some leftist politics, and jewish things I like, support, or find inspirational.
  55. koleliana -  Orthodox - blog mostly about conversion issues!
  56. skywritingg - conservadox-in-process - personal blog with a growing percentage of Jewish content because I love it.
  57. thisqueerjewishlife - raised Reform but transitioning into a more Conservative/Conservadox lifestyle - I mostly write about my thoughts and experiences as a queer Jewish person.
  58. @sadiqim - Reform-Reconstructionst Ashkenazi Jewish woman who posts a combination of fandom, radical/marxist politics and religious dialogue
  59. @greetingsfriend - culturally ashkenazi, grew up reformed - this is my personal blog, so there’s a whole smorgasbord of stuff, but i often reblog from and low-key engage with the jumblr community
  60. @nerapalooza - a trans Jew who became more religious in college and participate in liberal movements but with no particular affiliation - my personal blog but I have a tag for jumblr and a link to that tag in my sidebar for people wanting to look only at Jewish related posts. Blog is queer/trans friendly and pro-Israel.
  61. @love-you-a-latke - reform judaism
  62. @heeb-y - liberal Zionist and my personal religious beliefs fall somewhere between conservative and reform - I blog about fashion, music (rap n indie mostly), politics, and Judaism.
  63. @faithfulimage - liberal in theology and moderate in practice. - A sometimes personal blog that is mostly about Judaism and being a working class, Jewish, trans, lesbian woman, an adoptee, and a victim of abuse.
  64. @childofbenjamin - Orthodox (modern leaning) - I mostly blog about Zionism and anti-Semitism.
  65. @matan-matika - Conservative Jew - This blog focuses on a mix of math, linguistics, and Judaism.
  66. @goldhornsandsteel - a general Israeli/Jewish Atheist rage blog
  67. @janothar​ - atheist Humanistic Jew (who sometimes hangs out in Conservative and Reform groups) - my blog is very broad, lots of anti-antisemitism, and soon I’ll be leading what we’re calling “The Magneto Seminar”
  68. @tooshulforschool - I blog from an atheist/secular Jew perspective
  69. @pretentiousyid - modern orthodox - Hebrew school teacher and judaics and art director at the jcc in bham alabama.
  70. @wcjp - conservative ideology but attends a reconstructionist synagogue out of ease of access - my blog is a mix of my personal thoughts regarding conversion and judaism, and i reblog general history, social justice, analysis and other things related to judaism
  71. @conversion-theory - Reconstructionist Conversion Student - Neurodiverse LGBTQ Person who sideblogs learning about judaism.
  72. @bannvck - Conservative Judaism - I run a semi-personal blog about my conversion, schooling, and Indigenous + Jewish issues
  73. @progressivejudaism - although I am a Reform Rabbinical student, I try also include other lenses within the Progressive Jewish community
  74. @mugglehistory - I’m a Modern Orthodox frum girl who posts about Jewish history and culture - I’m happy to share an Orthodox perspective on things, and chat to conversion students. (:
  75. @alternativetodiscourse - Orthodox/Modern Orthodox - Jewish content only, stuff about the parsha a lot, Jewish memes, and hypothetical/supernatural Halacha. 
  76. @sdhs-rationalist - I’m from a modern orthodoxish background(my family had a partnership Minyan in our basement for a while, if that helps localize my upbringing on the spectrum). - I’m at Maale Gilboa for the year and I post about that every so often, as well as answering halachic And Talmudic questions I get or that I see on my dash and can answer.
  77. @jitm - Old chassidic (meaning stringently observant, mystical etc.) with modern leanings (meaning using Tumblr) - Basically a self-imposed exile like Rebs Zusha and Elimelech, to the land of Israel, where I post my situations, thoughts, insight, torah, etc.
  78. @trans-jewish-boi - reconstructionist - my blog is still super new but im going to blog about judaism, books and lgbt issues
  79. @littleblueray - converting through a reform rabbi at a reformative shul - I post mainly about my observance, Judaism, and life. Im disabled, volunteer at s hospital and am a college student majoring in criminal justice. :-) gd bless
Y’all i need people to follow

i just did a major blog facelift and exfoliated all the dead blogs that ive followed since i was 14 (yikes) and my dash is dead. putting content i enjoy in the tags

Moving anything social justice or discourse-y to @socialjusticewumbo, a sideblog I just made, to keep this more calm and free from anxiety for you all.

It’s not tagged yet but I’ll work on that. I’ll still post positivity for autism, mental and chronic illness, disability and LGBT as well as some memes and shitposts related to those groups but mostly silly or relatable posts, nothing too negative. I’ll reblog PSA’s with minimal details and appropriate tags to this blog and leave the ‘receipts’ on the other as not to trigger people. But if I think there’s someone you should block for your own safety I’ll pass the name along and you can look for more information on my sideblog if you want it.

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what witchcraft blogs on tumblr would you recommend? I'm interested in practical and kitchen witchcraft but what are some of your favorites?

Queer Kitchen Witch is always fabulous.

The Path of the Wise is great resource and is always there to answer questions. 

Eclectic Witchcraft is a little blend of green & kitchen witchery

Kitchen Witchcraft deserves their url

The Darkest of Lights posts well & often

Honey Coyote is on hiatus but I miss their blog terribly

Garden of The Queen does a lot of Fae work but even more work running a great blog

Spirits Craft posts witchcraft and social justice and is just a regular badass

Go through the Kitchen Witchcraft tag too and see who’s creating content. You find lots of great new blogs that way.

Hope this helps!

skullgirls blogs
  • beowulf: humor blog. does nothing but liveblog wrestling and reblog shitty repost +xnotes blogs. lots of 9gag. doesn't understand tags.
  • big band: blank blog. justice does not have time to post minutae. he has an account but it's just to keep an eye on peacock (he sends Very Stern messages when she gets into internet fights).
  • cerebella: business & personal blog. shameless selfpromotion, lots of talk about the cirque. also, every single one of beowulf's selfies, even the ones he accidentally posts of his feet. tags cirque stuff only.
  • double: a pornbot. every single pornbot on the site.
  • eliza: mostly an ~ancient egyptian~ aesthetic blog. plus signal boosts for her charity fronts, and every variation of money cat. no tags ever.
  • filia: aesthetic blog. photos of kittens, the ocean, and her starbucks orders. has an ungodly number of followers. reblogs everything that carol posts and gets her weird bursts of notes. tags for visibility.
  • marie: social justice blog. lots of resources but also personal ventposts and some frilly fashion photosets. tags painstakingly for triggers.
  • ms. fortune: humor blog. cats!!! memes, vines, shitposts, and puns. frontpage has autoplay of the dancing cat song. tags her own posts but nothing else.
  • painwheel: horror blog. mostly classic movie gifs, some meta. reblogs pun posts with "NO!!!". tags series but no warnings.
  • parasoul: business blog. advertising posts for new black egrets events. occasional annie of the stars meta. tags everything except for the aforementioned meta so that nobody can find it.
  • peacock: cartoon nostalgia blog. the source of the worst animaniacs gifs on the web. all assets are .jpg intentionally, or if .gif then they have more artifacts than indiana jones. tags are for the weak.
  • squigly: music blog. lots of phantom of the opera photosets and meta. the pizza rolls gif is autoreblog. tags everything meticulously.
  • valentine: nobody fucking knows. is it an antisjw blog? is it an artistic gorethemed visual blog? nothing is tagged and everything hurts.
What kind of blogs Mario characters would run

Mario: Silly selfies, silly Vines, positive posts. Both made by and reblogged by him. Occasionally posts scenery he finds on his adventures.

Luigi: One of the blog-est blogs of the bunch. It’s mostly posts about his personal life with occasional reblogged pictures of tea.

Wario: Pictures of his bike, selfies, and sneak peeks at microgames he’s making.

Waluigi: A mixed bag, honestly. A little bit of sports here, some water aesthetic there. The only constants are bitter vagueposts about Luigi and shitposting. Seriously, he is a shitposting god. Also reblogs from Wario sometimes.

Yoshi: Cute pictures, arts and crafts, food, and uplifting posts.

Peach: Pastel paradise with a few selfies, both hers and others’.

Daisy: Pictures of flowers, bitter posts about how she seems to get left out of everything, selfies that range from normal to downright goofy, especially if Mario’s involved.

Rosalina: A Space Aesthetic blog with positive and motivating posts sprinkled everywhere.

Bowser: Death Metal Aesthetic, with occasional reblogs from his children

Bowser Jr: Art blog featuring his sloppy but enthusiastic drawings. Also reblogs from Bowser.

Larry: Mainly reblogs from Bowser and Junior. Always puts encouraging things in the tags when he reblogs from the latter. If he ever makes a post himself, it’s probably about how he wants to fight somebody.

Roy: Music blog featuring tunes he makes himself. Sometimes reblogs posts and adds snarky comments to them.

Lemmy: Blogs about cartoons, and pretty much nothing else.

Wendy: Reblogs from Peach, selfies, vagueposts about various people, and pictures of jewelry.

Iggy: Science/social justice blog with a side of shitposting.

Morton: Fandom blog for WWE/Glitz Pit.

Ludwig: Very fancy blog. Classical music and paintings, famous quotes. Makes some pretty pretentious statements, but what do you expect from him, honestly?

Kamek: Fantasy and literature blog.

E. Gadd: Paranormal blog that occasionally shitposts.

Donkey Kong: Pictures of bananas, reblogs from mostly everyone.

Pauline: 40′s Aesthetic, sometimes in black and white, reblogs from the other princesses, and selfies.

How to be an ally to the disabled

1. Listen to disabled people and share our thoughts

Disability often gets over looked in discussions of civil rights and social justice blogging, so change that! Look in tags like “ableism” and “disability” and find some of our blogs to follow or even just reblog things that we want to share (many of what you’ll find are posts of horrible bigotry and I completely understand if you want to only have encouraging depictions or educational posts on your blog and I and others are trying to give you more of that. Here’s some things that I’ve written: How To: Know When To Offer Help To A Disabled Person, How To: Deal With Your Child’s Sudden Introduction To Disability, How To: Open A Door For A Disabled Person, How To: Shake A Disabled Person’s Hand)

2. Don’t use inspirational porn

A lot of people understandably think it’s complementary to call us heroes or inspirational or to post pictures of us saying “if they can do it, so can you” but these things are highly offensive. I’ve done my best to try to explain why here.

3. Speak for us

We taught that in supporting a marginalized group we should not speak over the marginalized or speak for them, which is true but it becomes a little more complicated when it comes to disability. Some disabled people literally do not have the ability to communicate in some venues so we need allies to be our surrogates (I’m using speech recognition software right now because I’m unable to type and there are many times that it’s malfunctioning or charging and I literally can’t respond when I see something offensive so I need disabled allies to always be willing to call each other out on problematic behavior)

This isn’t to say that you are allowed to speak over us or that your opinions matter more than our experiences; because we need you to speak more than other marginalized groups, we also need you to also listen more.

I understand that a lot of you worry about saying the wrong thing so I suggest that when you see something problematic look at the notes and re-blog what disabled people have said to correct it.

4. Boycott those who oppress us

Boycott DC comics with us, boycott Autism Speaks with us, refuse to patronize stores and restaurants that aren’t accessible. When we are segregated we need you to stand beside us so that those institutions have no financial support to stay alive.

5. Support good representation

No representation is perfect but do what you can in your own fandoms to keep the disabled characters visible. Use your own creativity to give them better representation or at least reblog those who do. Mainstream media may not be a safe place for disabled people but you can make sure the fandom is.

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prompt: les amis and what they blog about on tumblr :) ✨

Tag Yourself!! :)

Enjolras: Politically motivated news articles, social justice rants, accidentally get’s involved with a lot of discourse. Tries to stay out of the drama- can’t. Bonus: Get’s fooled by fake headlines from the onion and clickhole official way too often and reblogs them out of anger only to subtly delete them 10 minutes later after being flooded with anons telling him they’re fake. 
Grantaire: shitposts, memes, ~~edgy ironic~~ posts, makes way too many personal posts and forgets to tag them all the time. Bonus: Has a secret side-blog for art and aesthetic that only Jehan knows about.
Jehan: A mix of social justice and aesthetic. Get’s a lot of asks from young anons curious about gender and questioning themselves. They answer every one so kindly and patiently and their blog is loved by many. Bonus: Their post history and like history is so different. If you venture into their likes you’ll find really unfunny jokes, memes and some very nsfw stuff
Joly: Positivity blog! Honestly Joly’s blog is filled with so many good things and encouraging words and helpful tips and posts. He is the number one safe space for bloggers. Bonus: One time he drunkenly cried about how much he loved his followers.
Bossuet: Honestly he changes fandoms every week. He has barely any followers but still is passionately dedicated to his blog. He doesn’t make original posts but reblogs almost everything. Bonus: He’s that person who replies to very obvious scam messages. The poor guys gotten so many viruses.
Feuilly: Pretty much has a dead blog. Goes on hiatus all the time due to work commitments and internet issues. Signal boosts all of the donation posts and sends the nicest anons. Bonus: Forgot to switch to anon once when he sent Bahorel a compliment. Temporarily deleted his blog due to embarrassment. 
Bahorel: Uses tumblr like it’s twitter. He’s pretty much the reason the post limit had to be enforced. Spams his blog with one sentence text posts about his daily thoughts. Can’t figure out how to tag things. Sometimes just posts thing like “ So bored lol. HMUBonus: Follows back literally everyone that follows him. (Yes even the spam and porn blogs)
Combeferre: Social justice, positivity, lot’s and lot’s anons asking for medical advice which he’s happy to help out with. His Tumblr headline is “The Doctor Is In” And his header picture is Lucy from Peanuts in her doctor booth. Bonus: Is a serial tagger. Tags his friends blogs in everything, does the tag games. Basically like the mum friend of tumblr.
Courfeyrac: Concert and music festival photos, videos of how to make rainbow shots, Has a new celebrity crush every week and thirst reblogs the hell out of their pictures. Loves reblogging people’s selfies with the nicest tags. Bonus: One time woke up to over 20 anonymous messages hitting on him and that was the day he learnt what the term “Thirst followed” meant.

  • I think if Hawke was a blogger, they’d be a shit poster. Plain and simple. Reblogging everything and anything with no particular theme. It’s always a surprise to see what sort of reblog binges Hawke goes on. Never uses a queue or bothers with tags and it’s a little annoying.
  • Anders would reblog social justice and cats (especially his own) and gifs of old but good television shows. He’d get really heated about some topics and reblog informational posts of alternative medicine.
  • Fenris’ blog would be more aesthetics and landscapes, but he wouldn’t use it that much so it would go neglected–a handful of posts every other week. Everything is pictures and somehow it all is like a well put together art collection. Provides zero information about himself and has only five followers (the crew).
  • Varric blogs updates of his newest book, and the more than occasional fanfiction of god knows what. Also promo-ing other people a lot and somehow has like 20,000 followers. Probably been blogging longer than everyone else has a bunch of secret sideblogs and hoarded URLs. Everything is meticulously tagged for best /tagged/ visibility.
  • Merrill’s would be full of animals, aesthetics, flowers and nature, but then post random “just-shower-thoughts” type posts that get wildly popular and make you question your existence. She’s also the type to be always leaving comments on people’s personal posts and liking everything.
  • Isabela’s would be a lot of very sensual and artistic porn gifs, pretty fucking amazing selfies either in the mirror or at the beach, and anything to do about boats, sailing, and the sea. She’s opinionated and isn’t shy about expressing it, and she’s either admired or hated for her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. A lot of people follow her, most likely for the selfies.
  • Aveline’s account was made for her but she doesn’t use it. She’s constantly encouraged to log on and does so just to shut everyone up for awhile. Always has to use “Forgot your password?” links.
  • Everyone follows each other.

Pretty Warriors of Social Justice!

Fighting evil by moonlight, making video games by daylight!

Alas, GilbertGrape is like sand: it gets into everything, even totally unrelated blogs. Still, I was hoping and hoping some artist would take the term “SJW” in this direction.

Some mythos suggestions:

  • Special powers: Anita - can throw her hoop earrings like Sailor Moon’s tiara, Zoe - trapping enemies inside screencaps, Brianna - throws subpoenas like Sailor’s Mars’s fiery paper tags.
  • Brianna is the leader because she can transform into GODZILLA.
  • Leigh Alexander and SamusClone join the team later in the series.
  • And together they fight to defend the magical kingdom of Skeletonia from an army of enraged Mountain-Dew-fueled alligators.

By Sam Spahn

if the vampire boys had tumblr blogs
  • Shuu: classical music blog with a simple dark colored theme, occasionally posts recordings of himself playing the violin. Has only ever posted one selfie but it has 20k notes. He gets love confession anons almost every day because of it. Doesn't follow any of his brothers, and has them all blocked.
  • Reiji: Hardcore S&M blog, elegant theme with an elaborate sidebar. A lot of nsfw. Everything is tagged accordingly. Follows all of his brothers. Runs a sideblog dedicated to fine china and tableware, and is occasionally commenting on posts with "science side of tumblr" info. Has never posted a selfie and never will.
  • Laito: Porn blog. Everything is tagged. Has a fancy theme that he made the html of himself. Posts a lot of shirtless selfies that get over 20k notes and get reposted on those "cute asian boy" -blogs. Has a ton of followers who constantly leave him naughty messages. Sometimes posts personal read-mores, but deletes them soon after. Follows Ayato and Yui back and reblogs all their selfies with the tags "idiot otouto" and "cute bitch chan" respectively.
  • Ayato: has the generic starter theme for tumblr. Not quite sure what he's doing - Yui set his blog up. He reblogs stuff from her, and posts a lot of sports stuff, and stupid vines. His selfies get reposted on sites of asian fetishists. Somehow has 10k followers. Became tumblr famous after making a post about takoyaki being better than people. Reblogs all of Yui's selfies and sends his brothers anon hate daily.
  • Kanato: Monochrome blog, music and art reblogs with a simple theme. All his selfies get reblogged. Is followed by a bunch of lolitas and constantly receives asks about being a "boy lolita". Posts a lot of personals about his frustrations/hysterics all in caps under read mores. Gets offended when people ask him to tag things. Follows Shuu and reblogs his music.
  • Subaru: pastel goth/personal blog with a theme that Yui set. Reblogs a lot of sj and gets into arguments about it. Continuously calls Laito and Ayato out on their sexist shit and tries to get them blocked and reported. Follows Yui. All his selfies are reblogged with 12k notes.
  • Yui: A cute/anime blog with a pink redux theme. Occasionally blogs sj/feminism and religious stuff. Keeps all her posts tagged. Posts selfies or pics the boy have taken of her occasionally and has a bunch of followers. Promotes everyone and does giveaways of little cute stories occasionally. All the boys follow her, reblog her selfies and gush in the tags. She follows them all back, but has Reiji, Kanato and Laito's urls blacklisted. Still checks their personal/read more posts to make sure everything's fine with them.
  • Ruki: a book rec blog, where he blogs book reviews. Has posted four selfies in total and has three thousand followers. He criticizes a lot of books and is somewhat of a social justice blogger. Reiji reblogs his reviews on certain books religiously with his own comments. He follows all his brothers and Yui, but has their urls blacklisted.
  • Yuma: A home care blog about cooking and gardening. Lots of selfies of him shirtless in the garden with thousands of notes. Reblogs food and recipes a lot. The Sakamaki triplets follow him and reblog all the deserts on sideblogs. He and Shuu are in a mutual. Yuma promos him all the time and reblogs his few text posts. They have long conversations over fanmail that are either deeply philosophical or random and incredibly gay.
  • Kou: Has a blog that has been set up by his PR, full only of his pictures and singing, and is allowed to reply to some messages from fans. Has a personal one with a simple theme where he blogs pretty pictures of nature and flowers (reblogged from Yuma) as well as photos of the sky he's taken himself. Sometimes posts "deep" quotes that gain him a hundred followers at a time. Reblogs all of Yui's selfies, but can't post any of his own for the sake of privacy. Sends random messages to all his brothers and promos them/shout outs occasionally.
  • Azusa: Very nsfw/triggering personal blog, everything is tagged accordingly. Sends encouraging/positive anons. His selfies have thousands of notes. Reblogs some of Kou's nature posts and Ruki's book reviews. Only follows the Mukami's and Yui. Makes some social justice comments. His blog has one of those warning that appear when you open the page, which he installed himself in case someone is easily triggered.

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what do you think of otherkin?

i get this question like every week and i don’t understand why like i don’t post anything about them

i guess a lot of people’s exposure to otherkin is social justice strawman troll blogs where some white guy pretends to be a transgender 13 yr old with neopronouns and they like pretend they’re dragonkin and make up cock and bull stories about “my mom is mad at me for eating her gems” and tag all their posts with #otherkin #othertastic #dragonkin #social justice #sj #furries #blacklivesmatter #doctor who and i don’t know why people buy it.

otherkin in general tend to stay in there little corner of the internet where they don’t really bother anyone or even talk too much. whether you consider their identities to be valid or not like many of them don’t really hurt anyone. there are a few of them who think they’re oppressed by nature of being otherkin and compare there struggles to transphobia and i am.. not okay with that. but it’s an extremely small minority that try to pull that shit so it shouldn’t be applied to a bunch of kids who have spiritual connections to a certain animal and mind their own business.

anyway my view towards the community is “indifferent”